Life With Love: Teresa Palmer and Christiane Duigan

Life With Love: Teresa Palmer and Christiane Duigan

Life With Love

Christiane Duigan and Teresa Palmer are goals in every sense of the word; mama goals, friendship goals, entrepreneur goals, wellness goals. These two beautiful ladies are earth mamas, friends and now business partners as they prepare to launch L O V E W E L L; their wellness brand that they have poured so much love and hard work into, behind the scenes, for the past year. Their synergy is evident and their passion infectious. What I love most, is that with both of them, what you see is what you get. They are two of the sweetest, softest, kindest, nurturing humans on the face of the earth and watching them as mamas is watching poetry in motion. And they practice what they preach, truly living healthy, whole, plentiful lives reflecting their ethos that health and wellness begins from within.

Adelaide born and bred, both ladies have spent considerable time away building their careers and families – Christiane in Sydney and London and Teresa in Los Angeles, but now they each split their time with the majority of it in Adelaide, which will always be home. Raising their gorgeous tribe of children, it is evident that family comes first, and wellness is a priority for their families.

Being the epitome of wellness, their philosophy is healing from the earth and we are so excited that they are sharing their knowledge and expertise with the launch of L O V E W E L L (coming in May); their plant based, natural, nutrient dense, delicious, fair trade supplements for both mama (and dadas!); BLOSSOM and child; GROW. Their products will be available at a very accessible price point, without comprising quality (insert hands in the air emoji here!), they’ve had the tick of approval from their little loves and their hilarious
husbands (check out their rap on Instagram to see what I’m talking about!) are without a doubt their biggest fans. And, a after getting to have a sneaky little taste – I can tell you firsthand that you’re about to become obsessed, I’ve never tasted a protein / nutrient powder like it, it’s seriously delish and so good simply mixed with water – and when combined with your favourite ingredients into a smoothie, it will blow your mind and your tastebuds.

Their website – launching soon – is a mecca of wellness, so head on over to lovewell.earth (yes, .EARTH not .COM – how cool is that) and sign up to be the first in the know when pre-orders are open and products are dropping; they are starting with a limited run so take my word for it – you really don’t want to miss out. And follow them on Instagram (@lovewell.earth) for all the behind-the-scenes goodness, wellness information, product insight… and let’s be honest, alllllll the cuteness from their little tribe.

What do you love most about being a mum and how has it changed you?

CD: From a very young age, I always knew my life purpose was to be a mum. I had no career goals as such, it was always to be a mum. So for a while I worked as a nanny, babysat and worked at an after school care with kids to surround myself and practice and for me, being a mum has been the most fulfilling thing in my life and is what makes me the happiest.
TP: Pretty much the same! I feel the same way, I’ve always had such a strong pull towards motherhood and anyone who knows me well knows that my greatest desire was to be a mother. What I love most about it? It’s really hard to pinpoint any one thing but just nurturing these beautiful little souls and watching them blossom into the people that they are and creating the space for them to explore their world and their environment and grow into the little spirits that they are. Everything in my life is richer because I am a mother. It’s my greatest joy and as Mark says, I’m addicted to having babies so I may end up as a mum to an entire tribe of children but that would make me incredibly happy.
CD: It has changed my lifestyle, nothing does prepare you for the shock of having kids and multiple children because it does change your priorities and what you want for life. My perfect dream day pre-kids was very different to now, now it’s about the simple things. Now it’s spending time with the kids, doing family things with friends, having all the kids running around while we’re in the sunshine at the beach, it has changed priorities.

What is your approach to motherhood and parenting?

CD: I very much learnt along the way and tried to figure it out by making mistakes, until I got tired of yelling at my kids all the time, I didn’t like the person I became because it was a constant argument and that’s when I turned to a lot of parenting podcasts and books to find a more respectful way of parenting to get better results by tweaking simple things such as language and understanding the psychology of the kids and why they do what they do. It allows you to make a more calm, informed response rather than a heated reaction to a situation.
TP: I’m pretty chilled and laid back, I definitely have gentle boundaries in place with the kids but I’m one of those parents that is go with the flow, not regimented. I don’t have a specific routine, I meet their needs when the need arises each day. Every day might look a little bit different and that’s ok. We try to have a lot of fun and laughter and we’re always adventuring but I really try not to put a huge amount of pressure on myself to get everything done the right way, we’re on this journey together.

The greatest lesson your kids have taught you?

CD: Patience.
TP: I second that haha.
CD: And just love, the purest form of unconditional love and joy.
TP: I completely agree with Chrissy, that’s the perfect answer.

