Are you watching The Babysitters Club reboot on Netflix with your kids?

Are you watching The Babysitters Club reboot on Netflix with your kids?

babysitters club netflix

The Babysitters Club on Netflix is the throwback we all need!

It’s here!

The Netflix adaptation we have all been waiting for (or is that just me…?) is here.

That’s right; The Babysitters Club, a book series made absolute cult classic by Ann M Martin, between 1986 and 2000, absolutely beloved by girls the world over, has had a reboot and is available to stream on Netflix, and let’s just say, we’re excited.

Let’s just also say… I made my kids watch the first three episodes with me this afternoon and it only premiered in the last 24 hours.

Like the books, the 10-episode season begins with “Kristy’s Great Idea,” in which Kristy Thomas (Sophie Grace) concocts her business idea when her mother, Elizabeth (played by 90’s icon Alicia Silverstone, repping the original generation of readers and throwing in sneaky Clueless references for those inclined to notice!), is stymied finding last-minute child care. Thus The Babysitters Club is born.

If you’re a mum in 2020, there’s a good chance you once wished you were a member of The Babysitters Club

Although the book series is very ’90s, the Netflix show is contemporary and centred on a mostly-unknown cast of young actors, bringing female friendship to the small screen in lighthearted and heartwarming ways, and whilst the series skews ‘young’, it by no means alienates adults who may sit down to watch with their kids (or without.. for nostalgia’s sake!).

Is the Stoneybrook of The Babysitters Club the most realistic depiction of suburban tween/teen life? Not exactly, but it also tells the girls’ stories in ways that appeal to childhood without taking dark and gritty turns, which makes a refreshing change and reminds me why, as a fresh faced innocent never-been-kissed tween, I loved these books in the first place. It’s about girl friendships, problem solving, using your initiative, resolving conflicts. All issues that now prove to make great conversation starters with my own kids.

The Netflix episodes are surprisingly faithful to the book series, while also easily adapting its plots and characters for 2020. This is a contemporary show with mobile phones and computers and social media references, but it also deals with themes that are ultimately universal and relatable no matter the decade.

Now can somebody get me the number of The Babysitters Club landline? Because I seriously need a night out!


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The Floor is Lava on Netflix is your kids’ favourite new show

Celebrate Bastille Day at the Adelaide Central Market

Celebrate Bastille Day at the Adelaide Central Market

bastille day adelaide central market

Celebrate Bastille Day at the Adelaide Central Market

Bonjour! Bienvenue au Bastille Day!


That’s about the extent to our French here at KIDDO, but if you have a taste pour les français, head to The Adelaide Central Market next weekend and soak in the fun of Bastille Day!

French themed celebrations will abound across Adelaide Central Market stalls over three days; Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Tuesday 14th of July, and you’ll be able to pick up all your french favourites for your own Bastille Day event at home.


Bastille Day at the Adelaide Central Market

Celebrations will include:

  • Pop up crepe bar
  • French inspired product bundles from The Smelly Cheese Shop and Les Dex Coqs including cheese and wine packs, picnic baskets and other specialty products
  • A variety of French food including raclette from The Smelly Cheese Shop, as well as French onion soup, croissants, baguettes and desserts from Les Deux Coqs
  • Les Deux Coqs will launch two new products – 1 in Charcuterie and one in Patisserie
  • Live music will be performed at selected times across the three celebration days
  • French music Spotify playlist played throughout the entire Market – created by Smelly Cheese Shop owner Valerie Henbest
  • Valerie will also host a series of IGTV French food demonstrations from the community kitchen (Thurs, Fri, Sat).


bastille day adelaide central market

Quick guide to all the best in French fare

The Smelly Cheese Shop

For the smelliest of French and Australian cheeses, French wine, ready-to-eat Raclette and Croque Monsieur (from 10am Thurs, Fri, Sat, Tues)

Les Deux Coqs

For traditional French rillettes, terrines, tapenades, charcuterie, patisserie and viennoiserie. Bastille Day specials include the launch of two new products, limited edition VIP (Very Important Pate Croute) and a French Picnic Bag.

