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We’ve been publishing KIDDO since 2017 and if there’s one thing that’s truly stood out along the way it’s that education is of the utmost importance to parents and caregivers. And rightly so. 

A good education is the foundation for a better future, and the lifelong adventure of learning is one we want our children to step into with curious minds, open hearts and big ambitions. Children are our future leaders – our most valuable asset – and how we educate them today will shape their tomorrow. 

The team behind KIDDO has created EDUCATE to put some of the best and brightest opportunities in SA education in the spotlight. So that families have access to a comprehensive look at what options there are to choose from when making the big decisions around schooling for our important little (and not so little) people! 

We’ve been able to bring this publication to life with the help of some incredible names across a broad spectrum of fields; Psychologist and acclaimed parenting Author Madhavi Nawana Parker talks to us about the factors parents should weigh up when selecting a school, while Associate Professor Lyndsey Collins-Praino gives us the rundown on what is actually happening to our children’s brains as they grow and mature from a Neuroscience perspective. Sports Psychologist and Super Coach Jenny Williams shares her expertise on developing resilient, driven young athletes and how keeping score, the importance placed upon winning and – yes – our own adult egos can all get in the way of a child’s sporting success and, more importantly, the joy they take from the game. Cyber Safety Expert Susan McLean has also shared with us her top tips to keeping kids safe online…these are just a few of the leading professionals sharing their expertise with us. 

We welcome you to our inaugural issue of EDUCATE – we hope with every page turned you are reminded that education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

Charlotte x



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adelaide central market open


In light of today’s state-wide 7-day lockdown announcement, we can confirm that the Adelaide Central Market will remain open for business as an essential service during core trading hours.

Fresh produce categories including fruit and veg, bakery, meat, poultry, seafood, continental and cheese stalls will be open for business, and cafes may be available for takeaway only. All non-produce stalls will be closed during this time.

central market deliveries

All shoppers must comply with the current restrictions. During your shop, please:

  • Utilise wide aisles and keep your social distance
  • Wear a face mask at all times
  • QR code check in at each stall
  • Consume takeaway food and beverage offsite
  • Sanitise your hands at the hygiene stations located in key locations
  • If you are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms, please remain at home.

adelaide central market home delivery

Market cleaners are on high rotation to ensure high touch points are being sanitised and our traders will continue to implement best practise food safety and food handling measures.

If you are unable to visit during this time, the Adelaide Central Market has recently launched a new contactless home delivery service, delivering every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday within 10km of the Market.

To place an Adelaide Central Market order: 


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Kids’ sleep: check in before you switch off

Kids’ sleep: check in before you switch off

kids sleep

Kids’ sleep: check in before you switch off

The struggle to get your child to go to sleep and stay asleep is something most parents can relate to. Once the bedtime battle is over and the kids have finally nodded off, many parents tune out as well. But University of South Australia researcher Professor Kurt Lushington is calling for parents to check on their small snoozers before switching off.

Check for sleep disordered breathing

He says knowing the quality of a child’s sleep is important, as it could be an indicator of sleep-disordered breathing – an under-reported medical condition that can affect a child’s health and wellbeing.

“During sleep, the muscles keeping the upper airway stiff relax, and as a consequence, the airway narrows, which can cause snoring, snorting or in severe cases, the complete obstruction of the airway,” Prof Lushington says. “This is known as sleep-disordered breathing, which can lead to a number of problems for children including daytime sleepiness, fatigue, irritability, hyperactivity and poor attention – and potentially worsens school performance.

The long-term effects are not well understood but research suggests sleep-disordered breathing could also impair cardiovascular and metabolic health.

“Sleep-disordered breathing is significantly undiagnosed in the community. Parents can play an important role in the diagnostic process by looking out for the common symptoms, which include heavy breathing, snoring, gasping or snorting, and stopping breathing altogether – and then share that information with their child’s doctor.”

In a new study of 1639 children in South Australia, Prof Lushington and colleagues surveyed parents to gauge whether they saw sleep-disordered breathing symptoms as a sleep problem. The findings suggest many parents do hold concerns about their children’s sleeping habits, but it doesn’t translate to them seeking medical help.

Almost all parents of children with sleep-disordered symptoms viewed apnoea as a problem while nearly two-thirds saw snorting, gasping, and being fearful their child would stop breathing as a problem.

Roughly half of parents considered snoring a problem and only one third viewed breathing heavily but not snoring as an issue.

Prof Lushington says the results are surprising given that most parents don’t bring up these concerns with their child’s medical professionals.