What does wellness mean to you?

TP: Feeling balanced in mind, body and spirit. Being in alignment with all three of those things.
CD: Yes, and peace.
TP: A big thing for Chrissy and I, we always say ‘keep it simple’, we love easy simplicity, nothing needs to be too overly complicated. I think as I’ve gotten older that’s something that I’ve really gravitated towards. For me, it’s also about exisiting in a conscious mind frame as much as possible, living my life as consciously as I can and really trying to maintain a state of presence is really important because we can get ahead of ourselves, we can future trip and I always find I’m in my most peaceful self and parenting with love when I’m just breathing, I’m present and with the children.
CD: A nice word is actually ‘mindful’, we tell the kids all the time ‘could you please be mindful not to hit your head on the table’ when we’re trying to get them to be aware so that definitely applies to us as adults as-well, to be mindful of being present.

Three of your wellness non-negotiables?

CD: Definitely, making sure through our L O V E W E L L shakes that myself and my kids are getting all the nutrients that they need during the day, beach walks and for me, nourishing my sweet tooth – I make sure I’ve got my daily dose of chocolate every day 😉
TP: In our family we start the day with our L O V E W E L L shake for breakfast and I know the kids are taken care of health-wise for the rest of the day. I love a cold pressed green juice and my non-negotiable one hour of self care time is having a bath and listening to one of my favourite true crime podcasts.

What is your approach to nutrition with kids?

TP: Half of my family are vegan, the other half are vegetarian. My littlest son and I are vegetarians and my husband, eldest son and stepson are vegan. So for us it’s making sure that we’re eating balanced, whole foods based meals but ensuring we’re getting enough protein. That comes in all different forms, one of the main reasons why I wanted to create L O V E W E L L is because we are a vegetarian family, I knew that I would be able to reach my daily protein requirement through the shake as well as making smart food choices.But also when it comes to kids and nutrition, being flexible and listening to what they’re enjoying, what they’re gravitating towards, introducing new foods and trying to expand their palettes.
CD: It always comes back to the word balance for our family. We eat everything in a really balanced way, I make sure they’re getting some form of protein, carbs and healthy fats in each meal. We don’t have dessert every day but on the weekend they’ll get a sugar free ice-cream. However, if there’s a birthday party for example there’s always exceptions, they’re not not allowed anything. My aim is to teach them that balance is key and it’s ok to have a treat every now and then.
TP: Yes, I would say that being overly dogmatic with your children can really backfire, I used to be the mum that had zero tolerance for sugar at all and it made my kids way more obsessed with the idea of getting to have sugar so now we allow them to have a couple of small treats a week and I really agree with what Chrissy said, it’s all about balance. And I apply that to my views surrounding food too, if I feel like indulging in something I will do that.
CD: Actually there was something really cute that Charlotte said the other day because there are so many dietary types these days whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, pescatarian etc, Charlotte asked ‘mummy, how do we eat?’ and I said ‘we eat in a healthy way’ and she said ‘oh, so are we health-itarian?’. I thought that was really sweet.

Do you have any hacks on getting kids to eat better and how does L O V E W E L L play into that?

TP: The great thing about L O V E W E L L is that it is so packed full of nutrients but it tastes like an indulgent dessert treat for the kids so they love it. It’s not one of those sorts of things where with my two year old I have to sit at the table with him for a whole hour to get him to eat all of his broccoli and he stockpiles the broccoli in his mouth and isn’t interested because he doesn’t like the taste. So I think that we’ve really solved that issue by having a shake that tastes beautiful and they’re getting all their nutrients.
CD: They’re getting a real balance of nutrients in one hit so if anything during the day goes awry they are getting all their vitamins, minerals, proteins, probiotics but it isn’t a replacement for food. We try and hide carrots and zucchini in bolognese and sneak things into their diet as much as possible. I often offer my kids a veggie health platter before they eat dinner. Kids love raw versions – cucumber, peppers and carrots, dipped in hummus, so by offering them that first while I’m finishing dinner or plating it, they’ve already had a hit of veggies and nutrients while they’re starving.

Your best tip on staying healthy when traveling?

