CIRCUS review



There’s just something about circuses … from feeling on the edge of your seat, wondering if the performers will pull off their (often death-defying) stunts this time to that nostalgic vibe of going back to a bygone era, when live entertainment reigned supreme.

We got all the feels at the launch of CIRCUS – The Show at the newly renovated Her Majesty’s Theatre this week. The show, which previously won gongs at the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival, was on in our fine city for just three shows over two days. A family spectacle not to be missed!


Presented by Showmen Productions, the family-friendly spectacular was an awesome way to kickstart the school hols.

The show had it all: world-class illusions, tumbling acrobats, highly skilled jugglers, and breathtaking, elegant aerialists. Plus, as the promo material says, “enough side-splitting comedy to send any grown man running for the toilet!” We were laughing and gasping (in a good way) the entire time.


Special mention to the incomparable ringmaster for revving up the youngsters in the crowd, the cheeky clown jumping about in a six-foot balloon (which resembled a Giant Peach), and the marvellous magician who made a girl levitate … how did he do it?!

Also notable were young SA siblings Calin and Arwin Diamond, known for their mind-bending acrobatics, and the awesome Bavo Delbeke who performed Michael Jordan-worthy basketball tricks.

The show was an easy win for us parents. Should the hour-long spectacular flip into town again, we recommend you step right up, step right up … right away!


Venue: Her Majesty’s Theatre, 58 Grote St, Adelaide SA

Dates: 27 – 28 September 2021

For more information:



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especially on birthdays



I’m a sucker for a twin theme, being a mum of a fraternal pair. So, I was super-excited to put up my hand for The PaperBoats show, Especially on Birthdays.

The 42-minute, two-person performance follows a pair of twins in the lead-up to their sixth birthday. The roles are played by adult performers Temeka Lawlor and Angus Leighton. It’s an encore season for the 2021 Adelaide Fringe award-winning show.

especially on birthdays

While the oldest twin “by two minutes” (Temeka) can’t wait for their big day, her brother despairs at the thought of it. This is because once they turn six, it’s been decided they’ll be put into separate classes.

Every parent of twins will relate – the dilemma of whether to keep your kids together at school or split them up. (After the show, I asked my eight-year-old boys if they’d like to be in different classes in future and they were dead against it. So, guess I’ll just keep leaving it up to the school then!)

Aimed at kids aged four to eight, the show’s performed in an intimate setting, with the audience facing each other across the stage. The only thing separating the actors from the attendees are lines of curly white paper.

I loved all the twin references throughout – from the actors swinging a rock pendulum at the start, as though over a mum’s belly, saying: “If it swings in a circle, it’s twins” to lines like: “For the first five years, we were together almost all the time.”

As typical, there was a dominant twin. Temeka said: “I was born first, so that means I am the boss.” (Though, the opposite is true of my twins.) She added: “If we were one person, I’d be the top half and Tim would be the legs.”

especially on birthdays

It also felt familiar watching the onstage twins fight one minute, then the next, hug and dance together like best mates.

For the most part, the show’s sound is left to a recorded voiceover and beatbox-style effects by the performers. There’s also a musical score by LA composer Matthew Wilder, who also happened to write the songs for Disney flick Mulan. (The PaperBoats, you see, is an international partnership platform for theatre-makers, spanning Australia, the US, Singapore, and New Zealand.)

During the show, there’s some audience interaction, with the crowd, at one point, invited to mirror the performers’ movements and sounds. Two kids are also plucked out to participate in party games. (Throughout, I also couldn’t help being fascinated by the diverse tattoos on both performers’ legs, including a rainbow inked on Temeka’s calf.)

Things end in true birthday style, with present-giving, party hats, glittery confetti, and the music turned up.

The show was staged as part of Goodwood Theatre & Studios’ COMEBACK Festival, on until October 3. It was my first time at the old theatre, and I was charmed by its quirky, funky vibe. I’ll be back!


Venue: Goodwood Theatre & Studios, 166 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood

Dates & times: School performances of Especially on Birthdays run from September 20-23, 2021

For tickets to Goodwood Theatre & Studios’ COMEBACK Festival:



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Decadent high tea, a bonkers and brilliant Mad Hatter’s theme, and a fun-filled school holiday activity … what more could you ask for?