“Parents don’t tend to discuss their child’s sleep difficulties at medical consultations – in Australia, it’s estimated only four per cent of parents will bring this up with their doctor,” he says. “The good news from our study is that we found that many parents are already recognising that there is a sleep problem. Prior to this, we had hypothesised that the under-reporting of symptoms suggestive of sleep-disordered breathing, or of sleep problems in general, at medical consultation could be because of the lack of parents’ awareness of a problem existing.

While there does need to be more education for parents on symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing – particularly around snoring or heavy breathing being a potential cause for concern, there are clearly other barriers to parents bringing up sleep problems in medical consultations.

“To address this, we suggest medical practitioners need to purposely include questions about sleep at consultations to prompt parents to discuss any symptoms they may have observed in their children at night. If parents check in to see how well their children are sleeping at night and doctors routinely check in with parents to discuss children’s sleeping habits, we might be able to catch sleep-disordered breathing earlier and take steps to treat it before it affects a child’s behaviour and health.”

The current treatment for sleep-disordered breathing in children is adenotonsillectomy – the removal of adenoid and tonsils – which is known to improve children’s quality of life and sleep.

Your child’s sleep – tips for checking in:

  • Familiarise yourself with guidelines advising how much sleep children need at different ages to function well during the day.
  • If your child is getting enough sleep according to the guidelines but experiences daytime problems with sleepiness, fatigue, irritability, hyperactivity or poor attention, this could be a sign of sleep-disordered breathing.
  • If you notice your child snores, struggles to breath at night, has long pauses between breaths greater than 20 seconds, or gasps at night – it’s time to bring up the symptoms with your child’s GP or paediatrician.

Educate yourself on what normative sleep is to make sure everyone in your household is getting a good night’s sleep – the Sleep Health Foundation is a great starting point with a number of fact sheets freely available online.


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AFF Youth Supports SA’s future film stars

AFF Youth Supports SA’s future film stars

AFF Youth Supports SA’s future film stars


The Adelaide Film Festival (AFF) has announced the Jury for the AFF Youth screening program – 10 young aspiring film critics and film makers from across the State – and the 21 finalists in the Statewide Schools Filmmaking Competition.

AFF Youth Program preparing next gen filmmakers

With the SA screen industry booming, with back-to-back productions underway across the state and world class postproduction and special effects companies based in Adelaide, the AFF Youth program (July 25 – 30) is helping to prepare the State’s next generation of filmmakers and screen professionals.

AFF Youth Student Jury

The AFF Youth Student Jury will have the opportunity to participate in the full film festival experience, judging the 60 Australian and international films in the screening program, while the Statewide Schools Filmmaking Competition finalists will see their films on the big screen and attend a Red Carpet Gala Premiere with AFF Youth Patron Tilda Cobham-Hervey.

Jury members come from across Adelaide, from the outer north to the outer south, beach side and inner city, as well as from regional SA. Schools represented include Craigmore and Brighton High as well as St Martin’s Lutheran College, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Tyndale Christian School and Pembroke. They are Lilia, Jasper, Andrea, Cody, Ryza, Elijah, Loraine, Kaiser, Leah & August.

AFF Youth Filmmaking Competition

AFF Youth had 41 submissions to the Statewide Schools Filmmaking Competition, with 21 selected as finalists. These short films will be celebrated and screened at a Red Carpet Gala event on Sunday 25 July from 3pm at Palace Nova Eastend, with encore screenings on Friday 30 July.

Internationally acclaimed Adelaide-based actress, writer and director Tilda Cobham-Hervey, the Patron of AFF Youth, will attend the Red Carpet Gala.

For the full list of finalists:


An experienced panel of South Australian screen professionals will judge the films, with audiences able to watch the entries online and vote for the audience favourite.

Rubbing shoulders with special guests

Subject to border restrictions, the young filmmakers in the competition, Jury and other AFF Youth attendees will also get to rub shoulders (in a socially distanced way!) with the Program’s special guests, including director Molly Reynolds whose film My Name is Gulpilil is screening, the two young stars of Australian indie hit H is for Happiness, Daisy Axon and Wesley Patten, the director of the Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund film When Pomegranates Howl, Granaz Moussavi, two of the stars of the factual television series Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors, Ezekiel and Nathan, as well as the series creator Vanna Morosini, series director Brad Gustafson and host Ghenoa Gela.

Local guests attending include the producer of First Day, Kirsty Stark, and the producer of H is for Happiness, Julie Ryan.

AFF Youth

AFF Youth is the newest and youngest arm of the acclaimed Adelaide Film Festival. Supported by the Department for Education, the Department for Innovation and Skills and SA Power Networks, AFF Youth has been developed especially for South Australian school students.

