Taking her first steps into the Wilderness

Taking her first steps into the Wilderness

wilderness ELC

Taking her first steps into the Wilderness

The first step of your child’s education is a milestone moment for families, and where a lifetime of learning begins.

It’s no secret that the early years of your child’s life are fundamentally important for building the foundations of their future development. Wilderness School believes in providing the highest quality early childhood program which honours and celebrates the unique qualities of each girl, every step of the way.

Wilderness ELC

Early Learning at Wilderness

Within your first moments inside the gate of the Mamie Brown House in the morning, the starting place for three-year-old girls at Wilderness, a journey of curiosity and wonder begins, for both you and your daughter. This is where she embarks on her first steps into the Wilderness – and on her educational journey – and only time will tell what she could become.

The big wide world awaits her…The Wilderness School Early Learning Centre is where she starts.

Will she visit the chickens on the way down to the House? How many eggs have they laid?

Will she make a mud pie in the mud kitchen, play with her new friends in the cubby or paint under the trees?

Maybe today she’ll put her gumboots on and water the garden.

Inside, there are even more possibilities.

wilderness elc

Becoming a Wilderness girl

Taking that first step into the Wilderness for our youngest learners is the start of their educational journey. From the beginning, ELC girls see themselves as ‘Wilderness girls’. They wear a uniform, learn from highly-skilled early childhood teachers and and participate in specialist lessons within the School, including lessons in Music, Yoga, Library and Physical Education, and, most importantly, they are connected to the School Values, especially that of Respectful Relationships.

As the girls play and learn together, the spirit of unlimited kindness is reinforced and valued at every opportunity.

wilderness elc

Inspiring a love of learning

Wilderness girls are encouraged to explore their interests and actively engage in their education. It is here your daughter’s dispositions, experience and knowledge are enriched and respected and her individual right to learn is acknowledged and supported.

Fundamental to the Wilderness way is that a spirit of joy should underpin all teaching and learning and thus, inspire a love for learning in each and every one of the girls. Joy in the ELC is experienced through the development of friendships, creativity, imagination, new learning, play and simply by being together in the moment, enjoying this special time of early childhood.

The calm and welcoming atmosphere of the Early Learning Centre provides the perfect space to say goodbye and begin the day knowing your daughter will be safe, stimulated, and inspired through an education that will prepare her for the next step on her journey to being the ‘best she can be throughout her life’.

Wilderness ELC

Learning through play

The Wilderness teaching and learning program is inspired by the principles of the Reggio Emilia philosophy, informed by The Early Years Learning Framework, connected to the high quality, innovative teaching practices at the School and, most importantly, created especially for your daughter.

The Wilderness ELC runs with consistent routines and timings very similar to any Wilderness School day. ELC girls really do attend ‘school’ but the learning is conceptualised in a way that is high quality and age appropriate and emerges from the needs and interests of the girls individually, and collectively as a class.

wilderness ELC

Begin the learning journey at Wilderness

Your daughter may begin her early learning journey in the year that she turns 3, as long as her birthday falls before 30 June in the respective year. If your daughter turns 3 years of age after this date, she will commence in the following year.

0–3 YEARS: Get started on your Wilderness way at Playgroup

Your daughter doesn’t have to wait until she’s three years old to become part of the Wilderness family and learning community. Joining the welcoming playgroup, held every Friday morning during term time for children aged 0-3, will give both you and your daughter the opportunity to become familiar with the school environment, meet future Wilderness friends and get to know other families.

Discover more

If you would like to know more about the Playgroup or Early Learning at Wilderness, please contact the Wilderness Registrar, Mrs Natalie Klein at registrar@wilderness.com.au or visit:


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Dream Team: At Hygge Atrium

Dream Team: At Hygge Atrium

Hygge Atrium

Dream Team: At Hygge Atrium

You dream it, and HYGGE will do everything else.

From hanging and centrepiece floral displays, lighting installations and detailed tablescapes; to personalised menus, place cards and signage, coordinating and budgeting… HYGGE will have your event covered from top to bottom, from go to WOAH (and we do mean WOAH!), from the right people to the right peonies: from mood board to pack down. 