TP: I pre-plan and look into the organic vegetarian restaurants in that city and Mark and I always get excited about finding the local haunts that everyone is raving about that sells good, nutritious food.
CD: On the plane I would definitely say L O V E W E L L, I bring along and mix into water or milk.
TP: Definitely bringing pre-packed food for the plane, sometimes we’ll also get to the airport early and order a big meal at one of the restaurants so we’re full when we get on the plane, the healthy snacks get us through the flight and then the first thing we do when we get off the plane is go and have a beautiful, luscious, nutritious meal.
CD: Equally, if you’re going on holiday, don’t worry too much about it and enjoy the holiday.

Can you tell us about L O V E W E L L, the inspiration behind the concept and what the product development process was like?

CD: It really was inspired out of a necessity for us, as busy parents we needed this product to nourish ourselves, L O V E W E L L is a fast, efficient and tasty way to do it. The product development process has been fun, we worked with nutritionists from around the world to make sure we’re packing as much as we can in one dose for an accessible price, we work with an incredible Australian based manufacturer who sources ingredients from the best places in the world and makes sure that everything is fair-trade and as organic and natural as possible, we did sampling with our kids. Product development is my favourite part of the job, it’s what I love.
TP: Everything Chrissy said!

Did you get the taste test seal of approval from your tribe of children?

TP: We sure did, we have a video of Forest – who was the first one to try it – and he downed two full glasses in a row. He couldn’t stop drinking it and kept saying ‘more more’. And when we asked him if it’s tasty his reply was ‘it’s really yummy’. Raffi loves it too. It’s great because they are the littlest members of our tribe and so it was nice to see that the little ones loved it and then of course the older ones are obsessed with it too. And it was great because we got it first time round, we tasted it and immediately knew it was amazing, it tasted so good, we knew the kids would love it, we didn’t have to go back and forth with the manufacturer because we got it right the first time which was wonderful, and quite rare probably.

Your favourite way to have L O V E W E L L Blossom?

TP: We’re chalk and cheese the way we have it, I love a big thick chocolate smoothie so I do a huge tablespoon of raw almond butter, a full banana, a cup of almond milk, cinnamon, ice and put my L O V E W E L L in and blend it altogether. I like it to be quite rich and filling. Whereas Chrissy really loves it simply with water, she stirs it into a glass of water and it does taste amazing like that, I just prefer it to be really thick and to feel really full after my shake.
CD: I guess, you have your shake as your breakfast whereas I still have breakfast and have mine as a complementary drink to go along with it.

What do you love most about working with each other?

TP: We were friends first and foremost which is really nice because we’re really likeminded and enjoy doing all the same sorts of things and we have similar intentions for the business and products so it has felt really seamless. We’re also really different in terms of our strengths and what we’re passionate about in business. Chrissy has the more nerdier brain in terms of business, numbers, stock – all the stuff that just goes over my head and I really love doing all the marketing, PR, creative stuff and coming up with strategies. So, we really complement each other so beautifully, it’s been really fantastic.
CD: And anything that overlaps we’re always in agreement anyway because we’re very likeminded, but we both have our strengths and we haven’t needed to outsource anything because anything Teresa doesn’t do, I do – and vice versa.

As busy mamas and career women, what does work-life balance look like for you?

TP: It’s different all the time, I have a really supportive husband who knows that when I am working, he is completely in charge of school drop offs and responsibilities with the kids and we have a really great balanced relationship in that way so I have a lot of help from him. And also, it’s just about prioritising different things and utilising the time when the kids are in school to get a lot done. Chrissy and I usually meet after school drop off, get work done, then have a blast with the kids after school, so we get to do both things which is really nice and we set our own hours.
CD: For me, I’m still yet to strike a perfect balance because my type of brain is always on and I’m always doing a bit of everything at the same time unfortunately. I really need to take some inspiration from Teresa how she compartmentalises because I might be with the kids and emailing at the same time or on my laptop and have other things happening around me, so I’m definitely a pretty good multi- tasker but I’d rather not because that creates chaos in my mind because there’s so much going on in there at the same time.

What does your ultimate dreamy weekend with the kids look like?

TP: WOMAD! Haha. Chrissy and I just had such a beautiful three day weekend experience here in Adelaide at the WOMAD festival. The kids ran around in the sunshine and had lots of nature play, we ate yummy food and had deep, connective conversations with each other. We just had a remarkable time. My Adelaide weekends are always my favourite, surrounded by friends, kids and nature.
CD: Definitely that and if it’s not WOMAD it’s most definitely got something to do with being all together on the beach, Goolwa at the river or a weekend in Byron Bay – we love going there because of the beautiful beaches, healthy foods and slower pace.

Work done for the day, kids in bed, ultimate ‘me time’ is….

