Bunny Post: Personalised letters from the Easter Bunny

Easter is on the way and somebunny has been writing letters…

Imagine your child receiving a personalised letter from the Easter Bunny!

That’s the magic of Bunny Post! Your child receives a personalised letter written by the Easter Bunny – on official letterhead of course… complete with a carrot eating tally because letter writing is hungry work for bunnies!

eater bunny post

Add some extra magic to your Easter egg hunt

This personalised letter from the Easter Bunny is perfect to sprinkle magic before the egg hunt.

Your letter is personalised with your child’s name and location of the egg hunt (supplied by you).

Also, you can supply details eg. the Easter Bunny has left a craft activity or pyjamas as a gift, this can be incorporated into the letter too.

letters from the easter bunny

How it works

  • Fill in your child’s name, age and address. The address can be made up eg. Master Harry and Miss Daisy, Primrose Cottage, 26 Crabapple Lane, next to the vegetable patch, Honeysuckle Park, SA 5068
  • The Easter Bunny will write a letter and you’ll receive a mock to approve before it’s printed.
  • The letter will arrive to your postal address packed inside an Australia Post envelope. Your letter addressed to your child will be inside and you can place it somewhere to be found, like beside inside a wicker basket or in your backyard with an egg.
  • Your letter will arrive unsealed so you can read it and if there are any issues get in touch. You can then seal the letter and place the letter in a spot for your child to find.

Bunny Post also a printable option so you can print your letters from the Easter Bunny in your own home!

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