The Bee & the Fox is making its mark in the crowded world of t-shirts. Their simplistic yet meaningful slogans are both empowering and entertaining.

“Our shirts aren’t just about fit and feel and fashion; they’re about reconnecting to a simpler time, a time before cell phones and apps and all those things that interrupt family time.”

The Bee & the Fox

Scouring flea markets and antique stores for handmade items and vintage gems with the same vibe as their slogan shirts has lead to the brand also having a few housewares and vintage items in its online store.

The Bee & the Fox doesn’t discriminate, it caters for mums, dads, kids, babies, adults and anyone or anything that wants to fit into their shirts.

Phrases like ‘Big Sister’ and ‘Big Brother’ can be worn by children with pride and evoke a sense of bond between the whole family. If the kid’s items didn’t already make us smile enough already, we also love the sense of female and parental empowerment in the slogans. Well-done guys!



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