For the full program, including how to view the ground-breaking VR projects Thin Ice VR and Square Circles, and details of the Creative Industry Expo:


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Your school can register to receive free sanitary products

Your school can register to receive free sanitary products

kickstart against period poverty

Your school can register to receive free sanitary products

Schools across South Australia are now able to register to receive free packs of sanitary items for young women experiencing period poverty, thanks to the efforts raised from the KickStart For Kids Against Period Poverty campaign.

On 25 June, KickStart For Kids (KSFK) officially launched their brand new initiative with a fundraising event held at The Gallery on Waymouth St with over 130 guests, including campaign ambassadors, politicians, media, sponsors and supporters.

Through a combination of ticket sales, donations and silent auction items, a total of $60,000 was raised on the day, allowing the charity to purchase hundreds of sanitary products to give to those experiencing period poverty in the state.

Register to receive FREE packs of sanitary products

As a result, schools across South Australia can now register to receive free packs of sanitary products, if they are not already part of KSFK’s breakfast/lunch program.

To register, schools can simply fill out the form details:


A step closer to ending period poverty

A survey conducted by the Commissioner for Children and Young People (CCYP) in 2020, found that 26% of respondents had missed out on attending school due to not having access to sanitary products and 51% reported not having access to products or not knowing how to access sanitary items at school. The efforts from the initiative have created a step closer to ending period poverty in South Australia.

Founder of KSFK, Ian Steel, is excited to start providing menstrual healthcare to girls who need it,

“After hearing the stats that came out of the CCYP reports, period poverty was clearly an issue in South Australia that needed addressing and with two daughters, it was something that I wanted to tackle. It was also a program that could fit in really well with the weekly breakfast/lunch programs that we already provide to 350 SA schools, so it was a no brainer.”

“This campaign has been quite a few months in the making and I’m keen to get the ball rolling and finally be able to provide schools with menstrual care products and try to end the gap of those who currently don’t have access to these products,” Ian added.

The products will start to be distributed as of Term 3 of the 2021 school year and, once registered, schools will be able to order the sanitary items online and have them delivered right to their campus.

Donation boxes for sanitary items are also located in all 37 National Pharmacy stores in SA and donations can continue to be made online:


For more on the campaign:


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Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival Kids and Family Day

Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival Kids and Family Day

beer and bbq fest

Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival Kids and Family Day

Adelaide’s Beer & BBQ Festival has expanded its already huge program to include more BBQ, music, beer collaborations, market stalls, kid’s activities and activations.

Adding to the already enormous music line-up that includes Smith Street Band, Bodyjar, 28 Days, and Wagons is local talent of indie pop duo of Wing Defence, punks YO (formerly Young Offenders) and Loose Units, and blues-come-jam-open mic maestro Billy Bob Rankine doing a Beer & BBQ Jam. Plus more DJs than you can poke a pork rib at including Vonni, The Captain, Jason Dunn and old school hip hop all weekend long in the Feral Biggie Bar.


Beefed up BBQ Roster

The BBQ roster is also expanding, with some local favorites making the journey to Goodwood Rd including the The Filipino Project, low and slow by RGs Grill and Smokin’ It Up, Southeast Asian food truck stalwarts Sooki LA LA, Babs Greek BBQ taking care of your late-night-lamb- sandwich needs and Contemporary Japanese Deli who are doing a popup Ramen Izakaya with Sapporo. Forage Supply Co will also be there slinging plant based versions of comfort food classics such as loaded fries and nachos.

For those that feel the need to re-centre themselves after the first two days of the festival, Yu- Yuan Wang will be offering “Beer Tai Chi” to soothe the soul at 11:15 am on Sunday. The perfect way to shake off the night before!

beer and bbq fest adelaide

Kid and Pet-Friendly Session

The kid and pet-friendly Sunday session will have a heap of family friendly actives with Rollin’ VR, Amayzin Airbrush Tattoos, Sk8 Mates, Sky Doodles.

For those wanting to drop a dollar, there will be the biggest Beer & BBQ market ever seen, with a tattoos by Semaphore Ink, trims from GoodTimes Barber, motorcycles from Sheppard Motorcycles. Australia’s best jerky from Heavenly Jerky and Jerky Queen, hot sauce from Brutus Hot Sauce, and BBQ rubs from Grunds Gourmet and Rubbed Red Raw, plus heaps more.

beer and bbq family day

Event Details


Date: 23 – 25 July
Venue: Adelaide Showgrounds

For more information and tickets:


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