Best Playgrounds in Adelaide

Best Playgrounds in Adelaide


Let’s talk best playgrounds in Adelaide. In all honesty, Adelaide kids and their parents are spoiled for choice. We live in a state where the CBD is surrounded by lush green parklands and the suburbs are absolutely jam packed with a plethora of amazing playgrounds and play spaces.

At KIDDO we know what makes a good playground, and so do you! You don’t need us to tell you what the weather was like when we visited, or overload you with details about our personal preference between bark chips and soft fall.

You want to know where the playground is, what it looks like and how to get there!

That’s why we’ve created KIDDO’s quick look guide to the best playgrounds in Adelaide. To give you an at-a-glance view of South Australia’s best playgrounds in the North, South, East and West of the state. We provide a snapshot of what they look like and where they are, to give you more time to explore them yourselves!

And, of course, we will be continually updating this post because the list of the best playgrounds in Adelaide is always growing and changing, just like your kiddos!


Here are some of the best playgrounds in Adelaide!


Best Playgrounds in Adelaide - South


The largest playspace in Adelaide’s south opened earlier this year for families to explore at Wilfred Taylor Reserve in Morphett Vale.

The $2.2 million nature-based playspace has been designed for people of all ages and abilities to explore, roam and enjoy the reserve’s gorgeous natural environment.

Address: Wilfred Taylor Reserve, Morphett Vale

Marshmallow Playground

marshmallow park

marshmllow park

marshmallow park 3

marshmallow park 4

Marshmallow Playground is basically an institution in Adelaide’s inner South and has had a huge refurb in the last few years. There’s so much shade here (thanks to the gorgeous fig tree in the centre of the playground), and there’s water play and nature play opportunities, swings and slides, climbing frames and there are adjacent basketball and tennis courts within eyeline for older kids. And an all important feature of a playground when you have younger children – toilets!

Address: Glen Osmond Road, Adelaide

East Tce Glover Playground

east tce glover playground

East Tce Glover Playground

East Tce Glover Playground

Another playground that’s had a decent revamp in recent years is the East Tce Glover Playground. With cubbies, slides, swings, climbing walls, in ground trampolines, a basketball and netball hoop, plus BBQ facilities and toilets – this is a playground that ticks all the boxes, just South of the city and nestled amongst the olive groves, there are also plenty of great climbing trees!

Address: 120 East Tce, Adelaide


Heywood Park

heywood park

heywood park

This is one for the ninja kids! Heywood Park has long since been a favourite playground in Adelaide among families, but with its recent renovation, including construction of a mini ninja warrior course, it’s right up the top of the list! As well as the ninja course, you’ll also find all the traditional playground equipment, situated in the midst of a beautiful park setting with plenty of grass to run on, logs to climb and places to picnic!

Address: Addiscombe Pl, Unley Park

Blackwood Park Treetops playground

Treetops park

treetops park

This one’s for the height loving kiddos, with the playground literally being built into the treetops at Blackwood Park. With rope climbs and climbing nets as well as an enclosed spiral slide, you’ll entertain your young climbers, and for those less inclined to play among the treetops, you’ll also find sand pit, small wooden climbing frame and a less intense slide. Everybody wins!

Address: Cnr of Blackwood Park Blvd and Champion Way, Craigburn Farm

Heron Way Reserve, Hallet Cove

Heron Way Reserve

Heron Way Reserve

Everybody loves a playground by the beach, and the Heron Way Reserve ticks all the boxes – water play for kids, BBQ’s and communal spaces, nature play, sand play, and a super slide! This is absolutely one of the best playgrounds in Adelaide by the beach!

Address: Heron Way, Hallet Cove

Angus Neill Reserve, Seacliff

angus neiill

Angus Neill

angus neill

Another beach side winner; the Angus Neill Reserve in Seacliff is on the Esplanade and as such has stellar beach views! With on site BBQ’s and plenty of picnic space, this is a great spot for a family day out. Featuring both nature play and water play, as well as an awesome wooden pirate ship that harks back to the playgrounds we hung out at as kids, a spinner and a cool hillside cave and plenty of shade, this is a definite winner for the kids! 

Address: Esplanade, Seacliff

Mitchell Park Oval Playground

Mitchell Park Oval Playground

Mitchell Park OVal

Mitchell Park Playground

Climbing ropes, slides, swings, logs and balancing boulders, there’s so much to do at Mitchell Park Oval Playground, and with plenty of shade and space for families, not to mention both water play and sand play options, this could be where you spend your next day out! When we’re looking for the best playgrounds in Adelaide, we look for playgrounds that tick all the boxes, and this one is certainly on the list! 

Address: Bradley Grove, Mitchell Park

Mortlock Park, Colonel Light Gardens

Mortlock Park

Mortlock Park

This is an Adelaide playground that really gives an option for every family member (including the dog!). Adjacent Mortlock Oval, and right next to Colonel Light Primary, Mortlock Park Playground has playground equipment to suit a variety of aged kids, while the dog has a run on the oval, and you’ll even find a mini BMX pump track where kids can go for a burn! 

Address: Mortlock Park, Colonel Light Gardens

Hendrie Street Reserve INCLUSIVE PLAYGROUND, Parkholme

Hendrie Street Reserve Playground

Hendrie Street Playground

Hendrie Stret Playground

Hendrie Street Playground

The incredible Hendrie Street Inclusive Playground, part of the Livvi’s Place Network – delivering special places to change the way our society plays – is the first playground in Adelaide to be developed specifically for kids with disabilities.

The playspace brings together all children, regardless of their ability, to play side by side and encourage social inclusion through play. 

This is absolutely one of the best playgrounds in Adelaide and offers so many accessible play opportunities:

  • Wheelchair accessible carousel
  • Accessible play – multi station with ramp
  • Expression Swing
  • Sensory playspace
  • The toilets at the playground are fully accessible and include an adult-sized change table
  • Hard pathways through the playground have been designed wider to allow the easy access and manoeuvrability of mobility chairs
  • Accessible BBQs are installed within the playground that allow wheelchair users to easily cook
  • Ample car parking, including disabled parking, is available and allocated coach spaces make this a great group excursion location

Address: Hendrie Street Inclusive Playground, Hendrie Street, Parkholme

Central Park Playground, Craigburn Farm

Central Park Blackwood

Big Slide Playground Craigburn Farm

blackwood park playground

Firstly, this playground is just so so pretty! I mean look at it! green as far as the eye can see. And who could go past that slide? This playground is nestled in the quiet suburb of Craigburn Farm, but well worth a visit if you’re in the area or are looking for a new adventure. With rope climbs and rock climbing walls, there’s something here that will keep your kids entertained for… well… juuuust long enough until someone needs to wee. There are no toilets, which is a drawback, so make sure everyone goes before they leave home! 

Address: 4 Fisher Cres, Craigburn Farm

Princess Elizabeth Playground

princess elizabeth playground

princess elizabeth playground

princess elizabeth climbing frame

When we’re talking about the best playgrounds in Adelaide, the Princess Elizabeth Playground would have to be in the top 5! She’s definitely royalty that’s for sure. Not only is it HUGE, but there is just so much to do! And there are toilets, so you won’t have to leave because someone needs to go, WOOHOO. The kids at KIDDO HQ call this playground the “castle playground” because of the giant spiral slide that’s been built into a castle – and boy they’ve spent many hours climbing those stairs and whizzing down. There are also plenty of swings and slides, in ground trampolines, and the biggest most epic climbing frame you ever did see. With ample BBQ space and grassy areas, this is a great playground for a party! 

Address: South Tce, Adelaide

Mitcham Reserve

Mitcham Reserve

Mitcham Reserve

If you’re looking for a picturesque playground, the playground in Mitcham Reserve is certainly that. With plenty of grassy surrounds, this is another great playground for a birthday party. With plenty of different playground equipment, but also a creek bed to explore and enough grass to kick a ball and onsite toilets, this suburban playground is a definite contender for one of the best playgrounds in Adelaide. 

Address: Between Old Belair Rd, Norman Walk & Evans Ave, Old Belair Rd

Jubilee Park

jubilee park

Jubilee Park

jubilee park


If fun had a middle name, it would be Jubilee Park! This playground is MEGA, and is absolutely one of the best playgrounds in Adelaide. We’re talking climbing frames, water play, sand play.. and, I mean, how many playgrounds have a life sized giraffe? The best part of Jubilee Playground has got to be the giant wooden castle though, which is huge and will keep the kids running, hiding and exploring for absolutely ages! This is the kind of playground that calls for a few solid hours, and probably lunch (plenty of space for picnics and BBQs too)! And right across from the beach – your summer adventure awaits. 

Address: Saltfleet Street, Port Noarlunga South

Best Playgrounds in Adelaide - North

Lightsview Adventure Playground

lightsview adventure playground lightsview adventure playground lightsview adventure playground lightsview adventure playground

Completed in April 2021, the final piece of the Lightsview parks and wetlands crown covers approximately 3,000sqm and includes a sensory-rich dinosaur discovery sandpit along with a dizzying array of activities and play equipment.Kids can now explore a nature play zone, creek bed, in-ground trampolines, climbing frames, inclusive play carousel under shade, giant bird’s nest swing, climbing ropes and slides, and there is, of course, plenty of green space for families to picnic, kids to run around or ball games! There’s no doubt that this is one of the newest and best playgrounds Adelaide has to offer in the North!

