5 top tips for exercising when you’re pregnant

5 top tips for exercising when you’re pregnant

tips for exercising when pregnant

She Moves…Her Bump: 5 top tips for exercising when you’re pregnant

Bridie Walker, founder of She Moves – a body positive health and fitness membership – wants to teach women how to ditch diets and feel strong and confident in a body they’re proud of.

We see you lady! You want to enjoy your body without feeling deprived or boring. You want to be a good role model to your kids. You want to feel fit, strong and even sexy! You want to wear clothes you love and that feel like YOU.

You want to feel like the true YOU. An accurate representation on the outside of who you feel like on the inside.

Bridie Walker, founder of She Moves – a body positive health and fitness membership – wants to teach women how to ditch diets and feel strong and confident in a body they’re proud of. She Moves is an online platform where Bridie shares her workouts with Mums and busy women, bringing the workout from her home to yours.

As a mum of two (plus one in the oven!), as well as a Pilates teacher, PT and yoga instructor, Bridie is in the perfect position to guide mamas and mamas to be in the right direction when they’re looking for ways to move their bodies with a growing bump, because she’s experiencing it all right along with you!

Bridie has given us some tips for exercising when you’re pregnant that she feels are most important for expecting women and their ever changing, beautiful bods!

5 tips for exercising when you’re pregnant

1. You may not believe it but gentle exercise can release counteractive hormones to the ones making you tired and nauseous in the first trimester, so if you can manage a walk or some gentle low impact pilates, swimming, or body weight training it may just help you feel better!

2. Comparison is the thief of joy! Being active during pregnancy has well documented health benefits for both you and bubs – but please remember it does not have to look like some super fit mama instagram page. Moving your body regularly to help you feel strong, proud and to prepare your body for labour is so worthwhile, no matter how it looks.

exercising when pregnant

3. For the love of sex and post pregnancy life DO NOT JUMP….! Leave the high intensity workouts (running, trampolines and heavy resistance training) for when baby is earth side. Your pelvic floor has a lot of work to do throughout pregnancy. Adding more load ain’t going to help, so keep it low impact – You will still get an awesome workout and all the health benefits.

4. Netflix & Stretch regularly and/or get lots of massages! Stretching your back, chest and hips while watching Netflix will help alleviate some of the pregnancy aches, pains and stiffness that are common due to postural changes that occur with your ever changing, beautiful bod.

5. Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing and deep core connection instead of “ab exercises”. Not only does this help maintain a connection and strength of the deep core muscles throughout pregnancy, it can decrease lower back and pelvis pain. It also helps prepare you for pushing in labour and is a great foundation to have for post natal recovery. This one ticks a lot of boxes.

Head over to Instagram @she_moves_ for some videos and tutorials on tips 4 & 5

To find out more info on how to sweat, stretch (and swear!) from the convenience of your own lounge room:


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REBECCA MORSE: “What are you doing with all your extra time now?”

REBECCA MORSE: “What are you doing with all your extra time now?”

rebecca morse 2021

REBECCA MORSE: “What are you doing with all your extra time now?”

Rebecca Morse is co-host of SAFM’s breakfast show, Bec, Cosi & Lehmo. She has a degree in Journalism and started her media career at the ABC, where she was named SA Journalist of the Year in 2005. Rebecca is actively involved in community and charity work, as a proud Ambassador for Kickstart for Kids, the Animal Welfare League, the Premier’s Reading Challenge, Uniting Care Pancake Day and the Port Adelaide Football Club, She is married with three daughters, Grace, Milla and Frankie and an adopted dalmatian named Henley.

It’s the question I’ve been asked most in the six months since I finished reading the news at Channel 10.

The truth is my spare hours are pretty consumed with three daughters at the moment.

And it’s not like I feel like I have to make up for lost time with them, I don’t feel any guilt or regret about the long hours I’ve worked. I’ve always done my best in the juggle, sometimes that’s been enough and sometimes I’ve fallen short.

Media star Jane Kennedy has just chosen to give up her high-profile and demanding radio role, citing the need to spend more time with her five children.

