Adelaide School Holiday Dates 2022

Adelaide School Holiday Dates 2022

Adelaide School Holiday dates 2022

Adelaide School Holiday Dates 2022 + School Term Dates 2022

It’s always handy to have the details of the school term dates up our sleeves and, if you ask us, it’s absolutely never too early to start planning those all important weekends away, holidays and camping trips for the Adelaide school holidays with our kids.

We’ve got the Adelaide school holiday dates for 2022, as well as those pesky school term dates for 2022 so we can give you a head start at getting your school holiday plans underway.


Term 1 | 31 January 2022 – 14 April 2022
School Holidays | 15 April 2022 – 1 May 2022

Term 2 | 2 May 2022 – 8 July 2022
School Holidays | 9 July 2022 – 24 July 2022

Term 3 | 25 July 2022 – 30 September 2022
School Holidays | 1 October 2022 – 16 October 2022

Term 4 | 17 October 2022 – 16 December 2022
School Holidays | 17 December 2022 – 29 January 2023

This information is current as of November 2020.

**End of year school holiday dates for Year 12 students is a school based decision. For many students, their last day of school is the day of their last exam. Contact your local school for further information.

Note: Sometimes school holiday dates are adjusted to allow for public holidays.

Adelaide School Holiday Dates 2022 Information

The Adelaide School Holiday dates listed above are relevant to South Australian state schools. Independent and Catholic schools may differ and vary from school to school, so in those instances you should check directly with the appropriate school for term date and school holiday information.

Things to do in the Adelaide School Holidays 2022

Need some ideas for things to do that coincide with the Adelaide School Holiday dates for 2022?

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For more information about the Adelaide school holidays and term dates for 2022:



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3D & 4D Ultrasound Adelaide

3D & 4D Ultrasound Adelaide

3d 4d scanning adelaide
3D & 4D Ultrasound Adelaide

Considering a 3D or 4D ultrasound keepsake of your cutie? Imagine catching a glimpse of a yawn, wave or even a cheeky poke of the tongue!

You can begin creating unforgettable memories of your precious little baby during their very first close up by getting a 3D or 4D scan when they’re still in your tum.

4D ultrasound scans capture moving (4D) and still images (3D and 2D) of your beautiful baby’s features such as their little face, hands and feet.

We know how precious this time is for mums, dads and their growing bub-to-be, so we’ve got your guide to the top 3D and 4D ultrasound scan clinics in Adelaide!

3D & 4D Scans in Adelaide

babyview 3d scan adelaide


BabyView are are a local family owned business operating since 2010, and are passionate about ultrasound! The BabyView professionals are Mums, so they know how important your scan is to you.

The location of the clinic is private and peaceful in a non clinical boutique environment complete with soft and comfortable furnishings to give you the best viewing experience possible.

BabyView 3D and 4D scan appointment times are as long as possible so you can relax and enjoy yourselves and you can view your baby in live realtime on their 55 Inch Ultra HD TV.

You can invite family and other loved ones to share this special experience rather than only one or two extra people at a medical centre. Children are more than welcome and can play with toys on our plush rug or play table.

287A St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide

Before You Were born 3D 4D scans adelaide

Before You Were Born Imaging – 3D and 4D Ultrasound

See your baby yawn, stretch, wriggle and settle back to sleep in breath taking detail at Adelaide’s only Dedicated TrueVue Suite. Providing 4D footage and 3D images which you can take home on the same day, Before You Were Born Imaging offers a memorable bonding experience.

This unique baby ultrasound experience will provide you with 3D and 4D Foetal photos and the individual care that you deserve during this special time, by fully accredited medical Sonographers.

Before You Were Born Imaging can scan your baby from the moment you have confirmation of a viable pregnancy by a medical practitioner or obstetrician and also offer early heart beat scans from 8 weeks gestation.

25 Conservatory Circuit, Oakden

3D 4D ultrasound adelaide

4D Sound Radiology

Here’s hoping the bundle in your belly has perfected that cute little smile…because they are about to get their very first close-up!

