New Neonatal Nurseries part of $50m upgrade at Women’s and Children’s Hospital

New Neonatal Nurseries part of $50m upgrade at Women’s and Children’s Hospital

neonatal nursery redvelopment wch

New Neonatal Nurseries part of $50m upgrade at Women’s and Children’s Hospital

The state’s tiniest patients and their families are the utmost priority in the ongoing $50 million redevelopment being carried out across the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, with the first phase of Neonatal Nursery upgrades completed, and subsequent stages underway.

scbu wch

Building what matters for SA families

A brand-new purpose-built hospital – to be co-located with the Royal Adelaide Hospital – is currently in the planning stages, but in the meantime, extensive upgrades to the current WCH will ensure that South Aussie families continue to have access to modern health facilities.

Women and families will continue to be well taken care of at WCH, with the priority and extent of the upgrades carefully chosen to provide the biggest impact and ensure the current hospital continues to meet the needs of births, babies and beyond.

We have your sneak peek into the redevelopment plans and works underway so you can have a first look at how the significant upgrade will benefit children, parents and families while providing a healing and supportive environment to some of our most vulnerable newborn babies.

scbu wch

Neonatal Nursery Upgrades

Special Care Baby Unit

A new and improved Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) has been completed as part of the initial stages of the WCH upgrades. This beautiful space is used by families with premature babies or babies born with health complications who need to spend a little bit of extra time in hospital.

The new SCBU is a wonderful example of what the WCH team can do, with clinicians, staff and consumers working closely with the design team to create a spacious, calming and supportive environment where quality care can be delivered, and important services made available to some of the hospital’s most vulnerable patients.

SCBU WCH scbu wch

A number of features of the new SCBU have come as a direct result of community and staff consultation including: 

  • A new family lounge area
  • Additional space at the cot side for families and carers to spend quality time with their baby in comfort
  • Isolation rooms for individual and twin babies
  • Information panel at the nursery entrance where families can see which staff members are assigned to care for their infant
  • A dedicated wash-up station for cleaning breast feeding equipment
  • Staff call system in each cot space
  • Introduction of programmed circadian lighting to promote neuro-developmental care

The larger space will also improve patient privacy and infection control while making families feel more comfortable during what is often a difficult and stressful time.

scbu wch scbu wch

scbu wch

Neonatal Nursery

The next stage of the Neonatal Nursery redevelopment involves upgrading the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the area that cares for the sickest and most vulnerable babies in the state.

Family centred care is a focus of the NICU upgrade, with larger cot spaces, single patient rooms for improved privacy and infection control, and a multi-purpose room for palliative care patients allowing families or carers to stay overnight.

neonatal upgrade wch

While the works are underway the team at WCH are making sure patients and families are kept as comfortable as possible, including providing tiny earmuffs for the littlest patients, if need be.

The redevelopment of the NICU is scheduled to be completed mid 2021.

New spaces will make a huge difference to families doing it tough

The importance of both the NICU and the SCBU is something mum of two, Amy Purling, knows all too well after the Women’s and Children’s Hospital became something of a home away from home for herself and two sons, James (age 5) and Jack (22 months) over the past 5 years.

new wch scbu

Both boys were born prematurely and spent time in both the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Baby Unit.

With firsthand experience of the emotional challenge families face when spending so much time in and out of hospital, Amy says the new spaces will make a huge difference for those going through tough times.

“The new SCBU is so bright and spacious and will help families feel calm in the uncertainty that can come from having a child in the nursery,” Amy said. “I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the upgrades.”

Further Upgrades to the WCH

Other future upgrades to the WCH include:

  • Child Adolescent Mental Health Ward relocation and redevelopment with outdoor space and High Dependency area.
  • Paediatric Emergency Department redevelopment, with improved triage area, dedicated Mental Health Assessment Spaces and three extra treatment areas.
  • Operating Theatres refurbishment in their current locations.
  • Engineering and ICT infrastructure upgrades.

So many people in the community have expressed an interest in being involved in the planning of the next phase of WCH, showing just how invested South Australians are in the iconic Hospital and wider network. The WCH will continue to engage with the community to ensure they provide services that support health and wellbeing and make South Australia proud.

Get involved in planning for the new WCH, by registering your interest:

Learn more about the upgrades and the new WCH:

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6 tips to manage your family finances in 2021

6 tips to manage your family finances in 2021

tips to magange family finances

6 tips to manage your family finances in 2021 

2020 was a rough year and it may have taken a toll on our finances. With 2021 hopefully being a bigger and brighter year than the last, now is the time to manage your family finances and get them into shape. With help from the experts at Savvy, here’s how you can make your family finances fighting fit – and set yourself up for success in the future. 

Set up your apps for budget success

47% of Australians use a digital wallet and in a couple of years, that number might be double. With most people using a smartphone and NetBank apps, you can audit and set up a budget using in built tools. 

This helps you get a handle on where your money goes. Many apps let you categorise purchases: utilities, transport, food, health and lifestyleentertainment, and other expenses such as paying off debts or contributions to tax, if you’re self-employed. 

You will need to go through your purchases or bills one by one to calibrate the app first. Once that’s done, you can get a snapshot of your incoming and outgoing cash. Some apps can also let you forecast your cash when you set up bills to be paid via BPAY. 

tips to family finances

Get rid of unwanted clutter – physical, digital, and otherwise

It’s the old adage – the death via a thousand cuts. If you’ve determined your cash is going out in little bits and pieces toward coffees, gym memberships you don’t use, or subscriptions gathering dust, it’s time to get rid of them. If your kids are grown up and you’ve got attics or sheds full of toys and clothes, list them on Gumtree or eBay and invest the money into something productive.  