South Parkway or Wiltshire Drive, Lightsview

Barossa Adventure Station

barossa adventure station barossa adventure stationbarossa adventure station

Barossa Adventure Station truly has something for everyone. Features include a multi-level place space including a mega tower and play deck, 1km mountain bike loop, heritage elements, attractive open spaces, skate ramp, fitness stations and plenty of picnic spots. It’s the perfect place to spend an hour, or the whole day. Best of all, it’s just a short walk to Angaston where you can discover bespoke regional offerings at our many cafes, cellar doors, restaurants and providores.

Address: Washington Street, Angaston


St Kilda Adventure Playground

St Kilda Adventure Playground

St Kilda Adventure Playground

st kilda playground

st kilda playground

st kilda playground

st kilda playground

If you’ve been a kid in Adelaide you’ve probably been to St Kilda Playground, and you’re probably going to want to take your kids there too. Because not only is St Kilda Playground a South Australian icon, it’s also absolutely one of the biggest and best playgrounds in Adelaide. Sure it’s a bit of a drive (45 minutes North of the CDB) but this is an award winning playground and a must visit! And a must go back! This is the ultimate adventure playground, complete with super slides, wooden fortress, old wooden ship, and even a volcano! Not to mention an EPIC flying fox, and a bouncy climbing frame. Kids will run, climb, slide and play for hours here – but make sure to take a towel if it’s hot because those silver slides pack some heat when it’s warm!

Address: 470 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda

Klemzig Recreation Reserve Playground

klemzig reserve

The 2014 upgrade to the Klemzig playground really did wonders. This colourful, shady wonderland is a definite must-visit with kids in Adelaide. Lots of slides, swings, multiple climbing frames and even two flying foxes, BBQ’s, plenty of grass, and toilets – you can’t ask for much more!

Address: OG Rd & North East Road, Klemzig


Prospect Memorial Park

prospect memorial gardens

prospect memorial gardens

propsect memorial gardens

If they were giving prizes for pretty playgrounds, then Prospect Memorial Park would absolutely be on the short list. This is lush playground has been designed as a magical garden and ticks all the boxes for necessary for being one of the best playgrounds in Adelaide. It’s fully fenced, equipped with slides, climbing frames, nature play, water play and sand play, there are toilets within cooee and plenty of grass and BBQ areas. Another great potential party park!

Address: 1 Menzies Cres, Prospect

Cobbler Creek Recreation Park and Playground, Salisbury

Cobbler Creek Playground

Cobbler Creek Playground

The exciting new Kites and Kestrels adventure playground at Cobbler Creek is absolutely deserving of its place on the list of best playgrounds in Adelaide. With climbing structures that look like trees with raptors’ nests, sandpits, a flying fox, plenty of nature play and a super slide… this is a must-visit with kids in Adelaide. There are also bike paths, and a BMX pump track and trails in the adjacent Peddler Paddock so put the bikes and scooters in the car and get on your way!

Address: Cobbler Creek Recreation Park, Salisbury East

Hope Valley Reservoir Nature Playground

Hope Valley Reservoir Playground

Hope Valley Reservoir Playground hope valley reservoir playground

The Hope Valley Reservoir opened for recreation in 2020, and the recently completed nature playground takes it to the next level as a spot to spend the afternoon with the fam. The creative geniuses behind such Adelaide nature play spaces as The Morialta Conservation Park Playground, Mitcham Reserve and Victor Harbor CT Fisher Playground, Climbing Tree Creations, have done it again, designing a playground on the banks of the Hope Valley Reservoir that will get your kiddos climbing, building… and maybe even bouldering! All with quite a shmick vista to take in while they’re at it!


  • Climbing frame
  • Stepping stones and logs
  • Free standing teepees
  • Balancing logs
  • Bouldering rock
  • Nature play creek bed

The surrounding area is complete with picnic tables and chairs, drinking fountains, toilets and fitness equipment, as well as plenty of grass to run around on or kick a ball, so there really is something for everyone here. There are also easy, accessible walking trails around and across the dam great for a wander on foot, or on your bike!

And with a view like this as a backdrop…why wouldn’t you?

Address: Hope Valley Reservoir, North Western Corner,  Lambert Avenue Entrance, Hope Valley

Modbury Civic Park Playground

Modbury Civic Playground

Civic Park playground

With climbing castles and frames, slides, an accessible carousel, seesaws and swings, plenty of shade and nearby toilets, Civic Park playground in Modbury has something to keep kids of all ages busy and happy!

Address: Civic Park, Modbury

Thorndon Park Reserve Paradise

Thornon Park

Thrndon park

JANUARY 2021 UPDATE: Thorndon Park Reserve is preparing for refurbishment!

The Campbelltown City Council is finishing up their consultation phases and have put forward a $2.5m redevelopment to transform the space into a state of the art playground.

Construction time frame for the project is TBC. If the concept images are anything to go by though, if this goes ahead it will absolutely transform Thorndon Park playground into one of the best playgrounds in Adelaide.

thorndon park upgrade

Address: Hamilton Terrace, Paradise

Semaphore Foreshore playground

sempahore foreshore

sempahore foreshore

We do love a seaside playground here at KIDDO and the Semaphore foreshore playground doesn’t disappoint. With climbing frames, slides, tunnels and a flying fox there’s so much fun to be had here, and the area is surrounded by the Semaphore foreshore complex which boasts a waterslide and carousel, so make sure you’re planning to make a day of it!

Address: Foreshore, corner of Esplanade & Semaphore Rd, Semaphore

Best Playgrounds in Adelaide - East

Morialta Nature Playground

Morialta nature playground

morialta playground

The pictures say it all really; Morialta Playground is arguably the best Nature Play playground in South Australia! The playground, which is divided into five themed play areas, is absolutely huge and incorporates natural elements as far as the eye can see. You could easily spend an entire day here playing and exploring the surrounding area, so pack a picnic!

Address: Stradbroke Road, Woodforde

Glenside Playground

Glenside Playground

Inner East suburbs families rejoiced with the opening of the Glenside Playground in mid 2021 – this is the park the surrounding community have been dreaming of! With a huge expanse of green space to play red rover all over or kick a footy, as well as a basketball half court, multiple swings, plenty of climbing frames and a toddler focused play castle, everybody wins here. Just be aware that if there’s been heavy rain in the preceding days, you might find the lawn area is more of a lake; the space is a rain water detention area and fills up pretty fast in a downpour. 

Address: Harriet Lucy Drive, Glenside

Tusmore Park Playground

Tusmore Park

Tusmore Park

Tusmore Park Pool

The Tusmore Park wading pool has been favourite among parents of toddlers over the summer months; it’s shady and cool and, at knee depth, safe for little tots who are just getting used to the water. However at over 50 years old, the pool has more than reached the end of its useful life and needs to be refurbished with a new facility… but parents of water loving kiddos can rejoice, because it’s happening! The pool is temporarily closed until further notice, but construction on a new wading pool and surrounding landscaping is due to commence in 2021/22. Watch this space! In the mean time, the surrounding Tusmore playground, which is spread across the park, also offers some fun play experiences for older kids, with swings slides and climbing frames, as well as lots of room to kick a ball! Check out the concept plans for the new Tusmore wading pool while you’re waiting!

Address: Stirling St, Tusmore

Hazelwood Park Playground

Hazelwood. Park

Hzelwood Park

Hazelwood Park

Shady Hazelwood Park playground is the home of a cracking flying fox, which is reason enough for many kids to want to stop by! With plenty of climbing frames, balance beams, slides and swings, as well as the surrounding park which is lush and full of logs to climb, creek beds to explore and ducklings to spot, this playground is well worth a visit. It’s also home of the Burnside Pool which is super tempting for little people when it’s warm outside!

Address: Hazelwood Avenue, Hazelwood Park

Katherine Street Reserve

katerhine street

Katheriine Streeet

Katherine Street Reserve

This corner block park is great for Fullarton locals, and recently upgraded (as of 2017) it’s bright and fun and in good condition! Complete with all the usual suspects (slides and swings and things to climb on), it also has a big sand pit which the little ones love, and a decent amount of grass for running around or kicking a ball.

Address: Katherine Street, Fullarton

Bellyett Reserve

Bellyet reserve

Small but sweet, at the Bellyett playground in Wattle Park what you see is what you get… an epic cubby with slides and climbing ropes to go up and poles to slide down! There are toilets close by, a basketball hoop and a public tennis court – so there are lots of play options available!

Address: 9 Stonyfell Road, Wattlepark

Burnside Adventure playground

Burnside Adventure Playground

burnside adventure playground

Burnside Adventure

Flying fox lovers – Burnside Adventure Park is calling your name! This award winning playground is set amongst the trees in beautiful Kensington and if your kids like climbing, crawling, flying, sliding or spinning.. there’s going to be something here for them to enjoy! There are BBQ’s and toilets, so you can set up here for the day quite comfortably and know the kids will be happy as Larry!

Address: The Parade & West Terrace, Kensington Gardens

James Coke Park

james coke park

James Coke Park

Parents and caregivers have been taking their toddlers to James Coke Park forever and a day, and that’s because it really is the perfect playground for little people. You won’t find a whole lot here to entertain the older kids (although there is a climbing tower and a longer slide), but there have to be some playgrounds earmarked for the littlest among us! It’s fully fenced so no chances of any getaways from little escape artists, and with swings, slides, seesaws and plenty of spots for sitting in the shade, this playground gets our tick of approval!

