deluxe baobag

BaoBag: A gift of love for new parents

The Deluxe BaoBag is a beautiful gift of love for mums and dads across Australia. These goodie bundles are full to the brim with a carefully curated assortment of products from high quality brands, ideal for families with babies. Products that the team at Baobag love, and hope you will too.

New parents love Baobags

You may remember receiving a BaoBag when you had your baby, with almost a million Baobag sample bags having been distributed to brand new parents across Australia since 2008.

deluxe baobag

Iddy biddy best-in-brand products to sample

If you recall the giddy excitement of receiving a premium collection of iddy biddy best-in-brand products for you to sample with your new bub, now is your opportunity to gift a BaoBag to an expecting or new parent in your life.

The Deluxe Baobag is a super-sized version of the sample bag so many new parents have received, and made with just as much love and thought!

Well known, high quality brands

The contents change regularly, but are always an assortment of full size and travel sized products from well known, high quality brands with a combined retail value of over $100.

It is a mystery bag of sorts, and the perfect way to either treat yourself and your precious bub to some new delights, or to buy a present for a new parent.

It’s great value at only $34.95 which includes free standard shipping Australia-wide.


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