I always feel a little twinge when I hear about a parent who’s had to give up or scale back their jobs because of their family commitments. Especially when it’s a woman I admire. I like to see other women in the trenches so I know I’m not alone and that our collective battle is an achievable and sustainable one.

But of course it’s not Jane’s job to be the poster girl for working mothers and I applaud her for making the call that’s right for her and her family.

I recognise some fathers reach the same decision around their careers, but you do hear of it less frequently.

One of the few positives (there aren’t many!) of the COVID era at least is the way it’s forced companies into flexibility for their staff. An understanding by management that the sky won’t fall in if employees are working from home is a seismic shift in workplace culture and should help more parents to nail the juggle.

Spending more time with my kids recently has reassured me they are turning out ok with two full-time working parents. Although the youngest is nine so the wheels could still fall off.

As I try to embrace this more hands-on parenting period, not knowing how long it may last, I’ve committed to developing the following key traits, with varying degrees of success.


Being home more often means I’m noticing every little thing about the house and, as my husband will attest to, I’m excellent at fixating on every little thing.

The random discarded items. The hair elastic on the kitchen floor, the single sock underneath the coffee table, the half-eaten muesli bar on the bookcase, and multiple items of clothing that stay exactly where their lazy owner took them off.

These items and many more like them would remain in these places until the end of time if I didn’t urge, gently at first, and then with growing fury, that those individuals responsible for the abandoned items pick them up and return them to their appropriate spots.

Identifying obvious jobs that have to be done without having to be asked is, I repeat ad nauseam, called initiative and I would bloody love to see some of it.

rebecca morse beach


I feel like this is the magic word of modern parenting.

Everyone wants to raise resilient kids, except for the stage moms who enter their children with no talent into talent shows.

It means allowing them to fail, and it’s not fun watching your kid fail and being sad about it.

One of my girls likes to quit.

She starts something, is no good at it, and wants to pull the pin straight away.

We are fighting a culture of instant gratification.

So when my daughter tried to quit a sport after one game I dug in my heels, reassuring her that no one is good at something at the first try. (Although if she did find a natural ability in something golf or tennis would be a handy earner)

While she may not ever be an elite athlete, I hope she wins at resilience.


Finally, I want my children to be kind and understanding about the plight and feelings of others.

Of course they are selfish at times, especially around the house, but they pick up other people’s rubbish, lecture me on single use plastic and demonstrate a strong sense of social justice.

So I figure success in one out of three traits is a start.

And now I have plenty of time to develop the other two.


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An Organised Home: SA’s only certified KonMari consultant tells us how!

An Organised Home: SA’s only certified KonMari consultant tells us how!

an organised home konmari adelaide


Kimberly Cantor is a third generation neat freak. It’s in her blood to want a spick and span household, and with a family, a dog and her stress levels rising, Kimberly knew there had to be a better way. 10 years of trying to keep her family’s clutter organised, she was left drained and disheartened.

Enter the KonMari Method. As she worked through each of Marie Kondo’s guides, Kimberly felt herself getting closer and closer towards tidying salvation. ‘Let Go’, ‘Spark Joy’, and ‘Everything In Its Place’, became part of her daily mantra and is now an effortless ritual. This way of life had to be shared!

As South Australia’s only certified KonMari™ Consultant, Kimberly helps liberate people (and their homes) from clutter to create calm, organised and simple spaces.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Kimberley and chat about her top tips towards having an organised home!

kimberly cantor adelaide konmari consultant

How to create an organised home

Using the KonMari method

Create an ‘Out Box’

Our homes tend to become one big inbox.Things always coming in, nothing ever going out. Don’t wait for the clutter to get a hold. Create an ‘Out Box’. This can simply be a cardboard box located somewhere in the home. As you go about your daily life, keep an eye out for items that are no longer bringing joy or serving a purpose. Get the kids on board too. Socks with holes? That itchy jumper that you just can’t tolerate anymore? The book you’ve read but didn’t love? Send them to the ‘Out Box’ and when full, sort into trash or charity!