All 3D ultrasound and 4D scans at Sound Radiology are performed by Accredited Medical Sonographers, giving you the peace of mind that your baby is in skilled hands. This also gives you the added advantage of conveniently combining any medical growth scans with your 4D package. How nice would it be to have the same sonographer looking after you and your baby throughout the duration of your pregnancy?

Sound Radiology’s experience in 4D ultrasound has found that between 26 and 32 weeks of pregnancy is the time where they can obtain the best photos. There is still enough fluid around the baby to obtain clear photos and their features are well developed.

257 Fullarton Road, Parkside

3D 4D Scans Adelaide

Specialist Imaging Partners

Specialist Imaging Partners offer a variety of 3D and 4D ultrasound packages including gender determination, DVD footage and USB sticks with images and movie clips.

After hours and Saturday bookings available on request.

Level 2, 77 King William Rd, North Adelaide


Fetal Fotos Henley Beach

Fetal Fotos

Fetal Fotos offer 3D and 4D scans, and are rated one of Australia’s top 3D and 4D ultrasound studios. No full bladder or doctors referral needed.

Fetal Foto scans are happy to take appointments to help relieve stress and anxiety during pregnancy and they are gender and facial experts.

Same day appointments are usually available.

133 Henley Beach Road Mile End South

3d baby scan adelaide

Adelaide Women’s Imaging – 4D Ultrasound

Adelaide Women’s Imaging invite your family and friends along to share in this unique and special bonding experience with you. Imagine the excitement as you try and see whose features the baby has.

4D ultrasound scans capture moving (4D) and still images (3D and 2D) of your beautiful baby’s features such as their little face, hands and feet. The service is provided at 26-32 weeks of your pregnancy and is available to patients who have had their Nuchal Transluency and Morphology Ultrasound Scans with Dr Jones & Partners or Adelaide Women’s Imaging.

All 4D scans are performed by AWI Accredited Sonographers, giving you the peace of mind that your baby is in skilled hands.

Limited spaces are available, so making a dedicated appointment is essential.

Tennyson Centre, 520 South Road, Kurralta Park

3d and 4d ultrasound adelaide

Your Baby Ultrasound

Your Baby Ultrasound, in Mawson Lakes, use state of the art ultrasound equipment, which produces amazing images of ‘yourbaby’.

The Your Baby sonographers are professional and accredited with the Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry (ASAR). Your Baby provides the best service available to make your time an enjoyable experience.

Take sneak peak of ‘yourbaby’ before they come out into the real world!

Shop 3, 3 Coventry Street, Mawson Lakes


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Top 10 Adventure Playgrounds Adelaide

Top 10 Adventure Playgrounds Adelaide

flying fox bonython park

Top 10 Adventure Playgrounds Adelaide

If there’s anything we know about our kids, it’s that they thrive on adventure. They love open spaces. They want to run, climb, forage and build! And what better place to do that than an adventure playground!?


Adventure playgrounds weren’t exactly a dime a dozen when we were kids. There was probably one or two (St Kilda Adventure Playground was our go-to when we we little) if we were lucky, and usually they required a full day trip to get there (or at least it seemed that way as a wide eyed and impatient ragamuffin). At the risk of sounding old, the kids these days just don’t know how good they have it! Particularly in Adelaide!

We have so many awesome adventure playgrounds here in Adelaide, and when we talk about adventure playgrounds they need to meet certain criteria. To us, an adventure playground isn’t an adventure playground just because some suit sitting behind a desk one day named it “adventure playground” when they were handing out playground names… there’s a lot more to it than that!

We’re talking BIG, HUGE, playgrounds to explore, playgrounds that have tall structures to scale, and nature play areas to build forts or dam up rivers with fallen sticks!

The kind of playground that warrants a day full of…well… adventure!

We’ve rounded up our Top 10 Adventure Playgrounds in Adelaide – for one of those days your kids are looking for hours of fun and imaginative play outdoors! 

