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MUM GOALS with Bluey’s Mum, Chilli!

MUM GOALS with Bluey’s Mum, Chilli!

Bluey's mum Chilli

MUM GOALS with Bluey’s mum Chilli

Melanie Zanetti, voice of Bluey’s mum, Chilli

Our favourite, inexhaustible little Heeler pup, Bluey, has become a constant companion in many a household worldwide since its debut in 2018, with both kids and their parents alike loving the series with a fervour reserved for very few kids’ TV shows before it.

With season 3 due to commence production late this year, we caught up with Melanie Zanetti, voice of Chilli, to chat about all things Bluey, what it’s like to be caught up in what has become a global sensation, and just how Chilli manages it all!

Bluey Season 3

Bluey has been such a worldwide sensation, when was the moment that you realised … hey this is going to be big!

When I first saw the bare bones of the pilot episode, in my gut I knew I was watching something very special but it was about a month or two after the initial release when I saw the speed in which Australian families were falling in love with the show and clamouring for merchandise that wasn’t even in existence yet that I realised Bluey was going to be big!

What do you love about voicing Bluey’s mum?

Chilli is so easy to love and fun to play! She is warm, smart and kind with a wry sense of humour and the scripts are so beautifully written, working with the Bluey team is such a joy, honesty it’s a dream job.

Bluey season 3

Season 3 has recently been confirmed with production starting later this year, do you know what we can expect from the 3rd season?

I’m yet to see any of the new scripts but I think we can expect more of the characters we love with episodes once again centred around the Heeler family and imaginative play.

Melanie Zanetti Voice of Bluey's Mum Chilli

How does Chilli manage it all? She’s a working mum, she’s active, plays sport and is an incredible wife and mother – she’s basically mum goals for so many of us, what do you think her secret is?

Chilli has a partner who shares equally in the domestic and emotional labour of the household and child rearing. Chilli and Bandit communicate with love, respect and humour. Women (and dogs) can ‘manage it all’ when there is equality and a foundation of healthy communication within a relationship. The way in which their partnership is portrayed is one of my favourite aspects of the show.

Melanie Zanetti Voice of Bluey's Mum Chilli

The show is so special, and resonates with people so much, have you personally taken any life lessons from the show?

Absolutely, I think the main one is understanding that there is joy and magic to be found in the mundane if you approach every day with curiosity, imagination and a commitment to being present. Also kids are hilarious and wonderful teachers!

Bluey season 3

Have you actually met Dave McCormack, who voices Bandit, yet? We read you’d never met your dog husband in person!

No! We still haven’t met! We have talked over the phone a number of times and he is genuinely one of the loveliest humans imaginable, Ludo couldn’t have picked a better guy to voice the best dad dog on TV.

Watch Bluey on ABC Kids or iview


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The woman behind the WONDER of Santa’s Wonderland

The woman behind the WONDER of Santa’s Wonderland

Amanda McPherson Santa's Wonderland

The woman behind the WONDER of Santa’s Wonderland

From November each year, the preparations for Santa’s Wonderland begin; the twinkle lights are hung, the snow is put on ice, Santa’s sleigh is polished and the big fellas boots are shined.

It’s Adelaide’s biggest Christmas event and welcomes families each year into a spectacular world of Christmas wonder, a jolly (and GIANT) extravaganza that will etch festive forever-memories into the minds of your kiddos that will last a lifetime.

With its three joyful Christmas lands – each more magical than the last -, festive activity trail, abundant amusement rides and attractions and special line-up of live Christmas entertainment, putting together an event like Santa’s Wonderland is no small feat!

We chat with Amanda McPherson, the creative director and chief magic maker behind Santa’s Wonderland, about what this year’s event will look like and how she manages the jolly juggle of managing large scale events with her young family!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family?

Well I think its safe to say we are not a normal family! There is My husband Russell and myself, and we have 2 boys Oliver 11 and Harry 6 and life has always been pretty hectic and busy juggling work and parenting with our event business being on circuit for 9 months or the year!

Our home base in in Phillip Island in Victoria and we traditionally spend summer there. It’s a tourism destination and we provide a number of events and attractions during the summer holiday season.

Amanda McPherson Santa's Wonderland

The kids get to start the first term of school there and then (NORMALLY) by Easter we start to follow the sun and head up to NSW and QLD. A usual year would kick off at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in March/April then we visit regional NSW and the entire East Coast from Brisbane to Cairns before heading back to The Brisbane EKKA in August and then the Royal Show in Adelaide in September!

