DreamBIG Q&A: Temeka Lawlor from ZOOOM

DreamBIG Q&A: Temeka Lawlor from ZOOOM

ZOOOM dreambig

DreamBIG Q&A: Temeka Lawlor from ZOOOM

Blending old-school whimsy with state-of-the-art technology, ZOOOM is an enchanting story of a child in her bedroom, unable to sleep and curious to understand.

She begins a transformational journey with light and discovers that the dark is a magical place. With the assistance of the audience, the girl discovers a community of people who can help her solve problems.

Adelaide actress Temeka Lawlor, who plays the main character, tells us more about the show.

What do you love the most about performing in children’s theatre?

Children are the most honest audience members of all. I love going out into the foyer after a show to meet them and being told all the million things they have to say. They tell me what the show reminded them of, the stories they made from it, the questions they have and (most importantly) all the answers they have.

Making and performing in children’s theatre means I get to play with magic, imagination and big ideas in beautiful and well-crafted ways. I love every giggle, squeal, comment and heckle each and every child in the audience has while I’m performing.

As the biggest sister of seven, young people and children have always been close to my heart and important in my life. Being able to make theatre with and for them is a dream come true.

dreambig ZOOOM

Tell us about your role in ZOOOM. What’s your character like?

I play the human in ZOOOM and she sort of represents all people; she could be anyone. She is curious above all else, and she dreams up whole worlds in her mind. She is brave and keen for adventure, and she is in constant awe of our universe.

What are some of the special effects used during the show?

We have giant lasers, laser pointers, LEDs on sticks and fishing lines, projections, animations, TV screens – any lighting trick you can imagine is probably in ZOOOM!

dreambig zooom

How much rehearsal goes into working with so many props and projections?

I’m lucky to have worked on the original creation of ZOOOM, so I had lots of time to practice with all the complicated technology. Typically, you only have a week of rehearsals to learn a show, so that is a very short time to get everything perfect.

In ZOOOM you have to keep up with the timing of all the animations, projections and music. You’re juggling sharing energy out to the audience and responding to what’s happening on stage, all while fiddling with props, torches and laser pointers that sneak in and out of your pockets. There’s a lot that goes into ZOOOM to make everything work smoothly!

zooom dreambig

What do you like most about the show?

My favourite part is that I get to take this journey with our audience, and it’s different every time. The very first thing I do in the show is look out and wave at everyone; that’s my favourite bit because it tells the audience I’m here in the moment with them – I’m not ahead of what’s going on, we’re all taking this journey for the first time together.

How have audiences reacted to ZOOOM so far?

The responses we’ve had from ZOOOM have been overwhelming. From kindy children all the way to adults, everyone that sees the show leaves with a smile on their face and a story to tell. In every show the audience members are on their feet, dancing and calling out. Our audiences are the true stars of this show.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, what can audiences expect?

You can expect to be the joyous, adventurous, dancing participants of an adventure through the universe exploring light and dark, where small ideas turn to gigantic ones. ZOOOM is full of wonder. It’s a celebration of imagination, creation and the universe.

 ZOOOM is at the Adelaide College of the Arts on May 22 & 23 as part of DreamBIG Children’s Festival.

For tickets:


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Stranger Things meets puppetry for DreamBIG show Tröll

Stranger Things meets puppetry for DreamBIG show Tröll

troll dream big

Stranger Things meets puppetry for DreamBIG show Tröll

Storytelling, projections, music and puppetry will combine in an uncanny tale about the digital age when DreamBIG Children’s Festival presents Tröll later this month.

The show tells the story of 12-year-old Otto, who teams up with his Icelandic grandmother to confront the ancient troll living in his house.

We caught up with director Hannah Smith and writer/performer Ralph McCubbin Howell from New Zealand’s Trick of the Light Theatre to find out more.

Where did the inspiration for Tröll come from?

Hannah: Ralph and I grew up in the 90s, and we both remember a time when the internet was new. Our parents didn’t use it or understand it, so it felt a bit like the wild west, a new frontier with no rules.

troll dreambig

Ralph: Trolls in mythology come from a time when the natural landscape loomed large and was filled with unknown threats, and in the early days of the internet we adopted the same word for trolls online – monsters that lurk in the shadows of this vast and unknown digital landscape.