Plan ahead

Poor planning proffers poor results; planning your expenses such as meals each week can stop you splurging unnecessarily. Paying $20 for lunches every day means you’re wasting $100 a week; or $5,200 a year! That’s almost a whole family holiday paid for right there! Buying your groceries in bulk from markets or wholesalers like Costco can shave off even more money from your budget, giving you an opportunity to redirect it towards savings, investment, or debt reduction. 

family finances

Consolidate your debts using a personal loan

A lot of us run into financial trouble because we rack up big numbers on our credit card and only pay off the minimum. Paying the minimum can take years – even decades – and cost you tens of thousands in interest. Personal finance expert and Savvy Managing Director Bill Tsouvalas says that consolidating your credit card debts by applying for a cheap personal loan can save you thousands of dollars and headaches in keeping track of all these small, high-interest debts. 

“A debt consolidation loan can wipe out your credit card debts overnight and leave you with one regular repayment that is fixed and will eventually whittle down to zero,” he says. “Credit cards are revolving credit, which means you’ll be paying for it even if you don’t use the card, such as annual fees. This is a great opportunity to cut up your credit cards or reduce your credit limit so you aren’t tempted to splurge and live beyond your means.” 

See a financial adviser

According to a survey conducted in 2020 by Savvy, 84% of respondents said they’d never seen a financial adviser. The survey also showed that 42% of people never audited their finances and a little under a third had less than stellar financial knowledge. 

“A financial adviser or debt counsellor can help you with all the nuts and bolts of your money to see where you can save, where to invest, and other tips and tricks to grow your wealth. Yes, they do cost a bit of money but you’ll thank yourself in five, ten, twenty years’ time.” 

tips to magange family finances

Pass it on: let your kids pitch in

Finance is a bit like the birds and the bees: we don’t often discuss it in polite company and kids end up learning it through trial and error. With the former that means early and unexpected grandchildren; with finance it could lead to all sorts of trouble.  

Teaching kids about money is made easier using kid-oriented money management apps like Rooster Money or SpriggyThese apps allow them to budget, manage their finances, and even gives them a debit card to use like a “grown-up.” 

“Kids are naturally curious and you need to use that to your advantage,” Tsouvalas says. “If you’re cutting costs kids will want to know where their favourite show went because you unsubscribed from Netflix. Saying ‘we can’t afford it’ isn’t going to cut it with most kids. Include them in the budgeting process, get them engaged with finance and money.”

It will do them a world of good.

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How little traumas can affect our parenting: With Dr Sarah Woodhouse

How little traumas can affect our parenting: With Dr Sarah Woodhouse

You're not broken trauma specialist

How little traumas can affect our parenting: With Dr Sarah Woodhouse


KIDDO writer Carla Caruso spoke to NSW research psychologist and trauma specialist Dr Sarah Woodhouse about her new title, You’re Not Broken, and how ‘little’ traumas can affect our parenting.

Dr Woodhouse takes us through what constitutes trauma, how it can affect parenting approaches and, in turn, how our parenting approaches can inform resilience in our children.

sarah woodhouse

Hi, Dr Woodhouse. As you say, studies show that about 70 to 80 per cent of women experience a traumatic event at least once in their life. What constitutes a trauma exactly? Can they be big or little?

The truth is, we’ve all experienced a traumatic reaction—it’s part of being human. And in one way or another, we all carry trauma. I don’t tell people this to frighten them; I say it to destigmatise trauma and to gently encourage people to learn how trauma shows up in all our lives, so we can move past it.

A trauma is a reaction to an experience that makes us feel overwhelmed, threatened and out of control. Big severe experiences like bushfires, floods and assaults, can provoke this reaction in us. But common, everyday experiences can also lead to us feeling overwhelmed, threatened and powerless.

Here, I’m talking about the kinds of experience we often consider ‘just part of life.’ Like slips and falls, painful relationship dynamics, feeling unseen and unheard as a child, routine medical procedures, school bullying, and divorce.

We wrongly expect people to quickly move on from these kinds of events when, really, we should help people pause and acknowledge their feelings.

How might trauma manifest in a person—and how could it affect their approach to parenting?

Trauma can manifest in so many ways. It can present as very obvious symptoms like the flashbacks that characterise post-traumatic stress disorder. But more often, the signs and symptoms are much more subtle and insidious.

Anxiety, frequently feeling shame, anger or fear, low self-worth, often feeling emotionally overwhelmed, reacting strongly to the same type of situations (triggers), being easily startled or often feeling unsafe, and relying on unhelpful ways of coping (e.g. compulsive eating, people-pleasing, perfectionism, compulsive busyness, avoiding our feelings, avoiding people) are all common signs of unresolved trauma.

Parenting is an unresolved trauma minefield because we encounter so many subconscious reminders of our own childhood. This is fine if our childhood was all unicorns and rainbows, but for those of us who didn’t grow up in this kind of utopia, the subconscious reminders can be very painful. Often without us even realising, the reminders can set off our unresolved trauma, and pull us back into old ways of reacting, being, thinking, and feeling.