Create a ‘Handbag Transition Zone’ and unpack your bag daily

If you’re one to switch up your handbag with your outfits, then this one’s for you. You’re going to think I am crazy, but try unpacking your handbag daily – it will take you less than a minute. Place your keys, wallet, phone, lip balm and anything else you travel with daily on a dedicated shelf or drawer. Thank each item for supporting you during the day. Ensure you dispose of old receipts, parking tickets, snack wrappers et cetera as you go. If you practice this daily, you’ll not only squeeze in some additional gratitude, you’ll keep your handbag in control and won’t have to rummage through weeks of accumulated stuff looking for what you need.

adelaide konmari

Ditch the convoluted storage systems

Keep your storage simple. Fancy storage solutions are often a trap, and can sometimes cause you to keep more than you need, more than you love, or more than you realise! Ensure everything can be stored vertically as this saves space. Be certain that everything is visible and accessible with little effort.

A place for everything, and everything in its place

The secret to maintaining an organised home is to ensure every single item has a home. It might sound almost too simple, but it works! Clutter is created when things don’t end up where they belong after use. A designated place for everything is crucial.

marie kondo method adelaide

Break up drawers by inserting boxes

This is particularly important for the ‘junk drawer’. Every house has one. Corral loose items in boxes, and turn an unstructured drawer or shelf into a configured grid where you can see everything at a glance. The walls of the boxes help delineate the space, helping you store like with like, whilst maintaining order.

On a budget? Never underestimate a shoe box. Get creative and use their lids too!

kon marie adelaide

Don’t confuse Mementos with Memories

For some, it’s a difficult concept to grasp, but it’s important to realise that our memories aren’t in our possessions, they are within us. Say you choose to discard that Eiffel Tower figurine that you purchased as a souvenir in Paris to signify your time there. Ask yourself, will I lose the memories of that beautiful holiday, simply by letting this item go? True memories are forever etched into our minds, and we won’t lose them simply by discarding the objects associated with them.

Drop the guilt. It’s OK to let go of things that don’t bring you joy

It’s not wasteful to pass on possessions that aren’t being loved or used. Wasteful is leaving things to languish in a box, at the back of a dark cupboard. True to the KonMari Method, my suggestion is to thank these items for serving their purpose in your life, before letting them go, sending them on a journey to bring joy to somebody else.

The Kettle Boil Tidy

The average kettle takes 3 minutes to boil. Associate and use this time to conduct a swift tidy of your kitchen. You’ll be surprised at how much can be done in 3 minutes.

home organiser adelaide

Joy Check

Asking yourself if something sparks joy is so synonymous with the KonMari Method, and it’s actually an incredibly useful way to look at the world. It is paramount in a decluttering session, and something that my clients take with them for life. If an item brings joy to our heart, then we are more likely to love, respect and take care of them, and that includes putting them away and keeping them tidy.

Treat Common Areas as Flex Space

Like a flex space in an office environment, common areas in the home are for everyone to enjoy and make use of. Encourage family members to be respectful of the next user. Get them to complete a quick tidy at the end of each day, returning their possessions to the dedicated place in their bedroom. This will not only help avoid any build up of clutter but also ensures family members remain conscious and accountable for their belongings.

About Kimberly Cantor

Kimberly Cantor is South Australia’s only certified KonMari® Consultant, decluttering expert and professional organiser. Her business, An Organised Home, helps families and individuals declutter, organise and simplify their homes with long lasting, life changing results.


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illunah: Nicola Cross captures the rich tapestry of motherhood

illunah: Nicola Cross captures the rich tapestry of motherhood

illunah nicola cross

illunah: Nicola Cross captures the rich tapestry of motherhood

Adelaide mum, Nicola Cross, dreamt up the idea of her exquisite online store, illunah, in what she calls a “moment of everyday mum mayhem”.

Wanting to find a tangible way to capture the messy, wonderful season of motherhood in all its sticky, magical, crazy, wonder, she was inspired to create homely pieces that evoked emotion. Pieces that would help teach her children how much beauty could be found in the little things.