The Stamford Grand at Glenelg is staging a series of Mad Hatter’s high teas in its ballroom these September/October school hols. And we checked out a preview to give you the rundown!

stamford grand high tea


We were greeted by costume-clad guests at the door, with adults given a glass of sparkling on arrival, and the kids, colourful mocktails – all approved by the Queen of Hearts herself, of course.

Our table was perfectly decked out with Alice in Wonderland-style fare including quirky clocks and chinaware, playing cards, old books, bunnies, and a tonne of colour.


Then it was time for the scrumptious, served afternoon high tea, including an array of delicate sweets treats and delish savoury items. (Special dietary requests can be catered for.)

We disappeared down a rabbit hole of bliss while indulging. My faves included the chicken and mayo tea sandwiches, the porcini mushroom and truffle arancini, and the house-made carrot scones with cream cheese and jam. Savoury tooth here! My kids, meanwhile, made light work of the desserts like chocolate teacups with strawberry mousse, and mini cupcakes.

I washed it all down with a new favourite: peppermint and English toffee tea. You can choose from a bunch of green teas, infusions, and black and oolong teas.

mad hatters high tea stamford grand


 During the school holiday events, a talented magician will also entertain the kiddos. And you can get in the spirit by coming dressed in your ‘maddest’ outfit – the best dressed will win a prize.

To paraphrase the White Rabbit, don’t be late for this very important date!

Check out the kids’ and adult menus below:

Mad Hatter’s High Tea adult menu

  •  March Hare’s carrot scones with cream cheese and jam
  • “Eat Me” Vanilla sponge with irresistible icing
  • The Queen’s jam tarts
  • Tick Tock macarons
  • The Mad Hatter’s chocolate teacup with strawberry mousse
  • Cheshire mini cupcakes
  • Wonderland tea sandwiches of chicken and mayo, cucumber, and classic egg
  • The Dormouse’s arancini of porcini mushroom and truffles
  • The Duchess’ pepper mini quiche of roasted pumpkin and fetta

Mad Hatter’s High Tea kids’ menu (5-12 years)

  • “Eat Me” Vanilla sponge with irresistible icing
  • The Queen’s jam tarts
  • The Mad Hatter’s chocolate teacup with strawberry mousse
  • Cheshire mini cupcakes
    Wonderland tea sandwiches of chicken and mayo, cucumber and classic egg
  • The Duchess’ peppery mini quiche of roasted pumpkin and fetta

Mad Hatter’s High Tea kids’ menu (under 5 years) 

  • “Eat Me” vanilla sponge with irresistible icing
  • Wonderland tea sandwiches of chicken and mayo

(Menu items are correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.)

Sidenote: The Stamford also offers takeaway high tea, which you can indulge in where and when you please … perhaps even on the foreshore lawns just outside the hotel’s door.


Venue: 2 Jetty Rd, Glenelg

Dates & times:

Sunday, 26 September
Sunday, 3 October
Sunday, 10 October 
2pm – 5pm

Adults – $49 per person
Child (5-12 years) – $29 per person
Child (Under 5 years) – $15 per person
[+ booking fee]

For tickets:


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REVIEW: Patch Theatre’s ‘I Wish…’

REVIEW: Patch Theatre’s ‘I Wish…’

Patch Theatre's I Wish Review

REVIEW: Patch Theatre’s ‘I Wish…’

WORDS: Carla Caruso
IMAGES: Darcy Grant

I Wish… is like a ‘party mix’ bag of lollies. There’s acrobatics, light art, dance, comedy, and video projection, all blended into one.

You’ll feel like you’ve seen some elements at other shows before, but never altogether like this – or with its unique touch.

The 45-minute performance is a collaboration between two South Aussie companies (yay!): Patch Theatre and Gravity & Other Myths.

I wish

Gravity & Other Myths is described as a company “pushing the boundaries of contemporary circus; their work utilises an honest approach to performance to create shows with a focus on human connection”. Patch Theatre, meanwhile, has been making professional theatre for those aged four-plus – and their families – since 1972.

And I Wish…? It’s an acrobatic adventure “exploring all of the things we could be”.

As it says in the show’s promo material: “People are made of stuff – good stuff and bad stuff; happy and sad stuff; stinky, odd, boring, dangerous, funny, sparkling potions of stuff. People also have secret ingredients – what could your secret ingredient be?