Address: Coke Street, Norwood



Dunstan Adventure Playground

Dunstan Adventure Playground

Dunstan Adventure Playground

With one of the best slides in SA, this playground is perfect for speed demons who want to barrel down a slippery dip at break neck speed! We’re not kidding when we say it’s fast! Other features include wobbly rope bridges, climbing frames and a flying fox… and right next to the OBAHN track, little ones will also love seeing the buses whizz past! Keep in mind that the metal slide is h.o.t. HOT in the summer months!

Address: Winchester Street, St Peters

QUENTIN KENIHAN PLAYSPACE quentin kenihan playspace quentin kenihan playspace rymill park quentin kenihan rymill park playground  

The brand new Quentin Kenihan Playspace, located in Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka (Park 14), honours much loved disability advocate Quentin Kenihan and is fully inclusive and accessible. The playground features a wheelchair trampoline, sound and sensory garden and water play, as well as swings, a carousel and plenty of grassy space for picnics and BBQ facilities.

Address: Rymill Park (Park 14), Adelaide


Best Playgrounds in Adelaide - West

Stanley Street Reserve Playground

Stanley Street Reserve Playground

stanley street reserve playground

stanley street reserve

stanley street reserve

Here is one playground upgrade that will have your kiddos buzzing with excitement. Stanley Street Reserve was upgraded in May 2021 and features a customised hexagon play piece with individual cubbies and bee-themed activities. There is a tunnel slide and children can crawl in and out of each cubby. There is a climbing rope and footholds for those keen to scale the beehive, as well as bee stickers are hidden throughout the play area. Can you find all 100 of them?

Young entrepreneurs can practice playing queen bee at the playground honey shop complete with a wooden honey pot and timber seats. There is a climbable bee sculpture and a table with a bee puzzle. Additional items include a spinner and log steppers along with a toddler and traditional swing set.

The hexagon theme is carried throughout the grounds with the shade, table, seats and planter boxes.

Great for a family day out, the upgrade has seen the addition of a barbeque and shade sail, as well as mulched and rubber softfall complemented by additional planting.

This reserve upgrade sits alongside the existing tennis courts leased by Stanley Street Tennis Club.

Address: Stanley Street, Glengowrie, SA

Wigley Reserve Playground

Wigley Reserve Playground

wigley reserve playground

wigley reserve playground

Just in time for the summer months, the $1m Wigley Reserve playground development is complete!

The playspace, funded by the City of Holdfast and State Government features:

  • a climbing tunnel
  • in-ground trampolines
  • swings
  • slides
  • a log climbing structure
  • stepping boulders
  • a sensory nature-trail

In addition, there’s a drinking fountain, bike racks, custom-built shade structure, seating and 10 new exercise stations in the fitness hub.

Accessibility is a focus with the new space offering increased opportunity to all ages, interests and abilities.

Address: Wigley Reserve Playground, Corner of Anzac Highway & Adelphi Terrace, Glenelg

Bonython Park Playspace

Bonython Park Playground

flying fox bonython park

Absolutely one of Adelaide’s best playgrounds, Bonython Park play space is a playground that has everything you think a playground should, and a few things you wouldn’t have thought of! The spinning hamster wheel is always popular with older kids, as is the dual flying fox. And adjoining park also has plenty of space for running around and kicking a ball, toilet facilities and BBQ’s so there’s really nothing missing here!

Address: Bonython Park, Adealaide

St Clair Recreation Precinct

St Clair Recreation Precinct

ST clair playground

St clair 3

The newly renovated St Clair precinct does not disappoint with its new playground. With a combination of nature play and classic playground equipment, they’ve really catered for kids of all ages and stages. Kids can enjoy the multiple swings (including a huge nest swing!), slides and an epic climbing wall as well as a sandpit and water play options. We approve!

Address: St Clair Recreation Centre, Woodville

Glenelg foreshore playground

Glenelg Foreshore

Gleneleg Foreshore

We LOVE the playground on the foreshore at Glenelg. The pictures say it all really, it’s actually this good and is so popular with the kiddos. The mega slide is super fast (and also super hot in summer so keep that in mind!) and the nature and water play sand pit area keeps big and littles entertained for hours. There are in ground trampolines, tunnels to crawl through, climbing frames and a rope wall, and the beach is only a hop skip and a jump away. Everybody’s a winner!

Address: Glenelg Foreshore, Glenelg

Yanyarrie Avenue Reserve

Yanyarrie Avenue Reserve

playgrounds west adelaide adelaide playground west

Thrill seekers will enjoy this new adventure playground and reserve upgrade at Yanyarrie Avenue Reserve. This neighbourhood playground in Edwardstown features a rock climbing boulder with four levels of climbing abilities to try, as well as a 4.5m high gyro basket swing, which rotates 360 degrees, is multidirectional and suspended from an arching post allowing for further movement and height.

Plenty of nature play opportunities here, with woven pods perfect for imaginative play cubby houses as well as a log pathway trail and junior trampoline. The rock shop with an abacus counter takes a fun spin on numeracy and educational play.

Sports facilities include new multi-sport practice courts (3×3 basketball and netball practice courts), a shared-use trike track pathway, and a new kick-about lawn for kids who just wanna run around, ball in hand.

Address: 6 Yanyarrie Avenue, Edwardstown

Westfield Westlakes Playground

westfield westlakes playground

westfield westlakes

So you don’t usually get a noteworthy playground in a shopping centre, but we’ll make an exception for the playground at West Lakes Westfield. With a combination of tubular slides and open slippery dips, as well as climbing ropes and a sand pit, it’s definitely a space worthy of stopping and letting the kids play while you enjoy a coffee and a well deserved sit down.

Address: Westfield Shopping Centre, West Lakes Boulevard, Westlakes

Harts mill playground

harts mill playground

Harts Mill playground

harts mill playground

Hello yellow! What an awesome playground in the Port. There’s just so much to climb and clamber over at Hart’s Mill playground, your kids will love the spinning wheel, tubular slide and of course, everybody’s favourite, a double flying fox! There’s also a sand play area for little tackers and plenty of swings and even a hamster wheel. While you’re in Port Adelaide, why not go for a wander and see if you can find some of Adelaide’s best street art.

Address: 9 Mundy St, Port Adelaide

MJ McInerney Reserve, West Croydon

MJ McInerny Park

MJ MCinerney Park

MJ Mcinerney Park

Ok let’s talk SLIDES, friends. MJ McInerney Reserve in Croydon is a playground all about slides. Big ones, little ones, straight ones, twisty ones. And what kid doesn’t love sliding? It also has sand play and water play areas, a flying fox, balancing logs, climbing nets… oh and just a FULL SKATE PARK. No big deal. There’s no doubt this is one of the best playgrounds in Adelaide!

Address: Sackville St, West Croydon


Roy Martin Park Taperoo

Roy Martin Park

Roy Martin Park

Well this playground is pretty flipping fantastic! Kids of Taperoo, Roy Martin Park is for you! The playground and surrounds have been upgraded in recent years and all equipment is in separate zones for different ages and abilities. Plenty of shade, slippery dips, sand and climbing equipment will keep your kiddos oh so occupied and that’s just the way we like it!

Address: 22 Wandana Terrace, Taperoo

Collins Reserve

collins reserve

Collins reserve has two play areas, and such a great variety of equipment for big and little kiddos! With onsite parking, a toilet, room to roam, ducks to feed and lots of BBQ facilities, this is a great spot to spend the day!

Address: 88 Valetta Rd, Kidman Park

Sandison Reserve

sandison Reserve

Who doesn’t love a giant tube slide? There’s something at Sandison Reserve for sliders big and small, with a variety of different slippery dips as well as tunnels, swings and spinny things! Lots of BBQ area and spaces for kids to roam free on the grass – a great park for a picnic or a morning out!

Address: Sandison Reserve, Glenelg East

Allenby Gardens Reserve Accessible playground

Allenby Gardens Reserve

allenby gardens

allenby gardens accessible

We love a fabulous accessible playground here at KIDDO because that means everyone can get involved in the fun! And there’s so much fun to be had at Allenby Gardens Reserve with custom designed equipment including a wheelchair accessible play system. With fairytale and pirate ship play areas, there’s something for all ages and abilities, with lots of climbing structures and a nearby oval for older kids to kick a ball if they’ve had enough of the playground.

Address: 21 Lewanick St, Allenby Gardens

Get ready to blast off at Beam Camp

Get ready to blast off at Beam Camp

beam camp school holidays

Get ready to blast off at Beam Camp

Have you got a STEM superstar or a coding whiz looking to keep their brain busy and stretch their science skills in the school holidays?

Look no further than Beam Camp, an innovative, out of this world school holiday camp run by the education team at Lumination!

Suitable for kids aged 7-12, Beam Campers are introduced to a new world of imagination, innovation and creativity by expert leaders in the field. They’ll make new friends while building digital literacy, problem solving and design thinking—skills that will be vital for their future.

