Creation Creation answers life’s big questions… sort of!

Creation Creation answers life’s big questions… sort of!


Creation Creation answers life’s big questions… sort of!

How did we get here? What is the meaning of life? Is it possible to lick your elbow?

For the world premiere performance of Creation Creation, South Australia’s own Windmill Theatre Company embarked on a journey to ask you, the general public, what big question you wanted an answer to. And then, they crowd-sourced the answers.

Presented as part of Adelaide Festival Centre’s DreamBIG Children’s Festival, Creation Creation sees artists Jonathon Oxlade and Fleur Elise Noble build, battle and brawl their way through a series of seemingly unanswerable questions using whatever means they have at their disposal.

Blending puppetry, mime, animation and live sculpture, Creation Creation is a big-hearted and hilarious escapade that guarantees your most baffling questions answered… sort of.

creation creation at dreambig

KIDDO caught up with documentary theatre maker and Creation Creation Co-Creator Roslyn Oades to find out more about the show before it hits the stage from May 19.

How did you put together the script?

I was tasked with managing the audio and scripting for Creation Creation. Over six months I interviewed 50 people aged between eight and 102 years. The starting point was to ask: “What great mystery would you like an answer to?”

I then took these epic, unknowable questions and sought out the answers. In this search, I collected more than 35 hours of audio interview recordings with members of the public.

From there, I edited together an ‘audio script’ made up of the most compelling responses people offered to these big mysteries.

creation creation q&a

What will we see on stage?

Our two ‘creators’, Jonathon Oxlade and Fleur Elise Noble, will attempt to illustrate the community answers heard in the audio script.

The big mysteries they attempt to illustrate include: How did the world begin? What happens after you die? What’s inside a black hole? Are we alone in the universe? What’s the meaning of life? And, what will life be like in 1000 years?

So, as you can imagine, our performers have an epic challenge ahead!

Who’s the show for?

Anyone who is curious about the incredible mysteries of the universe and our place in it. It’s fun, it’s thoughtful and you’ll leave feeling like your head has grown two sizes.

There’s something incredibly human and moving about hearing real people – amateurs and experts alike – grapple with the unknowable.

There’s still so much scientists don’t know… the rest is guesswork and imagination, which is where Creation Creation comes in.

Creation Creation is at Adelaide Festival Centre’s Space Theatre from May 19-21 as part of DreamBIG Children’s Festival.

For tickets:


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DreamBIG goes techno with ZOOOM and more

DreamBIG goes techno with ZOOOM and more

DreamBIG goes techno with ZOOOM and more

DreamBig BIg Family Weekend

DreamBIG goes techno with ZOOOM and more

This year’s DreamBIG Children’s Festival will be more electrifying than ever, with modern technology being used in exciting new ways.

The 2021 family program is out now and has heaps of shows and events to suit all age ranges. The fun begins at Adelaide Festival Centre on May 19 and keeps going until May 29.

For parents of tech-savvy kids, we’ve picked out our top three techno shows featuring some really cool lighting and sound effects that they’re sure to love.

Top three techno shows at DreamBIG

zoom at dream big


Combining old-school whimsy with state-of-the-art technology, ZOOOM is an enchanting story of a child in her bedroom, unable to sleep and curious to understand.

She begins a transformational journey with light and discovers that the dark is a magical place. With the assistance of the audience, the girl discovers a community of people who can help her solve problems.

Part music video, part dream, this is a show about all sorts of perspectives.

Presented by: Patch Theatre

For tickets:

Troll at DreamBIg


It’s 1998. Otto is 12 but online he’s 13 and he’s pretty sure he gets away with it. He lives in an old wooden house with his mum, dad and sister, a mysterious Icelandic granny and an ancient malevolent troll that’s started living in the wall…

From the award-winning Trick of Light Theatre (makers of The Bookbinder and The Road that Wasn’t There) comes a lo-fi, wi-fi fable in the vein of Stranger Things. Tröll combines storytelling, music and puppetry in an uncanny tale from the twitchy edges of the digital age.

Presented by: Trick of the Light Theatre (New Zealand)

For tickets:

Dr AudiYO


Join the quest of Dr AudiYO, a beatboxing clown-come-superhero, as she sets off on a surreal adventure to slay The Beast who is on a rampage to silence the city.

On a bare stage – using only her voice, a microphone and magic looping bum bag – theatre-maker and comedian Holly Austin (Dr AudiYO) brings to life a wondrous world of giants, music and… cats?

