There’s a new kid on the block! Funtopia Prospect is Adelaide’s brand-spanking-new indoor entertainment centre!

This isn’t your average tumbletown, Funtopia is raising the bar, starting with the menu! Funtopia has the likes of Stewart Wesson (brains behind Whistle & flute, Part Time Lover and DTR) on it’s menu and Sans-Arc responsible for the Mr.Spriggins ‘canteen’ design. 

Perfect for birthday parties, weekend activities and a whole heap of fun the centre has a world-class indoor rock climbing arena, Australian themed adventure playground, electric car track and cafe. 

We spoke to the team to find out more! 

What can we expect at FUNTOPIA?

Funtopia is a playcentre, rock climbing arena and café all in one! Funtopia is where children and adults of all ages explore amazing adventurous attractions, engage in active lifestyle activities and have fun. It offers an alternative to the common playground and encourages families to be healthy and share the experience.

The 8m climbing walls are the world’s safest and most technically advanced, are fully interchangeable and interactive meaning the challenges are regularly altered to challenge different skills sets and levels. Funtopia’s autobelays and self-clip devices are the world’s most advance and do not allow for dis-engagement unless the climber is safely on the ground.

The Playground and Toddler World encourage adventure, interaction and imagine play. As children make their way through a mirror maze, obstacles and interactive games they will come across land marks such as the Central Market Tower and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Mr Spriggin’s café is where parents, family members and friends can sit and observe their loved ones achieve personal goals whilst the latest specially designed safety equipment and highly trained staff are on hand every step of the way. Mr Spriggin’s offers restaurant quality food and beverages with a naughty and nice menu at breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep everyone fuelled and enjoying themselves for a funbelievable adventure!

As one of the most adventurous and unique party venues in Adelaide, Funtopia also has six private party rooms that cater for various sized parties and come with a host!!

What ages do you cater for?

All ages!!

Toddler World is designed for little ones 2 years and under
Playground World 3 years +
Climbing World 4 years +



Kiddo Silent Disco Tours with Guru Dudu

Kiddos – and daggy dads! – dance like nobody’s… listening! Because they aren’t. KIDDO and Guru Dudu are teaming up for the ultimate Silent Disco Walking Tours @ WOMAD this year! Expect crazy moves, weird looks, play, love and laughter (oh, and dance tracks from the 70s, 80s, 90s and current hits) with some set choreographed routines to help get into the spirit. We’ve got the headphones – you bring the moves!

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A Master Creative

Growing up on a self sufficient Canadian wheat farm, Evelyn has always been aware of nature and has used her early skills in the crafts of knitting, crocheting and sewing to create objects as a living. Being educated in a prairie one room schoolhouse gave her a fine base in community artworks and lead to her immigration to Australia in 1996 under the special talent category as a community artist. 

When the United Nations conference on habitation was planned for Vancouver in 1976, in the plan was to renovate 5 derelict airplane hangars into the conference centre. I was made head of the fabric arts to decorate these hangars, and fortunately with a train car load of leftover nylon fabric from a tenting company thus began the work on making huge banners, window coverings and even a total ceiling cover the size of a football field.

International guests at the conference including Margaret Mead, Buckminster Fuller and wife of then Prime Minister, Margaret Trudeau all spoke in this huge hangar theatre. This really put my design and creative skills in full sight and from there began my world of using nylon for the giant inflatable story theatres, and animal, bird, insect costumes for children to wear and dance beginning in 1982 at the Brisbane Commonwealth Games in which I was the Canadian guest artist.

Nylon Zoo is a culmination of my experiences, art and creations over the years, it includes a fabulous educational eco-maze consisting of 3 huge inflatable domes which feature Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu material on aboriginal agriculture- one can replant the walls of the replant dome with fabric plants, insects and flowers. You can read the story of the creation of the Murray river by Kondoli. Listen to our story tellers explain biodiversity, history and climate change. We are now taking bookings from more schools.

Internationally, in my base in Hawaii (on the island of Kauai) the storybook theatre allows me to sew up another marine animal which then tours all the Hawaiian islands reaching some 5,000 children each year and receiving a colouring book about my latest creature, this has happened for the past 25 years and is the best representation of my work.


I created the Nylon Zoo as a natural extension of my moving sculpture dance company in Canada when my dancers had children and wanted to all work together. I made the first children’s costumes, frogs, ravens, bears and rainbow dancer capes which then lead to the challenge to provide a huge presence at Brisbane’s botanic gardens for the 1982 Commonwealth Games. Womadelaide contacted me for their first event on McLaren Vale oval in the early 1990’s, they loved the concept and since then I have participated with my Nylon Zoo program at every WOMAD since. It brings me so much joy! What other 83 year old can sit at her sewing machine making another butterfly costume then join in a community event and be the rainbow cape parade leader with a field of children following, flying as butterflies, birds, bugs and hopping kangaroos.