“Through physical theatre, stunning visuals and a healthy dose of humour, explore our differences to reveal the magic of individuality.”

i wish review

Four performers make up the ensemble, including Indigenous Australian dancer Wakara Gondarra. Throughout, they’re dressed in the Sports Day-esque colours of red, yellow, blue, and green, and often donning that very 2021 accessory: face masks. (Adult attendees must wear masks too in line with COVID-19 restrictions.)

One thing I really took away from the show was that technology doesn’t have to dull your imagination. I’m one of those parents who often sighs about how screen-addicted my kids (and I) can be.

But as the I Wish… crew proved, you can still have a sense of play in the digital age. During the show, the performers reimagined handheld LED lights as everything from a lengthy fire hose to Power Ranger-like lightsabres, electric guitars, and a space rocket about to take-off.

i wish review

Little mirrors, handed out to audience members before the show, were used to help reflect rainbow-like lights onstage. And the artists played catchup across the stage with TV screens, so an animated character could walk across them.

Interestingly, barely any words are spoken during the performance – and those that are, are pre-recorded. But this didn’t stop the kiddos watching from being on the edge of their seats the entire time.

i wish review

Aimed at those aged four to 12, I Wish… is the perfect, whimsical, uplifting antidote in an uncertain climate – fart sound effects included.

I Wish…

 Venue & Dates: The show’s at The Space Theatre in the city from 14-28 August, 2021, then touring Noarlunga, Port Pirie, Whyalla, Renmark, Mt Gambier, Tanunda, and Golden Grove.

 More info:


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REVIEW: Cirkidz School Holiday Program

REVIEW: Cirkidz School Holiday Program

cirkidz school holiday program

REVIEW: Cirkidz School Holiday Program

When school holidays roll around it doesn’t take long to figure out that yes, in fact.. it is your circus and they are your monkeys… and all of sudden you’re the ring master and someone’s hanging upside down from a pendant light.

…Or maybe that’s just at my house.

What can I say… working from home during the school holidays sure is balancing act. A real juggle. (….OK I’ll stop).

cirkidz school holiday program

Roll up…Roll up!

If you’re looking to outsource your circus clowns for a half or full day – or even a series of days –  during the school holidays, then Cirkidz Circus School school holiday sessions will see your kiddos bouncing off the walls and jumping through hoops… in a good way!

With tumbling, acrobatics, trampolining, circus tricks and a massive foam pit (plus plenty of crash mats), kids who join Cirkidz for a school holiday sesh will have the opportunity to meet new friends and have a blast while being active and learning a few new tricks.

cirkidz school holiday program

Who are Cirkidz?

If you missed the memo, the South Australian Circus Centre is a not-for-profit, fully equipped, state of the art circus school located in the good old artsy suburb of Bowden. The Cirkidz Circus School actually runs weekly circus arts classes for children aged 2.5 years, up to adults aged 80 (!!) during the school term, as well as offering an extensive school holiday program during term break.

We signed up two of the KIDDO crew to give the Off The Wall session at Cirkidz a crack during the recent school holidays so we could give you the run down on what to expect (and so I didn’t turn one of them into a human cannonball when they asked me for the 487th snack of the day).

To say they had the time of their lives is an understatement!

cirkidz school holiday program

cirkidz school holiday program

Limber up and get ready to learn

At the start of the session, the kids were divided into groups based on their age and taken through fun warm ups (think dodgeball and tag) and gentle stretching so they were limbered up and and ready to learn.

The super skilled (and friendly!) instructors took the groups through different stations, with a strong focus on tumbling and trampolining, learning to bounce in lots of different shapes and ways.

Over the course of the 3.5 hour session the kids got to try out different apparatus, run through an obstacle course, leap over crash pads and soar through the air using aerial silks and trapeze. The floors are sprung so even the most flat footed will have a spring in their step and with four different types of trampolines, there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to learn the difference between their donkey kicks and their seat drops.

cirkidz school holiday program

cirkidz school holiday camp

Highlights for my pair included practising aerial tricks on the silks (for the uninitiated, that’s the theatrical ribbons that look like props from a PINK concert), trying out some circus skills like chair balancing, and learning to do a safe fall (BACKWARDS!) into the foam pit.

cirkidz school holiday program

cirkidz school holiday program

cirkidz school holiday programs

cirkidz school holiday program

cirkidz school holiday p rogram

Cirkidz School Holiday Program for 5-12 year olds

If you’re keen to get your kiddos off the couch and run away to the circus in the school hols, Cirkidz run half-day and full-day sessions of circus learning and fun every holidays. The Cirkidz fun and friendly circus trainers will guide kiddos through your choice of session in the fully-equipped circus centre.

