Get back-to-school ready with Spencil

Get back-to-school ready with Spencil

Spencil back to school

Get back-to-school ready with Spencil

Back to school is here… well sort of!

You’ve probably heard by now about SA’s hybrid back-to-school model for 2022, where some year levels are heading straight back to face to face learning in early February, and others…not so much.

Whether your kiddos are hitting the books in the classroom or in your living room at the start of Term 1 2022, what we do know is that the time to start back to school prep is now… And awesome kids back-to-school brand Spencil is here to help get us started.

back to school supplies spencil

The back-to-school saviour for every parent

Whether it’s backpacks, lunch bags or bentos, stationery or book covers, what we love about Spencil is their core brand philosophy that rails against the idea of expensive, exclusive kids brands that can be used for status. No thank you!

The team at Spencil strive to foster inclusivity, pricing their range to be as affordable as they can, with products made to last. And that sure gets the big tick of approval from us here at KIDDO!

Everything at Spencil is designed with love and comes in seasonal ranges of bespoke prints featuring Spencil characters and motifs created by their in house design team. We’re talking summery prints that take us back to long holidays, Cretaceous creatures for roar-some kiddos, intergalactic prints for space adventurers, blooms, critters, creatures, machines, fun bold themes and everything in between!

We’ve got some of our top Spencil picks for back-to-school 2022 and we know you’re gonna love them just as much as we do!

Top back-to-school supplies for 2022 from Spencil

Spencil Book Covers

Spencil Book covers

Welcome to the book covering revolution!

Easy. Slip on. Reusable. Spencil book covers are for the Mums and Dads who don’t want to spend 800 hours wrestling with sticky book covering… at 2am… on the night before school starts. So… all of us!

With Spencil slip-on book covers, those days are over.

Spencil introduced these reusable, slip-on book covers in gorgeous designs over 10 years ago (an Australian first, mind you!) and there was a collective sigh of relief from parents everywhere.

You’ll be covering books in 10 seconds or less, which makes the process less of a dreaded chore and more of a JOYOUS DREAM.

They come in so many gorgeous designs, for every kind of kid, and in multiple sizes, for every kind of book! It just doesn’t get any better than this.

For more information or to buy:



clean and dirty bags

Clean and Dirty Bags

Never get caught out again with these little Clean & Dirty bags.

Suitable for little and big kids, these ‘thank-goodness’ bags keep your clean & dirty items separated until you can get to the washing machine.

Perfect for kindy, preschool, daycare and adventures far and wide, these handy and adorably designed bags are water resistant and zipped to help keep the mess contained!

For more information or to buy:



Big Cooler Lunch Bag and Chill Pack Spencil

big cooler bag

Big Cooler Lunch Bag & Chill Pack

Imagine a world in which your child’s lunch bag fits everything and stays cool and fresh the whole school day! A parent can dream, right?

Well it’s no longer a dream, it’s a reality, thanks to Spencil, and we think you’ll love this NEW lunch bag and chill pack combo as much as we do. In fact, this could be our fave lunch solution of all time. It’s a big call, but we’re prepared to make it!

We’ll take one for each kiddo, thanks!

For more information or to buy: 




big kids backpack spencil

Big Kids Backpack

The essential backpack with everything today’s kid needs!

Perfect for Primary and Tween aged kids., you’ll love the easy side access zip compartment perfect to hold a phone, an outer D-loop for attaching bag tags or keychains and internal front pocket clip for clipping coin purses and wallets.

It also sports a drink bottle sleeve, inner padded pocket for a laptop/tablet with elasticated velcro fastener to hold in place and 5- zipped compartments.

This bag is both super cool, lightweight and practical – a winner with both parents AND kids!

For more information or to buy: 


spencil coin pouch

Coin Pouch

No more finding sandy coins at the bottom of their school bags, keep it together with the practical and stylish Coin Pouch.

Perfect for storing coins, keys, small keepsakes and other trinkets, in a range of your kids’ favourite Spencil designs.

The Coin Pouch is an awesome addition to the school or day kit, ensuring their items are all in one place when they need it most! It sports a lobster clip for attaching securely to their Spencil Big Backpack and top zip opening for easy access.

For more information or to buy:



Spencil big bento box

Big Bento Box

Lunch time = fun time with this reusable, leak-free, durable and food safe bento box to keep your kids’ food fresh and mess-free!