Fusing old-school clowning and miming techniques with new-school beatboxing, this work invites kids to become true heroes, working together with Dr AudiYO to save the day. Let your voices be heard!

Presented by: Froudist

For tickets:


To check out the full program, head to the DreamBIG website:


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Lightsview Adventure Playground is OPEN and ready for FUN!

Lightsview Adventure Playground is OPEN and ready for FUN!

lightsview adventure playground

Lightsview Adventure Playground is OPEN and ready for FUN!

Get ready to climb, bounce, jump, swing, slide, shoot some hoops or skate the day away at thew new Lightsview Adventure playground!

That’s right, as we announced in January 2021, the inner North is officially the home of adventure as construction of a huge new play area in Lightsview is completed. The incredible new kids and family space was opened for the business of having fun on April 24, 2021 at a Grand Opening community celebration.

lightsview adventure playground

The final piece of the Lightsview parks and wetlands crown covers approximately 3,000sqm and includes a sensory-rich dinosaur discovery sandpit along with a dizzying array of activities and play equipment.

lightsview adventure playground lightsview adventure playground lightsview adventure playground lightsview adventure playground

Kids can now explore a nature play zone, creek bed, in-ground trampolines, climbing frames, inclusive play carousel under shade, giant bird’s nest swing, climbing ropes and slides, and there is, of course, plenty of green space for families to picnic, kids to run around or ball games!

South Parkway or Wiltshire Drive, Lightsview

For more information: 


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The Cabaret Festival: KIDDO TOP PICKS

The Cabaret Festival: KIDDO TOP PICKS

The Cabaret Festival: KIDDO TOP PICKS

Parents, you need a night out.

In fact, let’s be real here, you probably need several.

There’s no doubt about it, we’re so lucky in Adelaide to have so many events, festivals and shows that we can take our kiddos along to, but sometimes… you just don’t want to! You want to book a babysitter, slide into a pair of heels, slick on some red lippy and get out of the house (and the bedtime routine) for the night. With the husband, with the girls… with somebody (anybody!!) who isn’t going to tell you they’re thirsty or need to go to the toilet 7 minutes after you’re out the door.

Well you’re in luck friends, because come this June, Adelaide is going to be awash with a PLETHORA of entertainment for late night, date night, girls night, for just get out of the house and away from the kids night.. in the form of The Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

We’ve scoured the program back to front and come up with our KIDDO Top Picks for Cab Fest to take the hard work out of having a night out! All you need to do is add to cart, rope in a friend or two, and get out on the town!

Kiddo’s Top 6 Picks for Cab Fest

Hear Me Roar

This is the girl power night you NEED to have with your besties. Warm up your pipes because you’re going to want to sing along ladies.

Show synopsis:

A celebration of strong Australian female voices, Tania Doko, Emma Pask and Prinnie Stevens will pay tribute to some of history’s greatest female artists in Hear Me Roar – Unplugged, an Adelaide exclusive on the last weekend of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

For tickets: 


Young Talent Time

This is the nostalgic variety event you never knew you always wanted! Nay, NEEDED! Come on now folks, most of us parentals grew up in the Young Talent Time era, this is our time to shine! Held at the Festival Theatre this is one for date night or better yet, girls night – because at least one of you wanted to marry Joey Dee when you were little…(or was that just me?).

Show synopsis:

In a nod to nostalgia, Young Talent Time 50th Anniversary Reunion Special will make its world premiere at Adelaide Cabaret Festival in the Festival Theatre on Saturday, 19 June with Johnny Young himself hosting the show. 2021 marks the 50th Anniversary of the first ever performances of the hit Aussie TV show that made household names out of dozens of young artists. Alumni including Beven Addinsall, Karen Knowles, Jane Scali, Philip Gould, Steven Zammit, Joey Dee and Greg Poynton will grace the stage and relive the magic of YTT for one night only.

For tickets:


#VAL: A Campfire Kiki with Mother

This is our pick for Best Mother’s Day Gift idea! A joyful, colourful show that celebrates mothers – with lots of classic pop and disco hits, and really lovely story telling by John O’Hara. Count us in!

Show synopsis:

An honest and heartbreaking homage to the mothers and ‘mothers’ of our queer community, #VAL is a celebration of joy, love and acceptance that will leave a speck of glitter in your undies! Set to the gorgeous, guilty-pleasure soundtrack of John’s sexual awakening, #VAL is the ultimate mixtape of camp pop anthems, impossibly cool classics and outrageous power ballads. A riotous and naughty evening not to be missed.