We chat with Nicola about launching illunah, what’s on the cards for 2021 and her personal sources of inspiration.

Congrats on launching illunah, tell us about it?

illunah is our latest passion project. We’re starting small, with just two tapestries (didn’t want to put all our life savings on the line and finish 2020 beautifully bankrupted hehe). Lots of things are coming slowly, and thoughtfully, we’ll be adding treasures to the virtual shelves. It’s an online store for mothers, for lovers and for all others; trying our best to create things that evoke emotion and act as a snapshot of this chaotic life with little ones.

illunah nicola cross

What are your future plans for Illunah?

We have some fun little things in the works for 2021. Bringing a few local, talented friends on board to help me out in the regions I am not so talented in (aka graphic design) to hopefully create some magic!

You have such a beautiful presence on Instagram and would be called an influencer, but what influences and inspires you?

Thank you! Cliche but my family inspires me; my Rosie Bear, photography, sunrises and sunsets, the ocean, the moon and the smell of cripsy hot chips.

nicola cross illunah


Favourite SA beach?
Butlers Beach, hands down! It’s the inspiration for one of the tapestries we have released at illunah. Pat and I have been camping at Butlers Beach since we were teenagers, it has seen us go from vodka filled New Year celebrations, to bringing our pup Atticus for a roll in the sand, to a pregnancy, the addition of a baby who is now a toddler and soon to be a place for our latest little one to play. We have many family memories there and it’s a place I hold very close to my heart.

nicola cross

First thing you do in the morning?

Open all the blinds and assess the weather, the weather app is never accurate. lol

Favourite pastime?

Maybe when the beach was a relaxing place to drift away listening to the waves.. it’s now very different. Not bad, just different.

Last book you read?

Haven’t read a book in many moons, but I do listen to them and my latest one was ‘The book you wish your parents had read’

nicola cross family

Last podcast you listened to?

‘Everyone has an ex’ by Georgia Love

What song can you play on repeat and never get sick of?

Fix you – Coldplay

Favourite time of the day?


For more information on Illunah: 



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ART-edlaide: BE INSPIRED by Adelaide’s ARTIST Mums!

ART-edlaide: BE INSPIRED by Adelaide’s ARTIST Mums!

adelaide artists

ART-edlaide: BE INSPIRED by Adelaide’s ARTY Mums!

If there’s one thing we know for sure about Adelaide, it’s that it’s absolutely full of amazingly talented and creative people. You only have to wander around one of the myriad of local artisan markets to see that we have a wealth of creatives at our doorstep, crafting beautiful and inspiring wares and brightening up spaces both in our homes and our local streetscapes.

adelaide artists

Adelaide artists

We sat down with four Adelaide creatives, who also happen to be mums, to talk about discovering their talent, what they’re inspired by, and how they get their kiddos involved in art!

leah grant adelaide artist



How did you discover your talent for and love of art? You’re also a teacher… can we assume…art teacher?

Yes! I’m an art teacher and absolutely passionate about CREATIVITY, and I squeeze as much painting and parenting in as I possibly can. Life is busy and hectic, but I love the variety in both teaching and painting large-scale murals. I was always making something growing up, trying new ideas and I would hold on to everything, like wrapping paper, and make collages and all sorts of gifts for people. There are a number of family, friends and teachers that encouraged me and it’s because of them that I kept on making and creating.

adelaide artist leah grant

What got you into street art?

My high school art teacher ignited my passion for Street Art and I was eager to try it out, but didn’t want to do anything illegal. I experimented with aerosol in my backyard, I taught a Street Art unit with Year 9’s, but I still hadn’t painted a mural myself! It wasn’t until about 6 years ago I painted my first public art mural here in Adelaide. What led me to these opportunities was an eagerness to learn and experiment. I applied for a grant with the Adelaide City Council that I was totally not skilled for, but I did get to the final interview stage and that meant I was able to make some contacts with council.

What’s your fav piece that you’ve done around Adelaide?