TP: Bath. Podcast. Lavender salts.
CD: Dinner with James.

Your 5 favourite things about Adelaide…
• Adelaide beaches.
• Goolwa; we love it because it has the river and the beach.
• All the di erent markets on the weekends
• The luxury of just being at home and spending the day with family and friends.
• The close proximity of beaches, trails, nature, city; everything is so accessible.

Your 5 favourite things to do with kids in Adelaide…
• March Madness (Fringe, Womad etc)
• Taking the kids down to the Kurangga Park BMX Track and riding bikes
• Plant 4 on the weekend; the amazing food and the kids love the playground
• Goodwood markets
• Royal Adelaide Show is the most popular thing in my household!

CARCLEW Artists in Residence and Curator in Residence Program 2019

CARCLEW Artists in Residence and Curator in Residence Program 2019

Carclew have announced three young creatives who will take up its Artists in Residence and Curator in Residence program for 2019.

Visual artists, Loren Orsillo and Felicity Townsend were awarded the annual Artist Residencies, and will receive a year-long, fully subsidised occupancy within Carclew’s studio spaces.

Emerging South Australian artist Loren Orsillo, a painter focused on examining cultural and identity orientation in inanimate objects, is looking forward to the Residency offering her the opportunity to dedicate time to further expand her practice.

“This residency is such an exciting opportunity because it offers connectivity to the Adelaide arts community as well as wider community that I might not necessarily be able to tap into on my own,” said Loren.

“Being engaged with your surroundings is so important to a visual arts practice, and this residency offers exactly this kind of community engagement.”

Felicity Townsend, an installation and performance artist with an Honours Degree in Creative Art from Flinders University, said that the residency will allow her to engage with the other residents and develop a new sense of energy, depth and perspective in her work.

“The Artist in Residence Program will offer me the chance to take advantage of the collaborative energy and networking opportunities which a shared studio space offers. It will provide me with a dedicated physical and mental space in which to focus on producing and refining new work, along with the opportunity to exhibit,” said Felicity.

Accepting the Curator in Residence position for 2019 is Jack McBride, who is currently completing a Bachelor of Visual/Contemporary Art atUniversity of South Australia.

Following his selection as one of Carclew’s 2018 Emerging Curators, Jack will receive a 12-month mentoring program as he develops his experience in arts curation and management of visual arts exhibitions.

“The residency is an exceptional opportunity to start a real career pathway into the professional arts industry”, said Jack.

“I’m looking forward to learning as much as possible during the coming year, while also extending my professional networks within the local arts community and assisting other emerging artists in showcasing their art for the first time.”

If you had $10,000 to give to people creating original art, who would get it? How much would they get? Why would you give it to them?

During this school term, a team of 12-15 year olds have been critically thinking about the responsibility of distributing $10,000 of arts funding and they have designed a framework and process to make this happen.

Team members bring artistically varied passions, socially diverse considerations, and come from areas far and wide. Carclew has been working alongside them to investigate how art is made; how creative ideas are formed; the process of turning a concept into an outcome; how much ‘art’ costs to make and what it takes to get funding.

The Carclew Futures project is a partnership between Carclew Funding Programs and the Commissioner for Children and Young People SA.

The children who make up the Carclew Futures team have been led by Peer Facilitator, Audrey Mason-Hyde, and Lead Facilitator, Paul Mayers.


For more information head to: https://carclew.com.au/Program/carclew-futures

Join The Club

Join The Club

Join The Club

The Baby Cino Club (TBCC) was born out of a desire to create an inclusive community for parents, to feel less isolated, more connected and ultimately supported, TBCC is growing weekly as more parents get involved. It’s such a wonderful concept that we are so on board with and FYI they also sell really cute merch to raise money for their monthly events (that team KIDDO are all wearing). We sat down with founder, Hannah Dobson, to find out more.

How did the idea for The Baby Cino Club come about?

The idea evolved from my CAFHS mothers group of soul sisters; being surrounded by parents who were in the thick of it just like me got me through those first months of parenting. These mums were non judgemental, supportive and we all kept an eye out for each other. I kept meeting mums outside the group who didn’t have what I had and I wanted to make them feel less isolated and more connected. Connection exists via social media, but it’s lacking the core needs for humans; we need a real person, a sense of humour, an understanding soul to remind you that you’re doing a good job. I wanted to replicate what I had but on an all-inclusive level; so here I am giving it my best shot.

What is the TBCC and what does it offer?