Morialta nature playground

morialta playground

Morialta Nature Playground

Well this one goes without saying! When you think “adventure playground” pictures of Morialta Playground probably pop up in your head. Frankly, Morialta Playground is arguably the best Nature Play playground in South Australia! The playground, which is divided into five themed play areas, is absolutely huge and incorporates natural elements as far as the eye can see. You could easily spend an entire day here playing and exploring the surrounding area, so pack a picnic and get your adventuring on!

Address: Stradbroke Road, Woodforde

wilfred taylor reserve nature play adelaide wilfred taylor reserve adelaide playgrounds wilfred taylor reserve

Wilfred Taylor Reserve

The largest playspace in Adelaide’s south opened earlier this year for families to explore at Wilfred Taylor Reserve in Morphett Vale. The $2.2 million nature-based playspace has been designed for people of all ages and abilities to explore, roam and enjoy the reserve’s gorgeous natural environment and has adventure written all over it!

Address: Wilfred Taylor Reserve, Morphett Vale

heywood park heywood park

Heywood Park

This is one for the ninja sized adventurers amongst us! Heywood Park has long since been a favourite playground in Adelaide among families, but with its recent renovation, including construction of a mini ninja warrior course, it’s right up the top of the list! As well as the ninja course, you’ll also find all the traditional playground equipment, situated in the midst of a beautiful park setting with plenty of grass to run on, logs to climb and places to picnic! The scale of the surrounding park alone gives your kids time to adventure all day!

Address: Addiscombe Pl, Unley Park


Cobbler Creek Playground Cobbler Creek Playground Cobbler Creek Playground

Cobbler Creek Playground

The exciting new Kites and Kestrels adventure playground at Cobbler Creek is absolutely a haven of possible adventure. With climbing structures that look like trees with raptors’ nests, sandpits, a flying fox, plenty of nature play and a super slide… this is a must-visit with kids in Adelaide and will send their imaginations into overdrive. There are also bike paths, and a BMX pump track and trails in the adjacent Peddler Paddock so put the bikes and scooters in the car and get on your way – adventure is waiting!

Address: Cobbler Creek Recreation Park, Salisbury East

barossa adventure station barossa adventure station

Barossa Adventure Station

OK so this is one of those playgrounds that really was deserving of having the word adventure in their name! Barossa Adventure Station truly has something for everyone. Features include a multi-level place space including a mega tower and play deck, 1km mountain bike loop, heritage elements, attractive open spaces, skate ramp, fitness stations and plenty of picnic spots. It’s the perfect place to spend an hour, or the whole day. Best of all, it’s just a short walk to Angaston where you can discover bespoke regional offerings at our many cafes, cellar doors, restaurants and providores.

Address: Washington Street, Angaston

jubilee park Jubilee Park

Jubilee Playground

If adventure had a middle name, it would be Jubilee Park! This playground is MEGA, and is absolutely an adventure waiting to happen in your child’s imagination. We’re talking climbing frames, water play, sand play.. and, I mean, how many playgrounds have a life sized giraffe? The best part of Jubilee Playground has got to be the giant wooden castle though, which is huge and will keep the kids running, hiding and exploring for absolutely ages! This is the kind of playground that calls for a few solid hours, and probably lunch (plenty of space for picnics and BBQs too)! And right across from the beach – your summer adventure awaits.

Address: Saltfleet Street, Port Noarlunga South


St Kilda Adventure Playground

St Kilda Adventure Playground

St Kilda Adventure Playground

St Kilda Adventure Playground

So yes, the St Kilda Adventure Playground is STILL a thing! If you’ve been a kid in Adelaide you’ve probably been to St Kilda Playground, and you’re probably going to want to take your kids there too. Because not only is St Kilda Playground a South Australian icon, it’s also absolutely one of the biggest and best adventure playgrounds in Adelaide. Sure it’s a bit of a drive (45 minutes North of the CDB) but this is an award winning playground and a must visit! This is the ultimate adventure playground, complete with super slides, wooden fortress (which truly for me is what makes a playground an adventure!), old wooden ship, and even a volcano! Not to mention an EPIC flying fox, and a bouncy climbing frame. Kids will run, climb, slide and play for hours here – but make sure to take a towel if it’s hot because those silver slides pack some heat when it’s warm!