These subconscious reminders can be anything at all: a situation, a tone of voice, a smell, a conflict, anything. A common trigger within parenting is our children’s age. If you carry unresolved trauma from the age of five, say, you’ll find that you’re very often triggered by your own child when they’re five. If you’re finding yourself consistently (over-)reacting to your child, it’s highly likely that something from your own past is being triggered.

Can you briefly explain the core concepts of trauma?

I believe we all move away from the subject of trauma because it’s often spoken about in a really inaccessible, heavy way. One of the main reasons I wrote You’re Not Broken was to address the way we’re all talking about trauma. The book is accessible, hopeful, and relatable.

To help you navigate the trauma lingo, let me explain two of the key terms here!

Fight, flight, freeze

When we sense a threat, our nervous system floods our body with arousal hormones to help us deal with the threat. The hormones affect our body in a way that would help us fight, flee, or hide—that’s where the name comes from. So, for example, the adrenaline pumping around our body would help us run if we needed to. The ‘fight, flight, freeze’ hormones contribute to us feeling overwhelmed, threatened and out of control.

Unprocessed memories

Traumatic reaction can stay with us over the long-term because our memory of the experience wasn’t properly processed. At the time of the traumatic experience, all those ‘fight, flight, freeze’ hormones prevented our memory from working the way it usually does.

This means the experience isn’t stored in our long-term memory banks. Instead our trauma memories exist as a kind of cluster of unprocessed pieces. This is why they’re so easily triggered as we go about our day.

Please give us a few tips for breaking the cycle of old patterns and negative thoughts, caused by trauma.

Trauma disconnects us from our feelings, our body, our true self, and the present moment. To break free and heal, we need to reconnect.

A simple way to begin to do this is to pause, acknowledge, notice and allow your uncomfortable feelings and reactions, and then reconnect to your body. This intervenes in the cycle of reactions and allows our prefrontal cortex to take charge again.

First, you simply acknowledge the triggered reaction and your feelings: ‘I’m triggered and reacting because one of the kids said they hate me … I feel angry and ashamed.’

Then notice where the uncomfortable feelings show up in your body. Perhaps you notice that your jaw is tense, that your chest feels heavy or that your heart is pounding. Perhaps as you do this, you notice different emotions as well. Just notice what’s going on. And allow them to be as they are. By this I mean, don’t try to change what you’re experiencing. Just let it be.

Next, reconnect to your body. Use slow, calming polyvagal breathing (inhale for the count of four, exhale for the count of eight), feel your feet on the floor, or slowly notice and name things you can see (I can see the red bathmat, I can see the toys on the floor etc). These are simple ways to reconnect to your body to the present moment. Simple but powerful.

When it comes to parenting styles—from helicopter to tiger parenting—what do you believe makes kids most resilient?

True resilience develops when children’s feelings are consistently validated. Quite simply, this means we acknowledge and accept our children’s feelings and experiences without trying to change them.

If they’re crying, simply say: ‘You’re really upset right now.’ If they’re angry, simply say: ‘You’re really angry, I get it.’ If they come home from school explaining that ‘Zac is a mean idiot-head … he grabbed my ball and I hate him’, simply say, ‘OK, I get it, you’re really mad with Zac.’

This may sound simple, but psychologically, you are doing some very powerful things. You’re accepting your child’s feelings, which means your child will learn to accept their feelings, and ultimately, accept and love every part of themselves.

Children who do not experience this kind of acceptance and validation push their feelings away, and push parts of themselves away. Over time this leads to low self-worth. Resilience is only possible if we accept and love ourselves. So over and above any specific parenting strategy, this needs to be central to all our parenting.

Finally, what compelled you to write about trauma?

I see the widespread pain that trauma causes in our relationships, families, and communities. Trauma is causing chaos, but it doesn’t have to. If we learn what trauma is, how is shows up in our lives and the lives of our loved ones, and how to intervene in the reaction, we can break free. This is why I write and speak and create—to help us collectively grow past our past.

You’re Not Broken: Break free from trauma and reclaim your life by Sarah Woodhouse is published by Penguin
RRP $34.99

For more information or to buy:


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SA Staycation: Your Beachside Family Escape

SA Staycation: Your Beachside Family Escape

SA Staycation: Your Beachside Family Escape

I’m calling it; staycations are the new vacations.

In fact staycations might just be our saviour in a post 2020 world where we work-weary warriors want to stay closer to home but also escape from our day to day routine and score that vacation feeling, all without ever leaving the state. Not to mention avoiding those compulsory post-travel quarantines, supporting the local economy and helping to revive the travel industry. Hey, if having a little seaside sojourn means we’re doing our bit, then sign me up!

Staycations are also important on a personal level; short breaks to rejuvenate and connect as a family are arguably more important than ever before. The pandemic has made long distance travel too unpredictable, but we all still want something to look forward to… and that’s where holidaying on the home-front comes into its own.

Plan your own Adelaide metro beachside getaway

We just happen to be so lucky in South Australia because we are literally just a hop, skip and a jump away from world class beaches and family friendly attractions galore – and that’s why we decided to be tourists in our own state and book in for a beachside family escape on the South Australian metropolitan beaches. We hit Brighton, Seacliff, and Glenelg; that’s just 20 easy minutes from the CBD and more fun than you can possibly pack into a weekend!

With school holidays drawing ever closer, we’ve put together a full itinerary of activities that you can enjoy with your family, from where to stay, what to eat and plenty of adventures to keep your kiddos busy and buzzing all weekend long!

brighton beach caravan park

Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park

If you’re looking for an idyllic waterfront location then (as the name suggests!) Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park, ticks absolutely all the boxes.

