Anarkid swimwear

Aussie brand, Anarkid, releases kids swimwear range made out of recycled plastic bottles

So our kids can look good, while we do good!

Bet you never thought a recycled bottle could look this cute, right?

Cool kids swimwear brand, Anarkid, is on a mission to create terrific togs for tykes, without compromising on the effect their production could have on our planet and its people. Their latest swimwear range is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Yep, you read that right… plastic bottles.

anarkid kids swimwear

Once a plastic is created, it lasts forever, and whilst this is great for durability, it poses a huge environmental strain on our planet.

Anarkid’s fully lined, UPF50+, chlorine resistant swimwear gives a second life to recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfill or our oceans. And it’s super cute, to boot!

anarkid kids swimwear

The brands founder, Dominique, says their focus has been on sustainability from the get go, and it’s something she will not compromise on.

We’ve always used GOTs Certified Organic Cotton, and with each season we have made improvements to other aspects of the business (such as packaging, freight options, other sustainable fabrics) to lessen our impact on the planet and its people.

anarkid kids swimwear

Best of all, Anarkid’s swimwear collection has been designed for real-life kids, who bend, move, flip, dive and duck.

All styles offer the highest possible rating for sun protection, UPF 50+ to block out 98%+ of UV rays.

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