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Cool kicks for kiddos: Introducing Piccolini!

Sisters Natalia and Aleksandra Miletic come from very different educational backgrounds, but have managed to combine their expertise to create an innovative, sustainable and ‘cool’ kids shoe, that will be literally walking out the door!

Piccolini launches mid-pandemic

Aleks, completed a degree in “Footwear and Fashion Accessory Design” at a leading design University in Florence, Italy and Natalia is a Chiropractor, with a key interest in children’s health.

Together, they had the courage in the midst of a global pandemic to create a children’s footwear range that was not only developmentally supportive for children’s growing feet, but also forward in its design and sustainability.

“Through my line of work, I am often asked by parents of young children for recommendations of good quality, supportive shoes. I found it hard to find any that met the criteria of a supportive shoe, at a reasonable price point and practical, let alone ‘cool’ in design.” says Natalia

piccolini shoes

Looking at kids footwear from all angles

Aimed at walkers to pre-schoolers, their goal was to create a company which looked at children’s footwear from all angles, focusing on what parents would want from a shoe as well as what a child would need. Practically, their shoe is machine washable and has easy to use velcro straps.

When designing the shoe, to ensure it offered the right support, they included a removable insole which is designed to support the child’s foot. The front of the shoe has also been designed wider so their little toes have plenty of room to move and grow.

piccolini shoes

Good for kids feet… and the environment to boot!

Made from breathable, certified organic cotton, coloured in non-toxic dyes, and a natural rubber sole, the shoe offers a great range of flexibility, shock absorbing and is non-slip.

Aleks and Natalia are passionate about their business and are dedicated to providing the best quality when it comes to their footwear and strive to be at the forefront of innovation and sustainability when it comes to the design and manufacturing of their products.

Piccolini Shoes launched in March 2021. Their first style retails at $69.95 and consists of 4 unisex colours (white, blue, green and pink) in their signature original high-top sneaker.

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