Then we only have a few short months in regional Victoria before we get the mass production on the road for Santa’s Wonderland as preparations start taking place from November each year. Its a busy circuit and we would tend to visit a different town each week as we follow the Agricultural show circuit and attend any number events including Winter festivals, Multicultural festivals, Music festival, you name it we have done it!

We are also very lucky that we have a mobile school (National School for travelling show children) that travels the event circuit with us so the kids get to go to school on the road! They have a curriculum from Dubbo school of distance education and then we have mobile class rooms and teachers that follow the sun with us, so the kids can maintain a routine and education along the way which is great!

Santas Wonderland

What is your favourite Christmas pastime?

Christmas was always a very special time in my family and my husbands family too! We would get spoilt rotten and it was always so exciting opening presents in the morning! I don’t think I ever slept on Christmas Eve, my parents did a good job to bring it together! The best memories are from the times we got to spend it together with extended family including grandparents and even family friends, the more the merrier!

Santa’s Wonderland is an Adelaide institution, how did you come up with the idea and how has it evolved?

Santa’s Wonderland came from a series of ideas and concepts that we wanted to include into the one event. We identified Adelaide as the best destination early on as, being the home of the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant, we knew that families in Adelaide loved Christmas and there was a real culture here. We calibrated with The National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant in year one and have continued that relationship as we grew! The concept was born from wanting the give children a magical experience and parents an all inclusive offer so that everyone that attended had an equal experience and there where no tears at the end of the day. The concept of the different lands i.e Candyland, Traditional family Christmas Land and Ice Wonderland created set themes for the event spaces and I could really get creative with the design concepts once we establish these event zones! I love the Christmas Activity Trail and the interactive stops, they are so fun and give the event a diverse range of inclusions on top of the popular attractions like rides and ice skating. It is so beautiful and Im very proud of what we have created. The best part after all the hard work is when the red curtains open and the families and children come inside, the lights a twinkling, the rides are turning, the snow is falling and Christmas music is playing, the looks on the families faces is amazing! It always brings a tear to Russell and my eye and it’s all worth it!

santas wonderland

Running events is hard work, how did you get into it?

Both Russell and I grew up with our families in the business of events, Russell is actually the 3rd generation to follow in his grand fathers foot steps, It is hard work but it is a great life and we wouldn’t have it any other way. COVID-19 have been the hardest year for the events industry and has affected so many of our friends, family and colleges, its been really tough but there is light on the horizon.

santas wonderland

What can we expect at this year’s Santa’s Wonderland event?

Santa’s Wonderland in 2020 to us and all the families is more than just Christmas, this year has had so may challenges and the meaning of spending time with family has never meant more! For those who have been separated by borders or by health its going to be really special to come together and create some magic memories and just have some fun again. Santa’s Wonderland will have all the same inclusions only we have had to modify to allow for COVID protocols like more room and additional cleaning, hand hygiene and new policies, however the same enchanting atmosphere will come alive. We have some new interactive stage shows, some new attractions on the Activity Trail and some “socially distanced” Santa sets which will be a photo with Santa that will be looked back on in years to come, I’m sure, when we reflect on the year that was 2020.

For more information or to book tickets to Santa’s Wonderland:

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At home with Jules Sebastian

At home with Jules Sebastian

Jules Sebastian Podcast

At home with Jules Sebastian

If you ask us, there’s not a lot that Jules Sebastian can’t do. She’s a TV presenter, stylist, public speaker and philanthropist, a mum to 2 gorgeous boys, adored wife of Aussie music legend Guy Sebastian, and, just quietly, probably one of the best people you’ll ever follow on Instagram.

But beyond all that, Jules is also down to earth, relatable and warm, intelligent and well versed in so many topics; from female empowerment to teamwork, from health and lifestyle, to fashion and beauty.

We were lucky enough to chat with Jules on our podcast KIDDO Chats, and it was like sitting down with an old friend. She regaled us with stories about growing up in Adelaide, and shared her insights about parenting and motherhood, as well as what’s coming up for Jules and her family for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

At home with Jules Sebastian

How are you guys coping in this mid-pandemic world?

Yeah, it’s been a year. Hasn’t it really just been one for the books? We’re doing really well. The kids have gone back to school thankfully, so we got through home-schooling. That felt probably like one of the toughest moments only because… I’m not a teacher! Archie has just started kindergarten this year, so he didn’t know anything like how to read or write, so he really needed my hand to hold the whole way through. And then I’ve got Hudson who’s in year three, who also is quite demanding, not independent at all in the classroom. So, it just was overwhelming, and everybody just needed everything.