Overlooking the crystal waters of Gulf St. Vincent, and at just 17km from the CBD, this is a perfect central base to explore the beaches and soak up your surrounds (not to mention the sensational sunsets!).

Brighton Sunset

Fully contained Villas

We’re a family of five, so we stayed in one of the park’s new, fully contained, Seabreeze Villas, which can sleep 4-6 people. The Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park also offers a range of other accomodation options, including smaller cabins, caravan and camping sites, but let’s just say Mama loves her amenities, so a villa was perfect for us!

brighton beachfront caravan park

Brighton Caravan Park Brighton Caravan Park


The Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park is located right on the beach at Seacliff and the whole family breathed a collective sigh of relief when we arrived, it was just so peaceful. And with just a short amble from our doorstep, we had our toes in the sand and were ready to submerge ourselves in some beachside activities!

Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park

Facilities at the Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park include:

  • BBQ’s
  • Playground
  • Kiosk
  • Walking Track
  • Free Wifi
  • Beaches Bistro – Seacliff Surf Club at end of park (can recommend the burgers!!)
  • Seacliff Hotel – 400m walk away
  • Tennis court – in adjoining reserve
  • Boat ramp – at nearby surf club
  • Additional facilities for campers including camp kitchen and laundry

Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park
4 Burnham Rd, Kingston Park


stand up paddleboarding sa

Stand Up Paddle SA

I cannot overstate this experience, Standup Paddleboarding in Seacliff was honestly the best couple of hours we’ve had as a family in probably… years. Even my initially reluctant surfer husband (who prefers waves to the flat ocean) left raving about how zen the whole experience was.

stand up paddle boarding sa

We certainly lucked upon absolutely pristine, textbook perfect weather for standup. The water was like a millpond and utterly crystal clear – conditions that can actually occur year round – SUP isn’t just a summer sport, autumn days often offer ideal water for standup, and if you pull on a thermal top, some of the most standout days can actually be mid-winter.

Our board hire was sorted by Stand Up Paddle SA, run by SUP guru Nat Gohl, who offers Beachfront hire as well as lessons, tours and even SUP yoga (ask Nat to show the kids how he can do a headstand on a SUP… there were lots of oohs and ahhs from our little people!)

Based right on the beachfront in front of the Brighton Seacliff sailing club, Stand Up Paddle SA has a wide array of standup paddle boards for hire, each of our nine year olds hired a board of their own and our six year old hitched a right with Mum and Dad for the afternoon.

stand up paddleboarding sa

stand up paddleboarding sa

SUP is simply a great way to enjoy a day on the water; we saw plenty of fish, starfish, eels, crabs and even a ray while we were paddling! The kids described it as the “time of their lives” and it was honestly one of the most relaxed and peaceful experiences we’ve had with them that I can remember; I cannot recommend this highly enough as a family activity and we can’t wait to head back out.

As an added benefit, SUP is a pretty good workout for body… and chill-out for the mind!

Stand Up Paddle SA is open year round.

Beach Hire and Lessons
Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club
246 Esplanade, Seacliff

chocolate high tea stamford grand

chocolate high tea stamford grand

Chocolate High Tea at Stamford Grand

High Tea… but make it Chocolate!

Calling all chocoholics; I think we may have just stumbled across the perfect Easter or special occasion treat for your family (and the perfect opportunity for some down time during your staycation!).

The folk at the Stamford Grand have taken High Tea to the next level with their sumptuous Chocolate High Tea.

chocolate high tea stamford grand

chocolate high tea stamford grand

We did a RIGOROUS (and I do mean rigorous) taste testing, and can confirm – this decadent experience is worth every calorie!

Your family can venture into the various sweet treats including house made chocolate scones and a fistful of chocolate delicacies, mousse cups, brownies, cakepops and macarons to name but a few (and some savouries just to assuage the guilt a little bit – arancini balls, come at me!) in the luxurious beachfront setting of the Promenade Restaurant.

Kiddos can sample luxurious hot chocolates while the bigger people can choose… a more adult drink, if they so desire (don’t mind if I do)!

stamford grand chocolate high tea

chocolate high tea stamford grand

This is the perfect afternoon indulgence and something special for a treat, for you and your littles!

Available every Saturday & Sunday in April
11:30am – 2:00pm and 3:00pm – 5:00pm
$45 per person [+Booking fee]
Bookings are essential

The Stamford Grand Adelaide has a variety of accommodation packages available, so you can always come for the chocolate and stay for the weekend!

The Stamford Grand
Glenelg Foreshore, 2 Jetty Rd, Glenelg

the beachouse
The Beachouse

I’m fairly confident that if you have little tykes in tow, you’ll have heard of The Beachouse!

This was a no brainer for us on our staycation itinerary, because this place is literally the house of fun for kiddos.

With indoor, heated waterslides (so, perfect for a visit in any season), dodgem cars, bumper boats, mini golf, a play castle and no end of arcade games and even a traditional carousel, if you want to while away the hours keeping the kids entertained and active, there’s no better place.

the beachouse

beachouse glenelg

the beachouse

Everything at The Beachouse runs on an easy tap-card system; all rides and games are accessed via this tap card system, you pay for attractions as you use them, so there is no entry fee.

We opted for the “Power Hour Super Max” which gave us 120 minutes of pure adventure and included waterslides, dodgems, bumper boats, mini golf, carousel and arcade games, but there are a variety of options depending on the attractions you’d like to have access to and the time you’d like to spend!