At Beam Camp, kids will soar past the boundaries of everyday life while exploring coding, immersive virtual reality, robotics and drones. Beam Campers even get a chance to make extended reality creations of their very own!

beam camp adelaide

Countdown to Mars Robotics Camp

Strap yourselves in for a mission to Mars! At Countdown to Mars, Beam Campers are hired to design a new vehicle for travelling around on the rocky surface of the red planet! Campers will learn all about rovers and be asked to consider things like fuel source, weight, durability, size, special features, flexibility and which characteristics of Mars would present issues for a surface exploration vehicle.

Beam Campers will build their own base model rover, design their own add-ons and get familiar with how the vehicle operates, before using their rover to perform essential tasks in their very own space colony! This includes collecting rock samples for testing, driving up to the communications tower to send a message to home base, and transporting vital water, food and first aid supplies to the residential areas.

beam camp school holidays stem

Red Planet Rescue Drone Coding Camp

At Red Planet Rescue drone coding camp, campers will navigate their own drone around the model Mars colony using block coding, learning core concepts such as iteration, functions and variables while they’re at it! It’s all about teaching students
to explore, empathise and ideate.

Students are given scaled maps of the colony on Mars and asked to predict what might happen when it floods, explore the implications of the emergency on the humans living on Mars (considering safety, rescue, food, communication and more) and have to work together to brainstorm, problem solve and plan what their emergency response could be using drones.

beam camp coding

Beyond 2021 Virtual Reality Coding Camp

At Beyond 2021 VR coding camp, campers will use fully immersive virtual reality technology to explore the solar system and beyond and discover what challenges will be facing the colonists of the future.

The best way to learn is to experience things for yourself, so campers will code and create their own space colony before stepping inside their virtual world. By looking at core concepts like functions, variables and iteration, campers will continue growing their block coding skills so they can add even more interactivity to their virtual space colony.

Once projects are ready for launch, campers will be hooked up with the immersive VR tech so they can step into their space colony and experience it as if they were really there.

beam camp

Race Through Time & Space Game Development Camp

Calling all gamers! At Beam Camp’s two-day game development experience, kids will develop their Roblox game design skills and be tasked with bringing their creative vision to life. They’ll add details and hidden challenges to their environment
to create the ultimate game experience, picking up problem solving, coding and 3D modelling skills along the way!

After navigating their way through time and space to create their own racing Roblox game, they’ll test out, play and share their game with their Beam Camp buddies.

school holiday stem camp adelaide

What to expect at Beam Camp

Camps run from 9.00am to 3.30pm, with drop off from 8.30am onwards. Each day includes 30 minutes for recess and 60 minutes for lunch, so your bright spark has plenty of time to eat, relax, and play with their new friends!

Each Beam Camp is run by passionate educators who will make sure you have an awesome experience and learn lots of new skills! Camps are led by qualified teachers and university tutors, and all staff have first aid training and current working with children checks.

Ready for Mission Launch? Book now for school holidays:



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Top Things To Do With Kids in Adelaide School Holidays

Top Things To Do With Kids in Adelaide School Holidays

Top Things To Do With Kids in Adelaide School Holidays

kids in adelaide school holidays

The Kiddo Ultimate List of Things To Do With The Kids In Adelaide School Holidays


Holidays are here! And even though there is the excitement of long, lazy days, with no schedule and quality time with the kids, there’s also the sheer horror of…


Stop panicking, look no further – we’ve got you covered. Below we have a (very extensive) list of the top things Adelaide has to offer throughout the school holidays so that the kids are kept active and entertained and mum and dad get a moment (or three) to themselves!

This list is kept constantly up to date with all the BEST things to do with kids in Adelaide School Holidays

novas not the royal show

Nova’s (NOT) The Royal Show

Nova’s (NOT) The Royal Show is Adelaide’s biggest event this September School Holidays at Bonython Park! When this year’s Royal Adelaide Show was cancelled again, Ben & Liam from Nova were just as disappointed as all of the kids and families around Adelaide. Another year of no rides, showbags & sideshows… What were we going to do?  That’s when Ben & Liam had one of their bright ideas. What if… Nova organised a COVID-FRIENDLY version of the Royal Show and invited all of Adelaide’s families along?

Nova’s (NOT) the Royal Show includes:

  • Over 25 rides
  • Side show games
  • Over 60 Showbags
  • Delicious food trucks
  • Meet and greet Paw Patrol Characters (day sessions only)
  • Nightly fireworks at 9.30pm each night (Weather pending of course)

Whilst the team can’t bring you everything the show has, they’ve selected the best rides, showbags, food and entertainment the whole family will love.

For tickets:



Pixar Putt

Pixar Putt

A new 18 hole mini-golf course is taking over the Torrens in the September/October Adelaide School Holidays, with Pixar Putt, the movie themed putt putt course coming to Adelaide for the first time!

This open air, pop-up mini-golf experience is made up of interactive holes inspired by the stories, characters and icons from some of Pixar’s most beloved films including Toy StoryOnwardFinding Nemo, The Incredibles, Soul, Monsters, Inc., A Bug’s LifeWall-EInside Out and more and will be set up from Friday 24 September to Sunday 17 October at the Riverbank Promenade, Adelaide Convention Centre.

For tickets:

bricks4kidz lego workshops adelaide

Bricks4Kidz Lego Workshops

The team at Bricks4Kidz will have your Lego-loving lads and lasses constructing, creating, doing and designing at their hands-on build-based workshops run every school holidays. The Bricks4Kidz programs cycle through a variety of themes to keep things fresh (and dynamic for those repeat attendees!). Trust us when we say that the real-life Lego Masters that host these sessions know all the building blocks that make up a good time, with these half or full-day school holiday workshops blending fun and learning into a great alternative for child care during the hols—or just an all-round good time if you’re looking for an activity for a few hours.

For lowdown on all the upcoming sessions for the September/October school holidays 2021:


cirkidz school holiday program

Cirkidz School Holiday Workshops

If you’re looking to outsource your circus clowns for a half or full day – or even a series of days –  during the school holidays, then Cirkidz Circus School school holiday sessions will see your kiddos bouncing off the walls and jumping through hoops… in a good way! With tumbling, acrobatics, trampolining, circus tricks and a massive foam pit (plus plenty of crash mats), kids who join Cirkidz for a school holiday sesh will have the opportunity to meet new friends and have a blast while being active and learning a few new tricks. We sent the KIDDO crew along to a session to check it out, here’s what we thought!

September/October School Holiday Program spots are on sale now: 


mad hatters high tea stamford grand

Mad Hatters High Tea Stamford Grand Adelaide

The Stamford Grand at Glenelg is staging a series of Mad Hatter’s high teas in its ballroom these September/October school hols. Decadent high tea, a bonkers and brilliant Mad Hatter’s theme, and a fun-filled school holiday activity … what more could you ask for? Kiddos will be greeted by costume-clad guests at the door, with adults given a glass of sparkling on arrival, and the kids, colourful mocktails – all approved by the Queen of Hearts herself, of course. Tables are perfectly decked out with Alice in Wonderland-style fare including quirky clocks and chinaware, playing cards, old books, bunnies, and a tonne of colour. Scrumptious afternoon high tea will be served, including an array of delicate sweets treats and delish savoury items. (Special dietary requests can be catered for.)

For more information, dates and booking details:



nature festival

Nature Festival 2021

Nature Festival is returning to South Australia from the 25 September to the 4 October, with a full program of events featuring an expansive array of talks, exhibitions, nature walks, workshops, bird watching, and over 80 events specific to kids and families. Perfect to keep you and the kiddos busy in the great outdoors during the school holidays!

For more information:


Westfield Header

Westfield Kids Passes

Let Westfield help you entertain your kiddos and enjoy hours of fun with the newly launched Westfield Kids Pass. That’s right, Westfield Kids Passes are HERE, just in time for school holidays, with offerings across all three Westfield centres giving you access to all the entertainment and dining options you and your crew could ever need (and a few more for good measure) at a discounted bundled rate!

For more information on the offerings at each Westfield Centre:



animal crossing

Animal Crossing Play and Improvisation Theatre Workshop

In this 3hr workshop on Tuesday 5 October from 10:00am, international film director Paulo Castro from the Adelaide College of the Arts will guide kids aged 6-13 toward boosting self-confidence and developing self-expression through voice and movement. Kids will take part in solo and small-group games and exercises based on the popular world-building exploration game Animal Crossing. The workshop concludes with a mini dramatic performance for parents and carers to enjoy!

For more information:



win tickets to circus


Roll up! Roll up! Prepare to enter a world of whimsy, wonder and amazement where your imagination will soar like never before, in this completely re-imagined family circus spectacular! This Adelaide Fringe award-winning, sell-out sensation is flipping into town these September school holidays in Adelaide for a strictly limited season of 3 SHOWS ONLY! Sure to astound and amaze the entire family, CIRCUS is the latest trailblazer in children’s entertainment –  featuring world-class illusions, tumbling acrobats, highly skilled jugglers, breath-taking and elegant aerialists, an endearing clown with his GIGANTIC 6ft balloon, and a bucket load of side-splitting comedy. Headed by the incomparable Ringmaster, prepare to tumble down the rabbit hole in this jam-packed 60-minute spectacle that will be remembered long after you leave the theatre!

Take the whole family along to the perfect school holidays activity this September – see you at the CIRCUS! Her Majesty’s Theatre Sept 27 and 28. Book at BASS.