Tröll is an original story, but it’s definitely indebted to myths and legends, as well to contemporary works that put their own twist on these forms – authors like Suzanna Clarke and Neil Gaiman.

Hannah: It is also inspired by grannies! Both Ralph and I had grandmothers with big hearts and sharp tongues – women who shaped our families and coloured our childhoods. There is a lot of my granny and Ralph’s gran built into Tröll.

How does it compare to Stranger Things? Are you fans of the TV series?

Hannah: We loved the first season! Tröll has several things in common with it: a creepy monster, a nerdy pre-teen character and an epic sound design with some real ‘jump scares’.

troll dreambig

How does the show explore the digital age through puppetry?

Hannah: We’ve always been interested in transformative staging. We made a show called The Bookbinder a few years before, and had given ourselves a rule that we could only use objects on our desk at home to create the world of the show. So books turned on their side to become buildings, and scissors became a person doing jumping jacks.

With this show we thought we’d try the same thing with the objects we left out – the digital devices that surround us every day. We use them as physical objects as much as for their digital properties, so a keyboard turned on its side becomes a skyscraper, a tangle of cables turns into a monster, and smartphones are used as stage lights.

What can you tell us about the main character, Otto? What is his relationship with his family like?

Ralph: Otto loves his family, but his relationship with them is changing. In a sense the show is a coming-of-age story – Otto sets out alone into the unknown landscapes of the internet and realises he can’t turn to his parents for guidance, so he has to find his own way and forge new alliances. This includes connecting with his sharp-tongued and mysterious Icelandic grandmother who has recently moved to live out the back of the family house.

Tröll is at Adelaide Festival Centre’s Space Theatre on May 24 & 29 as part of DreamBIG Children’s Festival.

For tickets:


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Kid friendly birthday party themes they’ll love!

Kid friendly birthday party themes they’ll love!

kid friendly birthday party themes

Kid friendly party themes they’ll love!

Alexis from The Festive Co shares some of her greatest hit kids’ birthday party themes, and activities to match.

Whether it’s picking your sport and creating your own team full of mini birthday ballers, or partying like animals with a whole zoo full of kid-sized creatures – your little people will love these  child friendly birthday party themes (and, just quietly, the big people probably will too)!

kids birthday party sports theme

T is for Team

This is a great one for any sporty loving child. Let them burn off some energy before heading inside for cake and singing!

kids birthday party theme sports

You can easily set up your own games in the backyard like ball tosses into baskets, limbo, egg and spoon and hoola hoop competitions. Or check your local area for mini sports workshops that will come to you!

kids birthday party themes

For my son’s first sports party (he’s had a few now!) I bought basic white t-shirts from Big W and added guests’ names in sticky felt on the back. This would look just as cute in permanent marker, and it gives them a little something fun to pop over whatever they are wearing. If you have crafty kids, this can double as an activity, as they decorate their sports uniform!

kids birthday party team theme

kids birthday party theme sports

Mini water bottles make for a fun ‘hydration station’ and is it even a sports party without little medals for all the athletic superstars?!

kids party theme candy shop

Old School Candy Shoppe

 Oh my, they’ll be on a sugar high just looking at this party! But don’t worry, with some clever tricks, you can avoid some of the real lollies (and candy crashes.)

kids candy shop birthday party theme

kids party theme candy shop

kids candy shop party theme

Instantly transform walls into a candy shoppe by printing out stock imagery! etsy.com has stores who sell backdrops, or you can buy images on websites like shutterstock.com. It looks effective without having to actually fill loads of jars with the real thing.

kids theme candy shop

 Look for little plaster painting sets in yummy treat shapes. A great activity that doesn’t get too messy, and is a bonus little gift that they can take home.

kids party theme candy shop

Got loads of those plastic pit balls at home? Same. Turn it into a ‘Sprinkle Scoop Up!’ game, with spades or even ladles or spoons from the kitchen. Kids take it in turns to see how quickly they can scoop just their coloured sprinkle into a bucket!

kid friendly birthday party themes

Carnival Fun

Everyone loves visiting the local show, so kids will go bananas for this theme. It’s bright and exciting whether turning 1 or 10.