Market Bread Bar

For French style crepes with all the fillings! The crepe pop-up will be located at the Gouger dining area on Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Tuesday 14 July


For house-made patisserie, croissants and baguettes

Mushroom Man’s Mushroom Shop

Add a shaving of truffle to your French cooking!

Atlas Continental

French themed menu including escargot pizza!

Barossa Fine Foods

French saucisson (that’s French for sausage!)

Corner Deli

French Camembert & brie


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The Floor is Lava on Netflix is your kids’ favourite new show

The Floor is Lava on Netflix is your kids’ favourite new show

floor is lava on netflix

Need some silly family entertainment? Enter The Floor is Lava


Netflix has provided so many binge-worthy classics for me over the years, and never before have we needed it so much, headed into a long cold winter, after an even longer and boring-er (yep I just made up a word… clearly I’ve been hanging out with the kids for too long) pandemic.

The time for entertainment is NOW.

And I want it to be frivolous, I want it to be borderline cringeworthy. And I want it to be completely absurd.

I asked. and Netflix delivered, with The Floor is Lava.

I like to say The Floor is Lava is like the illegitimate love child of Wipe Out and Ninja Warrior. It’s got the gags and the obstacles reminiscent of the Human Pinball and the Sucker Punch from Wipe Out but the contestants appear to be taking it as seriously as your would-be Ninja Warriors.

The great thing about The Floor is Lava on Netflix is that, where Tiger King and and Love is Blind came before it with lockdown lifesaving entertainment to get us through the long lonely nights of not being able to socialise (which were much like my long lonely nights of not wanting to socialise in the preceding 38 years of my life).. is the genre.

The Floor is Lava is family friendly.

Carole Baskin feeding her husband to the Tigers….less so.

So what is The Floor is Lava on Netflix?

I don’t mean to state the obvious guys, but… the floor… is lava. Like actual lava.

Or… water coloured to look like lava at least, and it even bubbles and fizzles so it looks as much like the actual stuff as you can make water with a sh*t ton of food colouring in it look.

It’s basically just what it sounds like; a riff on that game our kids play, the floor is lava. You pretend the floor is (spoiler alert) lava… and navigate yourself around as many obstacles in your path without touching the floor.

The Netflix series pits three teams against one another each ep, as they attempt to navigate elaborate sets (which change each episode to keep things interesting), and make it across the finish line without melting into the lava.

Why is it so fun?

I mean for me it was kinda fun because I convinced my children that it was real lava and when the first contestant missed a jump and plunged into the bubbling depths of blazing hellfire and never resurfaced, they were equal parts horrified and morbidly (perhaps…disturbingly?) elated.

the floor is lava

But for people who DON’T get their kicks out of torturing their children…

It’s fun because the effects, lighting and stunts kinda do make you think that it’s real lava, and clever editing means we never see fallen contestants surface after they fall to their doom, so it heightens the drama, especially for little people who aren’t jaded by the ways of clever TV editing and splicing to make things that didn’t happen look and sound like they happened (I’m looking at you, production people behind The Bachelor).

Another part of the fun is that they make each set look like rooms of actual houses. So it really sparks the fire of imagination in the kids, drawing from their own game play at home where each sibling tries to make a death defying dive from the couch to the ottoman without losing life nor limb to the lava.

It’s just good plain stupid fun!

Hey I’m the first person to put my hand up for low grade entertainment, so I’m here for The Floor is Lava, and when I can’t take a minute longer of one of my kids talking at me about Minecraft, I’m happy to hand over the remote.




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Goldie + Ace release new styles in time for winter

Goldie + Ace release new styles in time for winter

goldie + ace

Goldie + Ace release Parachute Sports Track Sets


Fun, super cool Melbourne based kids clothes brand Goldie + Ace have released their winter new styles, just in time for the July deep freeze, and we think you’re bound to fall for these parachute material track sets… geddit? Fall for? Parachute? Ha ha!

Goldie + Ace Parachute Track sets

Your little one will LOVE these cool, calm and collected para-track sets! Talk about street style.