This bigger bento will satisfy hungry bellies all day long. It’s perfect for picky eaters, or kids who love variety (who doesn’t?) with 6 different compartments including a 4 compartment inner sandwich tray and removable divider to create another 2 compartments.

Leak proof seals for packing wet and dry foods side-by-side. Tapered, take-apart design for a complete clean. Fits perfectly in the Big Cooler Lunch Bags. Keep it cool all day with the Spencil Big Chill Pack.

Lunch kit-sorted!

For more information or to buy:



Mad Love Notes Spencil

MaD Love Notes

Change their world with just a few words.

Perfect for lunchboxes, tucking under their pillow, or in their bag at the start of a school day, Spencil MaD (Mums and Dads) Love Notes let you be there for your kids when you physically can’t.

We could not love this idea more… Little moments have big impact on our kiddos!

For more information or to buy:


Spencil back to school supplies

Thoughtfully designed, affordable back-to-school supplies

The team at Spencil told us their mission was to deliver thoughtfully designed, inspiring and affordable school, stationery and lifestyle products to families… and we think that’s mission accomplished!

For more information or to see the full catalogue and the very best of back-to-school: 



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Word on the Street with Helen Connolly: Not being listened to worries children most

Word on the Street with Helen Connolly: Not being listened to worries children most

helen connolly ccyp

Word on the Street with Helen Connolly: Not being listened to worries children most

with Helen Connolly
Commissioner for Children & Young People

Helen Connolly, Commissioner for Children & Young People

In my conversations with South Australian children and young people there are four issues that they consistently say worries them most. Not surprisingly, one of these is the environment, another is school and homework, a third is needing assistance navigating relationships with family and friends, and the fourth is not being listened to by adults.

Listening to the views, perspectives and experiences of primary school-aged children is relevant to all levels of government, but also applies to local businesses and community organisations, schools and families, interacting with children across the community. Rarely, however, do I find situations where mechanisms have been put in place for children’s ideas, opinions, lived experience and points of view to be routinely gathered or considered.

Not listening to what they tell us they need at this age means we risk alienating them at a time in their lives when they’re looking for reassurance that trust in us and the adult world around them is worthwhile.

Through my consultations with children, they have told me that they want more of a voice in the classroom, in their homes, and in their communities, as well as at government level. They are asking us to take a sharper focus on their rights, interests, and wellbeing, and to integrate these into economic, social, and environmental policy.

This means setting up systems that seek their input and provide them with opportunities to provide feedback on experiences they have interacting with adults. It also means that when they offer their opinions and ideas, we validate their input and act on the feedback they’ve provided.

One of the biggest challenges that children have told me they face, is working out how to communicate a problem they’re having to adults. They have asked for help to express themselves when they’re going through hard times, particularly in their relationships with family and friends. This means providing them with the conditions and opportunities that make it easier for them to talk to us about how they are feeling on a regular basis.

Many children tell me they often feel as though adults dismiss their worries or don’t understand them when they do tell them what’s going on in their lives. They either view them as trivial or unimportant, or tell them not to worry too much. Children are looking for assurance when they raise concerns about future needs. They want to be taken seriously and supported in appropriate ways. They have told me they would benefit from being taught how to gain confidence in expressing their concerns, ideas, and dreams. They would like opportunities to practice conversations about these things with their peers within a school group or with their classmates through creative writing, art, music, and performance. This sounds like a very reasonable request to me and one I feel sure those who have the resources and authority to do could easily put in place.

For a snapshot view of What Matters Most to Children:


If you’re a child or young person, parent or grandparent who would like to get in touch with me, send an email to:


or visit


Helen Connolly

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South Australian Circus Centre presents ‘Ropeable’ in the Adelaide Fringe

South Australian Circus Centre presents ‘Ropeable’ in the Adelaide Fringe

Ropeable Adelaide Fringe

South Australian Circus Centre presents ‘Ropeable’ in the Adelaide Fringe

SA Circus Centre’s Youth Troupe will perform their new work ‘Ropeable during the 2022 Adelaide Fringe in The Peacock at Gluttony, Rymill Park on 20 & 27 February and 6 March.

This is a great opportunity to see some of South Australia’s brilliant young acrobats, who have trained at the leading circus facility for young performers, demonstrate their extraordinary skills and talents.

ropeable adelaide fringe

In Ropeable the SACC troupe explore the premise of how we are stronger as a whole, the sum of the parts.