kids party carnival theme

Save some old cans and create your own labels to stick on top, add a tennis ball and there you have it – a DIY ‘Knock Down’ game!

kids party theme carnival

Cardboard popcorn boxes make a cute vessel for take home party goodies. The children will be wowed by it’s size, but you can half fill it with popcorn to cut down on the sweet treats.

kids party carnival theme

kids party carnival theme

The beauty of a time-old theme like this is, you’ll find lots of goodies to match online, like these little carnival themed frames. Just add a little instant photo as a take home gift for relatives!

kids party theme teddy bears picnic

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

This classic theme is so sweet, I can bearly (sorry, had to!) cope. Perfect for a picnic set up indoors or out, pull out nanna’s old wooden rugs and stock up on sandwiches!

kids party theme teddybears picnic

Ask kiddos to bring along their special fluffy friend, and have name tags ready to add to each soft toy to ensure it’s safe travels at the party.

kid birthday party theme teddy bears picnic

‘Pin The Bow Tie On The Bear’ is an easy game to make with cardboard or butchers paper.

kids party theme teddy bears picnic

If you have an outdoor area, a ‘Going On A Bear (Treasure) Hunt’ is such an easy activity. Just have a grown-up scatter chocolate gold coins in the garden or park, and set the little ones off on an adventure.

kids party animal theme

Party Animals

If you have little critter lovers or zoo fans, then this theme is sure to delight. By collecting all their animal toys and adding some party hats, you already have the decorations sorted!

kids party animal theme

 Whip up your own little ‘Safari Bingo’ and hide matching animal pics around the garden or playground for them to go and find. Pairs of binoculars add plenty of excitement too.

kids party animal theme 

kids party theme animals

There is so much fun to be had with animal themed snacks, and they don’t have to be hard! Fruit salad becomes Coral Cups and classic chocolate crackles make excellent Bunny Poop.

kids party animal theme

When it comes to a cake, cute toppers can take it from simple to sensational in seconds! Plus, acrylic cake toppers can be kept and reused and also make lovely keepsakes from the party.

For more kids’ birthday party theme ideas and activity inspo:


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Things to do in Adelaide & SA this June Long Weekend

Things to do in Adelaide & SA this June Long Weekend

things to do in Adelaide June long weekend

Things to do in Adelaide & SA this June Long Weekend

WHAT’S ON: June long weekend 2021: Saturday June 12 – Monday June 14 2021

Another long weekend is upon is and if you’re anything like us you’ll be in a mad, last minute scramble to find something fun to do over the June long weekend in Adelaide with the kids.

Well you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got your guide to what’s on this June long weekend in Adelaide, complete with fun things to do for kids and families, and a few events on the calendar if you’d like a night out without the tots in tow, too!

Families of Adelaide, it’s not too late yet to book your camping trip, or SA staycation… so get some ideas and lock in your long weekend line up! We’ll keep adding to this list as more events and ideas for the families pop up for this Queen’s birthday long weekend.

What’s On: June Long Weekend Adelaide 2021

Winter village

Winter Village

Discover The Winter Village at the Torrens Parade Ground in the Adelaide CBD. The Winter Village is an outdoor pop-up event running from May 14 – September 5, inclusive of the June long weekend in Adelaide, so get your skates on…literally! This magical winter wonderland is a must-visit destination, perfect for the whole family. In the heart of Adelaide, enjoy ice-skating, snow showers, a pop-up bar & kitchen and of course, the magical igloo village.

With a full season of events and activities to explore, The Winter Village is free to enter and open 7 days a week!

For more information:


things to do june long weekend 2021
Woodstock June Long Weekend Family Day

Looking for some kid and family friendly fun this June Long Weekend? You’ve found it! An event just for the you and the kids on the public holiday Monday of the June Long Weekend at Woodstock Wine Estate. See the wonderful Peter Combe perform his fantastically entertaining show on the lawns of the winery, there’ll be food trucks keeping you and your kids well fed and caffeinated!