Whether it’s your baby shower, birthday party, corporate event or wedding, the creative gurus at Hygge are all about helping you to visualise your perfect day; complete with mood boards, illustrations, table seating charts, and floor plans. They won’t rest until they’ve designed, built, painted, fluffed and foraged custom items for your special day, from bar carts, dance floors to candlesticks and arbours. After all, an event shouldn’t be stressful – it should be HYGGE. 

The ingenious and innovative team behind the creative studio and bespoke event space are Rachel Evans and Lucy Temme. We sat down with them to talk about all things HYGGE, from its very beginnings, to managing a business through a global pandemic and what’s on the cards for 2021… plus all important questions like ‘what makes a good party?’ – because they would know!    

Tell us how you came to start Hygge?

Born in 2016, Hygge Studio bloomed when Rachel Evans and Lucy Temme came together over a coffee to combine forces. Rachel initially founded Hygge as a boutique graphics studio, consulting on branding, logos and website design, and whilst working in styling (and in the midst of planning her own wedding) Lucy reached out and the rest is history. Hygge Studio has become a bit of a creative powerhouse in Adelaide, taking care of all things events, styling and brands. One custom created event after the other, Hygge Design and Hire was then born, shortly followed by our new space Hygge Atrium, a bespoke venue for hire and workshops, and our inspirational office by day.

hygge atrium

 What was the hardest part about starting a new business in the event and party space?

We are both so passionate about what we do. We love that we both see eye to eye aesthetically, making it easy to bring our visions to life. Our biggest hurdle (and blessing,) was managing the fast-paced growth of our business and building a team that supports, executes and encourages our vision.

 How do you describe your business and services?

We are a creative studio, specialising in telling your story through events with aesthetic details. We offer the full package of event styling, management, graphics, floristry, lighting and custom design and hire, whilst also steering into the world of corporate launches and activations. Our Hygge Design and Hire team are continuously creating and building new concepts and designs for our hire range, whilst the Hygge Atrium offers a bespoke venue space for hire. 

hygge flower arrangement

COVID was obviously a very tough year for events, what did you learn about yourselves and the business over this period? 

During COVID, Hygge Atrium and Lucy’s second child, baby Judd, were born! With events and weddings postponed or cancelled, we had to make a lot of adjustments to our business model. We learnt that you have to be resilient, roll with the punches, and you have to adapt. Sometimes plans change, life changes, but with this; new opportunities present themselves.

Lucy you have 2 little people, tell us how you manage to juggle this very successful business and also parenting.

It’s exhausting and sometimes it gets overwhelming, but I remind myself regularly how lucky I am to be able to have such amazing roles as a business owner and a mum. I am incredibly proud of both. I try to make good use of my time, prioritize the work that needs to be done, get it done, then enjoy time with family. I really wouldn’t be able to do it all without my amazing family support.

What skills has parenting taught you that help with running events?

Patience, tolerance and multitasking. It pays to be organised and to not overcomplicate things. Prioritizing is important and picking your battles. I’ve learnt to think calmly about a situation, simplify it and not overcomplicate the situation. And to keep a pack of baby wipes on you at all times.

What gives you the most JOY? 

Lucy: Focused and engaged time with my family. It’s easy to get caught up in being productive, but there’s nothing better than when we’re all in the moment and hanging out together. Seeing Ted and Judd interact literally melts my heart.

Rachel: Creativity, colour, light, space, architectural forms, inspiring people and places. And my dog Bowser.

hygge atrium

What makes a good party?

Forget about trying to impress everyone. Just make sure you’ve got a good venue where the logistics are simple, then fill your guests with good food, good wine and good music. Guests like to feel comfortable and inspired at events, so once you have the basics down pat, bring in your flair and style to make it unique! Concentrate your budget on focused areas that create impact.

What is your earliest party memory as a child? 

Lucy: My Spice Girls party, I was Ginger Spice. We danced all day long and then a few of us ended up deciding that we would later choreograph, rehearse and film a Spice Girls movie that we thought could stop them from splitting up… obviously it didn’t work.