The Baby Cino Club is a non-exclusive social group for mums, dads, grandparents – whoever. We’re a playgroup with deeper ideals and a safe environment for parents to talk and feel supported. A coffee (tea, or babycino) and a zero-judgement space to socialise, because being stuck at home with the kids all day can make you crazy.

Parents don’t need endless advice; nurture comes naturally. They need reminded “yes, you’re doing a good job, you’re a good parent”. Pressure needs to be taken off expectations put on parents and I hope TBCC does this.

Why is it important for parents to connect?

We live in an age where we’re always connected but have never been so disconnected. Humans need other humans. Lonely isn’t a nice feeling, especially for parents, and places to meet other parents are few and far between. By connecting parents they know they’re not alone.

Why is it important to embrace the “it takes a village” mentality when it comes to raising children?

We all have a role in raising children, it requires more than 1-2 adults to teach them everything. There are so many lessons that are vital in the life of a child- they learn from grandparents, teachers, members of the community, aunts, uncles, babysitters; everyone’s role is vital.

What have you loved the most about connecting with like-minded parents?

That even though we have all different kinds of people and parenting styles, we support each other. I’ve loved how amazing these parents are, how normal they make me feel and how much I’ve laughed.

How can people get involved?

Come along and join us, see if you like the club and if it’s something you would like to be a part of! Jervois Street, Plympton at 10am Wednesdays and Thursdays (weather permitting). We sell merch to raise revenue for our monthly events and we love partnering with businesses.

Your best advice for new parents?
You’re doing a good job; you know what you’re doing, don’t doubt yourself.


How on Earth do we decide which Fringe shows to go and see with the kids?

How on Earth do we decide which Fringe shows to go and see with the kids?

Top 40 Adelaide Fringe and Festival Family Friendly Shows

It’s that time of year again, that magical time when Adelaide comes alive with the buzz and excitement of Mad March (although, technically we need to look at that because the Fringe starts in Feb, guys! However… I digress….) and the city is filled with lights, yummy smells, laughter and people from all over! However, there is a slight stress that comes with The Adelaide Fringe / Adelaide Festival and WOMAD…. How on Earth do we decide what shows to go and see? And which ones are family friendly? Never fear… you know we’ve got you covered with our pick of the Top 40 Kiddo Friendly Shows to get tickets to, all the info you need to know and links to find out more.
You can thank us later with Poffertjes (if you know, you know) 😉

Particle B is an incredible acrobatic Fringe show for kids who are interested in science and existence and are curious about exploring the bigger questions.
15 Feb – 17 March
Children’s / Circus
Little Theatre, RCC Fringe

ALLSTARS 360 is an international sensation and electric physical performance that’s great for Adelaide kids who love BMX, breakdancing, basketball and all things elite street.
15 – 17 March
Circus and Physical Theatre
The Moa, Gluttony

3. Star Academy: Tribute to Rock
Star Academy is fantastic for kids thinking about doing singing lessons in Adelaide.
16 Feb – 3 March
Children’s / Rock
Star Academy, Grote St

Jelly or Jam is a circus show like no other that isn’t just fun but educational and explores feelings, emotions and the question of ‘what makes you, you’ with squishy, messy, jelly.
16 Feb – 10 March
Children’s / Circus
Little Theatre, RCC Fringe

Escape from Trash Mountain is a puppetry show of trashy proportions! It will empower your little kiddos to reuse and recycle  and inspire them to make their own trash puppets at home – hello next school holidays DIY craft activity!
16 Feb – 11 March
Children’s / Puppetry
The May Wirth, Gluttony

6. Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall
Monski Mouse is an Adelaide DJ favourite for babies, tots and cool parents.
16 Feb – 17 March
Children’s / Music
The Box, The Garden


7. Big Tops & Tiny Tots Circus Show
Big Tops and Tiny Tots is a circus show just for your little Kiddos aged 3-7. This Fringe show will have them rolling out of the tent giggling their little heads off. And I mean… is there anything better than the sound of children’s laughter?
16 Feb – 17 March
Children’s / Circus
Empire Theatre, Gluttony

Splash Test Dummies is a critically acclaimed show that is always a hit at the Adelaide Fringe! It will have your children’s imaginations captivated with their clever mix of circus and comedy.
16 Feb – 17 March
Children’s / Circus
Corona Theatre and The Factory

9. Amelia Ryan’s 80’s Baby
Amelia Ryan’s 80’s Baby is Adelaide’s own pop-palooza for little people! This show will have you and your kiddos on your feet and grooving to the beats from start to finish. A great show for musical kids!
16 Feb – 17 March
Children’s / Cabaret
The Factory, The Garden