For tickets:


The Blind Date Project

Grab your men-folk ladies, here’s one for date night! Intimate but relaxed, funny and touching, and oh so flirtatious. Add into the mix the thrill of not knowing who the guest will be – past guests have included Margot Robbie, Joel Edgerton, Laverne Cox – that’s some star power right there!

Show synopsis:

Desperate and looking for love, Anna (AFI award-winner, Bojana Novakovic) is a woman at a karaoke bar waiting for a date she matched with online. Each night, her date is a different guest performer, unknown to her until the moment of performance. There is no script. All dialogue is created on the spot by the performers. Directions are sent by the director, via phone. This is an untethered night of theatre where anything can—and does—happen. No two shows are ever the same.

For tickets: 



Grab your bosom buddies ladies, Boobs is the break-through show for you and your besties! Selena is a beautiful performer, funny, honest and has an incredible and unusual story!

Show synopsis:

Award-winning cabaret artist Selina Jenkins will present her show, BOOBS in Adelaide for the first time. The ground-breaking tale of mammary proportions follows one woman and her two boobs through a life changing decision, a million opinions, a natural disaster and an ‘Australian first’.

Quote from Alan Cumming: Selina Jenkins’ BOOBS pushes the boundaries of what cabaret can be – looking at a devastating life happening with humour and insight.

For tickets: 


 And if you’re up for something WILD!

Brent Ray Fraser – The Naked Artist

GROWN UPS ONLY! Brilliant, hilarious, might just make you blush a little (or even a lot). Let’s just say, this is something worth leaving the house for! From beginning to happy ending, follow along as Fraser confidently creates a gallery of mesmerising paintings created with his penis, including unbelievable live muse portraits that showcase his world-renowned painting methods.

Show synopsis:

Having mastered his provocative penis painting skills over a decade, painter and performance artist Brent Ray Fraser presents a truly unique and intimate live art experience, bringing his world-famous brush to Adelaide for a BIG debut! Feel the fun, creative energy as Fraser applies paint to his naked body and strokes the canvas in a highly physical painting performance like no other—all set to a soundtrack of classical and disco favourites.

For tickets:


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Keep Restless Dancing: Campaign launched to help Restless Dance Theatre

Keep Restless Dancing: Campaign launched to help Restless Dance Theatre

Restless Dance

Keep Restless Dancing: Campaign launched to help Restless Dance Theatre

The team at Restless Dance Theatre love a challenge – but right now, they need your help!

As Australia’s leading dance company for people with and without disability, Restless Dance Theatre creates and presents unexpectedly real dance theatre, that is collaboratively devised, inclusive, and informed by disability. In its 30th year and collaborating with some of the industry’s most renowned choreographers, companies, and artists, Restless creates performance work  presented at festivals and venues around Australia and internationally, and their body of work creates pathways for artists to pursue a professional career in dance.

But with core funding to the Adelaide-based dance company cut, Restless faces the enormous task of raising the lost funding to cover running costs. As a result, and with limited State funding, the future of Restless is precarious and its survival threatened.

Restless dance

Artistic Director of Restless Dance, Michelle Ryan, said the company was devastated to learn that their application for multi-year funding (2021-24) was unsuccessful.

“Restless is the only dance company that provides professional career pathways for artists with disability. We strive to create bold new work that celebrates diversity on stage nationally and internationally.  I am absolutely shocked by this decision that will impact on the disability arts sector and the role that Restless plays in the arts ecology in general” she said.


Restless Dance Theatre needs to raise $50,000 by 30 May 2021. When they hit their target the Federal Government, through the Creative Partnerships Australia Plus 1 program, will match it!

That’s $100,000!

Every dollar becomes two and together we can all ‘Keep Restless Dancing’.

Donations above $2.00 are tax-deductible and all will have a huge impact on the future of Restless Dance Theatre.

If you would like to support Restless:

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Things to do on in Adelaide on Mother’s Day 2021 | South Australia

Things to do on in Adelaide on Mother’s Day 2021 | South Australia

things to do on mother's day in adelaide

Things to do on Mother’s Day in Adelaide | South Australia

I think we can all agree that mums are the best! And whilst we’d all love to believe that Mother’s Day was really EVERY day, really most days us mums are too busy parenting, running a household, looking after kiddos, doing school pick up and drop off, making snacks and somehow managing to squeeze a full days work in there somehow that, often times, opportunities to relish motherhood are few and far between.

Enter Mother’s Day!

Our day to just relax, be waited on hand and foot, be treated to something yummy to eat and drink (cheers to that!) and have a day that’s all about us. Or something like that.