Rachel: When Humphrey B Bear came for a sleepover!

What’s next for HYGEE?

We are loving gaining some recognition in the corporate and activation realm at the moment. We launched the Australian Space Discovery Centre, and have been creating custom builds for Tasting Australia, Mercedes-Benz, Westfield and Pandora. We’ve also got more design work coming off including office fit outs, and have had some great opportunities arise interstate.

Hygge, 74-76 King William Road, Goodwood


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Kid friendly birthday party themes they’ll love!

Kid friendly birthday party themes they’ll love!

kid friendly birthday party themes

Kid friendly party themes they’ll love!

Alexis from The Festive Co shares some of her greatest hit kids’ birthday party themes, and activities to match.

Whether it’s picking your sport and creating your own team full of mini birthday ballers, or partying like animals with a whole zoo full of kid-sized creatures – your little people will love these  child friendly birthday party themes (and, just quietly, the big people probably will too)!

kids birthday party sports theme

T is for Team

This is a great one for any sporty loving child. Let them burn off some energy before heading inside for cake and singing!

kids birthday party theme sports

You can easily set up your own games in the backyard like ball tosses into baskets, limbo, egg and spoon and hoola hoop competitions. Or check your local area for mini sports workshops that will come to you!

kids birthday party themes

For my son’s first sports party (he’s had a few now!) I bought basic white t-shirts from Big W and added guests’ names in sticky felt on the back. This would look just as cute in permanent marker, and it gives them a little something fun to pop over whatever they are wearing. If you have crafty kids, this can double as an activity, as they decorate their sports uniform!

kids birthday party team theme

kids birthday party theme sports

Mini water bottles make for a fun ‘hydration station’ and is it even a sports party without little medals for all the athletic superstars?!

kids party theme candy shop

Old School Candy Shoppe

 Oh my, they’ll be on a sugar high just looking at this party! But don’t worry, with some clever tricks, you can avoid some of the real lollies (and candy crashes.)

kids candy shop birthday party theme

kids party theme candy shop

kids candy shop party theme

Instantly transform walls into a candy shoppe by printing out stock imagery! etsy.com has stores who sell backdrops, or you can buy images on websites like shutterstock.com. It looks effective without having to actually fill loads of jars with the real thing.

kids theme candy shop

 Look for little plaster painting sets in yummy treat shapes. A great activity that doesn’t get too messy, and is a bonus little gift that they can take home.

kids party theme candy shop

Got loads of those plastic pit balls at home? Same. Turn it into a ‘Sprinkle Scoop Up!’ game, with spades or even ladles or spoons from the kitchen. Kids take it in turns to see how quickly they can scoop just their coloured sprinkle into a bucket!

kid friendly birthday party themes

Carnival Fun

Everyone loves visiting the local show, so kids will go bananas for this theme. It’s bright and exciting whether turning 1 or 10.

kids party carnival theme

Save some old cans and create your own labels to stick on top, add a tennis ball and there you have it – a DIY ‘Knock Down’ game!

kids party theme carnival

Cardboard popcorn boxes make a cute vessel for take home party goodies. The children will be wowed by it’s size, but you can half fill it with popcorn to cut down on the sweet treats.

kids party carnival theme

kids party carnival theme

The beauty of a time-old theme like this is, you’ll find lots of goodies to match online, like these little carnival themed frames. Just add a little instant photo as a take home gift for relatives!

kids party theme teddy bears picnic

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

This classic theme is so sweet, I can bearly (sorry, had to!) cope. Perfect for a picnic set up indoors or out, pull out nanna’s old wooden rugs and stock up on sandwiches!

kids party theme teddybears picnic

Ask kiddos to bring along their special fluffy friend, and have name tags ready to add to each soft toy to ensure it’s safe travels at the party.

kid birthday party theme teddy bears picnic

‘Pin The Bow Tie On The Bear’ is an easy game to make with cardboard or butchers paper.

kids party theme teddy bears picnic

If you have an outdoor area, a ‘Going On A Bear (Treasure) Hunt’ is such an easy activity. Just have a grown-up scatter chocolate gold coins in the garden or park, and set the little ones off on an adventure.