Address: 470 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda


Roy Martin Park Roy Martin Park

Roy Martin Park

Adventure has a destination and it’s name is Roy Martin Park! Kids of Taperoo (and anyone else if you fancy a drive), adventure awaits you! The playground and surrounds have been upgraded in recent years and all equipment is in separate zones for different ages and abilities. Plenty of shade, slippery dips, sand and climbing equipment will keep your kiddos oh so occupied and that’s just the way we like it!

Address: 22 Wandana Terrace, Taperoo

Bonython Park Playground flying fox bonython park

Bonython Park Playspace

If you’re looking for adventure at one of Adelaide’s best playgrounds, Bonython Park play space is a playground that has everything you think a playground should, and a few things you wouldn’t have thought of! The spinning hamster wheel is always popular with older kids, as is the dual flying fox. And adjoining park also has plenty of space for running around and kicking a ball, toilet facilities and BBQ’s so there’s really nothing missing here! Whilst it doesn’t have giant towering wooden fortresses to scale, it does have just about everything else you can think of and if you can’t create your own adventure here, you won’t be able to do it anywhere!

Address: Bonython Park, Adealaide


Hazelwood Park Hzelwood Park Hazelwood. Park

Hazelwood Park Playground

Shady Hazelwood Park playground is the home of a cracking flying fox, which is reason enough for many kids to want to stop by! You want adventure? You’ll find it at Hazelwood Park, with plenty of climbing frames, balance beams, slides and swings, as well as the surrounding park which is lush and full of logs to climb, creek beds to explore and ducklings to spot! This playground is well worth a visit and if you’re looking for an underwater adventure to round of the day, it’s also the home of the Burnside Pool which is super tempting for little people when it’s warm outside!

Address: Hazelwood Avenue, Hazelwood Park

Wigley Reserve Playground wigley reserve playground wigley reserve playground

Wigley Reserve

The Wigley Reserve playspace has adventure playground written all over it. The recently constructed playground features:

  • a climbing tunnel
  • in-ground trampolines
  • swings
  • slides
  • a log climbing structure
  • stepping boulders
  • a sensory nature-trail

And because they’ve thought of everything that adventuring requires, there’s also a drinking fountain, bike racks, custom-built shade structure, seating and 10 new exercise stations in the fitness hub.

Address: Wigley Reserve Playground, Corner of Anzac Highway & Adelphi Terrace, Glenelg


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Luminescent new art exhibition opens at Adelaide Botanic Garden

Luminescent new art exhibition opens at Adelaide Botanic Garden

shared reckonings botanic gardens
Luminescent new art exhibition opens at Adelaide Botanic Garden

A mesmerising new collection of glowing, botanically-inspired art will be on display in Adelaide Botanic Garden from Wednesday 24 February.

In Shared Reckonings, renowned South Australian artist, Catherine Truman, explores the impact of light on human vision and the growth of plants.

Truman’s exhibition combines thermoplastics and photo-luminescent powders with exquisite, thought-provoking results.

Adelaide Festival 2021

The event, which is part of the 2021 Adelaide Festival, was created following two concurrent residencies at the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium, and the Flinders Centre for Ophthalmology at Flinders University.

Truman’s works have been influenced by powerful themes: the catastrophic bushfires that swept the country last summer, climate change-induced biodiversity loss, and the global pandemic.

“The entire body of work was made during extraordinary times. The solitude of making under these bizarre circumstances of course had a major impact of all aspects of this exhibition,” explained Truman.

Displayed in the Santos Museum of Economic Botany and the Deadhouse within Adelaide Botanic Garden, the Shared Reckonings exhibition comprises of five installations and eight experimental films.

Director of the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium, Dr Lucy Sutherland, welcomed Truman and comments on the museum it is housed in.

“The Santos Museum of Economic Botany is truly one of the wonders of South Australia. It’s a tantalising cave of endless curiosities and mysteries for children and adults, and for scientists, botanists and artists alike.

