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SOCIAL GALLERY: Portavin KickStart for Kids Brunch

SOCIAL GALLERY: Portavin KickStart for Kids Brunch

On Saturday 31 October, Portavin hosted a brunch for KickStart for Kids sponsors and buyers to say thank you for their ongoing support for their KickStart for Kids wine project. Guests enjoyed a lovely brunch, followed by a tour of the Portavin bottling facility.
6000 bottles of KickStart for Kids Pinot Noir were bottled, packaged, and sold to their wonderful partners with all proceeds going to KickStart for Kids. What a fantastic result! 


For more information or to donate head to:

Backpacks 4 Kids Need Our Help!

Backpacks 4 Kids Need Our Help!

backpacks for kids need your help
Backpacks 4 Kids SA Need Our Help!

Shortfall of Christmas gifts for kids in need!

Some kids have never experienced the joy of receiving a present just for them and knowing that someone cares. Backpacks 4 Kids Christmas Program aims to bring a smile and laughter to a child. A simple present can bring so much hope and happiness but can also reduce the stress and anxiety for those supporting kids and families who are displaced at Christmas time.

With Christmas is just a few weeks away (GULP!), Backpacks 4 Kids Christmas sorting and wrapping is due to start next week to allow enough time to deliver the gifts to all SA regions in time for Christmas day.

backpacks 4 kids

Shortfall of Christmas Gifts

So many incredible Backpacks 4 Kids supporters have arranged collections, donated gifts, funds and created awareness for what the charity is trying to achieve; supplying gifts for 5500 kids – that’s 11,000 presents – to children entering emergency care this Christmas.

Sadly, there is a shortfall of Christmas gifts and Backpacks 4 Kids don’t yet have enough to cover all the children they want to support this festive season.

backpacks4 kids

Decline in donations

This year has been like no other and there have been significant impacts on families and businesses, resulting in a definite decline in the amount of donations received – both gifts and funding. Of course nobody wishes to add extra financial strain and pressure on what’s already a really tough time, but if you can help at all, it would make an incredible difference to Backpacks 4 Kids, and in turn, the Christmas of so many children.

backpacks 4 kids



Any funds raised will help us fund the purchase of gifts from our wholesale supplier to bridge the shortfall of gifts.


Purchase a gift online and have it delivered to Backpacks 4 Kids:

Backpacks 4 SA Kids
8 Tareena Street
Ridgehaven SA 5097

When shopping, keep in mind gift guidelines:

  • $30 maximum per gift
  • Must be brand new
  • Shortage of gifts is in the 10 – 18 age range particularly
  • No weapon or food orientated items
  • No books or clothing as the kids receive these items in their backpacks already
  • Unwrapped


Drop off locations are still accepting gifts but these must be received by the 4th of December.

For more information or drop off locations:

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Elizabeth Grove Primary School reduce landfill waste by 87%

Elizabeth Grove Primary School reduce landfill waste by 87%

Bin shift elizabeth grove primary schoolBIN SHIFT helps Elizabeth Grove Primary School reduce landfill waste by 87%

In the lead up to November’s National Recycling Week, South Australian start-up BIN SHIFT has granted its first-ever Award for Outstanding Impact to Elizabeth Grove Primary School after an audit found that the school has reduced its waste to landfill by 87%, and WOW what an effort by the whole school community!


BIN SHIFT works closely with schools across South Australia to provide them with waste separation systems and education workshops, allowing students take control in the war on waste.

Elizabeth Grove Primary installed BIN SHIFT bins across the entire campus in February 2020 in an effort to help students understand waste sorting and separation.

bin shift elizabeth grove primary

“It’s been so rewarding to work with staff and students at Elizabeth Grove this year to reduce the school’s waste to landfill,” says Carole Gordon, founder of BIN SHIFT. “Our system of bins gives students tangible results so that they can see the positive impacts made when they take action and sort their waste, and this in turn helps to alleviate some of the anxieties children have about the state of the world right now.


The results that Elizabeth Grove has achieved in just seven months is exceptional, and has indeed been such a success that it has prompted the inaugural BIN SHIFT Award for Outstanding Impact, which will be granted every year to a participating school, starting with Elizabeth Grove.

Bin Shift Elizabeth Grove

87% less waste to landfill a day

BIN SHIFT worked with KESAB Environmental Solutions to arrange a waste audit in August 2020 and compare the results to a previous waste audit completed at the school in 2018. The audit found that Elizabeth Grove is now only sending 22 litres of waste to landfill a day, 87% less than the school’s previous average of 167 litres to landfill each day.

Wipe Out Waste Coordinator of KESAB Environmental Solutions, Jo Hendrikx, said that Elizabeth Grove demonstrated the second-lowest landfill contribution from a school that KESAB has seen in fifteen years.

“Elizabeth Grove Primary School has done some of the best sorting I have seen in the fifteen years I’ve been doing these,” says Jo.

