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Love your brain: empowering kids to understand their emotions

Love your brain: empowering kids to understand their emotions

love your brain book

Love your Brain – empowering parents to talk to their kiddos about understanding their emotions and behaviour

Love Your Brain is the first children’s picture book from child behaviour expert Chrissie Davies.

An informative, and light-hearted text, Love Your Brain is narrated by Little Brainiac – a likeable children’s character – and focuses on the importance of looking after and understanding our unique brains.

Love Your Brain empowers parents to talk to their children about the importance of understanding their brains, encouraging brain care and ultimately learning how this impacts on their emotions and behaviour.

Love your brain and it will love you back

Little Brainiac begins the story by reminding children that their brains are amazing, but they must be taken care of like other parts of their bodies and loved much the way they love their family members.

Little Brainiac highlights that when you ‘love your brain, it will love you back’, helping children to understand the importance of brain care and how it helps them to feel better in their whole bodies.

Kids as Brain Managers

As a child herself, Little Brainiac reassures her audience that while they’re young, their parents or caregivers will help them look after their brain, but as they grow older, they must take some responsibility too. They must become Brain Managers, just like her.

Love Your Brain empowers not only parents but also children, as it emphasises the naming of emotions, and most importantly, how to manage them.

love your brain

The book continues with Little Brainiac giving the reader some ideas about how to care for their brain:

  • Get lots of sleep
  • Eat lots of healthy food
  • Drink water
  • Listen to music
  • Give your brain a break by using meditation and mindfulness
  • Say kind things to your brain because doing this helps to reinforce a positive growth mindset and attitude.

Love Your Brain is a book that encourages calm and emotionally connected parenting and the strengthening of relationships for all families, including those with neurodiverse children.

Available November 2020 RRP $27.50
Suitable for children 5-12 years

About Chrissie Davies

Chrissie Davies

Author Chrissie Davies is a Child Behaviour expert with over twenty years of experience in advocating for and understanding children with challenging behaviours.

Chrissie understands how difficult it can be for parents to understand their child’s behaviours, which is why she’s so passionate about supporting and educating families to create happier and safer home environments and she hopes that Love Your Brain can become part of the parenting toolbox.

She says, “When we truly understand that children don’t see the world in the same way as adults, and we teach them how to keep their brains happy and healthy, we understand that this is really the most important parenting tool we will ever need.”

By writing this book, Chrissie hopes that parents and children understand their behaviour more positively, and discover how to become brain builders, together.



love your brain

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Review: Grug Live on stage

Review: Grug Live on stage

grug on stage
Grug Live – Out of the Burrawang Tree and into our hearts

Based on the much-loved picture book character created by Ted Prior, Aussie icon, Grug, is brought to life in this magical stage production from Windmill that is perfect for our youngest theatre lovers and, to be honest, just as good for their parents!

Clever and delightful

Combining puppetry and storytelling in the most magical of ways, with an integrated set design that opens out like a Swiss army knife full of surprises (complete with fishing hole!), Grug’s grassy-knoll is brought to life with secret doors and unexpected openings into his world that are as clever as they are delightful.

grug live

Passionate, expressive and energetic

The award winning hour-long performance, which celebrates the tenth anniversary of Grug, keeps even its littlest audience members captivated, with puppeteers Matt Crook, Zoë Dunwoodie and Tim Overton passionate, expressive and energetic from go to whoa.

It truly is an art form to witness a puppeteer visible on stage but simultaneously so much part of the of performance that the puppets manage to take on a life of their own, somehow separate from everything and everyone; an art form that is truly mastered in Grug Live.

Grug live on stage

grug on stage

What is ostensibly a show centred around bringing the world of Grug, and the celebration of his birthday, to life, is very much a fun-fun filled adventure about friendship, offering loads of laughs along the way, as well as music, dance and plenty of chances for kiddos to feel a part of the show.

If smiles are a measure of success, then Grug Live has definitely made it big (and little!).

Suitable for ages 2 and above, Grug is playing at the Dunstan Playhouse until October 18.

8 – 16th October
Adelaide Festival Centre

A word from the audience:

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Have you been to Carrick Hill lately?

Have you been to Carrick Hill lately?

Have you been to Carrick Hill lately?

Carrick Hill is the stuff story book imaginings and fairytale dreams are made of, and the perfect place to discover with the kiddos!

With absolutely stunning formal gardens, a grand old manor, a special trail designed with kids in mind, sprawling lawns, and endless flowers and trees to admire and learn about, there’s a lot to love about packing a picnic and spending some time exploring Carrick Hill with the kids.