Entertainment and food includes:

  • Simply Flammekueche cooking superb traditional flammekueche.
  • F93 serving coffee and espresso martinis for the grown ups.
  • Cumbia’s Paella dishing up perfect paella.
  • Sookii La La serving delicious South East Asian street food.
  • And Woodstock’s own Coterie WB&K with a selection of tasty treats to please the crowd!
  • And, of course, there will be Woodstock wine, beer and soft drinks available for purchase.
  • Other kids’ entertainment includes a roving magician, kids craft fun and more!

For more information: 


Adelaide cab fest

Cabaret Festival

It just so happens that the Adelaide Cabaret Festival opens on Friday 11 June, so your June long weekend is PACKED full of possible options for date night, or out-late-with-the-girls night. Book your babysitters folks, this is your chance to for a night out on the town!

Check out our guide to cab fest for our top picks for what to see:



willunga farmers market


Explore the region this June long weekend in Adelaide…with fresh fruit & vegetables; dairy, meat, seafood & poultry; bakery, condiments & small goods; wine & cider; plants; coffee & breakfast! Supporting more than 80 family farms and artisan food producers who bring agricultural diversity and fresh seasonal choices direct to the community.

Willunga Farmers Market was the first farmers market to be established in South Australia and is now considered one of the best, awarded Most Outstanding Farmers Market at the delicious Produce Awards in 2019. Stock up for your June long weekend feast, you’ll find everything you need, and it’s a great wander with the kiddos too!

For more information:


stand up paddleboarding sa

Long Weekend SA Staycation

We just happen to be so lucky in South Australia because we are literally just a hop, skip and a jump away from world class beaches and family friendly attractions galore – do some research and be tourists in your own state by booking in for a beachside family escape on the South Australian metropolitan beaches. We have it on good authority that Standup Paddle is just as magical on a calm winter day, and there’s nothing like a blustery winter walk along the beachfront boulevard.

We’ve put together a full itinerary of activities that you can enjoy with your family, from where to stay, what to eat and plenty of adventures to keep your kiddos busy and buzzing all long weekend long, whatever the weather!

For our itinerary:



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KIDDO’s guide to The Big Family Weekend

KIDDO’s guide to The Big Family Weekend

DreamBig BIg Family Weekend

KIDDO’s guide to The Big Family Weekend

Adelaide is about to come alive with a smorgasbord of fun activities and performances when DreamBIG Children’s Festival presents the Big Family Weekend from May 22-23.

Families are invited to explore more than 50 events – from paid performances to free workshops and exhibitions, and everything in between!

To help you make the most of it, here’s our step-by-step guide to the Big Family Weekend.

Step 1: Decide on when you’ll attend

The great thing about Big Family Weekend is that there’s so much to see and do! Just make sure you pick the right date if there’s something in particular you want to check out, as there are a few events scheduled for Saturday or Sunday only.

Robots and Storytime DreamBIG

On Saturday:

  • In the Space Theatre foyer, the Adelaide City Library Out & About team will present free event Robots & Storytime from 10am
  • Ayers House Museum will host Everybody’s Mansion, a day of free games and craft activities from 10am
  • Much-loved children’s band Teeny Tiny Stevies will appear in the Festival Theatre at 11.30am
  • The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra will perform Are we there yet? in the Scott Theatre at the University of Adelaide at 1.30pm and 3.15pm

Government house DreamBig

On Sunday:

  • Government House is offering free tours of its public rooms from 10am
  • Scottish cellist Scott Sinclair will present A Piece of You in the Dunstan Playhouse foyer from 10.15am
  • The Big Family Weekend Concert will showcase some of South Australia’s youth arts groups in the Festival Theatre from 11.30am
  • Big Tutti Singalong will feature Tutti Choir and Adelaide’s own international superstar Hans in the Festival Theatre from 3pm

Big Family Weekend Concert

Step 2: Book ahead for special events and shows

Bookings are required for some of the free events, and you’ll need to buy tickets for paid performances, so make sure you check out the DreamBIG website for more information while planning your visit.

Shows on sale at Adelaide Festival Centre venues include Wolfgang’s Magical Musical Circus, Creation Creation, Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure and Magic Beach.

The Narrator will see audiences picked up on a bus from Elder Park, while Patch Theatre’s ZOOOM will be at the Adelaide College of the Arts and interactive experience Still Point of a Turning World is in the Queen’s Theatre near Light Square.