All sessions are suitable for ages 5 – 12 (except for Parkour, which is strictly for ages 8 – 12) and the team do ask that you provide plenty of snacks, lunch (depending on your session time) and a drink for your little acrobat.

cirkidz school holiday program

Cirkidz school holiday program sessions

  • CIRCUS PICK’N’MIX: You never know what you’ll get in this mixed bag of circus fun. Close your eyes and pick activities out of our circus hat! It could be games, trampoline, aerial, hula and more! Whatever it is, it’s sure to be exciting with no two sessions the same! For ages 5 – 12.
  • SOAR & MORE: Your favourite hard aerials (trapeze and lyra) combined with slack line, tight rope, and other apparatus give you even more ways to defy gravity and stay off the floor! Soar & More focuses on strength, coordination and balance to keep you flying! A great session for all skill levels including beginners. For ages 5 – 12.
  • OFF THE WALL: Tumbling, acrobatics, bouncing, rockin’ and rolling! With sprung floors and four kinds of trampoline and a massive foam pit (plus plenty of crash mats) this session will see your child bouncing off the wall with excitement. Make new friends as you work in groups and with partners. For ages 5 – 12.
  • PARKOUR: Train with SAPA-accredited instructors as you run, leap and roll through our fully equipped and safe facility. Find the most creative way from point A to point B! Beginners welcome.
  • CIRCUS SMORGASBORD: All you can eat circus fun and action! Experience a buffet of circus disciplines. Aerial, trampoline, manipulation including hula, juggling and flower sticks, basic tumbling, acrobatics and more! Get a taste of all things circus in this sesssion! For ages 5 – 12.
  • READY, SET, CIRCUS!: It’s time to gather your wits and be ready for anything in this session featuring circus games and challenges! Bounce, climb, roll, chase, throw and sneak your way through the circus alongside your teammates and learn some new skills as you play. It’s not about whether you win or lose – it’s about how much fun you have on the way! For ages 5 – 12.

cirkidz school holiday program

Discover your Circus Superpower with Cirkidz

Get your kiddos ready to flip out on the trampoline, soar among the rafters, learn acro tricks certain to impress, or try a bit of everything to discover THEIR circus superpower… all while keeping warm and dry in the indoor & fully-equipped circus centre!

By the end of the session they may just want to run away to the Circus… and by the end of the school holidays, you may just want to let them 😉

For more information or to book:

8346 5735

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Hours of Fun with a Westfield Kids Pass

Hours of Fun with a Westfield Kids Pass

westfield kids pass

Hours of Fun with a Westfield Kids Pass

WORDS: Carla Caruso

Shopping centres are my happy place. But I never realised exactly how much fun they could be until I went on an epic adventure at Westfield with my twins.

Westfield has just unveiled new Kids Passes, which let you unlock a whole world of entertainment at a discounted bundled rate. They make the perfect school holiday bundle and birthday gift.

Each Westfield – Marion, Tea Tree Plaza, and West Lakes – offers different specials with its passes. We headed to Tea Tree Plaza for our escapade and here’s what’s included there.

westfield kids pass


First, we stopped in at the Concierge Desk (located on level 2 near Harris Scarfe) to pick up the boys’ passes. They were pretty excited to have them in their hot, little hands and see just what was ahead of them that day.

Each Westfield TTP pass costs just $35, though is valued at over $64. Wowza.


You don’t need to trek to the city to enjoy Blackeby’s Old Sweet Shop. There’s one right at TTP. Alessio and Sebastian were in ‘Willy Wonka’ heaven, displaying their pass in exchange for an assorted lollies bag.

Blackebys is steeped in history. In 1883, William A. Blackeby was the first indentured apprentice to be registered in SA in any trade at just 14. His trade was confectionery.

Three generations of the Blackeby family have since worked at the company and many of its early lines are still produced, like coconut ice, rainbow jellies, toasted marshmallow, and rocky road. Also available are British sweets, American candies, and Dutch liquorice. Yum!