Womadelaide is one of the worlds finest gatherings of musicians, there’s a French group who make incredible installations in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens from fire installations to feathered angels flying at the tree tops. I get to meet these wonderful artists, and they truly inspire me to be ever more creative. Innovative artists inspire me, community based climate change artists, inventors. I’m searching for a replacement material for my nylon fabric, this possibly will be from seaweed and drift net plastics.


One can see the Nylon Zoo at WOMAD, local events with various councils, the Adelaide fringe, shopping centres (Aldinga is a Centre for many events) and Maslin Beach holiday events.

For more information and to book Evelyn’s masterpieces for events and parties head to :




14th February – 15th March 2020

There will be something to satisfy every kind of rumbly tummy at this year’s Gluttony! The vibrant, popular outdoor venue hub for the Adelaide Fringe, is back and bigger than ever before.

Gluttony will be showcasing some of South Australia’s finest talent and with over 168 shows and over 30 different food and drink stalls. This year, Gluttony has much to celebrate with 2020 marking the 60th anniversary of The Fringe Festival!

Have a night out with the whole family and enjoy some of Gluttony’s new food venues! New food venues include Enfes Gozleme, Joybird, Uncle Buck’s Fish and Chips (run by Luigi’s Delicatessen), and a poke bowl stall. In addition, if you want to experience 360-degree views of The Fringe, why not enjoy a cocktail from the roof terrace at the new Johnny Walker Highball Bar.

This year Gluttony will be supporting a number of South Australian beverage brands, that have been affected by the Bush Fires this year. Please come and support South Australia, by purchasing drinks at The Local.

In addition to the West Market and East Market food courts, a third food and drink precinct is being set up in the central section of the Rymill Park site, serving festival snack favorites like donuts, barbecued corn, roasted nuts, fairy floss, gelato by Abbots and Kinney, plus coffee, and espresso martinis.

Gluttony strives to be environmentally responsible. All plates, bowls, cutlery and cups used by all food vendors will be compostable, and bars will serve drinks in reusable glasses and cups. Water will be available in reusable bottles, with water refill sites offered across the park.

This year’s Gluttony will be using a cashless system for all food and beverage purchases, meaning faster and more efficient service for our customers.

Here’s a lit of exactly what’s in store:

West Market
• Enfes Gozleme – a brand new Turkish street food stall. (*New)
• Uncle Bucks Fish & Chips (*New)
• Gas Station – food truck
• VPO Pizzatecca
• Toly – Vietnamese street food
• Filipino Project
• Flat Iron Grill
• Hubba Hubba Kitchen
• Ragini’s Spice Kitchen
• Barossa Valley Ice cream

East Market
• Greek Palace
• Shibui – Dessert Bar
• JoyBird (*New)
• Poke Bowls *(New)
• Bubble Bus
• Jerry’s Smokehouse
• Soza’s Sri Lankan
• Forage Supply Co – Vegan & Vegetarian food. They deliver and donate to Hutt Street Homeless Centre (*New)
• Thavej Thai – Thai street food

Tasty Pop Ups
• Espresso Bar
• Magic Cauldron
• Disco Donuts
• Are you feeling Corny
• Abbots and Kinney

Gluttony Bars
• The Local – Serving up a selection of beers, wines and spirits from Bushfire affected areas
• The Coopers bar – serving up beers on tap
• Johnny Walker HighBall Bar – two-tier cocktail bar, with rooftop offering 360 degree view. (*New)
• The Sake Bar – serving a selection of boutique Gins and sake’s
• The Lounge Bar – serving Beers on tap and a selection of wine
• The Vine Bar – offering a wide selection of wine, with a helpful sommelier to guide you through the list





Hey Kiddos! Were you lucky enough to see Splash Test Dummies at last year’s Fringe? Or were you one of the dummies who missed out? Well get ready to rumble in the jungle, because The Dummies are on a new expedition and you’re invited along for the ride! We hear the Splash Test Dummies are also making a return too. 

Pack your bag, tie your shoes and get ready for circus-filled hilarity as the Dummies monkey about the jungle, swing through treetops and bush bash their way through the undergrowth. With a rockin’ soundtrack, unbelievable acrobatics and trademark Dummies frivolity! 

From the unstoppable Dummies Corp comes an all-new extraordinary adventure! Don’t mess with the Dummies,

Lions and tigers and dummies, oh my! Set up camp and stampede into the jungle for an outlandish, circus filled extravaganza that will leave you chuckling like a monkey and roaring for more.

You can expect a blend of circus, comedy and imaginative play aimed at entertaining young and old in unison. 

See you there! 

Showing 14 Feb – 14 Mar 

Tickets available from