This always changes when I paint something new! Currently I love the piece I just completed in North Adelaide for a resident’s courtyard. It was a 5m high, plain brick wall and is now totally transformed and the design is inspired by the garden. This was such a fun and creative project and I’m really happy with the new risks I took painting more detailed layers, higher and bolder then I’ve done before.

leah grant adelaide artist

Tell us about your work in schools and school holiday workshops!

I love sharing what I know and providing opportunities for others to grow their creativity. I’ve recently started running children workshops that are all about creating unique pieces and experimenting with different materials and techniques. I’ve designed these workshops to be fun, challenging and spark big ideas so that everyone (including me!) walk away inspired. For the recent workshops I ran in Prospect we focused on colour, pattern and plants. I loved doing this so much I plan to run more over summer and maybe even some adult classes and aerosol classes too! I’ve had so many people help me get to where I am because they openly shared their techniques with me, I want to do the same for others.

jessica thompson adelaide artist



How did you discover your talent for and love of art?

I had a mad love for drawing as a tiny child and I always seemed to have a pencil in my hand.. it’s a bit like that now, too! Art is such a big part of my life and it’s an amazing privilege to be able to explore creativity and put things out into the world. I love living life as creatively as possible, whether that’s through gardening, the house or making things with my children.

jessica thompson adelaide artist

What inspired you to paint pots? They’re so colourful and HAPPY! What other types of things do you create?

Oh, thank you! I am so glad my pots make people feel happy! They actually started as wonky little things for my friends & family for Christmas many years ago. I still remember making the first one and enjoying the process so much. Plants & painting are 2 of my greatest loves so putting them together felt right. Aside from painting pots, I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with amazing Adelaide creatives like Kitty Came Home and Rhicreative in the last year. I’ve recently become mad for painting walls and windows which feels like such an exciting new journey. I’ve been able to spend time in amazing places run by wonderful people doing this and I’m currently working on a giant kindy mural which I am seriously loving. Words are a big part of my art, so I create designs for cards and wall hangings when I can…and I have a not so secret dream of creating a little book someday.

adelaide artist jessica thompson

Do you have a favourite piece you’ve created?

I think the words are always going to be the part of my work that I have the biggest soft spot for. The thing that made me love creating my pots in the first place was being lucky enough to experience when someone would find particular words that resonated with them in some way. If my art can bring someone even the tiniest sliver of comfort or joy or they feel less alone when they read the pot or print nestled on their windowsill, I feel like I couldn’t ask for more.

adelaide artist jessica thompson

How do you involve your kids in your art?

When Alfie & Mabel were bubs, I was so intrigued to see whether they would be interested in art and wanted to let them find their own way toward what they love to spend time doing… turns out they’re both super creative which is pretty amazing. I’m realising more and more that they love to have a look at what I’ve been up to in the studio and I try to have paint easily accessible to them all the time so they can do something when the mood strikes.


caroline gliddon adelaide artist

ADELAIDE WEAVER Caroline Gliddon


How did you discover your talent for and love of art?

For as long as I can remember I have loved doing creative things and being around all things creative. I honestly think that my creative skill is due more to practise than natural talent and I practise because I love it!

How did you learn to weave? And what do you love about it?

One birthday, just after my second daughter was born, my husband gifted me a voucher for a one-on-one weaving lesson with local textile artist, Megan Walsh-Cheek. I had been interested in weaving for a while but really had no idea how it was done. It was so nice to have that afternoon doing something just for me and straight away I knew that this was a craft I would continue with. I’ve tried so many different things over the years but never really stuck with anything for more than a few months. Ever since that lesson I have always had a weaving on the loom. I find it relaxing, rewarding and a great creative outlet away from my computer. I’m a Graphic Designer so I spend way too much time looking at a screen!

adelaide artist caroline gliddon

What inspires you?

So many things! I love the way different colour combinations can make you feel, most of my weavings start with me picking out particular colours. I also love patterns and geometric shapes. And I am of course inspired by other weavers and artists that I follow on social media.

Do you have a favourite piece you’ve created?