I think in hindsight I probably should have given myself a bit more of a break and not been so stressed out about ticking all the boxes and getting everything done because we got through it, and everyone’s fine, and people still know how to read and write and we’re good! So, in hindsight I wish I just didn’t stress out as much, but I felt the panic of like…this is it, you know, I’m their teacher and they have to know things! And English is very hard. I’ve discovered it’s a hard language to learn! I feel like life is starting to get back to this new normal that everyone is talking about though, and we’ve been surprisingly quite busy!

Jules Sebastian Podcast

You grew up in Adelaide. Can you tell us about growing up here?

Oh, I love Adelaide! I absolutely loved my childhood and growing up in Adelaide. I lived in the same house my whole life in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide, down the road from Tea Tree Plaza. The McDonald’s there on the corner, that was my first job when I was 15. I worked there part time, at $60.00 a week and I thought I was so rich. We lived in a cul-de-sac, just me, my two brothers, my mum and dad and the street was just full of other kids my age. We all went to the same local school and we’d all walk to school together and home again and ride our bikes. We had a creek at the end of our street, mum would let us ride bikes to the end of the street and play in the creek and come back… and those were kind of the rules of the road. It was a very simple happy life, I loved it. I loved having my friends in the street to play with. I loved that the school was so local and that everybody I knew went to the same school. It was great. We went to church every Sunday, it was just a fundamentally good, solid upbringing and I loved every minute of it. I can’t fault it. I truly can’t.

Jules Sebastian Guy Sebastian kids

What’s your parenting approach? Are you strict? Do you have a good cop? Bad cop with between you and Guy?

I feel like we are each a bit of both. I’m probably around the kids more than Guy so I have to be good and bad cop, I have to be the good time that takes them bike riding and to all their sporting events and be the cheerleader, and I really try hard at creating fun moments and memories and to take them places and be involved. But on the other hand, because I am with them all the time I’m also the dictator of the schedule. So it’s like, we’re up for breakfast! We’re getting dressed! And we’re really working on being a bit more independent right now, so I’m getting them to get their own breakfast, clean their own bowls or put them in the dishwasher, and get themselves dressed. I’m starting to try and get them to be a bit more responsible and independent in that way. But then…I still have to drive that whole bus, you know, because no one remembers anything, I have to! I remind them of everything!

And then discipline, that comes down to both me and Guy. It sort of depends on who’s there in the moment and who’s done the naughty thing. So if I’m there I’m obviously gonna deal with it. We are quite strict. I will say, they don’t get away with much ’cause I just I don’t want naughty kids, I don’t. I don’t want spoiled, rude kids with no manners and no morals, I’m very, very passionate about that. My kids have a lot in their life, so we are very aware of that, we want to make sure that they also know that they have to have their two feet on the ground. They are just the same as everybody else there, they’re not special, they are the same. We work very hard at giving them a great life…obviously, and a lot of fun, but also giving them responsibilities and earning their way in life. It’s a hard balance, but we’re figuring it out just like everybody else.

What does Christmas look like for the Sebastian family this year?

This year we are all going home to Adelaide to be with the extended family. It will be so nice to be with everyone after so many months of not being able to get to each other. To end this crazy year, we are going to eat our faces off and simply enjoy each other’s company… and we are very excited as Guy’s youngest brother who lives in Adelaide is having his first baby!

Do you have any annual family Christmas traditions?

Oh yes we do! I love getting really creative with Elf on the Shelf for the kids (is it actually more fun for me? …perhaps). Sebastian’s LOVE food. We eat a tonne of it: turkey and all the fixings, and a lot of gatherings and platters. I love decorating the table. I must say that the boys know that decorating the Christmas Tree and wrapping the presents is Mummy’s job only! Don’t touch my things boys!

You’ve written a book! Tea and Honesty by Jules Sebastian, which is due out next year – tell us about it! What can we expect?

Yes I have – I still can’t believe it! This book is very personal to me. This book is not so much a guide to how to live your life, but it’s more of an offering of lessons learned along the journey – from my own life and from other successful people – that I have been able to apply to my own life. I am so grateful to not only have walked my own personal journey, but have the opportunity to write it down and share with others. I am very humbled.

This is just a snippet of the interview we did with Jules Sebastian on our podcast KIDDO Chats!