We enter this world alone, we spend our lives building friendships, forging relationships, joining communities and forming bonds. Each of these bonds has a different dynamic, moments of tension and relaxation. Relationships change, bonds break, bindings are strengthened.  We see we can achieve more as a group, pulling in the same direction. We can elevate an individual, support a cause, build a bridge to a better place.  But what is the worth of each part? In the end, when all is done, we leave this world alone.

South Australian Circus Centre’s Performance Troupe is part of SACC’s Artist Development Program and is run under the guidance of Artistic Director Joshua Hoare, Associate Director Meredith Kitchen and Artist Development Coordinator Jonathan Dragt. As well as producing high quality public productions, over 70 students a week train and are mentored by the specialty trainers in this elite program.

Ropeable is created by Adelaide’s newest generation of acrobats, with performers using their unique skills to produce the work, with Lucas Weston as Assistant Director and the show’s soundtrack, an original composition by Phoenix Pastro. The costumes are designed by Sarah Norton, Juliet Macleod, Rhiannon Copas and Adi Hardy.

SACC’s Artistic Director Joshua Hoare says

“These young artists are making something very special, incredible physicality, inspiring group work, music, visual poetry. They are part of a wave of new circus taking over the world and us Australian’s are at the front of the pack. Make sure you come and see Ropeable and bring the whole family!”

For more information or for tickets:


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Why choose functional mobile personal training?

Why choose functional mobile personal training?

functional fitness for life

Why choose functional mobile personal training?

If you’ve looked into personal training or group fitness classes lately, you’ve probably seen “functional training” in a workout description.

But a far cry from fitness fad, functional training is more than just the latest buzzword, it’s a legitimate workout and it’s all about helping us move better in day-to-day life. Whether that’s picking up your kiddo, carrying the shopping bags from of the car or lifting  something down from a top shelf, the key word here is function. A functional workout is one that strengthens you in a particular way that directly translates to an activity outside the gym and within your every day life.

We asked Ryan Bartlett, Founder of Functional for Life personal training to take us through why functional mobile personal training is a great choice for busy parents.

Convenience: You can train almost anywhere

With Functional for Life personal training, you can engage in an awesome functional circuit with no equipment whatsoever, or —when you’re ready to challenge yourself further— with simple free weights or hand held equipment like kettle bells, dumbbells or resistance bands.

You choose where you train, whether it’s the park, the beach, or in your own lounge with the kiddos playing in the next room. You don’t even need much space; most clients can be trained in an area the size of two exercise mats and still have an excellent work out.

Functional for Life deliver high-quality, mobile, professional personal training in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs, and work training in and around your lifestyle and goals. You’ll have expert guidance giving you the confidence you’re implementing the right exercises and routines for you.

Reach your goals with Functional Training

Personal training these days can be very ‘one size fits all’ however Functional for Life programs are highly tailored and specialised to each individual client.

Functional training means there is a focus on repeating movements that are going to benefit you in your every day life. Functional movements can be done in a variety of ways ranging from activation exercises, strength and even high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Through this style of training almost any health and fitness goal can be achieved, whilst simultaneously training your body to function significantly better, optimising your overall movement for day-to-day life.

If you choose to train with us, we will make your body stronger, more mobile and ready to keep up with your kids, garden with ease, lift the shopping bags out of the car and run that extra mile.

– Ryan Bartlett, Founder of Functional for Life


functional for life

Functional for Life Adelaide

Functional for Life have been working with clients in Adelaide since 2019, priding themselves on up-skilling all trainers to be highly competent in improving movement through training.

The Functional for Life team believe that it’s essential to work on having a body that moves correctly and efficiently, the way it was designed to. This is the first step in any exercise program and once this foundation has been built, you’ll be putting yourself in the best position possible to engage in any exercise program you like. 

1300 070 955

Find out more about Functional for Life

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The omega-3 test aiming to curb premature births

The omega-3 test aiming to curb premature births

omega3 screening test

The omega-3 test aiming to curb premature births

A world-first prenatal screening program being led by SAHMRI and SA Pathology is off to a successful start in Adelaide.

Women with singleton pregnancies can have their omega-3 levels tested and those with low levels will be offered specific advice about supplementation to reduce their risk of early birth.