For tickets:


Bubble show at Capri

Bubble Show with Mini Milkshake Live at the Capri

Wednesday October 6 at 11.00am

A theatre show about bubbles for anyone in the world regardless of what language they speak. A lonely Bubble Man named Dr Bubble sits in his laboratory making bubbles with his only a friend a lifeless hand puppet. One day he accidentally brings the puppet to life with a magic bubble and all fun and chaos break loose. While the Dr sleeps the little Puppet turns into a real live mischief maker named Milkshake the Bubble Clown who has fun with Dr Bubble and the audience alike. A beautiful, heartfelt and hilarious story that has audiences in joy and empathy throughout and filled with Bubbles from the beginning until the grand bubble finale.

Book early at:


kids camp out

‘Time for Kids’ Camp Out

It’s time to grab the family, some mates, the whole crew! What better time than the Adelaide school holidays to challenge yourself and go camping, and why not raise money for a good cause while you’re at it? Time for Kids matches children with volunteer families and individuals who willingly give their time, care and support. Whether you choose to camp out under the stars or in your very own living room, you can help raise funds to enrich the lives of kids with challenging home lives.

For more information:

monarto safari park


Monarto Zoo is a must do with kids in Adelaide school holidays (and weekends, and any time you can get there)! 1500 hectare open range zoo – the largest one in the world – and is home to over 500 animals including lions, giraffes, meerkat, chimpanzees and so much more! Itʼs a beautiful experience to see these animals roam around and you truly do feel like you have escaped reality and been transported to a safari, plus the zoo holds so many activities to check out including ‘meet the keeperʼ. Monarto Zoo is open from 90:30-5:00pm every day of the year (including Christmas Day and public holidays).

Old Princes Hwy, Monarto South SA 5254


Get up close and personal with roos, koalas, wallabies, betongs and Tasmanian devils with the kids in Adelaide school holidays – most of which are in their natural habitat – and itʼs just 20 minutes away from the city centre! Itʼs also a great place to have a picnic. Cleland Wildlife Park also have a range of school holidays programs to choose from, ranging from vacation care to full family experiences. For opening hours, information on planning your day, fees and to buy tickets, head straight to the website.

365 Mount Lofty Summit Road, Cleland, SA, 5152

Warrawong Sanctuary

Warrawong Sanctuary

Experience the life of a professional animal keeper for a day with the Warrawong Junior Keeper program during the School Holidays! Open to children 6 to 16 years of age, this incredible, behind-the-scenes experience allows young animal lovers to feed, pat, hold, and care for a huge range of animals at the Sanctuary. There are also many opportunities to have up close and personal encounters with unique Australian wildlife at Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary when you visit for the day, and activities for kids are run daily across the school holidays including wildlife shows and opportunities to meet pythons, dingos and dragons!

47 Stock Rd, Mylor

Barossa Bowland


Dinosaurs and Mini Golf? If there’s a better combination of things kids are going to love, we don’t know what it is! Located in Tanunda, Barossa Bowland is a proudly family owned and operated business offering the biggest and best Dinosaur themed Mini Golf in Australia, along with a timeless 12-lane ten-pin bowling centre. If you’re looking for something to do in our wine region with kids in Adelaide school holidays, this could be it! Barossa Bowland brings the prehistoric world to life with their beautifully scenic 18-hole mini golf course. Wind your way through lush gardens along with sparkling creeks, with friends from an age long before lurking around every corner. But don’t worry, they feed the T-Rex before opening… usually. And if that’s not enough, they also have a 12-lane ten-pin bowling centre inside, complete with modern amenities and newly updated bowling machines, pins and scoring system, so it’s never been easier and more enjoyable to have a bowl!

89 Menge Road, Tanunda

national motor museum


The contemporary exhibition halls at the National Motor Museum explore the stories of people and vehicles that have shaped Australia’s motoring history.. and if there’s anything we know about so many kiddos, it’s that they love things that go VROOM!

Your kiddos can discover how motor vehicles have opened up our country, linking some of the most isolated communities in the world. From the stately to the absurd, from the hand-built to the mass-produced, see the vehicles people loved and loathed, thrashed and pampered, in the pursuit of their motoring dreams!

As an international centre for the collection, research, preservation, education and display of Australian road transport history, the National Motor Museum is much more than a collection of vehicles. It is a social history of the way we were, the way we are now and the way of the future.

For opening hours, head to their website and plan your day!

Shannon Street, Birdwood, SA

west beach mini golf


If you’re looking for fun for the ‘HOLE’ family, then West Beach Mini Golf is where it’s at during the Adelaide school holidays! You can putt around giant great white sharks, penguins, peg legged pirates, sea lions, giant turtles and even the skeleton of Davy Jones at this seven-sea themed, 18-hole course… and they also have a fully decked kiosk for when you get the post putt putt munchies! School holiday entertainment sorted!

1 Hamra Ave Corner of Military Road and, Hamra Ave, West Beach

The Big Rockinghorse


The Big Rocking Horse and the Toy Factory share the same site at Gumeracha, in the glorious Adelaide Hills, only 40 minutes from Adelaide. So take a drive and go for a visit!

Your kids can see how quality wooden toys are made in the working Toy Factory. There’s also an on site Wildlife Park, where you can feed the animals and birds in a beautiful and unique setting, teeming with native flora and fauna.

If you time it right, you can also include some breakfast or lunch, or take your own picnic and enjoy it in our beautiful, shaded picnic area.

And, of course, la piece de la resistance… the World’s Biggest Rocking Horse, Australia’s #1 BIG Aussie icon!! You can climb this Australian icon and receive a certificate of achievement upon completion!

452 Torrens Valley Rd, Gumeracha, SA

cherry picking fleurieu


Making memories never tasted so good, and this is a family school holiday activity ripe for the pickin’! 50 minutes from Adelaide on the Southern Expressway, Fleurieu Cherries have up to 20 different cherry varieties available including both sweet and sour cherries – most varieties are available to pick if you have the time to find them – so head there and make a day of it! Fleurieu Cherries offer pick-your-own on certain days only – depending on what fruit is ready and the weather forecast. Before you travel to the farm gate, make sure to check the website to confirm if pick-your-own is available, as circumstances can change rapidly… ripe fruit for that day may have been picked by early afternoon! The team at Fleurieu Cherries also make cherry relish, cherry jam and delicious cherry ice-cream, and sell cherries by the kilo if you don’t feel like picking your own. Pick your own cherries open 9am-4pm daily.

Fleurieu Cherries, 159 Pages Flat Road, Pages Flat



SkyChallenge, Skywalk, Megabounce and now the Giantswing! Mega Adventure has something for everyone. The SkyWalk is for all ages and heights! Whether you have friends and family on the SkyChallenge, or just want to take in the views, you can climb 83 steps to the highest platform on the SkyMate. Alternatively, the SkyChallenge has over 70 obstacles available for you to tackle at your own level and speed, the SkyChallenge is perfect for anyone wanting a stimulating experience to do with. kids in Adelaide school holidays. Imagine playing tennis in the sky, rowing a boat mid-air, or manoeuvring between obstacles like a floating esky, BMX bike, and sky-high picnic table. Book holiday tickets now! Mega Adventure also hosts birthday parties, for more party venue ideas check out our KIDDO Adelaide Party Venue guide!

4 Hamra Ave, West Beach



Your tree top adventure awaits at Adelaideʼs first inner city aerial adventure park. Tree Climb, Adelaideʼs newest phenomenon (and for good reason!) has over 70 obstacles in 7 courses and thereʼs something for varying ages and abilities. Plus, youʼre outdoors in nature while youʼre having fun. Perfect. Tree Climb is perfect for children aged 3 and over. Tree Climb also hosts birthday parties, for more party venue ideas check out our KIDDO Adelaide Party Venue guide!

Cnr Greenhill Road + Unley Road, Adelaide SA 5000

latitude kids school holidays


If the weather is miserable, cabin fever has struck and the kids are climbing the walls these school holidays, we have just the answer for you… head over to LATITUDE where they can, quite literally, climb the walls and burn off some energy while having the time of their lives! With rock climbing, trampolines to bounce away on, a kids zone and just a complete fun-overload, this is a must visit these hols! LATITUDE also hosts birthday parties, for more party venue ideas check out our KIDDO Adelaide Party Venue guide!

13-15 Fosters Rd, Greenacres


Your kiddos will have a funbelievable time these school holidays; whether it’s climbing up Jack’s beanstalk, scaling brick buildings or climbing Funtopia’s interactive pro climbing walls, they’re going to keep going back for more, over and over again! There’s something for all the kiddos, big and small, with Playground World and Toddler World offering an alternative to the common playground, with super slides, go carts and a mirror maze to keep little people busy and buzzing.

259-269 Main N Rd, Sefton Park SA


the beachouse


Packed with Australian-first and world class attractions, The Beachouse is the perfect destination for a fun-filled day out! You’ll find games and rides that will entertain the adults as well as the kids! With 3 fully enclosed heated waterslides, Soli Italian Formula 1 Dodgem Cars, awesome blaster boats, a historic 120 year old Carousel, a western themed 18 hole mini golf course, a dizzying 5 mini story play castle and an Italian built train for the little ones, you are sure to have a ball! This is an absolute no brainer when it comes to looking for things to do with kids in Adelaide school holidays.

