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Kids swimmers made from recycled plastic bottles: Aussie brand ANARKID kicks sustainability goals

Kids swimmers made from recycled plastic bottles: Aussie brand ANARKID kicks sustainability goals

Anarkid swimwear

Aussie brand, Anarkid, releases kids swimwear range made out of recycled plastic bottles

So our kids can look good, while we do good!

Bet you never thought a recycled bottle could look this cute, right?

Cool kids swimwear brand, Anarkid, is on a mission to create terrific togs for tykes, without compromising on the effect their production could have on our planet and its people. Their latest swimwear range is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Yep, you read that right… plastic bottles.

anarkid kids swimwear

Once a plastic is created, it lasts forever, and whilst this is great for durability, it poses a huge environmental strain on our planet.

Anarkid’s fully lined, UPF50+, chlorine resistant swimwear gives a second life to recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfill or our oceans. And it’s super cute, to boot!

anarkid kids swimwear

The brands founder, Dominique, says their focus has been on sustainability from the get go, and it’s something she will not compromise on.

We’ve always used GOTs Certified Organic Cotton, and with each season we have made improvements to other aspects of the business (such as packaging, freight options, other sustainable fabrics) to lessen our impact on the planet and its people.

anarkid kids swimwear

Best of all, Anarkid’s swimwear collection has been designed for real-life kids, who bend, move, flip, dive and duck.

All styles offer the highest possible rating for sun protection, UPF 50+ to block out 98%+ of UV rays.

For more information or to view the full collection:


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Rise and Shine with new season Kip&Co

Rise and Shine with new season Kip&Co


Colour up with new season summer Kip&Co

Super cool and colourful Aussie brand Kip&Co have released their latest season of kids threads and they sure will put a spring in the step of your little person, and a smile on your dial.

Rise and Shine by Kip&Co

kip&co rise and shine

The Rise and Shine collection is here to brighten your day, featuring fabulous foil jumpsuits, floral linen pinafores, sweet sweaters, doze-worthy PJ’s, statement boardies and all the little bits and bobs that make kids clothes oh so cool!



kip & co rise and shine collection

kip & co new season kids



kip&co summer 20 collection

So wake up, say good morning to what your kids will be wearing this season, and step into a new season of colour, print and sparkle.
Rise and Shine is available from September 15th 2020 online in Australia and with selected stockists:

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Caramilk Cronuts back just in time for Father’s Day

Caramilk Cronuts back just in time for Father’s Day

Caramillk Cronuts
Make Dad’s Day with a Caramilk Cronut from Jenny’s Bakery

I’m sorry, what did you say? Caramilk? Cronuts?

Yep you heard us correctly. This is not a drill. We repeat: not. a. drill.

Caramilk Cronuts Jenny's Bakery

Eastwood’s renowned patisserie, Jenny’s Bakery, is bringing back their Caramilk Cronuts, just in time for Father’s Day.

Prepare yourself for a sugar rush of epic proportions, this beauty is not for the faint hearted. Filled with a caracustard, iced with whipped Caramilk ganache and topped with chunks of legit Caramilk chocolate straight from the block, these cronuts will get your heart racing (and maybe stopping, lol).

Pop into Jenny’s Bakery this week to get your hands on one (or 5) of their Caramilk Cronuts before it’s too late! These babies are back by popular demand and here for a limited time only!

Jenny’s Bakery
81 Glen Osmond Road


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KIDDO BOOK CLUB: September New Release Books

KIDDO BOOK CLUB: September New Release Books

New Release Books for September

Well, spring has finally sprung and even though the days are warming up and the season for winter book reading on the couch might be drawing a close, September has some incredible new release books to choose from, and we think reading in a sunny spot might even be better than curling up with a book when it’s raining outside.

This month in KIDDO Book Club, with book week on the horizon come October, we’ve given you a big selection of new release kids books to look at, as well as a handful of stellar options for tweens and teens and, of course, us parents!

Picture Books

Wild Symphony
by Dan Brown and Susan Batori

#1 New York Times bestselling author Dan Brown makes his picture book debut with this mindful, humorous, musical, and uniquely entertaining book!

RRP $27.99

We Love You, Magoo
by Briony Stewart

Magoo has his own ideas about what a dog should do – in the kitchen, in the car, at dinnertime and bedtime! But there are so many rules! So many things a dog can’t do. A classic in the making – joyous and playful, this will be read again and again.

RRP $19.99

The Lost Library
by Jess McGeachin

The Lost Library is a magical tale of friendship, the joy of reading and the power of the imagination. When Oliver finds a lost library book in his new bedroom, he decides to return it. But how do you find a mysterious hidden library? With the help of a new friend, of course . . .

RRP $24.99

Nala the Koala
Illustrated by Penny Min Ferguson

A sweet story that gently touches on displacement, finding your home and preserving precious environments. All royalties from sales of this book will be donated to WIRES to help protect koalas and other Australian animals in need.