Story book Trail

Undeniably, one of the major draw cards if you have kiddos in tow, is the Story book Trail at Carrick Hill.

This short walk through Carrick Hill’s parkland brings to life classic children’s tales, encouraging kids to immerse themselves in their surroundings and be free to simply make believe.

The sandy track of the Story book trail weaves past ponds and through groves of trees and children can roam to discover little treasures associated with their favourite story books, both classic British tales and contemporary faves.

carrick hill

Keep an eye out for:

  • An ode to the iconic Wind in the Willows (are we at Carrick Hill, or Toad Hall?)
  • A Hobbit House
  • A troll bridge
  • A Quidditch Tree
  • The gates to the Secret Garden
  • Animals from The Jungle Book
  • Aslan the lion
  • The Magic Faraway Tree
  • Charlotte’s web

carrick hill

Cubby House Clearing

Within the Story book trail, you’ll also find yourself stumbling across a cubby house clearing.

The kids will love finding little knick knacks and playing pretend tea parties in these cubby houses, and it gives the adults a chance to sit down and have a natter too.

carrick hill cubbies

carrick hill cubby


The gardens at Carrick Hill are nothing short of spectacular.

Set on 40 acres, 26 of which are native bushland, there’s just so much space for kids to run, jump, leap and (if your kids are anything like mine) roll around on!

Meticulously maintained, Carrick Hill is the perfect place to sit and have picnic and enjoy your surroundings or just set some time aside to just have a wander around.

carrick hill

carrick hill

carrick hill

carrick hill

carrick hill

Public guided garden tours are available and after the winter season, will resume on October 23, 2020.

Apple Orchard

Did you know there’s an orchard you can amble through at Carrick Hill?

With apple, pear and peach trees, and even an active bee hive, your kids can learn about the history of the botanical names of the trees and why they’re there, and in spring time when the blossoms are out, it’s spectacular! If you’re a hayfever sufferer, take a tissue!

carrick hill orchard

carrick hill orchard

Carrick Hill Manor

The grand old manor at Carrick Hill is the type of house you half expect Cinderella to emerge from after marrying Prince Charming.

The house contains a private collection of art, incredible staircases, antiques and sculptures spanning nearly 500 years of artistic achievement.

carrick hill

Carrick Hill is fortunate to be one of the few period homes in Australia to survive with its original contents almost completely intact but I fear if I took my rambunctious, energetic (read: loud) children for a tour inside the manor, this would cease to be the case (stop.touching.things)!! So we stick to enjoying the grounds when we go to Carrick Hill for now, but you can take a guided tour of the house, with volunteer tour guides giving you the rundown on the history of the rooms, artworks and furnishings.

Guided tours will resume when the house reopens in November 2020 after extensive renovation works.


I mean, can we really go anywhere with children without them wanting something to eat? No. The answer is no.

If you don’t fancy (can’t be bothered) packing your own picnic, there is a cafe and marquee at Carrick Hill, serving morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea in a licensed cafe.

Think melting moments, cookies, cakes, and even a sneaky ice cream if you fancy! The cafe also offers full lunch service if you’ve worked up an appetite.

The Marquee at Carrick Hill can also be hired for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate functions.

For cafe bookings or enquiries regarding a function in the marquee please contact Amy Hage:

Carrick Hill School Holiday Program

Carrick Hill hosts a ticketed school holiday program during the April and September/October school holidays and a self-guided quiz for the Story book trail during the December/January School holidays.

Check their website for more details.

Opening Hours:
Saturday 10am–4:30pm
Sunday 10am–4:30pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 10am–4:30pm
Thursday 10am–4:30pm
Friday 10am–4:30pm

46 Carrick Hill Dr, Springfield SA 5062


For more information about Carrick Hill or to plan your next visit:

See for yourself:

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KIDDO REVIEWS: The Lost Jewels

KIDDO REVIEWS: The Lost Jewels

kiddo book review


Kate Younie shares her big & little thoughts on what to read, listen to & watch (& where to do it) on Instagram
Kate | Adelaide, AU | English & History Teacher |


The Lost Jewels

Kirsty Manning


The Big:

A small treasure is found in an old house in Cheapside, London. How it became to be buried there is unknown. Flash forward to present day and respected jewellery historian, Kate Kirby, is given the opportunity to investigate the origin. She learns the story behind these precious gems, known as the Cheapside jewels. Her task is to write an article for a magazine with the help of renowned photographer, Marcus. They travel to London, India, Sri Lanka and Paris exploring the past and uncovering secrets. Kate learns her great- grandmother, Essie, is connected to her findings and the story becomes personal.