“It is entirely appropriate that this fascinating exhibition finds its first home within the botanic garden and museum walls. I invite you to immerse yourself in the connected worlds of Shared Reckonings,” said Dr Sutherland.

Shared Reckonings

Where: Santos Museum of Economic Botany and the Deadhouse
When: 24 February – 2 May, 2021
Times: 10am – 4pm, Wednesday – Sunday
FREE entry

For more information: 


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SA Carp Frenzy: A Family Fishing Competition & a Great Day Out!

SA Carp Frenzy: A Family Fishing Competition & a Great Day Out!


SA Carp Frenzy: A Family Fishing Competition & a Great Day out!

South Australia’s Carp Frenzy on Lake Bonney Barmera | 13 March 2021

If you’re looking for a REELY fun day out with your family, then you’ll be caught hook line and sinker for SA Carp Frenzy this March, on Lake Bonney in Barmera.

Take your family and throw a line in, and you just might come away with one of the many prizes on the day, including weekend getaway packages, fishing gear, camping equipment + local wine and produce, as well as $5k in cash prizes.

A fishing competition & a family day out

South Australia’s Biggest Carp Fishing Competition, offers a different kind of day out than you may have experienced before. Whether you’re a seasoned fisher-person, or a rookie with a hookie, grab a spot around idyllic Lake Bonney, set up your chairs, bait up and wait!

If you catch a carp on the day you can go in the draw to win a prize…which means every one has the chance to be a winner!

fishing sa carp frenzy

9th year of SA Carp Frenzy

2021 will be the 9th consecutive year of SA Carp Frenzy and celebrates the centenary of the Barmera Monash Football Club, with a first prize offering of $3000!

The event is organised by dedicated local volunteers (spearheaded by Kym Manning – local stalwart and active supporter and conservationist of the river and lake eco-system!) and raises money for the town and lakefront.

Previous years fundraising as allowed the group to buy exercise equipment for the lakefront and bike stations for the township.

Carp Frenzy

Fish for the day, stay for the weekend!

Camp sites are available around Lake Bonney, as well as accommodation at the lakefront caravan park.

Discover beautiful Barmera in the heart of the riverland; an aquatic playground on the edge of Lake Bonney and be in with a chance to!

For more information or to register: 


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Student’s Got Talent: SA international students in talent show hosted by Adelaide Festival Centre

Student’s Got Talent: SA international students in talent show hosted by Adelaide Festival Centre

Students Got Talent

Student’s Got Talent: A talent show exclusively for International Students

Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

Eleven acts have been selected for an incredible showcase of international student talent including contemporary and traditional vocalists and dancers, beatboxing and musicians from Malaysia, the Philippines, India, China, Iran, Indonesia and Vietnam.

This weekend’s Students Got Talent show is part of the summer program put on by South Australian institutions for those who have been unable to go home for the holiday break.

All acts will perform on the stage of the newly redeveloped Her Majesty’s Theatre, located on Grote St opposite Adelaide Central Market.

Hosted by Adelaide comedian Jason Chong, Students Got Talent is offering $9500 in prize money to be won.

Support for more than 30,000 international students

This talent competition has been tailored especially to international students in recognition of the hardships they are facing as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic and travel restrictions and forms a part of StudyAdelaide’s Summer in Adelaide program, which offers free and low-cost tickets to events for international students to enjoy over the summer holidays.

So go and cheer on the talented finalists and show your support for the more than 30,000 international students facing an uncertain summer break!

If you’d prefer to watch remotely, Students Got Talent will be live streamed, courtesy of Channel 44, to be viewed and enjoyed all over the world. You can watch the livestream on the Festival Centre Facebook page or on the Channel 44 website.

Prizes include:

  • First Prize AUD$5000
  • Second Prize AUD$3000
  • Third Prize AUD$1000
  • The most popular talent show entry of the night will win the People’s Choice Award and will receive $500 cash.

Event Details:

Date: 13 Feb 2021
Time: Doors open 5:30 for a 6:00pm start
Venue: Her Majesty’s Theatre
Cost: Free

Registration is required via the Book Now link to comply with COVID-19 safety requirements. 

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