kids party animal theme

Party Animals

If you have little critter lovers or zoo fans, then this theme is sure to delight. By collecting all their animal toys and adding some party hats, you already have the decorations sorted!

kids party animal theme

 Whip up your own little ‘Safari Bingo’ and hide matching animal pics around the garden or playground for them to go and find. Pairs of binoculars add plenty of excitement too.

kids party animal theme 

kids party theme animals

There is so much fun to be had with animal themed snacks, and they don’t have to be hard! Fruit salad becomes Coral Cups and classic chocolate crackles make excellent Bunny Poop.

kids party animal theme

When it comes to a cake, cute toppers can take it from simple to sensational in seconds! Plus, acrylic cake toppers can be kept and reused and also make lovely keepsakes from the party.

For more kids’ birthday party theme ideas and activity inspo:


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WIN: A kids body safety and consent book bundle

WIN: A kids body safety and consent book bundle

kids consent book bundle

WIN: A kids body safety and consent book bundle

Teaching children, from a young age, that they are the boss of their body and what they say goes is incredibly empowering. The seven books included in this bundle explore body boundariesrespectconsentfeelings and emotionschoices, recognising bullying behaviours and body safety.

Learning these important and life-long skills are crucial in developing children’s confidence and will help them to recognise their rights — especially in regards to their body.

We have a kids body safety and consent book bundle (RRP $79.95) to giveaway to a lucky winner!


Titles include:

  • Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent & Respect
  • My Body! What I Say Goes!
  • My Body! What I Say Goes! Activity Book
  • No Means No!
  • Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept
  • Body Safety Education

WIN: A kids body safety and consent book bundle

  • Submission of this form acknowledges your acceptance of our Terms & Conditions


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Wilson + Frenchy- a thoughtfully designed collection made for conscious shoppers

Wilson + Frenchy- a thoughtfully designed collection made for conscious shoppers

Wilson+Frenchy new collection

Wilson + Frenchy- a thoughtfully designed collection made for conscious shoppers

Wilson + Frenchy understand the importance of dressing kids in the softest, most beautiful fibres and fabrics. Whether you’re looking for beautiful newborn baby clothes, cot or bassinet sheet sets, or muslin wraps and blankets, the team at Wilson + Frenchy design thoughtful collections they know you’ll fall in love with.

With a wide variety of seasonal unisex baby clothes; including organic cotton onesies, soft bamboo knitwear, swaddles and organic kids sleepwear, the latest launch from Wilson + Frenchy, The Organic Cotton Collection, is lovingly designed to keep your child cosy and is made with organically farmed cotton.

You can take comfort in knowing that no harsh chemicals are used in the process of its creation and it’s oh-so gentle on baby’s sensitive skin.

Wilson + frenchy organic cotton

Home grown and from the heart

Everything created at Wilson and Frenchy comes from the heart, with an eco-friendly sustainable approach.

This Australian Home-grown brand is born from an appreciation of colour, craftsmanship, community and above all, social responsibility. Made from GOTS certified approved dyes free of harmful elements such as nickel, lead, formaldehyde, amines, pesticides, and heavy metals, works to protect the organic cotton farmers and their families, as well as our precious bubs.

wilson frenchy collection

Gender neutral + inspired by nature

The latest Wilson + Frenchy collection features a wide selection of beautiful newborn baby clothes, bedding, kids’ pyjamas, cot or bassinet sheet sets, muslin wraps and blankets for sizes premmie to 2 for babies, (1-5 for kids sleepwear). The stunning collection features knitwear, waffle, organic rib and Frenchy terry.

Each of the designs are timeless pieces that are loved for their subtle colour palette, hand drawn illustrations, playful graphics, natural and many made with organic fabrics. What’s more, many designs are gender neutral which moves away from labels around “boys” and “girls,” including organic cotton onesies, soft bamboo knitwear, swaddles and organic kids’ sleepwear.

Each Wilson + Frenchy pieces has been inspired by nature and all that is beautiful. All designs are soft, comfortable, and authentic and have contributed to the brand being a global success story.

For more information or to buy: 


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