I’ve recently started making my own circular ceramic hoops which I weave onto. They are all hand built so each one is unique and the weavings just evolve as I go. Another favourite is one I made for my brother and his wife as a housewarming gift, that one was actually inspired by a floor rug that I saw a photo of and loved.

adelaide weaver caroline gliddon

I noticed you sometimes create weavings based on drawings your daughter has done, can you tell us a bit about this!? These must end up some of your fave pieces!

When I first started weaving my eldest daughter would be so excited to see my weavings grow overnight. Every morning she would look at my loom and comment on the section of weaving I had done after she went to bed the night before. I have a little book that I sketch up ideas for weavings in and one day she found it and started adding her own ideas to it. Most of her designs also had a family or friends name scribbled next to it. I started making and gifting them to the people she had designed them for. It was such a great way to practise technique and a really sweet gift from the two of us.

adelaide artist Jess Hayton



How did you discover your talent and love for art?

I think from an early age I always loved drawing and really enjoyed art in high school. Life was busy after that, working full time and other priorities! It wasn’t really until I had my daughter and went on maternity leave that I started painting again.

Jess Hayton Adelaide Artist

What inspires you?

So many things! Ive always loved faces and portraiture, but recently I’m finding most of my work is nature inspired. Also, there are so many incredible artists on social media, just scrolling through my insta feed motivates me to get out the paints!

What’s your creative process like?

To be honest, a dog’s breakfast! I have two small kids at home, so the process is basically to steal a few minutes here and there to add to a painting, or plan for a longer stretch when the grandparents come to the rescue.

adelaide artist jess hayton

What’s your favourite medium to work with?

I love painting with oils.

Do you have a favourite piece you have created?

Probably my tiny little Frida Kahlo painting.

jess hayton adelaide artist

You have done some kids portraiture, is it challenging recreating the likeness of a child?

I think all portraits are a challenge, as every face is so different. I think my portrait painting style is very illustrative, so suits little faces and makes it easier to capture their likeness.

adelaide artist jess hayton

How do you involve your kids in your art?

They are pretty much a part of the process from beginning to end as I don’t have a studio so I paint in our kitchen / family room. My 5 year old daughter is a harsh critic and I know I can always count on her honesty! My son is teaching me how to draw construction and emergency vehicles.

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HONEY. Label: For the adventurous souls and the wild at heart

HONEY. Label: For the adventurous souls and the wild at heart

honey the label

HONEY. Label: For the adventurous souls and the wild at heart

Adelaide mum, Renèe Barendregt, has always loved fashion, but when her boys, Harry (3) and Sonny (19 months) were born, her love of fashion grew just as they did! And while her gorgeous boys mean Renèe is kept a very, very busy bee, she’s certainly managed to make honey… HONEY. Label, that is.

Stylish pieces made with love

HONEY. offers stylish pieces for little ones to grow into, made with love, made to fade and most importantly, made with children in mind.

Think practical, eco friendly, soft, beautiful and fun designs, that feel good on and look great too!

honey label renee

Life is better with a bit of colour

“When designing my pieces I always keep the children in mind, for not only comfort, but also for fun designs they will love” says Renèe. “We aim to create simple and fun designs that are for everyday wear, made with durable cotton, perfect for kids daily wear and all their messy adventures! We also searched for the softest cotton that is kind to their skin and made with no harsh chemicals”.

And whatsmore, all the HONEY. pieces are unisex because the team behind the brand believe people should be able to wear any colour and style they like!

Hear, hear!

honey label

Quality is key at HONEY. and was top of mind for Renèe when sourcing the fabric.

“I wanted quality fabric, made to last, and to be handed down for years to come. And because I know our clothes are durable, I also designed our pieces to be oversized so kids can get that good couple of years or more of wear out of them”… which means the gorgeous HONEY. pieces can be passed on to their siblings too!

honey the label

Matching with your mini

2021 is set to be a big year, so keep an eye out on HONEY. over the next few months as Renèe is set to launch matching sweats and t-shirts so your little honeys can twin with their queen bees (and their daddy bees too!).


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