Head on over to your podcast app and listen to KIDDO’s Liv Williams interviewing Jules, she is not only an absolute delight to listen to, but also (hot tip!) gives us a never-before-shared game changing makeup recommendation exclusive to KIDDO Chats!



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HEY HAYLEY WITH @SWEETLITTLESTORY: Have you ever felt like you lost yourself in motherhood?

HEY HAYLEY WITH @SWEETLITTLESTORY: Have you ever felt like you lost yourself in motherhood?

I’m Hayley Berlingeri, Adelaide born and bred, mamma of three, and here I am just finding my way (AKA fumbling!!) through my days with my little ones, trying to be the best version of me that I possibly can be (which more often than not, results in me flopped out on the sofa at 10:34pm eating an entire packet of Mint Slice bickies, and thanking God that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it!)

Before the babes came in to being, I poured my heart into my career as a Junior Primary teacher and JP Coordinating Principal, I travelled the world, near and far, and I solidly slept. But since then have given every waking minute to motherhood and all its mess, mayhem and marvel. Oh, and I love to share our stories in squares on our instapage! 


“Have you ever felt like you lost yourself in motherhood?”
Mel, Clarence Gardens

“No one ever mentioned it. In nine whole months, not one person said ‘you’re about to meet someone entirely new. And it’s not your baby, it’s going to be you.” @fourthtrimestercollective

Insert ugly crying face here!!! 😩😩😩 I’m not sure that I’ve ever felt like I lost myself in motherhood, but more like I found myself. I found parts of myself that I never knew existed. And I met new versions of me that were never there before.

In those very first days, I felt so strong for what I had just done- I had squeezed a fully formed human out of my body! I never knew I had this super-human strength within me. But, on the flip side, before too long, I felt so, so weak for all that I didn’t know. And these newly found feelings of weakness made me scared. And for the first time in my life, I felt anxious. I had never met Anxious Hayley before. I didn’t know who she was. At all. And I didn’t like her. At all. She was nervy. She was shaky on the inside. She was second guessing EVERYTHING. She would wake up in the morning, consumed by anxiety. And she would go to sleep at night under a blanket of dread. I remember thinking ‘WHO AM I????!!??! THIS IS NOT ME!!!! I was almost scared of myself, and the way I was feeling. One minute I felt empowered by the fact that I was actually managing to keep this little person alive, day after day. But then that was hugely overshadowed by feelings of sheer and utter exhaustion, self doubt, and a grieving for my old life. And this new up-and-down version of myself has me confused and wondering ‘WHERE THE HELL AM I??!!!’ Where is Confident, Even Keel, Self Assured Hayley???!!!!!

But with time comes learning. And with learning comes knowledge. And, as they say, knowledge is power. Ever so slowly, the power of motherhood grew stronger inside me, as I began to trust myself. I realised that my anxiety was actually quite normal, considering that I had just been thrown into a completely new job that I had no absolutely training for. And I wasn’t so scared of it any more. Until one day, I woke up and the anxiety was gone. And there I was. Confident, Even Keel, Self Assured Hayley was back. With a few new added features …like saggy-wet-sock boobs, and a squishy, flabby stomach. And a love for myself, for my baby, for the world, that I had never known before. And I knew that I had become exactly who I was always meant to be.

Love Hayley XOX

Hayley Berlingeri


Got a question about life, motherhood or eating chocolate biscuits… I’ll give you an answer! @sweetlittlestory


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Turia Pitt: The HAPPINESS tonic we need in 2020

Turia Pitt: The HAPPINESS tonic we need in 2020

Turia Pitt: The HAPPINESS tonic we need in 2020

WORDS: Alexis Teasdale

Turia Pitt inspired the nation with her story of survival and extraordinary resilience after she was caught in an out of control grass fire while competing in an ultra marathon in 2011. She suffered burns to 65% of her body, and then went on to, as her website says, ’defy every expectation placed on her.’

Turia shows life who is boss. She’s a best-selling author, athlete and mindset coach. A two-time Ironman and has raised over a million dollars in donations in her role as an ambassador for Interplast. She has motivated us with her business savvy and entrepreneurship, moved us with her public speaking and made us LOL with her hilarious wit. She’s also had two beautiful babies with her husband Michael and she keeps her motherhood journey real on social media, regaling followers with the ups, downs and in betweens of being a modern parent.

happy turia pitt

Turia’s new book Happy (And Other Ridiculous Aspirations) is out now and the pick-me-up we all need right now. Not only does she sprinkle her own happiness secrets throughout the book, but Turia interviews other incredible experts and specialists who impart their wisdom too. And the best part is, it’s all practical! Easy to implement, baby-step-style bites of knowledge that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.