For toddlers, there’s Touch & Go and Our Corka Bubs in the Rehearsal Room at Adelaide Festival Centre, along with Nat Bartsch’s Lullabies at Nexus Arts.

Step 3: Map out the places you’ll go

While most of the fun and excitement can be found at Adelaide Festival Centre, other venues include the South Australian Museum, State Library, Art Gallery of South Australia and Adelaide Botanic Garden – along with nearby Elder Park, where Fork on the Road will offer a variety of food trucks.

Copies of the Big Family Weekend map can be found in the May edition of KIDDO and will be available at participating venues.

To help you get around, EcoCaddy will be cycling along North Terrace with free rides from 10am to 3pm on both days thanks to a partnership with RAA and DreamBIG.

Big Family Weekend

Step 4: Make a schedule for the day

A great starting point for planning your day at Big Family Weekend is to pick out which shows and events are at specific times, then add other activities around these.

For example, here’s what your day at Adelaide Festival Centre could look like:

10.30am: Join the quest of a beatboxing superhero for Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure in the Quartet Bar

11.30am: In the Festival Theatre foyer, let your creativity run wild during interactive event Infinite Monster

12 noon: Walk over to Elder Park to enjoy a delicious lunch at Fork on the Road. While you’re there, the kids can play on the Climbing Tree and take a look at the DreamBIG Forest

1pm: Return to Adelaide Festival Centre for African Drumming Workshops

1.30pm: Check out the Hidden Creature Gallery in the John Bishop Room

2.30pm: Dance up a storm at Silent Disco with DJ Monski Mouse in the Artspace Gallery

3pm: Enjoy a pop-up performance from local musician Ben Anderson in the Space Theatre foyer

In between all of this, you can keep an eye out for roving performers and jump in on free craft activities with Playgroup SA. There are also some wonderful art exhibitions on display in the Festival Theatre and Space Theatre foyers.

Step 4: Be COVID safe and have fun!

Measures will be in place to keep families, artists and staff safe. Please review the Adelaide Festival Centre website for the most up-to-date information on the day.

You can also head to the Facebook event for the latest updates and discussion about Big Family Weekend. With more than 2000 people already registering their interest in attending, it’s gearing up to be one of Adelaide’s biggest children’s events of 2021!

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the DreamBIG Children’s Festival website:


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DreamBIG: Top shows for the little ones (under 3s)

DreamBIG: Top shows for the little ones (under 3s)


DreamBIG: Top shows for the little ones (under 3s)

Even the youngest of audiences can grow their love for the arts at DreamBIG Children’s Festival 2021.

A whole new generation of creative and curious kids are being encouraged to head along to DreamBIG at Adelaide Festival Centre from May 19 to 29.

The family program is out now, and we had a look through to find the top three shows for under 3s – everything from an interactive dance performance to a live performance of classical music.

our corka bubs dreambig


Grounded in Aboriginal culture, Our Corka Bubs offers captivating storytelling through movement and music.

The performance circle is a space for interactive play, guided by Ngarrindjeri sisters Taree and Caleena. Gentle motifs of water and earth combine with gestures that mimic iconic Australian animals. Audiences of all ages are entranced by words and songs in language and traditional music by Uncle Owen Love.

Wriggle along to the didgeridoo, clap to the rhythm of the clapsticks. This is a transformative experience for little ones and their carers.

Presented by: Gina Rings

For tickets:


Touch & Go DreamBIG


An enticing and playful world of shapes and pathways, stepping stones and lines, dance and live music.

The children become part of the performance by entering the action or by observing it, touching and going just as they need to.

Presented by: Sally Chance Dance

For tickets:


Lullabies DreamBIG


When pianist and composer Nat Bartsch became a mother, she created a suite of lullabies with her newborn son in mind.

Influenced by music therapy, and streamed over 2 million times, her lullabies have now helped to ease many babies into peaceful relaxation. But, equally importantly, this music is just as enjoyable (and calming) for adults!

Suitable for tots under two, bring your little ones for a soothing, meditative live performance of classical and jazz-infused lullabies to live by.

Presented by: Nat Bartsch

For tickets:



To check out the full program, head to the DreamBIG website:


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