4 Colley Terrace, Glenelg

paddle boats on torrens


These pedal powered boats have been used as a source of fun for children, families, and tourists coming to see our beautiful city of Adelaide since 1962 and are still going strong (with a few boat upgrades in that time of course)! On your private perch on the River Torrens, you’re in the perfect position to take in local scenery while getting active in the outdoors, and kids just love the paddleboats! Choose a sunny day and get your kids out on the river these school holidays!

River Torrens, Elder Park, Adelaide


art gallery of sa kids


Explore the Art Gallery of South Australia with the kids in Adelaide school holidays, with over 45,000 works of art and changing  exhibitions on display, it’s a great way to introduce contemporary and historical art to your children. Start at the Gallery is an exciting introduction to art for children aged 3-12 and their families. Held on the first Sunday of every month, Start is a free family-fun day and includes art activities, tours, live performances and entertainment.Each monthly event is themed around current exhibitions or the general collection. Start is held on the first Sunday of each month, 11am–3pm. Events are free and no bookings are necessary. You can also discover a selection of books, homewares, jewellery and children’s gifts, inspired by the Gallery’s collection and current exhibitions in the gift store, as well as enjoy great family friendly food options in the cafe.

The Art Gallery, North Terrace

marion outdoor pool


The refurbished Marion Outdoor Pool is complete and this place is ALL THE THINGS if you’re looking for outdoor water play fun with the kids in Adelaide school holidays! The water play park has 9m-high tower with four slides and a giant tipping bucket containing 600 litres of water – I mean it just does not get better! The surrounding area is flush with shades, barbecues, landscaping, path, balinese huts, a playground and an outdoor gym! Get ready for you summer of fun! If you’re looking for splash zones and swimming centres check out our guide to Adelaide’s indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Oaklands Rd &, Hendrie St, Park Holme

afl max kids


AFL Max is the nation’s first immersive footy skills and entertainment centre. Backed by the biggest names in the sport, our state-of-the-art facility brings together the latest technology and traditional skills development for players and fans of all ages. Proudly situated in Adelaide’s west, you’ll be able to sharpen up on your kicking, passing and tackling skills, work up a sweat, experience the excitement of a live game in the virtual reality zone, entertain the kids and more. All under one gigantic 5,500m2 roof.

32 Butler Boulevard, Adelaide Airport

palace nova prospect


Catch a movie at Palace Nova with the kids in Adelaide school holidays! Palace Nova Prospect boasts 14 screens, from boutique style theatres to larger sized cinemas and during the school holidays there are always a plethora of kids and families to choose from. The inside of the art deco cinema is also totally luxe and has some beautiful artwork in keeping with the artsy prospect vibe, so if you’re choosing a cinema, it’s a great one to pick!

98 Prospect Rd, Prospect

adelaide oval stadium tour


Make your kiddos dreams come true with a peek behind the scenes extending further than the usual oval green! Visit a number of areas that are usually inaccessible and learn about the heritage and significance of Adelaide Oval. Expert volunteer guides will guide you and your little ones through the ins and outs of Adelaide oval and share captivating tales of the history of the venue, the sporting greats who have competed here and the Oval’s iconic status in SA.

Part of the KIDDO crew recently took an Adelaide Oval Stadium Tour – here’s what we thought! 

War Memorial Dr, North Adelaide

wigley reserve playground

Just in time for the summer months, the $1m Wigley Reserve playground development is complete! The spectacular new playspace will be the place to be for residents and visitors to Glenelg this summer, with the  redevelopment of Wigley Reserve featuring a Playspace and Fitness Hub. The playspace, funded by the City of Holdfast and State Government features: a climbing tunnel, in-ground trampolines, swings, slides, a log climbing structure, stepping boulders, a sensory nature-trail and accessibility is a focus with the new space offering increased opportunity to all ages, interests and abilities. For more playgrounds, check out our quick look guide to Adelaide’s best playgrounds.

Corner of Anzac Highway and Adelphi Terrace, Glenelg


bounce kids party venur


Get ready to get really excited… BOUNCEinc (aka an Adelaide institution and the ultimate indoor trampoline park!) has holiday camps!! The perfect thing to do with your kids in Adelaide school holidays. Whether your kids are aspiring freestyle trampolinists, or just have a lot of energy to burn (and what kiddo doesn’t love some quality time on the trampoline!!) BOUNCEinc have you covered, they have intensive 5 day programs on offer and participants in both the Flight Squad and Ninja Squad Holiday Camp programs (more detailed info on each program on their website) get a two hour session every day to develop their skills, with dedicated coaching time and time to practice their new skills and hone in on their ninja technique. It’s a fun, healthy way to spend the holidays. Bounce also hosts birthday parties, for more party venue ideas check out our KIDDO Adelaide Party Venue guide!

164-168 Richmond Rd, Marleston

sa museum


The South Australian Museum has been committed to making Australia’s natural and cultural heritage accessible, engaging and fun for over 150 years. It is a place where families can learn and grow together and get hands on in the Discovery Centre where they can see fossils, frogs and watch as the Museum bees make their way out of their hive to collect honey in the CBD. South Australian Museum runs holiday programs, check their website for more details.Today the Museum is one of the most visited museums in Australia and holds collections of national and international significance. It is a leader in remote and regional community engagement, and in Australian Aboriginal heritage and scientific research. Open 7 days.

SA Museum, North Terrace



What better place to chill out and have some fun than the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre! They have amazing school holiday programs to keep kids active, busy.. and cool! If you’re looking for splash zones and swimming centres these holidays check out our guide to Adelaide’s indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

443 Morphett Rd, Oaklands Park SA 5046

carrick hill


During the summer holidays, Carrick Hillʼs Story Book Trail comes alive – a self guided half kilometre tail with themed areas to explore and discover throughout the picturesque Carrick Hill grounds! This activity uses classic childrenʼs stories to encourage and ignite their imagination, from Wind in the Willows to The Hobbit to The Jungle Book and The Secret Garden, these are just a few tales kids will discover along the way. The Children’s Activity Pack includes a Story Book Trail guide, map, quiz, nature play handouts and a chocolate frog or bubbles! Free parking at Carrick Hill. Suitable for strollers. Bookings not required.

46 Carrick Hill Dr, Springfield SA 5062

hahndorf farm barn


Hahndorf is just a short drive up the freeway and is the cutest lil town you ever did see. Thereʼs loads to do there and lots of rich German culture and history to immerse yourself and the kidlets in. Itʼs also home to the Hahndorf Farm Barn where your little ones can get up close and personal, interact, hold and feed most of the animals with the cutest little residents from baby lambs to guinea pigs to donkeys. And itʼs educational too, children learn all about the animals as well as have opportunities to milk a cow and ride a pony!

2282 Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf SA 5245

port adelaide


Get your sea legs and climb aboard the Temptation – a 58ft passenger charter catamaran that operates from Glenelg and is a unique experience that the kids- and you – will remember! An informative experience that educates passengers on dolphin conservation and offers the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. But either way, itʼs a beautiful experience, itʼs fun being out on the water, the sunsets are amazing and if youʼre lucky, you may spot a dolphin or two! All times and pricing information on their website.

10 Holdfast Promenade, Glenelg

nature play, childrens playgrounds, the bay


The Glenelg foreshore playground is EPIC – so epic that ummmm, can adults have a go? It ticks all the boxes for what kids want in a play area, itʼs safe and honestly must be the only playground with prime coastal views, so you can grab a coffee, get a little Vitamin D and enjoy the sea breeze while the kids play till their hearts content! Check out the KIDDO Quick Look Guide to Adelaide’s Best Playgrounds for more awesome spots to head with the kids during the school holidays.

Glenelg Foreshore


Look no further, this is the number one school holiday activity for your rad little skater. The guys from SK8 Therapy hold holiday workshops where they teach kids awesome skills along with safety and control techniques. A fun masterclass for those that can already carve it up, as well as a great introduction for anyone just starting out. Closed footwear required and participants must bring their own helmets but safety pads and skateboards are provided



A protected conservation area just 10kms NE of the CBD, youʼll feel like youʼve escaped to the serene bushland when really youʼre so close to home. A great day out to get out in nature, burn some energy and take in the beauty of the rugged nature surrounds. Plus, there are three seasonal waterfalls within the area so you can play a game with the kids, who spots the waterfall first! And if it’s waterfalls you’re looking for, check out our Top 10 waterfall hikes in SA.

Morialta Falls Rd, Woodforde SA 5072


Kuitpo Forest is filled with amazing trails for different abilities and ages, trails made for walking, riding and horse riding, your little ones eyes will feast on our breathtaking landscape and perhaps see animals in their natural habitat along the way. For more information on the different trails available, head to their website. If you’re looking for family friendly walking trails you could also try the family friendly Mt Lofty trail or if you have a pram in tow and don’t want to get off the beaten track, check out our guide to the top pram friendly walks in the Adelaide metro.

Alexandrina Council, South Australia

Image: Nature Play SA


Fun fact: Belair national park was the first national park in South Australia and is so rich in history with beautiful Aboriginal tree carvings still on display! It makes sense that itʼs so popular! Set in amongst bushland, there are so many things to discover here. There are so many trails for walking, bike riding – or even horse riding! Beautiful areas for picnics and 39 tennis courts and cricket pitches!! Itʼs filled with native plants and really is a beautiful place that you can make an entire day trip out of!