But enough from us, here is Turia Pitt and her take on happiness.

You mention you were pregnant with your second baby as you were writing this book, and then just after you handed in the manuscript to your publishers, the bushfires started tearing through so much of Australia, including your hometown. Then not long after that you welcomed beautiful baby Rahiti and seven weeks following his birth, the world realises it’s facing a pandemic. That is a huge start to the year! How did your research on happiness for the book help you during those times?

Getting out into nature, meeting up with friends and family and having those really healthy social relationships helps us with our happiness. Then through the pandemic, we weren’t able to go to, say, a national park and see friends and family, so I really wondered if (the book) would have relevance. But I realised that it actually has more relevance because everything I talk about, from showing gratitude, learning to savour the moments, really spending time with your family and being present – all of those things actually help us to be happier.”

Turia Pitt Rahiti

 “I think just as we have moments of light, and happiness and joy, and excitement, we also have periods of shade, where we feel frustrated or hurt or angry. And it’s all just part of the spectrum of life. All of those emotions are valid and all it means is that we’re human and we’re alive.”

You mention in the intro of the book that you are constantly being asked how you find so much happiness when you have gone through so much. How much did your own happiness practices and rituals inspire the book?

I receive lots of questions from lots of people all over the world, and one of the main ones I get is, ‘How are you so happy?” and I guess what people are saying is ‘how are you so happy given all of the shit that you’ve been through?’ I was always a happy person before my accident, then once I got burnt and I was in hospital, I realised I really needed to work on my own happiness and my own mental health. So I started doing things like gratitude practices and learning to relish the small moments and trying to be mindful and being kind to myself. So all of those little things were elements that I picked up along the way.”

happy turia pitt

During the research of this book I read a lot of cool papers and one of them was by a woman named Sonya Lybomirsky. The Happiness Pie (The Sustainable Happiness Model) is where 50% of our happiness is determined by our genes, 40% is determined by intentional activities and 10% is determined by life circumstances. So that means whether you go through cancer or you win the lottery, after a couple of years, you reach an equilibrium and you return to your pre-set state of happiness. So it’s both good and bad, because a lot of our happiness is determined by genes. That’s kind of bad. But the good news is that there’s a massive 40% that we can increase or improve our happiness levels.”

 “I really think it is possible for all of us to be happier, if that’s what we want. Because, we all go through different stages in our life, and maybe you’re working really hard towards your uni degree, and might not make you very happy in the moment because you’re spending all of your spare time studying and working. But you’ll get a massive sense of satisfaction when it’s finished. I think we all just go through phases, and that’s why I call happiness a bit of a wiggle line. There’s no preset destination.”

Another juicy takeaway we found was when you talked about how making the bed in the morning can serve you throughout the whole day. What is one of your favourite tips from the book?

Yes, I never used to make my bed! And Michael, my partner is a neat freak. He sent me the link to the YouTube video, and I totally changed my mind because making a bed is like such a small foundational start to the day. If you can make your bed, maybe you can drink two litres of water. And you can drink two litres of water, maybe you can go to the gym. And if you can go to the gym, maybe you can, you know, fill in the blank for everyone.

turia pitt family

But my favourite tip from the book is just asking myself every morning, ‘what would make today great?’ You can feel the change in your body because you are anticipating a pleasurable experience in the day. It’s not what you have to do for everyone else. It’s just what would make your day. So for me, it’s usually really simple. It’s meeting up with a girlfriend for a coffee, it might be baking choc chip cookies, going for a run with my son. It just makes me feel better about myself and about the day that I’m about to have.

 “One of the things I learned through writing the book is that happiness is really found in our day to day life. It’s not these gigantic cataclysmic events like heading off to the south of France, or, you know, running the New York Marathon. Those things are awesome. But we need to be able to find happiness in our everyday lives. And I think that really rang true during both the bushfire crisis and the coronavirus pandemic that we are still experiencing the world.”

You talk about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. What are your tips for tired parents to try and keep the tank full?