The Beachouse
4 Colley Terrace, Glenelg

Oh, and if you’re wondering where to park, check out this downloadable parking map of Glenelg:

big wheel glenelg

Skyline Ferris Wheel Glenelg

Our next stop was the Skyline Ferris Wheel at Glenelg because what better way to get a birds eye view of Adelaide’s incredible metro coastline? And just quietly, I have a small obsession with Ferris Wheels and will ride one at any given opportunity; I was not disappointed.

big wheel glenelg

This hugely popular attraction stands 35 metres high, seats up to 144 people in 24 gondolas, and is the tallest portable wheel in Australia, so rest assured the view is going to be pretty speccy. They even take your photo in front of a green screen prior to your spin and by the time your ride is done they’ve whipped up a keepsake photo for your optional purchase!

Set up in Moseley Square near the jetty, The Skyline Ferris Wheel is open daily from 10am to 9.30pm until 26 April 2021.

Tickets cost $10 per person or $30 per gondola and can be purchased onsite.

Skyline Ferris Wheel
Glenelg Foreshore, Moseley Square, Glenelg

wigley play space

Wigley Playspace + Tramside Kiosk

We do love a good playground here at KIDDO, and funnily enough, so do our kiddos! The $1m Wigley Reserve playground development was completed prior to the summer months, and it is fun with a capital F.U.N.

The playspace features:

  • a climbing tunnel
  • in-ground trampolines
  • swings
  • slides
  • a log climbing structure
  • stepping boulders
  • a sensory nature-trail

In addition, there’s a drinking fountain, bike racks, custom-built shade structure, seating and 10 new exercise stations in the fitness hub, plus PLENTY of grass for parents to relax on while the kids run wild!

Wigley Playspace
Wigley Reserve, Glenelg

tram side kiosk

And for coffees and snacks…

The brand spanking new Tramside Kiosk is the perfect spot for beachside eats in Adelaide with the kids! Officially opening in early December 2020, just in time for summer vibes, this cool location is just a hop skip and a jump away from the new Wigley Reserve playground! Offering light snacks (and top notch coffee!) you can actually eat inside the old Glenelg Tram, which is a super cool novelty for kids; but if you prefer the salty sea air they also offer seating outside the tram. Keep in mind they’re open from Wednesday – Sunday, so pick another spot for your Monday & Tuesday snack time!

Tramside Kiosk
Anzac Highway, Wigley Reserve, Glenelg

minda coast park walk

The Minda Coast Park Walk

Rounding off our family beachside escape, we walked off all those chocolate mousse cups along the newly constructed continuous two-way pedestrian and cyclist trail along the metropolitan Adelaide coastline.

The full pathway stretches from Glenelg in the north to Seacliff in the South, but suffice to say the little legs weren’t making it that far after a full weekend of activities, so we chose the Minda Coast Park section, which winds along the beach front and in behind the dunes, totally sheltered from sea breezes.

The wind was up and the kite surfers were out, and it was the perfect way to end the weekend. The coastal pathway at Minda Coast Park is fully accessible and perfect for bikes, scooters or your good old feet!

minda coast park walk

Minda Coast Park
Start at The Kiosk at Somerton, Repton Road, Somerton Park

Start planning your own beachside getaway

With 30km of coastline from Seacliff to North Haven on your doorstep, space to move and fresh air to breathe, a beachside getaway beckons these school holidays.

Plan your own family beachside escape:

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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

international women's day kiddo

Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a day for us to join voices with people around the world and celebrate all women, in all their diversities. We embrace their facets and intersections of faith, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual identity, or disability. We celebrate those who came before us, those who stand beside us now, and those who will come after.

It’s a time to celebrate the achievements of women. We want to share some of the incredible women who have been involved with KIDDO over the last four years to say HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY and as a proud display of what confident, powerful, successful, incredible women we are so lucky to be surrounded by.

Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

Here are just a few of the wonderful women who’ve been a part of KIDDO along the way. 

rebecca morse 2021

Rebecca Morse

Journalist, award-winning news and radio presenter (plus KIDDO Mag columnist!), wife and mum of three, Rebecca Morse is one of SA’s most loved media personalities. 2020 saw Bec handed an ominous black suitcase full of radio equipment and told to broadcast from home for SAFM because of COVID19, and was also the year she said goodbye to her job as news anchor after 14 years at Network 10. Rebecca has started 2021 embracing a more hands-on parenting period, as well as continuing her role as breakfast host at SAFM and regaling us with her hilarious tales from the Morse household in her regular KIDDO mag column.

Jules Sebastian Podcast

Jules Sebastian

If you ask us, there’s not a lot that Jules Sebastian can’t do. She’s a TV presenter, stylist, public speaker and philanthropist, a mum to 2 gorgeous boys, adored wife of Aussie music legend Guy Sebastian, and, just quietly, probably one of the best people you’ll ever follow on Instagram. But beyond all that, Jules is also down to earth, relatable and warm, intelligent and well versed in so many topics; from female empowerment to teamwork, from health and lifestyle, to fashion and beauty. We were lucky enough to chat with Jules on our podcast KIDDO Chats, and it was like sitting down with an old friend. She regaled us with stories about growing up in Adelaide, and shared her insights about parenting and motherhood, as well as what’s coming up for Jules and her family this year!

turia pitt

Turia Pitt

Turia Pitt inspired the nation with her story of survival and extraordinary resilience after she was caught in an out of control grass fire while competing in an ultra marathon in 2011. She suffered burns to 65% of her body, and then went on to, as her website says, ’defy every expectation placed on her.’