Upper Sturt Rd, Belair SA 5052

adelaide 36ers school holiday camp

Adelaide 36ers School Holiday Camps

Make your little baller’s swishes come true in the school holidays by sending them to an Adelaide 36ers School Holiday Training Camp. Open to boys and girls of all ages, kids will improve their skills, develop techniques, enhance their game, meet new friends and have fun! Facilitated by Community Coaches and 36ers legends, Brett Maher and Scott Ninnis, the 36ers camps are held during each school holidays and aimed at children of all ages, genders and abilities.

One of the mini ballers on the KIDDO crew took part in an Adelaide 36ers School Holiday Camp… check out what we thought!


St Kilda Adventure Playground


The St. Kilda adventure playground has a reputation as ‘must-visitʼ and rightly so. It is SO MUCH FUN – oh, and the kids love it too 😉 Itʼs just a short drive away from the Adelaide CBD and can be filed under: full day out of fun. The recently revamped playground includes slides, a pirate ship, castle and flying fox as well as plenty of room to run around and a great BBQ area too – we werenʼt kidding when we said you can make a day out of it. And while youʼre there – donʼt forget to check out the Mangrove Walk, I still have memories as a kid from visiting and being blown away that we were ‘walking on water as you trail through mangroves on the elevated walkway that makes its way to an incredible lookout.

470 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda


Haighs – an Adelaide institution that needs NO introduction, we donʼt need to beat around the bush, we are alllll familiar with their chocolate and we couldnʼt be prouder that some of the best chocolate in the world comes from Adelaide, South Australia. So, not only do they make the best chocolate but they offer free guided tours of the factory where all the chocolate making magic happens! Not only do they show you how their premium chocolate is made but they educate on how and where the cocoa beans are sourced from. Plus, on the way out the shop is right there which means you can go in and treat yourself to a chocolate frog… or 20, no judgment here.

154 Greenhill Rd, Parkside SA 5063

childrens learning and school holiday space program


Launch into space these school holidays at the planetarium! Calling all star gazers + Jnr astronauts, to take a tour of the solar system and learn about all the other worldly magic that exists beyond our atmosphere. Planiterium experience $9 each – bookings essential

Building P, Mawson Lakes


Whether your child is a natural performer, itʼs something theyʼve shown interest in or youʼre just looking for a school holiday program where they can meet new friends, develop new skills bust most importantly, have fun… look no further than Theatre Bugs! They host a range of Mini Bugs and Junior Holiday Programs that range from ages 5 to 14 over 5 venues and their amazing programs come highly recommended!

Adelaide Theatre Academy


A school of circus, yes – you heard right. You know when kids say they want to run away and join the circus, well now they can – sort of! This is an amazing school based in Bowden that has so many incredible school holiday programs that are creative and strategic but also so much fun and teach kids everything from trampoline work to trapeze to hula to jumping and tumbling! Sounds so fun right – can adults join too?! All program descriptions and details are thoroughly laid out on their site, so head straight there for info!

27 Fifth St, Bowden, South Australia 5007

bricks 4 kidz school holiday lego programs


Bricks 4 Kidz offer unique activities and workshops centred around LEGO and, let’s just say…the kids are going crazy for them!! Bricks 4 Kidz school holiday workshops are specially designed for ages 5-12 and provide children with the opportunity to build, create and imagine. We sent the kiddo crew to test run a sesh – here’s what we thought – spoiler alert; they’re gonna wanna (Le)GO! To find out more and your nearest location, head to their website.

For more information:

stand up paddleboarding sa


Plan your own South Australian Beachside Getaway! We just happen to be so lucky in South Australia because we are literally just a hop, skip and a jump away from world class beaches and family friendly attractions galore! The KIDDO team took some time out to be tourists in our own state and booked in for a beachside family escape on the South Australian metropolitan beaches. We hit BrightonSeacliff, and Glenelg; that’s just 20 easy minutes from the CBD and more fun than you can possibly pack into a weekend, including Standup Paddleboarding, the seasonal Ferris Wheel at Glenelg, The Beachouse and the latest walking trails and playgrounds to hit.

We’ve put together a full itinerary of activities that you can enjoy with your family, from where to stay, what to eat and plenty of adventures to keep your kiddos busy and buzzing all weekend long!

Plan your own family beachside escape:

marshmallow park 3


This super fun playground underwent a major facelift  and is now even bigger and better than before! Youʼll find swings, climbing equipment, slides and an interactive nature and water play area. Kids LOVE this place and itʼs easy to see why, itʼs a childs dream! Plus, itʼs fully enclosed with a fence running the perimeter so you can rest assured they canʼt run off anywhere. Thereʼs seating and BBQ areas and grassy areas for the older kids to kick a footy.

Glen Osmond Rd, Adelaide SA 5000

strawberry picking beerenberg


When it’s strawberry season, there’s no other go-to fruit (in our humble opinion)! And forget just picking up a punnet at Woolies and consider strawberry picking instead, it is so much fun and what better place to do it than at a South Aussie institution; Beerenberg Family Farm, nestled in the Adelaide Hills. At only $4 per person (kids under 12 free) itʼs a fun day out in the sunshine and a great experience for kids, once youʼve picked your weight in strawberries, head to the counter where they tally up your price per kilo. And, is it just us or do the strawberries taste that much sweeter after youʼve picked them yourself?

Mount Barker Road, Hahndorf, SA 5245
** Check the website to make sure itʼs open


We are so lucky in Adelaide, our Botanic Gardens are seriously beautiful and oh-so-peaceful considering theyʼre in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city! It really makes for a fun day out, take a wander around, stop for a picnic and just enjoy being present in nature – thereʼs plenty of flora and fauna to see and loads of room for the kids to run around!

North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000


We are huge fans of Farmers Markets here at Kiddo and one of our favourites is the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market at Goodwood! Seriously fresh produce (talk about farm to table!), amazing baked goods – those donuts and that bread, friendly vendors and itʼs a great activity to include the kids in, to help make healthy and nutritious also fun! Every Sunday from 9am – 1pm with FREE parking.

Leader St, Wayville SA 5034


Mitcham Reserve is a very popular reserve for BBQs, picnics, get togethers and days out in the sunshine! The beautiful creek runs through the reserve and there are plenty of trees providing shade, a new nature play playground, BBQ areas, seating and public toilets.

Spencer Rd, Mitcham


Apart from the fact that a day out to Victor Harbour is already the perfect school holiday fun, itʼs made even better by the fact that itʼs home to the Cockle Train which travels along the oldest steel railed railway in Australia dating back to 1887. All aboard! Times, fares and booking info is all available on the website.

Victor Harbour, SA

plant nursey pot plants, gardening


Created over 25 years ago, Jungle In Willunga is Adelaideʼs #1 stop nursery. When you want to deck out your home with new greenery or make your garden a little more tropical, this is the place to go. Plus, the kids wonʼt get bored as they will love exploring the jungle keeping their eyes peeled for exotic creatures and traveling along the jungle walk which can be entered via gold coin donation. Easy peasy, stock up on your greenery and keep the kids entertained!

175 Main Rd, Willunga SA 5172

Hallet Cove Boardwalk

Image: Jason Tyndall Nature Play SA


This coastal clifftop boardwalk along the rocky coastline travels from Marino to Hallett Cove and winds its way along some of the most beautiful scenery you will lay your eyes on – trust us, the views make the effort worth it. Itʼs a great workout as there are steep steps of stairs and itʼs a good way to keep the kids (ahem, you!) active after indulging in all those Christmas treats!

Heron Way, Hallett Cove SA 5158

school holidays in adelaide


A small island next to Victor Harbor, Granite Island can be accessed by horse drawn tram (so cool!) or by a short walk over the wooden causeway! It’s known for its trails and adventure element as well as penguin and whale spotting!


drop and go school holiday camps adelaide


If you’re working or need a bit of time where someone else is keeping an eye on the kiddos during the school holidays, check out our round up of Adelaide school holiday camps and vacation care programs. We’ve made sure to include Adelaide school holiday camps and vacation care options for every personality type too, whether they’re sporty, crafty, outdoorsy, or need a little bit of team work or confidence building with peers. Why not book them into something with a mate or sibling?

School Holiday Camps Adelaide | Vacation Care Programs



Nova’s (NOT) the Royal Show

Nova’s (NOT) the Royal Show

novas not the royal show

Nova’s (NOT) the Royal Show

Nova’s (NOT) The Royal Show is Adelaide’s biggest event this September School Holidays at Bonython Park!

When this year’s Royal Adelaide Show was cancelled again, Ben & Liam from Nova were just as disappointed as all of the kids and families around Adelaide.

Another year of no rides, showbags & sideshows… What were we going to do?  That’s when Ben & Liam had one of their bright ideas.

What if…… Nova organised a COVID-FRIENDLY version of the Royal Show …. And invited all of Adelaide’s families along?

nova not the royal show

novas not the royal show

Introducing Nova’s (Not) the Royal Show, Adelaide’s biggest event this September School Holidays including:

  • Over 25 rides
  • Side show games
  • Over 60 Showbags
  • Delicious food trucks
  • Meet and greet Paw Patrol Characters (day sessions only)
  • Nightly fireworks at 9.30pm each night (Weather pending of course)

Whilst the team can’t bring you everything the show has, they’ve selected the best rides, showbags, food and entertainment the whole family will love.

novas not the royal show

novas not the royal show

Event details

Tickets are just $3 plus booking fee and there are 3 sessions daily at 10am, 2.30pm and 7pm .