We love a good throwback and who doesn’t have so many fun memories of getting about in their parachute sets when they were a kiddo?

The track sets come in a range of retro colours, and are the perfect lightweight material for kiddos to bounce around in without being restricted by heavy threads and bulky padding!

About Goldie + Ace

Goldie + Ace is a fun kids clothing brand based in Melbourne, with a simple vision; Buy less, wear more and pass on.

Creating durable, quality clothes that spark joy. Goldie + Ace strives for an honest approach to producing garments that are comfortable, ethically sourced and made with exceptional craftsmanship to last and be loved.


Buy now



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Patch Theatre returns to the stage with Me & My Shadow

Patch Theatre returns to the stage with Me & My Shadow

patch theatre returns

Bring some light back to 2020 with the Patch Theatre production Me & My Shadow

Me & My Shadow to reopen Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide based children’s theatre company Patch Theatre will head back to the theatre for the first time since lockdown, raising the curtain on its multi-award-winning production Me & My Shadow.

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Me & My Shadow will commence its season at the Adelaide Festival Centre in mid-August before embarking on a seven venue regional tour of South Australia until the end of September. With restrictions easing across South Australia, Patch is hopeful both its General Public and school performances will go ahead across the state.

Artistic Director Geoff Cobham said: “We are incredibly excited to be able to bring live performance back into the lives of the young and young at heart. I collaborated on Me & My Shadow in 2010 as the lighting and set designer so it holds a special place for me as a remarkable, moving and wholly original work. This tour will also mark the 10-year anniversary of Me & My Shadow, so we’re looking forward to blowing out 10 candles on a cake, in a post-COVID hygienic way, I’m told a hair dryer could be a good option!”

Patch Theatre survives the lockdown period

It has been an incredibly busy 12 months for the team at Patch Theatre with three premiere productions – ZOOOM, Firefly Forest and The Lighthouse; a tour of Australia for Me & My Shadow and Glow; a tour of China for the much-loved production Emily Loves to Bounce; and a tour of New Zealand for Mr McGee and the Biting Flea. Geoff Cobham says the success of 2019 and the repurposing of tour funds allowed the company to survive the lockdown period, keeping its core staff, artists and creatives employed on new projects.

Chaos creates art

Geoff Cobham said: “It has been a really strange time because the chaos has actually given us the opportunity to work outside normal spheres and to think and innovate differently. Lockdown has been a particularly creative time for us at Patch, we haven’t had the pressures of opening nights, regional tours, tickets sales and box office logistics so it has given us time to create and in many ways we’ve had a rare opportunity to not only survive the pandemic but to emerge stronger and more focused.”

He continued: “We’ve gone into an exciting creative development with the talented team at Gravity and Other Myths, on a production we’re working towards for 2021. We have also had the opportunity to pull forward other creative developments with children’s theatre maven Dave Brown and award-winning playwright Sally Hardy, so in many ways we’ve been as busy as ever and we feel strangely optimistic, even with everything that has gone before us over the past 3 months.”

Me & My Shadow has toured to audiences of 64,000 people throughout metropolitan and regional Australia over the last decade including a season at the Sydney Opera House in 2011. The production has twice toured America in 2013 and 2015 with seasons in New York and Washington DC, and toured China in 2018.


About Patch Theatre Me & My Shadow

Children love to play with shadows, but making friends with your shadow can be a tricky business. There are things to sort out, problems to solve, adventures to have and laughter to be shared.

With tickets now on sale for the Patch Theatre production, Me & My Shadow, your children can be involved in the adventure, whimsy and magic of shadow play on stage.

patch theatre adelaide

Running from 15-29 August at the Adelaide Festival Centre, Me & My Shadow is the magical story of a girl making friends with her shadow. Watch as the imagined becomes real in this story of friendship, brought to life through light, shadow and colour.

Captivating imagery and light magic will have 4–8 year olds laughing, learning and forming long-lasting memories.

With fantastical imagery, quirky physical performances and an intriguing score, Me & My Shadow ignites the imagination while exploring the trials and joys of friendship.


For more information:


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