RRP $17.99

Junior Fiction

Aussie Kids Series

Meet Dooley on the Farm
by Sally Odgers and Christina Booth

Hi! I’m Dooley!
My cousin is visiting our farm.
We’ll swim in the river, feed the calves and collect berries. But best of all, we’re going to sleep out in the barn!

RRP $12.99

Aussie Kids: Meet Matilda at the Festival
by Jacqueline de Rose-Ahern and Tania McCartney

Hi! I’m Matilda!
Today there’s a festival at the Japanese Embassy. That’s where my friend Hansuke lives. We’ll have lots of fun. But Hansuke is going back to Japan soon. How will I be able to say goodbye?

RRP $12.99

Atticus Van Tasticus 3: The Treasure of Treasures
by Andrew Daddo and Stephen Michael King

The next crackin’ adventure for Atticus Van Tasticus and his brave, if slightly crazy, young crew of The Grandnan. With the Map of Half Maps finally in their hands, the rest should be easy, right?

RRP $14.99


Middle Grade

The Fire Star
by A.L. Tait

Maven and Reeve have three days to solve the mystery of the Fire Star. If they don’t, they’ll lose everything. Bestselling author A. L. Tait is back with the intriguing story of two unlikely allies and a mystery to solve that could change their lives.

RRP $16.99

Brain Freeze
by Oliver Phommavanh

A crazy collection of funny short stories from the wacky mind of bestselling Thai-riffic! author, Oliver P, featuring characters who are all finding a way to step up and be brave.

RRP $14.99

The Time-travelling Caveman
by Terry Pratchett

A brand new collection of short stories from the incredible Sir Terry Pratchett. Written for local newspapers when he was a young lad, these never previously published stories are packed full of anarchic humour and wonderful wit.

RRP $32.99


American Royals 2: Majesty
by Katharine McGee

Your favourite royal family are back for another thrilling instalment of gossip, drama and romance! As the wedding of the century creeps ever closer, will Beatrice, Samantha, Nina and Daphne get what they want – or will their hearts be broken forever?

RRP $16.99

Love, Creekwood
by Becky Albertalli

Fall in love all over again with the characters from the bestselling Simonverse novels in this highly anticipated epilogue novella. The Creekwood High crew are first years at different colleges, navigating friendship and romance the way their story began – on email.

RRP $12.99


The Human Body Survival Guide
by George Ivanoff

Your body is really GROSS — but also pretty AWESOME! The Human Body Survival Guide will take you on a weird and wonderful journey, and teach you just how amazing and complex your body is.

Don’t worry, The Human Body Survival Guide has the facts and advice you need to survive living in your body!

Our bodies, inside and out, can seem disgusting. There’s blood and guts, burps and farts. We secrete spit and snot and sweat. Everywhere we go, we’re shedding bits of ourselves. Skin. Hair. Nails. And our bodies are a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, fungus, lice and more.

The Human Body Survival Guide will take you on a weird and wonderful journey, and teach you just how amazing and complex your body is.

Hold on to your insides . . . here we go!

RRP $24.99

by Solli Raphael

In his own words, slam poet and social advocate, Solli Raphael shines a spotlight on the concerns teenagers face today, exploring the powerful link between writing and shaping the future.

Following on from the success of Limelight, this new collection of poetry illuminates the social interests of Solli’s generation in a thought-provoking style, including a mix of traditional poems and brand-new performance poems. It covers topics from connection to bullying and pinpoints climate change as a key concern with poems like Solli’s Greenpeace collaboration piece ‘Let’s Make More Minutes Count!’.

RRP $16.99


The Mysteries of the Universe
by DK

Travel to the furthest reaches of the Universe and visit 100 remarkable objects along the way with this stunning book about space. From planets and asteroids to black holes and galaxies, every page will captivate young readers as they journey through the vastness of the Universe.

From planets and asteroids to black holes and galaxies, every page will captivate young readers as they journey through the vastness of the Universe.

Each celestial body is shown both photographically and illustrated, and children will love poring over the detailed close-up images.

Engaging storybook-style descriptions of each object allow readers to delve into facts, myths, trivia, and key discoveries about the Solar System and beyond. Wonder at the rocky rings around Saturn, gaze at the fountains gushing from Jupiter’s moon Enceladus, and marvel at mysterious interstellar visitors ‘Oumuamua and Borisov. With reference pages packed with fascinating information, you’ll go away knowing something you didn’t before, and you’ll return time and again.

RRP $39.99

The World of Roald Dahl
by Roald Dahl

Welcome to the wondercrump world of all things Roald Dahl, filled with fantastic facts, exciting extras, quirky quizzes and much more!

Join Roald Dahl’s best-loved characters for a bumper book of…

*Marvellous extra material*Fantastic quizzes*Curious characters*Amazing activities*Funny factfiles*. . . and much more!

The perfect companion to the iconic world of Roald Dahl’s stories, fun for young and old!

