Alf the Label | Effortless style and essential practicality for parenthood and beyond

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect transitional baby bag that will take you from mum to boss mum and every version of you in between, your search ends now.

Founder of Alf the Label, Sophie Doyle, created the first Alf bag out of a love for uncompromising style.

“Pregnant with my first child in 2015, I searched for a bag that would represent me as a modern woman with my own sense of style with the added functionality for childcare. I wanted a bag that would support me as a mother and work for me as a professional. I wanted classic lines and considered designs in leathers and textiles of the finest quality. When I could not find what I needed, I took matters into my own hands”.

Style solutions for organised parenthood

Since entering the market in 2016, Alf the Label has made its mark as one of Australia’s favourite fashion accessory brands.

Designed to transition Australians from adulthood to parenthood, without compromising style for functionality, these luxury bags are impossibly versatile for parenthood in style and made to stand the test of time.

One bag that changes to suit you

Crafted to fit seamlessly into the lives of busy, fashion conscious parents, Alf the Label marries style and luxury with effortless practicality. Made from high-quality materials in timeless designs, each Alf bag can be worn 3-4 ways.

The brand also boasts a range of beautiful accessories to elevate your look, with organisation and practicality a key element to every Alf offering.

Alf Athletica

Alf the Label has recently expanded with the launch of Alf Athletica for parents on the move.

The unisex range for active parents offers totes and backpacks that can easily transform to the ultimate gym or everyday bag once your little ones have grown.


The brands unwavering commitment to crafting timeless, functional pieces in exceptional material mean these are the luxury baby bags and accessories that will take you through parenthood and beyond.

With the brands motto “Parenthood is different for everyone. Style looks different to everyone. Alf is made for everyone.” we know without doubt that Alf is definitely made for us!

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