If I have a bad night’s sleep, I have to lower my expectations of what I can do the next day. I have to be kind to myself and say, ‘well, you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, not much you can do about it’. It’s about checking in with yourself. There’s a whole chunk in the book on self love and how we should be nicer to ourselves, and the inner critic that we all have. Think about how you talk to your kids. I would never say to my son, ‘you are a terrible runner, why do you even bother? You might as well give up now.’ I would never speak to him like that! I would say to him, ‘darling, you did your best, you did a great job. The race didn’t go your way. That’s fine. You’re only human, we can’t be perfect all the time’. So it’s just about talking to ourselves how we would talk to somebody that we really care about and if you’re a parent, it’s easy. Just imagine what you would say to your kid.”

turia pitt

Your mum pops up throughout the book, she sounds like such a happy, joyful person. You describe her as ‘perpetually sunny and bursting with optimism.’ What have you learned from your mum about parenting and about being happy?

My mum was really my first example of someone who is happy with their everyday life. She gets so excited about the really small things. So let’s say she buys a new cleaning product, she’ll be really excited about it! She can be really mindful and present in the moment. Spending time with their grandkids, she’s not thinking about all the other things she has to do. I really took a lot from mum – probably not when I was a teenager, because I found her insatiable zest really annoying – and now as an adult I see that it’s actually a really beautiful thing. It’s really hard to maintain that optimism and sense of joy and to be always thinking about others and putting others first.”

Turia Pitt

One of our favourite moments in the book is when you were younger and struggling with something like maths and you were so frustrated. And you said, ‘Mum, I can’t do it.’ And she said, ‘No, Turia, you can’t do it yet.’

She’s just a really wise woman. I don’t know how she knew to say that, but now I use it. If I ever tell myself I can’t do something or it’s too hard, I just say, well, you might not be able to do it today, you might not be able to do it yet, but it doesn’t mean that you might not be able to do it in the future. I think I’ll definitely be taking that into my parenting manual and what I’ll do with my boys.”

turia pitt and her mum

We know, right? Turia is an absolute vault of wisdom and this is just a snippet of the interview we did with her on our podcast KIDDO Chats!

Head on over to your podcast app and listen to Alexis Teasdale interviewing Turia, there is so much more magic shared on the topic of happiness!

Buy Happy (and other ridiculous aspirations)

Happy (and other ridiculous aspirations) is published by Penguin. 
RRP: $34.99


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Yeah the Girls: The Girl Gang Wellness

Yeah the Girls: The Girl Gang Wellness

girl gang wellnessThe Girl Gang Wellness: Mentoring tween and teen girls

It’s a woman’s world, but for tween and teen girls sometimes the road to get there can be a tricky path to navigate.

The pressure to be perfect and the challenges of a perpetually plugged in social media life can be all consuming for young girls, but The Girl Gang Wellness is here to help.

School workshops and mentoring

Set up to focus specifically on the wellness of our preteen and teen girls, The Girl Gang does more than just lecture and preach. Hosting school workshops, one on one mentoring programs with young girls and private workshops and events, The Girl Gang Wellness aims to help girls navigate their way through their teen years so they can thrive as healthy, happy, confident adolescents.

the girl gang wellness

Educating, inspiring, empowering

The Girl Gang Wellness was borne of a desire to create a safe space where tween and teen girls could receive advice and guidance from qualified experts, in an environment where they feel relaxed and comfortable.

Offering a variety of different services, developed by a team of psychologists, teen counsellors, doctors and educators, the Girl Gang Wellness provides a safe platform for girls to share stories and become educated on a range of relevant topics they’re dealing with, whether it be friends, school, hormones, family or relationship related.

girl gang wellness workshop

Teen counsellor and founder of the business, Danielle Demourtzidis says “The Girl Gang Wellness is all about educating, inspiring and empowering young women”… and that sounds like just what we all need!

The Girl Gang Wellness programs include:

  • One on one teen counselling: a 6 week, one to one mentoring program with a qualified teen counsellor
  • School workshops: with a focus on mental and physical wellness
  • Online program: a series of filmed workshops discussing teen relevant issues

the girl gang wellness

Check out KIDDO Chats episode 7 with Danielle from The Girl Gang Wellness about tricky times with tween girls.

In the episode we dive into:

  • The types of issues facing young girls today
  • How parents of preteen girls can best communicate with them
  • How early intervention with counselling and mentoring can set girls up for success
  • How to know when we should look for external help if our daughter is experiencing a hard time
  • Tips and strategies to support girls going through tricky friendship issues
  • How the focus changes as girls get older – what parents should be prepared for when girls turn 12-18!


Listen on your podcast app or stream at

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