Hands-on tool for sustainability education in classrooms

Since installing BIN SHIFT across the campus, the school has successfully diverted 100% of compostable materials, including food waste, from ending up in landfill, subsequently reducing methane gas production and ensuring that valuable compost can be utilised by South Australian farmers to grow more produce.

Environmental Sustainability Specialist Teacher at Elizabeth Grove, Shannon Brookes, has been able to use the bins as hands-on tools for sustainability education in classrooms.

“BIN SHIFT has contributed to helping empower students to take real action to create more sustainable futures for themselves and others,” says Shannon. “We have always had a strong sustainability focus at Elizabeth Grove Primary School. Students and staff have been really engaged in the learning process with student-led initiatives and in-depth inquiry-based learning before and after the BIN SHIFT workshops.”

bin shift bins

The business of bin-sorting

As a result, classrooms at all levels have worked waste separation into lessons, with the Year 6/7 students creating a business model for emptying all campus Paper and 10c Deposit bins as part of a business and economics class, complete with a roster and a payment system (in the form of canteen vouchers). The school will continue to utilise the BIN SHIFT bins in classrooms at every level in the years to come, and the Year 6/7 bin-sorting business will continue in 2021.

BIN SHIFT is currently installed in over 30 schools in South Australia and interstate, as well as a number of homes and offices.

The set of customised BIN SHIFT bins cost Elizabeth Grove approximately $74.75 per classroom, and teachers looking to implement the system in their own classrooms can place an order or make an enquiry:

Images: Asher Milgate Considered Image


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Top Things To Do With Kids in Adelaide School Holidays

Does your child want to be on Play School?

Does your child want to be on Play School?

does your child want to be on playschool

Does your child want to be on Play School?

ABC’s Play School is going ‘Through The Windows’ with kids across Australia, and you can share your home videos and see your child play a starring role!

Looking for 3-6 year olds

Play School are looking for 3–6 year olds to share a slice of their life for an upcoming series called “Where I Belong”.

How can my child be on Play School?

Pick a topic from the list below, and let your kids shine!

Unfortunately, Play School can’t include every video they receive, however if yours is successful, they’ll be in touch.

Submissions close 5:00pm (AEDT) on Monday 7th December.

Follow these simple steps set out by ABC Kids

STEP 1 – Pick a topic

Please read the relevant topic page (links below) for detailed instructions of what to include in your video.

If you are interested in more than one topic, you may make multiple submissions.


We want to see what your child and their Grandparent/s love doing together. A favourite activity like cooking, painting, going for a bush walk or learning about your culture – it can be anything! Show us your child’s special bond with their Grandparent/s.

Visit the Grandparents topic page for detailed instructions of what to include in your video.


We want to meet your pet! Do you live on a farm with horses? Maybe you live in an apartment and have pet fish. Let us know anything and everything about your special pet!

Visit the Pets topic page for detailed instructions of what to include in your video.

play school garden


Do you belong to a community garden? What do you grow? Delicious fruit and veggies you can eat? Take us on a tour of your community garden, do some gardening or introduce us to your fellow gardening friends!

Visit the Community Garden topic page for detailed instructions of what to include in your video.


We’d love to meet your child and their bestie! What’s their favourite activity? What makes their friendship special? What’s one thing they have taught each other?

Visit the Special Friends topic page for detailed instructions of what to include in your video.

play school


Does your child have a special teacher? A dance teacher, sports coach, language teacher, additional needs teacher? We’d love for your child to introduce their teacher! Show us something your little one and their mentor are working on – a new dance, a new song in another language, or maybe you’re learning to swim or read! No matter how big or small, we want to see it all!

Visit the Teachers topic page for detailed instructions of what to include in your video.

Step 2 – Record your video

We ask that you shoot these in a high definition landscape format, in a well-lit area such as outdoors where you have good quality sound and keep your phone or camera static on a tripod, or filmed by a freestanding parent/friend (i.e. not hand-held selfie).

If you are unable to record all of the material that you would like to provide to us in one video, you can record multiple videos. For example, you may want to record all of the answers to the questions on your topic in one video, and then record other vision about your topic in another video.

Tips on making a GREAT video!

  • Keep smiling! We love big smiles and happy faces!
  • Keep it snappy! Keep your video length to 180 seconds or less.
  • Keep it steady! Hold your camera horizontally (on its side) instead of vertically.
  • Keep it yours! Don’t use anything that doesn’t belong to you like other people’s songs or videos, and make sure there is no music or TV on in the background!
  • Keep it brand free! This goes for branding on clothes as well! Try to wear clothing that is free of brands.
  • Keep it private! Like all videos on the internet or on television, heaps of people might see this! Make sure your video doesn’t include: addresses / street signs, school or team names or uniforms, email addresses, phone numbers, web addresses, references to other online profiles or accounts.
  • Keep it in the age range! We ask that the kids talking to camera are in the 3–6 age range. If a younger/older sibling would like to be involved that’s fine. Just keep the focus on the 3–6 year old as much as is possible.

