The Animals Observatory (TAO) is a Spanish children’s clothing brand, which offers an alternative to the commonplace in the world of children’s fashion. The style is casual and modern with a bright twist. The designs often take inspiration from Japan, with elaborate quirky fabrics, which are perfect for bright-minded children. TAO is unique and a little off the beaten track making it quite youthfully striking.

The label was born when entrepreneur Jan Andrey proposed the idea to Laia Aguilar, after being a long-time admirer of her work during her time as creative director of Bobo Choses.


Laia Aguilar
Laia Aguilar

About the Designer

Laia Aguilar is currently based in the middle of the Empordà countryside, close to the French border, where she lives, along with her husband and children, and creates in a house full of books, pictures, toys and magazines. Laia describes herself an artist rather than a designer. She uses children’s fashion as a creative tool for expression. Her ability to express her own extraordinary world through children’s clothing brings meaning to the label.

‘The Animals Observatory was created to research and also to promote creativity in fashion, accessories and other products for kids,’ says Laia.

Like any true artist Laia says that she draws her inspiration from the street, magazines, Pinterest and film and that she never goes anywhere without a notebook and pen. She teams this inspiration with her respect to kids acknowledging that their needs are often far away from the standards imposed on them by society.

We dress free kids with their own personality, children who want to feel comfortable with clothes.

TAO is based on the philosophy ‘Be a good animal, follow your instinct’, a phrase Laia often repeats to her children. She says that it stems from following her artistic instinct.

‘If I have to think about myself and my life I have never been a ‘good’ student, but I have always been a ‘good’ artist and this simply because I followed my passion and my insights.’ Laia Aguilar


The Animals Observatory

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