Turia shows life who is boss. She’s a best-selling author, athlete and mindset coach. A two-time Ironman and has raised over a million dollars in donations in her role as an ambassador for Interplast. She has motivated us with her business savvy and entrepreneurship, moved us with her public speaking and made us LOL with her hilarious wit. She’s also had two beautiful babies with her husband Michael and she keeps her motherhood journey real on social media, regaling followers with the ups, downs and in betweens of being a modern parent. You can catch up with our chat with Turia about her book ‘Happy’.

tiff manuell, painting, colourful, studio

Tiff Manuell

Colour lover, artist, designer and mother, Tiff Manuell creates wearable art that brings a bright, happy pop into the life it lands in. Tiff’s designs are hand-crafted and incorporate all of her passions – painting, making, sewing and, more than anything, working freely with colour with no boundaries. She’s graced the cover of KIDDO and been a part of important campaigns we’ve launched. Catch up on our chat with Tiff to find out more about where her journey began and how Tiff Manuell unfolded with the help of her family.

Madhavi Nawana Parker

Regular KIDDO columnist on all things kids, families, and teen psychology, Madhavi is a total guru when it comes to developing resilience, confidence, wellbeing and social-emotional intelligence. Madhavi provides young people, families and schools with lifelong tools through her counselling, professional development, parent workshops, online training and her extensive range of published works.  We learn so much from every column Madhavi writes for KIDDO as she has such a wealth of knowledge and insight, and her KIDDO chats podcast remains our highest downloaded episode across the whole series!

Claire Foord

Claire Foord

In 2014, Adelaide mother, Claire Foord, experienced the heartbreak of losing her first child, Alfie to stillbirth. Determined to help prevent other families suffering the same tragedy, Claire is now the founder and CEO of stillbirth awareness charity, Still Aware. Her tireless efforts seeking to change how we talk about stillbirth, educating for awareness and raising awareness for prevention. saw her awarded South Australia’s Local Hero in the 2016 Australian of the Year Awards. She shared her story with us in KIDDO.

nicola cross illunah

Nicola Cross

Adelaide mum, Nicola Cross, dreamt up the idea of her exquisite online store, illunah, in what she calls a “moment of everyday mum mayhem”. Wanting to find a tangible way to capture the messy, wonderful season of motherhood in all its sticky, magical, crazy, wonder, she was inspired to create homely pieces that evoked emotion. Pieces that would help teach her children how much beauty could be found in the little things. Check out our chat with Nicola about launching illunah and what’s on the cards for  her in 2021.

renee barendregt

Renee Barendregt

Adelaide mum, Renèe Barendregt, has always loved fashion, but when her boys, Harry (3) and Sonny (19 months) were born, her love of fashion grew just as they did! And while her gorgeous boys mean Renèe is kept a very, very busy bee, she’s certainly managed to make honey… HONEY. Label, that is. HONEY. offers stylish pieces for little ones to grow into, made with love, made to fade and most importantly, made with children in mind. Think practical, eco friendly, soft, beautiful and fun designs, that feel good on and look great too! We love supporting women in business and you can check out our chat with Renee about launching HONEY.

Amanda McPherson

Amanda McPherson, is the creative director and chief magic maker behind Santa’s Wonderland, Adelaide’s biggest Christmas event that welcomes families each year into a spectacular world of Christmas wonder, a jolly (and GIANT) extravaganza. Check out our chat with Amanda about what the 2020 event looked like and how she manages the jolly juggle of managing large scale events with her young family!

Emma Sadie Thomson

Emma Sadie Thomson is a plant stylist who has firmly imprinted her very talented green thumb around Adelaide, she has created some of the very enviable installations you would have seen around the city.

Her beautiful Instagram account highlights her talents and way with plants and provides you with all the green inspiration you could possibly need – and will make you want to do a bathroom renovation when you lay your eyes on her oh-so-dreamy bath, just saying. Catch up on our chat with Emma where we discussed all things plants and babies, and the synergy between the two.

Hayley Belingarie

Hayley Berlingeri

KIDDO columnist Hayley Berlingeri is an Adelaide born and bred, mamma of three, just finding her way through her days with her little ones, trying to be the best version of herself that she possibly can be (which, she says, “more often than not results in me flopped out on the sofa at 10:34pm eating an entire packet of Mint Slice bickies, and thanking God that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it!”) Before the babes came in to being, Hayley poured her heart into her career as a Junior Primary teacher and JP Coordinating Principal, travelled the world, near and far, and solidly slept. But since then has given every waking minute to motherhood and all its mess, mayhem and marvel. Oh, and she loves to share her family stories in squares on their intsapage! Catch up with the Hayley’s ‘Hey Hayley’ column in each issue of KIDDO!