RRP $19.99



Turning Down the Noise
by Christine Jackman

For centuries, wise men and women have sought silence to gain insight and creative inspiration. Now the modern world is catching up. Is neuroscience finally proving that the mystics, monks and medicine men were onto something?

As her own world became noisier, author Christine Jackman embarked on a quest for a better way of being. Turning Down the Noise explores what is happening to our brains, our lives and our communities as we navigate a never-ending assault on our senses and attention, whether from actual noise, exposure to media or the pings and alerts on our phones. More importantly, it shows how we can reverse the damage through simple daily acts designed to strip out the stimuli and reclaim the silence.

Seeking ways to channel and capture the clarity and peace of mind so often lacking in our lives, Jackman writes with a lightness of touch, sharing her own experiences and digging into her subject with the zeal of an investigative journalist and an enquiring mind.

RRP $32.99

Happy (and other ridiculous aspirations)
by Turia Pitt

Happiness. Everyone wants more of it. But can you actually get happier? Inspirational Australian Turia Pitt dives into this idea, interviewing high-profile athletes, comedians, scientists and world experts to explore how everything from money to our relationships has an impact on how happy we can be.

Thousands of people have told me the one thing they’re searching for in life is happiness. So, I set out on a dragon-free quest to prove if ‘happy’ is, actually, an attainable goal, and not just a ridiculous aspiration. In this book, with her characteristic humour and gutsy intelligence, Turia Pitt goes on a quest to answer the question, Is it possible to be happier?

What does she discover on her journey? Well, look, that’s why we want you to buy the bloody book, but we can tell you that it entails, among other things, practising gratitude, working on kindness, self-love, strengthening your relationships and accepting the hard times and bad days.

Turia unpacks all of the above with easy-to-implement tips and strategies, hilarious insights into her own life and relationships, and introduces us to some of the world’s most fabulous people along the way, including Leigh Sales, Scott Pape, Zoë Foster Blake, Maria Forleo and Mick Fanning.

RRP $34.99


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Kevin the Calming Koala

Kevin the Calming Koala

kevin the calming koala
Have you met Kevin the Calming Koala?

Weighted sensory toys for kids

Have you met Kevin the Calming Koala? This little marsupial miracle worker has the power and personality to calm anxious kids and help them sleep.

Can I get a Hallelujah?

Weighted toys, also often referred to as sensory toys, can come in many shapes and sizes. Usually they are weighted stuffed animals that are heavier than what you can normally boy in a toy store.

Why are they so effective? Let’s find out.

Kevin the Calming Koala is 1.2kg making him the perfect companion for your child seeking additional sensory feedback.

His additional weight and size (33cm tall) provides proprioceptive input that can help soothe an overactive brain and promotes calmness.

He works similarly to weighted blankets but is smaller and more portable – a perfect self-regulating aid that your kid can always have with them on the go!

Weighted stuffed animals are the most versatile of weighted therapy products. They can sit in a child’s lap to provide sensory input as well as provide kids with a fidget.

Carrying a weighted animal during transitions provides sensory input and keeps hands occupied.  Snuggling a weighted animal at night provides calming input as well.

What’s the science?

Weighted products have been shown to generate proprioceptive input on our bodies. For many people, this input causes the brain to release neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, among others. These neurotransmitters released by the brain have naturally calming effects, which have proven to be beneficial for people experiencing anxiety, stress, or sensory processing issues.

Although they don’t work for everyone, those who benefit from deep pressure find weighted materials such as vests, blankets, lap pillows and stuffed animals to be very helpful in calming in the daytime hours and increasing sleep at night.

RRP $69.99

For more information or to buy Kevin or one of his weighty buddies:

A Father’s day DADventure gift

A Father’s day DADventure gift

hide an go sleep dad
Hide and Go Sleep for Dads – a Father’s Day Adventure Gift

From the makers of Mountain Goat Mountain

Looking for something fun and different to do for Dad this Father’s Day?

The makers of Mountain Goat Mountain, the audio led theatre experience for families to do together in their own home, have released a new interactive experience especially for Dads and families this Father’s Day.

Hide & Go Sleep is a family activity kit with everything you need to make your very own treasure hunt for Dad.

With activities to do while Dad is sleeping, and interactive clues that will bring your family together, Hide & go Sleep is more than an activity box.

It’s a sleep in.

It’s a family adventure.

It’s a celebration of everything DAD.

“It felt like it reset us as a unit, with everyone having the chance to articulate the precious things we notice about each other.” Real life Mum

“The best bit was lying in bed hearing the mischievous whispers and the footsteps running around the house. We all love plotting surprises! It was a special morning.”⁣⁣ Real Life Dad⁣⁣

Give dad a love-filled adventure this Father’s Day, something the kids can get involved in and take ownership over!

Perfect for families with children aged 4 – 10 years old. Playing time approximately one hour.

For more information:


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