Dinosaur Time Machine will have the kids getting up close and personal with a lifesized T-Rex! Say what?! Great for Adelaide kids with an interest in dinosaurs.
16 Feb – 23 March
Children’s / Theatre
Ukiyo, Gluttony

Big Fish Little Fish is a great show for Adelaide kids who love music and getting their groove on! And it includes a multi sensory dance floor too!
23 Feb – 16 March
Music / Electronic
The Flamingo, Gluttony


The Adelaide International Youth Film Festival Preview is the show for any budding young Tarantino’s in Adelaide. A great show for kids captivated by film and the magic of movie making.
27 Feb – 9 March
Film and Digital / Film
Union Cinema, RCC Fringe


Baba Yaga comes to Adelaide straight from a sell out season at the Edinburgh Fringe. This new take on an old Russian folktale is a must for kids captivated by story telling, colour and a little mystery for good measure. Read more about it in the latest issue of Kiddo Mag!
27 Feb -6 March
Queen’s Theatre


The National Geographic Symphony for Our World concert is a must as it so beautifully, through the power of music and footage, teaches kids about nature, the environment and helps shape a better understanding of our world. Truly captivating and something they (and you!) will remember for a long time to come.
2 March
Elder Park

15. Kids Day
Kid’s Day features an All Star line up of authors, performers and adventurers who will bring magic, stories and hands on fun to Adelaide kids. An incredible line up for an incredible day, get in early to secure your kiddos spots.
2 March
Children’s / Educational
Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden

16. Evelyn Roth’s Nylon Zoo
The delightful Evelyn Roth is back with her Nylon Zoo to captivate the imaginations of kids far and wide. Children will be enchanted throughout this dress-up, story telling, educational extravaganza.
Children’s / Imagination
8 – 11 March
WOMADelaide, Botanic Park

Get your dancing shoes on and get your moves ready to groove! Adelaide kids and their adults can dance like nobody’s listening at the Kiddo Silent Disco.
8 – 11 March
Children’s / Dance
WOMADelaide, Botanic Park


The Talking Trees – Sayarts is an incredible nature based experience for your little eco-warrior. It’s not often that ‘what’s on in Adelaide’ will direct you to an interactive tree to face talking experience. Not to be missed!
8 – 11 March
Children’s / Educational
WOMADelaide, Botanic Park


Get your little bookworm and book in for Story Time with Peter Helliar. As well as being one of Australia’s most loved comedians, Peter Helliar is also the author of the hilarious Frankie Fish children’s book series and he’s coming to Adelaide for The Fringe for story time that is bound to be filled with laughter and hilarity.
9 – 10 March
WOMADelaide, Botanic Park


Peter Combe has been entertaining Adelaide children for generations and he’s back this year with his quirky new show filled with all the classics from Newspaper Mama, Juicy Juicy Green Grass and of course – everybody’s favourite, Wash Your Face With Orange Juice. This show will have you taking a trip down memory lane and your kiddos singing to their hearts content.
9 – 17 March
Children’s / Music
Corona Theatre, The Garden


Brats Kids Carnival is a fast paced, high energy show that is ideal for kids who love circus acts, incredible skills and party tricks that blow your mind!
9 – 16 March
Bonython Hall, RCC Fringe


Foehn is the plastic bag show that will blow your mind. This will spark wonder in your kids and have their eyes glued to the stage for the entirety of the show. Trust us, don’t miss this!
13 – 17 March
AC Arts – Main Theatre


Kids love balloon tricks and Balloonatics 2 is filled with the balloon tricks of all balloon tricks. A world travelled family comedy show that is gracing Adelaide with it’s balloon wizardry, get ready to get blown away!
16 Feb – 17 March
Children’s / Theatre
Empire Theatre, Gluttony / The Pocket, Stirling Fringe


Humphrey B. Bear is an Adelaide icon and has been entertaining Adelaide children since the 60’s! Join Humprey and his friends on an adventure as they sing, dance and have a whole lotta fun!
16 Feb
Children’s / Interactive
Grand Central Underground at The GC


Grumpy Pants is a great show for kids who are captivated by circus skills such as juggling and fork throwing! Mr Vita’s non traditional juggling routines and audience participation will delight and surprise you!
16 Feb – 17 March
Children’s / Circus
Empire Theatre at Gluttony


