kind is cool collab cungelella art

Cungelella Art x Kind is Cool

When Amber Wilkinson from change-making Aussie-brand-gone-global Kind is Cool first discovered Mt Isa based Indigenous artists Dale, Juanita, Cheryl and Glenda from Cungelella Art on Instagram she loved their story, their art and their vibe and knew she wanted to find a way to work together.
With a desire to promote awareness and education to both children and adults, Amber approached the sisters about doing a collaboration and photoshoot – and it became so much more.
“The reason behind wanting to do a collab with Indigenous Artists is that I believe the way to create the change the world needs, is to educate” said Amber. “I hope that this collaboration sparks conversations with children and adults and we educate each other and ourselves”

kind is cool x cungelella art

Cungelella Art

Cungelella Art was founded in 2019 by Glenda McCulloch as a vehicle for sharing her culture through modern Aboriginal art. It soon expanded as a collaboration to include Glenda’s sisters – Jaunita, Dale and Cheryl. Not only was the opportunity for business expansion presented as the demand for their art increased – the sisters were able to create a venture that allowed them to work closely together and spend quality time together as a family creating a legacy through their artwork.

kind is cool x cungelella art

Traditional knowledge creating modern art

They’ve taken traditional knowledge to create a unique modern take on contemporary Aboriginal art that reflects the rugged ranges and native fauna and flora that surrounds their Kalkadoon home. They take inspiration from the ancient rock faces, red dirt and spinifex covered hills of the country and colours of the sky painted a peachy orange at sunset and beautiful old rustic gum trees that flourish in this harsh country are reflected through their works.

kind is cool x cungelella art

Kind is Cool x Cungelella Art

The range from the collaboration includes tees and sweats for both adults and children, with designs representing the rough and rugged Kalkatungu Country, the heat that has twisted and folded back on itself and the ochres pushed up from the depths with gold and silver and many other minerals that create the most unique mineral belt in the world. The peach covered skies mixed with the blues, pinks and purples, pointing to the well known Kalkadoon sunsets.

kind is cool x cungelella art

$2 from each ally-friendly tshirt from the collaboration sold is donated to Gunawirra, an organisation which strives to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“This is our tribe, we come in all shades, but most importantly what is being portrayed here is that we should embrace the colours of all humanity like children do, who see no colour, just kindness, love and friendship.”