Emmah Money

Adelaide local, Emmah Money, is a mum, an author and motivational speaker, a charity ambassador, and was also named South Australia’s Local Hero during the Australian of the Year Awards 2020. She also lives with the life-threatening lung condition Cystic Fibrosis, a disease that affects her daily life, but one she is not willing to let limit how completely she lives it. Check out our chat with Emmah about life with CF, defying the odds and becoming a mum, and how she has channelled her passion for life to prove that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Annabel Bower

Annabel Bower graduated from the world renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School and went on to cook for Dukes, Lords and Ladies as a private chef in Gloucestershire England before returning to Australia to start her own catering company. She amassed vast event catering experience in both corporate and private sectors and has been highly sought after for her creative flair and incredibly hands on approach. Her present focus is on recipe development, food styling and content creation for all corners of the food industry, and of course Annabel regularly contributes her mouth watering recipes for KIDDO readers. As a mum and a passionate foodie Annabel spends most of her time in the kitchen. Her favourite people to cook for are friends and family and though, like all children, her kids won’t eat everything she cooks… she is determined to keep trying and is always happy share her fail safe, crowd pleasing recipes! Annabel is also the author of Miles Apart, a book of hope and support for parents navigating grief and heartache after the loss of a baby at any stage of pregnancy or in infancy, written after her 4th child, Miles, was stillborn.

Teresa Palmer + Christiane Duigan

Christiane Duigan and Teresa Palmer are goals in every sense of the word; mama goals, friendship goals, entrepreneur goals, wellness goals. These two beautiful ladies are earth mamas, friends and business partners, launching L O V E W E L L in 2019; their wellness brand that they poured so much love and hard work into. Their synergy is evident and their passion infectious. What we love most, is that with both of them, what you see is what you get. They are two of the sweetest, softest, kindest, nurturing humans on the face of the earth and watching them as mamas is watching poetry in motion. And they practice what they preach, truly living healthy, whole, plentiful lives reflecting their ethos that health and wellness begins from within. Catch up on our chat with Teresa and Christiane when they were launching LOVEWELL.

Alexis Teasdale

Cue the glitter cannons, friends, it’s time to celebrate good time party vibes; all things joyful, jubilant and thoroughly day brightening! Things that make us smile and whistle as we walk, things that give us the best kind of feels, through colour, glitter and all-round frolicsome fun!

This is the kind of infectious energy Alexis Teasdale; founder of The Festive Co. brings to everyone she meets, and every event she has a hand in. It might be a rainbow ribbon wall or a big-time balloon installation, or even a cheeky DIY photo-booth prop; if there’s a unique, show stopping, conversation starting party idea, Alexis is probably behind it. She is creative, vivacious and just an all-round bright spark of a human being, and also happens to have years of impressive media experience within glossy magazines in Sydney under her belt. Having recently returned to Adelaide, Alexis has launched The Festive Co, an event design business with a focus on making life’s milestones more awesome, one glitter drop at a time. Alexis is also one of the fabulous co-hosts of KIDDO chats, the KIDDO podcast, which launched in 2020.

Catch up on our chat with Alexis about returning to Adelaide and launching The Festive Co, and how having children has sparked a whole new level of creativity in her world.

Bluey's mum Chilli

Bluey’s Mum Chilli

With season 3 of Bluey due to commence production in late 2020, we caught up with Melanie Zanetti, voice of Chilli, to chat about all things Bluey, what it’s like to be caught up in what has become a global sensation, and just how Chilli manages it all!

Evelyn Roth

Growing up on a self sufficient Canadian wheat farm, Evelyn has always been aware of nature and has used her early skills in the crafts of knitting, crocheting and sewing to create objects for a living. Being educated in a prairie one room schoolhouse gave her a fine base in community artworks and lead to her immigration to Australia in 1996 under the special talent category as a community artist. Catch up on our Evelyn Roth feature where she tells us about her project Nylon Zoo.

Amelia Moseley

Amelia is the host of Behind the News and has called BTN home for four years. Not literally, as she only sleeps under her desk sometimes. She’s proud step-mum to a Boxer called Lulu, but is also a crazy cat lady, despite not owning a cat. Amelia loves writing stories about history, space exploration and leafy sea dragons. Amelia also regularly gives KIDDO readers a sneak peek behind the scenes of BTN – make sure you catch up on some of her BTS at BTN.

Steph Malan

Steph Malan

Steph is CEO and founder of The Village Co – a not-for-profit organisation passionate about seeing all South Australian new mothers, regardless of their background or disadvantage, embraced and supported as they begin the life-changing journey of motherhood. Check out the KIDDO We Are The Village campaign, or catch up on our chat with Steph on KIDDO chats about why she started The Village Co, how they help new mums find their village and just how she does it all!

Taryn Brumfitt

Film Director, Author, Speaker, Mumma of 3, 2019 Australian of the Year, SA Finalist 2019 SA Winner Excellence in Women’s Leadership 2018 The Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence Finalist and friend of KIDDO mag, Taryn Brumfitt, really needs no introduction. Taryn started a body image conversation years ago that has become a global revolution! Catch up on our chat with Taryn about how it all began; we talked about her body confidence journey, learning to embrace yourself, and what was in store for The Body Image Movement in years to come (spoiler alert; so many things!).

Canna Campbell

Canna Campbell

Canna Campbell knows a few things about money. With over a decade of experience in financial planning, including a successful career in banking and running her own boutique finance agency, she is passionate about educating and empowering women and families to create and sustain financial freedom.

Canna’s book Mindful Money guides readers through the practical realities of managing finances; catch up on our chat with Canna about how we can all be more mindful with money.