Bubblegum Cabaret is a circus show created especially for kids and is particularly great for kids interested in acrobatics, tricks and stunts!
16 Feb – 3 March
Children’s / Circus
Corona Theatre, The Garden


Kids in Adelaide who love the circus simply can not look past The Circus Fireman who turn up the heat with fire juggling and high intensity acrobatics! And there’s enough throughout the show to keep mum and dad entertained too!
16 Feb – 17 March
Children’s / Circus
The May Wirth, Gluttony


Best of Kids Fringe brings a little bit of everything to the children of Adelaide! This variety show is jam packed with everything from comedy to puppets to singers to dancers to clowns to mimes to bubble blowers to magicians and everything in between.
16 Feb – 17 March
Children’s / Circus
Parasol Lounge, Gluttony


Amazing Drumming Monkeys is a Fringe favourite with Adelaide kids! One thing is for sure, this interactive drumming show includes a lot of laughter and a lot of dancing!
16 Feb – 17 March
Children’s / Puppetry
Le Cascadeur, The Garden


Mr Snot Bottom’s Horrible Terrible Really Really Bad Show is an amazing comedic experience for kids and will have you gasping, giggling and holding your cheeks from laughing so much!
16 Feb – 17 March
Children’s / Comedy
The Factory, The Garden


Able Mable is the show to go to for your little kiddo who loves magic! Mable is hilarious and will have your kids cracking up at her accident filled, hilarious, magic tricks!
24 Feb and 7 March
Children’s / Comedy
The Parlour, Stirling Fringe

Meg In The Magic Toyshop combines classic with contemporary as she takes kids on a journey through song to unlock the enchanted toy boxes and reveal their hidden surprises!
28 Feb – 9 March
Children’s Theatre
Burnside Library / Mount Barker Town Hall


Science Magic, as the name suggests, is great for kids who love science and magical experiments! Filled with excitement and mess, this show will have your kids learning while they laugh!
16 Feb – 17 March
Children’s / Comedy
The Bally, Gluttony


Children are Stinky is the show for your daredevil, adventurous kiddo. Filled with heart-stopping stunts, amazing acrobatics, incredible music and ample fun guaranteed – don’t miss out on tickets to this popular show!
23 Feb – 17 March
Children’s / Circus
The Factory, The Garden / The Pocket, Stirling Fringe

Do your children love slime more than life itself? Then look no further, Grossed Out Game Show is for them! Filled with slime galore and plenty of laughter, this interactive live game show will have you in the superstar parent category for months to come!
16 – 17 March
Children’s / Comedy
The May Wirth, Gluttony

More Boogers, Books and Big Bottom Burps is a show with heart, author Stuart Reid is one of Britain’s most acclaimed children’s authors and he has been described as ‘the Billy Connolly for kids’. Nuff said.
16 Feb – 3 March
Children’s / Comedy
The Sky Room, Griffins Hotel

The magical mystery adventure that is Inside The Walls has returned to Adelaide by popular demand, kids can’t get enough! They will be intrigued and captivated as they go inside the walls! And this is so much more than just a show, it has been specifically designed to help children overcome their fears and expand their imaginations.
9 – 17 March
Children’s / Puppetry
Ukiyo, Gluttony


Card Ninja is the show for children obsessed with card tricks! The show follows one mans quest to become a ninja using ordinary playing cards as his weapon – and the skills in this show will have both kids and adults captivated!
15 Feb – 3 March
Comedy / Cabaret
Corona Theatre, The Garden

Sometimes, you just want to watch something silly and laugh and Captain Cauliflower and his sidekick Marvin The Mischievous Moose will have your children laughing their little heads off!
2-17 March
Children’s / Comedy
Corona Theatre, The Garden

Featuring all the characters from the popular tv series loved by children, SeaStar Rock is bringing its rocking party to Adelaide and everyone’s invited! This incredible kids show isn’t just fun, but educates on sustainability and waste so your children will be learning without even realising!
16-24 February
Children’s / Music
The Box at The Garden

MEET: Creative Ambassador Gavin Wanganeen

MEET: Creative Ambassador Gavin Wanganeen

Creative Ambassador Gavin Wanganeen 

When you hear the name Gavin Wanganeen, you immediately think – Port Power legend. However, in addition to his many on-field accolades and legendary AFL status, Gavin is also father to 5 gorgeous children, Mia, Tex, Kitty, Lulu and Posey, husband to the very sweet Pippa and now in his second life, carving out a beautiful career as an acclaimed contemporary visual artist. His pieces are not only aesthetically appealing, but they take you to a place beyond the here and now, as Gavin explores links to his Aboriginal heritage and the Kokatha people through his art.