 KIDDO caught up with SAHMRI Deputy Director and Women and Kids Theme Lead, Professor Maria Makrides, to find out more about the exciting initiative.


sahmri study


 Q: What are the risks of preterm birth?

A: Babies born too soon can suffer complications requiring long stays in hospital and long-term health and developmental problems. Early preterm birth commonly impacts vision and hearing and has the potential to impair learning and cause behavioural problems, as well as raise the risk of chronic health issues.

Q: What’s unique about the omega-3 program?

A: Pregnant women have never had the opportunity to get their omega-3 levels tested like this anywhere in the world.

The program and its evaluation are in response to a large body of research that’s been summarised in a new evidence-based recommendation in the Australian Pregnancy Care Guidelines, advising women who are low in omega-3 to supplement their intake in order to reduce their risk of prematurity.

Q: How does it work?

All women in South Australia with a singleton pregnancy are eligible for the test. There’s no need for an additional blood sample to be taken, as omega-3 analysis will be performed on blood collected as a part of the established SA Maternal Serum Antenatal Screening (SAMSAS) program. Our partnership with SA Pathology is allowing us to test out whether omega-3 screening will be adopted by women and health professionals and whether we’ll be able to see the expected reductions in prematurity if enough women participate in the omega-3 program

The blood test is the most accurate way to determine an individual’s omega-3 levels. It’s performed at no cost to the patient or health service and once women receive their results they’re advised on appropriate supplementation.

Q: How has it been going so far?

A: Since we launched the program in April this year, we’ve seen a steady increase in uptake. Over 2,000 pregnant women have participated and we are now routinely doing more than 100 omega-3 tests per week covering about 35% of women with singleton pregnancies in SA. We need to get this percentage up to about 80% to see maximal benefit.  

Ideally, we would like all pregnant women carrying a single baby to have an omega-3 test through the SAMSAS program.

Q: How long will the program run? Will the omega-3 test become a standard test for all pregnant women in Australia?

The current evaluation of the omega-3 testing will run for another two years. This should give us the necessary data to see if we are making a real difference in reducing the rates of prematurity in the community. I am sure these results will guide how omega-3 testing will be used in the future.


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ASK AMY: Why do I need a Will?

ASK AMY: Why do I need a Will?

Ask AMy Legal Advice for the modern family

ASK AMY: Why do I need a Will?

Q: Why do I need a Will? 

A: Many people think that only the elderly need to prepare a Will.

They don’t want to consider that they may be in an accident or become suddenly seriously ill. This is understandable, but it’s always better to be prepared for life’s unexpected twists and turns.


Your Will doesn’t “expire” due to the passage of time. Therefore, it’s important that you review your Will every five to seven years to ensure that it accurately represents your wishes at the time.

You should also review and update your Will after a significant life event such as the loss or acquisition of wealth, death of a close family member or other family changes. It’s also important to update your Will if your appointed executor becomes unable to act in this role.


If you have children

If you have children, you should review your Will to ensure that your child’s future is protected in the unfortunate event that something happens to you. It’s recommended that you update
your Will after every child to ensure that your family’s best interests are reflected.

It’s important to sit down with a lawyer and ensure that your children will be financially cared for. This can be through ensuring that your Will contains a trust for the benefit of your children, both whilst they are minors and older. In your Will, you can also nominate a guardian for minor children, and, if you wish, direct money to the guardian to assist them in raising your children.

If you die without a Will and have minor children, then any inheritance they are entitled to will be managed by the Public Trustee until they reach 18 years of age. You will have no control over their inheritance, and you lose the ability to direct funds for their education or upbringing, or to assist their guardian.

If you get married

It’s important to note that your Will is automatically revoked by marriage. Therefore, you must rewrite your Will after your marriage, even if the same terms are to be repeated.


If you are going through a separation or divorce, you should immediately update your Will to protect yourself, even if your divorce or separation has not been finalised.

If you die before your divorce is finalised through the Family Court of Australia, the law considers that you are still married to your spouse. Any existing Will you may have prepared during your lifetime will remain in force. This will probably benefit your soon-to-be-ex-spouse.


DBH Lawyers can help you prepare your first Will or update a Will. The process is straightforward and gives you peace of mind for the future.

DBH Lawyers, 66 Wright St, Adelaide


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