Danielle Symes

Danielle Symes

Adelaide mum and photographer Danielle Symes is happiest at home with her kids, husband and rescue dog, amongst the chaos and simplicity of life. Second to them, is her love for photography. Danielle has contributed to KIDDO since its inception, with her absolutely exquisite photography and her hit-the-nail-on-the-head opinion pieces. Catch up on one of Danielle’s KIDDO pieces or check out Danielle’s beautiful photography, it will take your breath away!

pippa wanganeen

Pippa Wanganeen

Mama of 4 girls, Pippa Wanganeen and friend of KIDDO mag has spent much of her life in the public eye, as a model, brand ambassador, TV presenter and actress, as well as being the Creative Director of Gavin Wanganeen Art. Pippa has been involved in some very special campaigns launched by KIDDO mag and is always so generous with her time to help those in need!

Mariana Mezic

Mariana Mezic is one busy mama. Her instagram bio reads: ‘mama, artist, she-wolf and part time unicorn’. She divides her time between a farm and a beach house with her super squad – husband Matt and their four kids. If that isn’t busy enough, she’s also responsible for three dogs, three cats and four horses. Oh, and she’s the talented artist behind the Adelaide Cabaret Festival’s 2018 artwork and paints incredible children’s portraits to boot. Catch up on our chat with Mariana about her colourful life!

Ali Clarke

When you think about it, breakfast radio and motherhood have a few similarities. No two days are the same. Occasionally dealing with a tough crowd. The early starts. Adelaide radio personality and mum, Ali Clarke agrees. “Sure there are the early mornings, but also you start out with a plan every day knowing full well it can, and probably will, be derailed and you just have to go with it. It’s that old adage of being the duck – everything looks serene and under control on top, but underneath you’re pedalling like crazy”. Check out our chat with Ali Clarke about all things breakfast radio and motherhood.

Charlotte Chambers

Charlotte Chambers

Publisher of KIDDO mag, mother of 2 and all round boss woman, Charlotte Chambers, worked for Rip It Up Publishing for nearly 14 years and then its successor Opinion Media. She started out in advertising sales for the music and culture street press Rip It Up before sweet talking the then publisher into allowing her to move across to working on CLIQUE’s predecessor Attitude Magazine. The idea for KIDDO was conceived while Charlotte was on maternity leave with her second child, the first issue was released in 2017, and the print mag for parents and families is now nearing 20 issues! Charlotte is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned in South Australia’s print media landscape, she could sell ice to the eskimos and is the heart and soul behind everything we do at KIDDO! It’s impossible to suggest print’s dead when someone as committed, passionate and powerful as Charlotte Chambers has nurtured and grown, what was a newborn publication into a thriving and brilliant Adelaide stand out piece of print media for families.

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Birth Time: The Documentary




Birth Time: The Documentary

Birth Time: The Documentary

Birth Time The Documentary
Birth Time: The Documentary

In February 2021, Birth Time: The Documentary, launched across Australia posing a question about why birth trauma is so rampant among women.

What would it take for women to emerge from their births physically well and emotionally safe?

Birth Time: The Documentary shines a light on what’s really happening in our maternity system, how we can find an answer and how we can effect change for all women.

Birth Time The Documentary

Exposing the truth around Birth

Three women, Jerusha Sutton – a doula and birth photographer, independent midwife Jo Hunter and actress Zoe Naylor, embarked on a mission to find out why an increasing number of women are emerging from their births physically and emotionally traumatised.

Their discoveries have exposed the truth to our flawed maternity system and lead them to join the birth revolution, forging a movement that hopes to change the face of maternity care in Australia and across the developed world.

This journey, became Birth Time, a documentary that evolved into a movement about changing the current politics, practice and funding of maternity care across the developed world.

Birth Time is an education resource and hub, that aims to:

  • shine a light on our current maternity system
  • educate women and pregnant people about different maternity services that are available to them,
  • for them to understand they have a choice,
  • and to share information about new and evolving midwifery models of care.

The team behind Birth Time hope to educate, inspire and motivate young women, pregnant women and people, mothers, partners, grandparents, family, birth workers, midwives, doctors, policy makers, politicians, organisations and corporations to be the voice for change.

Birth Time The documentary

But why?

Jerusha, Jo and Zoe share their why at birthtime.world.

It was clear from their research that our maternity system is broken.

The team bore witness to a postnatal depression epidemic, with suicide being the leading cause of maternal death in the developed world.

Birth trauma is rampant.

The incredibly high intervention rates in birth are not leading to better outcomes for mothers and babies.

Globally, we are losing connection and trust in one of the most transformative, powerful, primal and pivotal rites of passage we will ever undertake in our lives.

We live in a time where it has become normal to disregard the importance of a woman’s experience of birth. It is not widely known that our birth and birthing experiences deeply impact the way we navigate the world.

Improving women’s experience of birth helps them set up a stronger bond with their babies, decreases their risk of postnatal depression and encourages them to trust their maternal instincts when it comes to mothering their children. Care, connection, respect and trust begin with the mother baby bond.

This documentary was made as a catalyst to educate, motivate action and instigate change.

Because when we improve women’s experiences around birth, we change the world!

See Birth Time: The Documentary

The Birth Time team are travelling around Australia from 11 February to 9 March, 2021 to attend 14 special event ‘Premiere Q&A Screenings.’

Then ‘General Cinema Screenings’ around Australia (without the team) will be available from 10 March.

In South Australia

Wednesday 10 March, 6:30pm: Wallis Cinema Noarlunga, Palace Nova East End, Wallis Piccadilly
Monday 29 March, 6:30pm: Wallis Piccadilly
Monday 29 March, 10:00am: Event Cinemas Marion
Wednesday 12 May, 6:30pm: Victa Cinema, Victor Harbor

For tickets:


See the Birth Time Trailer:

For more information about Birth Time:


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