He was recently announced as an Ambassador for The Fringe and we were so thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down and chat all things Arts, Adelaide and The Fringe with Gavin and his lovely wife Pippa.


What is your favourite Fringe memory?

When I first came back to Adelaide after being away in South Africa and then Melbourne for a few years, I co-hosted an online show that covered the Adelaide Fringe; Fringe TV. It was so fun to be back in Adelaide, connecting with other artists and performers (many of whom I studied with at Uni) and covering all the shows. I did a story on a beautiful show that was held at the Adelaide Gaol, and I included a little piece with my cute stepchildren; Mia and Tex. They were so young then, and I remember how magical it was seeing their eyes open up to the wonder of the Arts scene. Now, I get to continue the wonder with my three little girls, who are also great supporters of the Arts and the Adelaide Fringe.

What are you looking forward to seeing this year?

All of it, but particularly Yabarra, Gathering Of Light! It is just the most wonderful time to be in Adelaide, and to enjoy the best of South Australia. The local and International performers bring an incredible vibe to the city, and I love going to as many shows as I can.

You must be very excited that Gavin has been recognised as an Arts Ambassador for the Fringe this year, how does his art influence the family?

Gavin’s transition from AFL player to Artist is such a wonderful story, and we are all so proud of him. It’s been fantastic to see him supported and embraced by the Arts community, particularly with his appointment as an Ambassador of the Adelaide Fringe (my favourite festival IN THE WORLD)!

Gavin’s Art, has given our family more connection to his Aboriginal culture, and has opened up conversations about his incredible family history. His art allows us to honour and celebrate his Aboriginal heritage.

Do you have a creative outlet that you can share with us?

I have always been a lover of fashion, travel and the arts! They bring me great joy, and through them I am constantly inspired to create. I love styling interiors, children’s fashion, and pulling looks together for myself too. I love that platforms such as Instagram give us an opportunity to engage with each of these creative outlets, everyday.

Have the kids inherited Gavin’s artistic genes?

Haha I think they have inherited his sporting AND artistic genes! But, time will tell!


How did you get involved with the Adelaide Fringe and what about your role are you most excited about?

Now that I am being recognised as a Contemporary Indigenous Artist, it has been such an honour to be embraced by the wider Arts community, including the Adelaide Fringe Festival. I’m just so thrilled to be able to represent visual artists, but most importantly the Indigenous community, through my role as Ambassador.

Adelaide really comes alive during the Fringe festival and the buzz it creates is indescribable. What is your favourite Fringe memory?

When our youngest daughter Posey was only 7 days old, Pippa and I decided to take all 5 children into The Garden, for dinner and to see some shows together. It was wonderful to enjoy being together as a family, in such a vibrant and exciting space. I can’t remember what shows we saw (we were pretty sleep deprived) but I will never forget how happy we all were to be at the Adelaide Fringe with our newest tiny family member!

Top show to see with kids?

Bubble Show

How does the Fringe support Indigenous culture? 

The Adelaide Fringe has always showcased incredible Indigenous talent and venues, through their continued support of groups like Yellaka, Djuki Mala, and a number of other Indigenous artists in various artistic fields. Their decision to include me as an ambassador, is so humbling and a further example of their commitment to supporting Indigenous Culture. I cannot wait to see the Opening Ceremony which will be a phenomenal celebration of Indigenous Culture, one you will not want to miss!

When did your passion for art surface?

A few years after my football career ended, my wife Pippa encouraged me to finish a painting I had begun but never finished, many years before. I finished it, and started painting more and haven’t looked back since. I love how it brings me closer to my culture, and I have learned so much about my family history during this time.

What inspires you? 

I paint about the stars and the night sky. I imagine I am sitting up in the highest point in the universe, looking down through the stars, to Country. My Great Grandfather lived an incredible and challenging life, and his courage, grace and humility are a huge inspiration to me, and my art.

Do you create art at home with the kids?

Yes! The little girls have thrown their toys, fingers and clothes into my artworks, and it all adds special character and story to the work! They have grown up watching me paint at the kitchen table, and I feel it is a great way for them to learn about their Kokatha heritage.


As Fringe aficionados through and through, their love for the arts scene and The Fringe is evident, so we trust their guidance on what shows not to miss! Gavin and Pippa share with us their top picks from this year’s guide.


You can follow the Wanganeens and their Fringe adventures on:

@pippawanganeen + @gavinwanganeenart