The Little:

The Lost Jewels, by Australian author Kirsty Manning, is inspired by a true story. A mystery, from the early 1600s, through the early 1900s to present day, which is woven intricately together. Even though the story flows through these different time periods, Manning does well to have the reader invested in the characters and their stories throughout the novel. I was particularly immersed in Essie’s story; the heartbreak, poverty and despair living in London in the 1920’s. Perfect for those who love historical fiction and those who love a story about love … and who doesn’t like that!
Rating: 3.5/5

The Lost Jewels is published by Allen & Unwin

RRP $32.99


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REVIEW: Patch Theatre’s Me & My Shadow

REVIEW: Patch Theatre’s Me & My Shadow

me and my shadow reviewMe & My Shadow: Stunning Theatre for Children

Welcome to the playful, magical, fanciful depths of a child’s imagination.

Where paper bags become spacesuits. Where you can be alone but not lonely. Where an invisible city unfolds before your eyes. Where your shadow becomes your best friend.

Remember that scene in Peter Pan where Peter returns to the Darling household because he’s left his shadow behind, but can’t make it stick to him, so Wendy has to sew it back on? Peter’s shadow dances around the Darling children’s bedroom, sticking its tongue out at him obstinately and stealing away just as Peter thinks he’s finally caught him…

This is the type of imaginative world you’re transported to during Patch Theatre’s Me & My Shadow, but instead of being given just a glimpse of the connection between a child and the dreamed-up ideas and whimsical worlds they conjure up in their imagination, you’re pulled right inside and given 45 minutes of the fancy, fun and playfulness in a world that exists only for a child, inside her own head.

Me & My Shadow takes children and families along for the adventure as a young girl tries to befriend her shadow and, along the way, plays games, solves problems, and enters into the highs and lows of an imaginary friendship that is both fantastical and intangibly honest at the same time.

The show captures quite perfectly the flights of fancy of a child as well as the, at times, infuriating obstinance, in a way that shows the creators truly have thought about the inner workings of a child in all their intricate idiosyncratic (and sometimes peculiar) glory and managed to translate it so authentically onto the stage, that children feel right at home.

Quirky, physical and charming

It’s quirky, physical and charming kid’s theatre at its absolute finest, at just the right length, so children are drawn in, but not lost along the way or having loud conversations with each other while climbing on the arms of theatre seats because they’re no longer interested.

To the contrary, the audience was captured. Hearing little voices ask questions to the stage and bubbles of laughter bounce around the playhouse was proof enough that if this was a world inside one girl’s imagination, the rest of the children were right there with her.

Back onstage after lockdown

With the theatre operating at 50% capacity due to Coronavirus restrictions, and the ushers working expertly to manage the seating arrangements for safety, you couldn’t help but feel incredibly lucky to be able to even take our kids to the theatre at all given the current climate, an appreciation which made it all that more magical to experience for all of us.

Me & My Shadow

Who: 4 – 8 year olds

When: 12 August – 29 August

Where: The Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre

Duration: 45 minutes

Cost: From $20

To buy tickets:


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KIDDO REVIEWS: The Minute I Saw You

KIDDO REVIEWS: The Minute I Saw You

book review the minute i saw you


Kate Younie shares her big & little thoughts on what to read, listen to & watch (& where to do it) on Instagram
Kate | Adelaide, AU | English & History Teacher |

The Minute I saw you

Paige Toon
the minute i saw you paige toon

The Big:

When Sonny walks into Hannah’s shop, immediately there is a connection. Sonny is handsome and confident. Hannah is quirky and intriguing. The chemistry is undeniable. The catch is that Sonny is only in his home town of Cambridge for a holiday, but this suits Hannah perfectly. However as their summer fling develops into something more, they realise a relationship isn’t what they both need right now. Sonny, a successful fashion photographer, is trying to change his rock and roll lifestyle. For Hannah, past trauma is something she has to deal with in order to live the life she deserves. They decide to be friends as they each work through their own baggage.
But, the friendship lines get blurred as they realise their connection is something deeper.

The Little: 

The Minute I Saw You is perfect for that romance hit that delves a little deeper. This latest novel by Paige Toon, who has written over 13 novels, is a slow burn but Sonny and Hannah’s love story grabs you pretty quickly. For me Toon is one of those go-to authors if you need a light read and a plot that isn’t too complicated so you can keep track while drinking wine between the dinners, the washing, the kids yelling … which is the case for many of us right now!

Rating: 3/5

The Minute I Saw You is published by Penguin Books Australia

RRP $32.99



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