Step 3: Share your video with Play School

Once you have recorded your video, share it with the Play School team:

Submissions close 5:00pm (AEDT) on Monday 7th December.

Should Play School choose to use your video they will contact you, as you will need to complete a Performance Release form for every person who appears in your video.

For more information:


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David Jones’ Iconic Magic Cave Open

David Jones’ Iconic Magic Cave Open

the magic cave

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas today at David Jones, Adelaide Central Plaza, as the iconic Magic Cave returns for the festive season!

The funhouse mirrors have been polished, the fairy lights are twinkling, and the snow forest trees have been adorned, ready for excited visitors to descend on David Jones for this cherished South Australian tradition.

Socially distanced Santa

David Jones has a number of measures in place to ensure the safe enjoyment of the holiday season for all, allowing customers to meet Father Christmas both in-store and virtually with the introduction of the David Jones North Pole Hotline.

All Christmas photography at David Jones this year will be socially distanced with the use of props and backdrops, and managed in line with current government health and safety advice with the onsite assistance of David Jones Social Distancing Elves.

Home of Christmas

Launching concurrently nationwide, the David Jones ‘Home of Christmas’ campaign is an anticipated arrival, seeing the magic of the season come to life instore and online.

In collaboration with Australian artist, Jessica Cruikshank, the 2020 David Jones Christmas campaign features the native Bowerbird.

Famous for collecting shiny and colourful objects, the use of the Bowerbird in the David Jones Christmas creative draws a joyful parallel to tree decoration and gift giving. The campaign can be enjoyed instore and online, across gift wrap, gift cards, visual merchanding and store windows as well as via a range of exclusive gifts by David Jones with 10% of profits donated to David Jones Community Partner, the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation.

“While this Christmas may look a little different this year with necessary social distancing measures in place, the health and safety of our teams and customers is our priority and we look forward to celebrating a joyous Christmas season,“ says Sandra Celentano, David Jones Regional Manager SA & WA.

national pharmacies christmas pageant

Key Magic Cave Dates

Magic Cave:  Open every day until Christmas Eve, with free entry
Selfie Santa: Every Thursday – Sunday as of the 3rd December
Christmas DJs & Staff Choir: Saturday 5th, 12th and 19th December – 11am – 3pm
Live Santa Photos: As of today, Thursday, 12th November

For the full schedule of activities including personalisation stations, bauble decorating, Christmas DJ’s and more:


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Year 2 Student Wins Adelaide Fringe 2021 Schools Poster Competition!

Year 2 Student Wins Adelaide Fringe 2021 Schools Poster Competition!

Fringe schools poster winner
The Adelaide Fringe’s newest little Picasso: 2021 Schools Poster Competition winner

Adelaide Fringe and Schools Program Partner 9News have announced the winner of the 2021 Schools Poster Competition – Isabella, a Year 2 student at St Mary’s College.

Isabella’s artwork shows a girl at Adelaide Fringe with a star eye design representing a performer on stage. Her artwork was inspired by all the colours and lights at Adelaide Fringe and features handmade confetti.

Meet Isabella

Isabella’s hobbies include netball, gymnastics, reading and painting. She is looking forward to going to Fringe next year with her family and friends to see acrobatics, dancing and magic shows.

Judges impressed by entries

This year there were 311 entries into the Schools Poster Competition from Government, Independent, Catholic and Homeschool systems. The students were from school classes between Years 1 and 10. Students were asked to show what they enjoyed about Fringe or what Fringe meant to them. The judging panel was impressed by the fantastic imagination, skills and creativity of the entries.

Exhibition of Top 100 at The Adelaide Central Market

The Adelaide Central Market is hosting an exhibition of the Top 100 entries from 10-22 November on the North Eastern mural wall.

Visitors to the exhibition can enter a competition to win a $250 home delivery pack from wills&daniel.

The Top 100 will also appear as a special montage in a Fringe colouring-in book featuring Fringe posters from previous years. The book is available to pre-order:

kids fringe merch


New Kids Fringe Merch for 2021

New Fringe merch for kids is available now for preorder.

Merchandise includes kids a colouring book with 16 pages of some of the fabulous past Fringe posters, Adelaide Fringe tshirts and glossy stickers.

fringe tshirt

Check out the full range of Fringe Merchandise:

The Schools Booking Guide

The Schools Booking Guide will be available to view online from late December and printed copies will be distributed to all SA schools in January. It contains all the information on the Schools Program including a list of shows for schools, how to access discounted tickets, the Equity discount of $5 per ticket for category 1 to 4 schools, and assistance for teachers booking Fringe experiences for their students.

Isabella’s artwork will appear on the cover of the 2021 Schools Booking Guide, and thanks to Program Partner 9News, Isabella’s class has won a performance by a 2021 Fringe artist.

For more information about the Schools Program:


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