If you’re looking for something to do with mum this Mother’s Day in Adelaide, or…probably equally as likely… you’re a mum looking to plan something to do with your family on Mother’s Day because OF COURSE YOU ARE, we’re here to help!

What’s on in Adelaide on Mothers Day 2021

HAS foundation luncheon mother's day

HAS Foundation Mother’s Day Luncheon

Held in the new Sky City’s beautiful Ballroom, this luncheon will include a 2 course menu accompanied by gorgeous bubbles and wine. KIDDO’s own Rebecca Morse will host the day as Emcee, plus a special appearance and chat with best-selling author, acclaimed filmmaker and body image advocate, Taryn Brumfitt.  Other features of the day include a live auction, a special Mother’s Day raffle, wine wall, pop up gin bar and much more. All proceeds will go directly to the funding of a project near and dear to the HAS Foundation, the purchase of a modified vehicle that will assist South Australian families with a child in palliative care – making their transportation worries go away!

For tickets:


Mother's day classic adelaide 2021

Mother’s Day Classic

What better way to celebrate mums and women everywhere, than by pulling on the Lululemon and getting active?! The Mother’s Day Classic will be held in Adelaide (and many other locations in South Australia) on Sunday, 9 May 2021. The event remembers those who have been affected by or who are living with breast cancer and raises important money for breast cancer research which a cause we can all get behind. Please refer to the event website for further information including start times, course distances and maps, all locations in South Australia and registration information.

For more information:


Mothers Day BowerBird

The Bowerbird Mother’s Day Experience

Mum’s the word at Bowerbird next month, and you can treat your mum on Mother’s Day with the special Bowerbird Mother’s Day Experience. With over 140 Australian designers and makers presenting, use this day at the market to celebrate your mum (or with your kids to celebrate you), choose from beautiful handcrafted and artisan wares, soak up the atmosphere and make the most of some generous offers and discounts offered exclusively to mums on Mother’s Day!

Included in the experience is your entry into Bowerbird on Sunday 9 May, a Bowerbird branded cotton tote bag to fill with the gorgeous products you’ll treat yourself to using the 5 vouchers from a random selection of designers.

When you’re ready to put your feet up, Bowerbird will even shout you a glass of sparkling wine from Cuvee Co! Cheers to that!

Bowerbird Design Market, Adelaide Showgrounds, Wayville

To book:


Joeys Henley

Mother’s Day Dinner by the Beach

On Sunday, May 9th from Joe’s Henley Beach is hosting all the lucky Mums to an Australian seafood-inspired, sunset dinner. The ticket fee of $70pp includes an exquisite, three course meal designed by Head Chef, Krish Dutt, plus champagne and oysters on arrival. There are extremely limited tickets so don’t delay! Go on. Treat the Mumma in your life. 5pm Arrival. 6pm Dinner. Sunday May 9. Joe’s Henley Beach.

Joe’s Henley Beach, Esplanade, Henley Beach

To book:


paint your mum mother's day adelaide

Paint your Mum Picasso Style

Gift your mum an experience she will always treasure! PAINT, LAUGH and SIP some wine together creating abstract portraits of each other 🙂

This is a Mother’s Day experience that’s a little bit left of centre…Paint Your Mum Picasso Style at The Pantry! You can even bring your mum’s photograph along if your mum can’t make it on the night. No prior art experience needed, a local artist will walk you through the process step-by-step and help you create an abstract, colourful portrait of your mum.

What You Get: A take-home canvas (40cm X 50cm), paints, brushes, apron and easel.

The Pantry, 2 Egmont Tce, Hawthorn

To book:

mothers day adelaide zoo

Mother’s Day Brunch at Adelaide Zoo

Treat your mum to a fun day at Adelaide Zoo this Mother’s Day, with mums eating free at a special Mother’s Day Brunch in the Fig Tree Function Room!

Sunday 9th of May
10.30am – 12pm
Adelaide Zoo, Fig Tree Function Room

Adelaide Zoo, Frome Road, Adelaide

To book:
8230 1286

Sparkke at the whitmore mother's day lunch

Sparkke at the Whitmore Mother’s Day Lunch

Sparkke at the Whitmore is celebrating Mother’s Day with a four-course lunch at their award-winning restaurant, a beautiful hamper featuring Sparkke Spirits and the release of a new limited-edition gin. The multi-awarded, female founded and led beverage company and brewpub will welcome guests on Sunday, May 9 with an elegant four course lunch for the whole family.