For tickets:


or via:


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Vogue Festival is back!

Vogue Festival is back!

vogue festival

Vogue Festival is back!

Mark your calendars mamas, Adelaide’s biggest shopping weekend is back in 2021 and we can’t wait for every fashion-filled moment!

The Vogue Festival is just around the corner and in 2021 will be held across the weekend of Friday 8 October – Sunday 10 October.

From the official kick-off at 12pm Friday 8 October (featuring confetti fun and a live performance by Stellie) expect music, fun, and unique shopping experiences you won’t soon forget as Rundle Mall and Rundle Street come alive with unique pop-ups that can’t be found online, exclusive offers and decadent in-store experiences.

We’ve got the rundown on the full program and you’re not going to want to miss a thing!

vogue festival adelaide


Start the weekend with Vogue Festival Live! Kick-off begins at 12pm sharp on Friday, October 8 in Rundle Mall’s Gawler Place with a performance from Stellie and a confetti-soaked countdown to officially open the fun.

The stage will remain throughout the weekend, with local DJs taking up the decks and filling the mall with not-to-be-missed beats.

WHEN: Friday 8 October, 12pm
WHERE: Gawler Place

vogue festival adelaide


Usher in the weekend with tunes, food and good vibes at the Ebenezer and Vardon Street Party, located in the city’s bustling East End.

WHEN: Friday 8 October, 4pm – 10pm
WHERE: Ebenezer & Vardon Street


The Vogue Festival party continues after dark downstairs at Nowa The Label, with a bar, live DJ and a preview of Nowa’s newest spring collection.

WHEN: Friday 8 October, from 5pm
WHERE: Nowa The Label, 21 – 23 James Place

vogue festival adelaide


Celebrate Vogue Festival at Adelaide’s favourite rooftop, 2KW Bar & Restaurant. Enjoy bubbles and brunch as Bird in Hand’s Chris Kontos hosts leading international fashion designer, Paul Vasileff of Paolo Sebastian and local winemaker, Sarah Burvill of Bird in Hand in conversation. Here, they will discuss the synergies between the world of wine and design.

WHEN: Sunday 10 October, 11am – 1pm
WHERE: 2KW Bar & Restaurant

For tickets: 


vogue festival adelaide


See a retrospective display featuring an array of Paul Vasileff’s favourite gowns from past collections.

This installation focuses on the importance of storytelling, transporting you to a place of reverie and sharing the essence of the Paolo Sebastian dream.

vogue festival adelaide

Meet Paul Vasileff

Meet Paul Vasileff of Paolo Sebastian to hear about the curated pieces in an exclusive on-Mall exhibition launching during Vogue Festival, and mark the occasion with a fashion sketch signed by Paul.

WHEN: Friday 8 – Sunday 10 October, 1pm – 3pm

vogue3 festival adelaide


Pay a visit to Vogue Festival Lobby 

Think of the Vogue Festival Lobby as your one-stop shop for all things Vogue Festival. Commanding prime space in Rundle Mall’s Gawler Place, the lobby will conjure visions of Palm Springs, so make it your first stop of your weekend and check-in with the team to find out which offers, giveaways and Vogue-mandated fun you shouldn’t miss.

There’s even a butler service you can book should you need help carrying your bags and the Vogue Festival Buggy to catch if you find yourself running late to an in-store event or just need a ride to your favourite store.

Once you’ve spent $150 or more in a day across any of your favourite Rundle Mall and Rundle Street stores or services, return to the Lobby to collect your complimentary gift with purchase – it’s our way of thanking you for supporting our retailers and joining in the celebrations.

vogue fashion festival


Get lost in the Vogue Festival Suite 

What’s a chic, Palm Springs-esque lobby without a matching suite to step into and soak up?

The Vogue Festival Suite will pop up in Rundle Mall and play host to your favourite brands and a roster of can’t-miss activities (think: DIY hair styling, custom accessories, and the chance to peek at new merch before anyone else.)

vogue festival adelaide

On-Mall Pop Ups

  • CAMILLA: Immerse yourself in the world of CAMILLA! Receive a complimentary hair styling by Seb&Tom Salon using your newly-purchased hair accessory.
  • Sephora: Get to know your skin better with a free 15-minute consultation by Sephora with Skincredible, a dermatologist-grade skin analysis app.
  • The French Beauty Academy: The French Beauty Academy’s educators will host a series of live makeup demonstrations, creating unique head-to-toe Halloween looks and sharing industry-leading makeup tips.
  • NIKE: Go for goal with Nike. Just do it. Test your skills, try your luck, and go for goal to score 30% discount in-store at Nike Adelaide.
  • MAZZUCCHELLI’S: Experience diamonds like you never have before. Stop in at Mazzucchelli’s to be treated like a VIP.

Vogue festival adelaide


Don’t forget your Vogue Festival gift with purchase.

If you do decide to indulge yourself this Vogue Festival and spend over $150, be sure to take a trip back to the Lobby (on foot or, more likely, on the Vogue Festival Buggy) at any point during the fun to select your luggage tag and unlock your Vogue Festival Gift.

The Lobby staff will be on-hand to reward shopping with gifts from your favourite brands (think: Sephora, Witchery, even Vogue)—as a thank you for supporting Rundle Mall and Rundle Street.

vogue festival



Meet the designer and enjoy a glass of prosecco at the Naomi Murrell jewellery collection launch.

WHEN: Friday 8 October, 6pm – 8pm
WHERE: Naomi Murrell, 5 Ebenezer Place


Celebrate in-store with NYC inspired cocktails and a DJ

WHEN: Friday 8 October, 3:30pm – 7:30pm
WHERE: Tiffany & Co


Spring into the Chandon Garden Spritz Bar open from 1:30pm on Friday. Enjoy a spritz while shopping new season fashion from Country Road, Seed and more!

WHEN: Friday 8 October, from 1:30pm
WHERE: Rundle Place


Ground floor will come to life with three fashion parades on Friday at 2pm, 5:15pm and Saturday at 1:30pm, as well as free ice-cream for shoppers, a live DJ and a showcase of the latest fashion.

WHEN: Friday 8 October at 2pm & 5:15pm and Saturday 9 October at 1:30pm
WHERE: Myer Centre


Enjoy an evening of music and entertainment including pop-up bars, exciting activations and a Q&A with Acler and Significant Other designers.

WHEN: Friday 8 October, 4pm – 9pm
WHERE: David Jones

vogue festival


What would Adelaide’s biggest shopping weekend be without incredible offers across the biggest and best brands? Experience the best of shopping and fashion in the heart of Adelaide – Rundle Mall and Rundle Street – with exclusive discounts, gifts with purchase, spend-and-save offers and more at your favourite retailers including:

  • Adidas
  • David Jones
  • Myer
  • Kookai
  • Oroton
  • Sephora
  • Witchery
  • Nike
  • Calibre
  • Haigh’s Chocolates
  • Lush

Be the first to find out when the full list of exclusive offers is released by signing up to the Rundle Mall mailing list:


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Preparing bub for daylight saving time | A 6 day plan to start TODAY

Preparing bub for daylight saving time | A 6 day plan to start TODAY

preparing baby for daylight saving time

Preparing bub for daylight saving time | A 6 day plan to start TODAY

WORDS: Kristy Griffiths thesleepteacher.com.au

Are you ready for daylight savings?!

There is nothing like daylight savings to throw the routine you have been working so hard on out of whack!

But we have your back, we have a slow transitional plan that you can implement over the week leading to daylight savings.

Be ready to peacefully change your little one’s internal clock by 1 hour in preparation for our clocks moving forward with our 6 day plan below.

Over the course over 6 days you are slowly going to adjust your little one’s biological clock. How do we do this?! Simple, you will need to start waking your little one up 10 minutes earlier each day for 6 days. Yes, you read that correctly!

On day 1, gently wake your little one up 10 minutes earlier than their usual wake up time. Then day 2, 20 minutes earlier.

Your 6 day daylight saving transition plan

Monday: Your baby wakes at their normal time of let’s say, 7am

Tuesday: Wake them at 6.50am

Wednesday: Wake them at 6.40am

Thursday: Wake them at 6.30am

Friday: Wake them at 6.20am

Saturday: Wake them at 6.10am

Sunday: New awake time will be 7am daylight savings time.

Be consistent

It is important to move meals and naps and not just their wake up and bedtime as meals and naps go a long way in locking into place our biological clock. By shifting all things at once you will avoid confusing your babies’ biological clock with what is actually happening externally. This is also the perfect time to invest in some awesome black out blinds to help convince your baby that it is in fact bedtime and not time to party!

As an alternative to this, you can 100% just wait until the day and take things as they come. In our experience you will eventually find your new groove and things will fall back into place.

Regardless of which option you choose, the most important thing to do is ensure your little one doesn’t become overtired so keep an eye on their awake windows.

Are you going to “wing it” on the day or are you going to try and gradually adjust?

For more sleep tips:

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