After the sweet treat, we headed to Grill’d, in the dining precinct, for lunch. Bonus: ‘Healthy Burgers’ is in its name.

westfield kids pass

Grill’d prides itself on fresh, local ingredients, RSPCA-approved chicken, and Aussie grass-fed beef and lamb. As its site says, “No cages, no nasties, no added hormones, no exceptions.” Tick, tick.

Thanks to the Kids Passes, the boys got to tuck into a Dynamic Duo (a chicken or beef burger with chips). Their lips were dusted with flour from the burger buns!

westfield kids pass

They also enjoyed getting to pick a community group to give a token to. With every burger ordered, a Local Matters token is handed over for you to drop in the jar of your choice. At the month’s end, $500 is donated by the eatery, split between the groups ($300 for first and $100 for second and third). Nice.


After Alessio and Seb had run around the covered playground, it was time to catch a flick. Each TTP Kids Pass includes a child’s movie voucher.

We’d been wanting to see Disney’s Cruella for a while. (Hello, Emma Stone.) So, off we went to HOYTS Cinemas a hop, skip and a jump away.

Westfield Kids Pass

Our lolly bags from Blackeby’s came in handy, though you can also stock up on extras at its open-plan Treat City.

The movie was a visual feast, and better yet, we got to absorb it all from plush, reclining seats. HOYTS Tea Tree Plaza has powered recliners in every seat of every cinema! It also boasts big sound and vision with HOYTS Xtremescreen (waaaay better than our loungeroom).

westfield kids pass


The day wasn’t done yet! On a high from the movie, the boys got to cleanse their palates with double-scoop ice creams from Golden North. (I was a little full, so just went for a single scoop!)

What’s especially awesome is Golden North has been proudly South Australian made and owned for over 95 years. It’s been producing ice cream at the same factory in the tiny town of Laura since 1923. The premium ice cream’s made from the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients, and is free of palm oil, gluten, and nuts. Yay.

I’d highly recommend the sorbets – mango, raspberry, or lemon … take your pick! They totally hit the spot. Golden North is also known for its delish hot dogs, shakes, ice cream cakes, smoothies, and more.

For the final stop on our epic quest, we dropped by CupKates Desserts. For a take-home, after-dinner treat, the boys scored a four-pack of cupcakes, care of their Kids Passes.

Established in 2018, CupKates Desserts Bakehouse is all about making your old-school favourites from quality, local ingredients – importantly, by hand.

The namesake ‘Kate’ has been a qualified chef for over 12 years, with a background in French and Italian fine dining. She’s passionate about sharing how rewarding it can be making something from scratch.

Cupcake flavours range from Caramilk hokey-pokey to red velvet, funfetti, Biscoff, and Oreo. Drool. The store also does cheesecakes, chocolates, tarts, fudge, and even handcrafted doggy treats. (I’ll be returning to the store for a Louis Vuitton-themed cookie ASAP.)

What a day! And so close to home!

As you can see, for an abundance of dining, cinema, and quick-stop options, you can’t go past Westfield’s Kids Passes.

Limited quantities are available, so get in quick.

The lowdown on what you get at each Westfield

Tea Tree Plaza (until 30 September 2021)

 Kids Pass: $35

Valued at over $64

West Lakes (until 31 July 2022)

Kids Pass: $30

Valued at $47

  • Reading Cinema: Ticket with a small popcorn
  • Cafe Brunelli: Kids’ meal
  • Boost Juice: Kids’ sized Boost Juice including a kids’ cup
  • San Churro: Churros for One
  • Baker’s Delight: 1 x finger bun
  • Charlesworth Nuts: Lotsa Lollies

Marion (until 24 September 2021)

Purchase the W+ Kids Pass for the same price, with an extra $22 in value, when you sign up to Westfield Plus.

Kids Pass: $30

Valued at $63

W+ Kids Pass: $30

Valued at $85

  • Event Cinemas: 1 x children’s general movie ticket and small popcorn
  • Intencity: 30 minutes’ free play
  • Grill’d: 1 x Mini Me meal pack (choice of beef or grilled chicken mini-burger with small chips and drink)
  • San Churros: x 1 Churro for 1 with a milk chocolate dip cup
  • Funworks Lolly Shop 1x Kids’ Lollybag
  • PLUS, a Westfield Fidget Popper

For more information about the Westfield Kids Pass:


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