The Mother’s Day Lunch includes a special Mumosa cocktail on arrival or your choice of Sparkke Brew or bubbles followed by a four-course meal heroing the best of seasonal fresh local produce. And for those not drinking, the team have also created a special Virgin Mumosa.

Sparkke at the Whitmore, 317 Morphett St, Adelaide

Book your Mother’s Day lunch:


Order your Mother’s Day hamper:


Order limited edition Autumn Quince Gin:



Carrick Hill

Pack a picnic and head to the beautiful grounds of Carrick Hill on Mother’s Day. Carrick Hill is the stuff story book imaginings and fairytale dreams are made of, and the perfect place to discover with the kiddos and have a quiet (or not so quiet, as the case may be) amble. With absolutely stunning formal gardens, a grand old manor, a special storybook trail designed with kids in mind, sprawling lawns, and endless flowers and trees to admire and learn about, there’s a lot to love about spending some time exploring Carrick Hill with the kids. If you don’t fancy (can’t be bothered) packing your own picnic, there is a cafe and marquee at Carrick Hill, serving morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea in a licensed cafe. Think melting moments, cookies, cakes, and even a sneaky ice cream if you fancy! The cafe also offers full lunch service if you’ve worked up an appetite.

46 Carrick Hill Dr, Springfield

paddle boats on torrens


These pedal powered boats have been used as a source of fun for children, families, and tourists coming to see our beautiful city of Adelaide since 1962 and are still going strong (with a few boat upgrades in that time of course)! On your private perch on the River Torrens, you’re in the perfect position to take in local scenery while getting active in the outdoors, and this is the perfect family friendly activity to while away the time on Mother’s Day in Adelaide, particularly if the sun is out! 

River Torrens, Elder Park, Adelaide

palace nova prospect


Catch a movie at Palace Nova with the kids on Mother’s Day (or, I mean you could also leave them at home and enjoy the peace and quiet)! Palace Nova Prospect boasts 14 screens, from boutique style theatres to larger sized cinemas and the inside of the art deco cinema is also totally luxe and has some beautiful artwork in keeping with the artsy prospect vibe, so if you’re choosing a cinema, it’s a great one to pick!

98 Prospect Rd, Prospect

things to do on mother's day in adelaide 2021

Mother’s Day at the Adelaide Convention Centre

Treat mum to a celebratory buffet lunch overlooking the Adelaide Riverbank this Mother’s Day – Sunday, 9 May.

An affair for the whole family, mum will be able to sit back and relax while enjoying beautiful musical entertainment by our pianist and a delicious SA-inspired menu, while the kids are kept entertained with children’s activities.

As a special gift, each mum will receive a gift bag to take home, along with stunning table flowers and complimentary car parking.

Doors open at 12noon for a 12.30pm start, with festivities concluding at 2.30pm.

To book:

Ayres House High Tea Mother's Day

Mother’s Day High Tea at Ayers House

Join the culinary team at Ayers House and spoil your Mum or that special person by treating them to High Tea at Ayers House on Sunday 9th May 2021!

With a glass of SA bubbly or OJ on arrival, you’ll be treated to 2.5 hours of indulgence – think sweets, scones, tarts and tea as well as beautiful savoury sandwiches, quiches and sausage rolls.

If you’d prefer a long, lazy luncheon, Ayers House are also offering a Mother’s Day Lunch.

Ayers House, 288 North Tce, Adelaide

To book:
8244 0666

lot 100 family friendly

Dine out with the family on Mother’s Day

We’ve taken the hard work out of finding a place to eat out with your family in Adelaide by putting together a list of some of Adelaide’s best child friendly restaurants; we’re talking cafes, pubs, eateries that are great for the whole family, kids included.

Why not browse through the list and pick a place to eat out this Mother’s Day with your kiddos!

secret swing overlooking adelaide

Take in the best view of the city

This one is for the mums who like a bit more of a challenge! On the walking trails behind the Waite institute, nestled along the tracks behind Carrick Hill you’ll find a swing that happens to double as the best lookout spot of the city (and, might we add, very instagrammable). If you’re up for some exercise or want to work off your Mother’s Day breakfast in bed, and don’t mind a bit of a walk (there are some fairly steep hills on these tracks), see if you can find this hidden gem with your fambam! You won’t find this swing marked on any maps, you’ll just have to explore (and maybe ask a few locals if you run into anyone along the pathways), but when you find it, it’ll be worth the effort! Pack a picnic, there’s plenty of room in the surrounding area for a picnic, and take in the fresh air and the million dollar view.

For maps of the Waite walking trails:



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