These Mums Have It In The Bag!

Being a mum basically requires superpowers, you need to be in two places at once, have eyes in the back of your head and come fully prepared for anything at any moment….but how does one achieve this? With a Mary Poppins bag of everything, of course!

Nappies, bottles, snacks, bibs, toys, dummies… these things don’t fit into your classic Chanel Flap Bag.

Willow Bay bags are a whole different story. Founders Tammy Bishop and Hayley Norman wanted to create stylish handbags that were both functional and versatile. They are the kind of bags that are deceptively spacious and have compartments for just about everything, aka MUM PROOF. They also have an adorable kids range!

Both Hayley and Tammy are mums of school aged children who were initially operating out of their garages. In just 12 months Willow Bay were able to turn over $1million revenue and have only continued exponential growth since.

Cabin Bag

We chatted to Tammy and Hayley to find our more about their amazing Australian business:

What did your career look like prior to Willow Bay?

Pre Willow Bay career for Hayley was firstly in finance and client management and then running her own skincare business whilst raising a family.

For Tammy it was 12 years of retail management with a business she owned in Hyde Park, also freelance photography for the 4 years previous to Willow Bay while raising her 3 children and supporting her husband grow his business.

Did you expect your business to grow so quickly?

We never expected our business to grow so fast, we experimented with bold colours and patterns and put huge emphasis on our customer service and it really paid off.

Kids Laptop Bag

What’s the secret to juggling being business women and mummas?

If you find the secret please let us know! As all working mums would know, it’s a daily juggle. Supportive husbands are a big help and for both of us partners having each other to take the load when the other has had family commitments has been a blessing. Also having a good work/life balance where we can switch off from work and spend quality time with our family has become a high priority because in the early days we spent a lot of time on the business and it became detrimental to our families.

Our personal secret is that we support one another, we are both equally as hard working and can rely on each other to take the load when the other needs time for all of the other 100’s of things you need to worry about being a wife and mother, and we both appreciate how rare this is in a working partnership.

Express Duffel Bag

What’s in the future for Willow Bay? Are you considering any other products?

Our range is always growing and evolving, we will continue to experiment with different colours, fabrics and designs as always and we’ll be expanding our newly released, really popular, Vogue collection. We continue to be inspired by fashion and colour trends from all over the world, plus what our customers ask for. Our ever growing international presence is very exciting for us as we continue to expand into new countries.

Boutique Zip Bag

If you were a Willow Bay bag which one would you be?

If Tammy was a Willow Bay bag she would be the Boutique Zip because she is versatile, loves to travel and adapts easily to any situation. Despite her fondness for bold colours and quirky patterns, she almost always wears black.
Hayley on the other hand, would be an Express Duffel, she loves the outdoors, she’s a little quirky and unique, pretty with personality. She also tries to live a minimalist life, just don’t ask to see her handbag stash!





Room to Grow – April Edition

I’ve been designing, styling and retailing for 30 years, with a career stretching from Urban & Regional Planning to Interior Design. Designing for communities and families, I’ve had a wealth of experience in creating family environments with personality, style and functionality. As a mum to 3, I know from experience what works! Returning to Adelaide after 20 years in Melbourne, I founded Asser & Co, an Interiors studio catering for both retail and trade. We work with personal shoppers and industry experts in sourcing the right pieces for growing families. I’ll be showing you some great pieces from our range which are stylish and sustainable.


This edition is all about introducing the exciting world of colour into your family home through art work and decorative pieces. It’s now more important than ever in a world of uncertainty to be aware of how we can manipulate colour to help manage our mood and sense of wellbeing in the family home.

Kids take in the world around them through their eyes, and bright colours are one of the first aspects of sight that help them distinguish form and categorize objects. This is because bright colours are easier for them to see while their eyes are still developing.

Colour also affects mood and behaviour – warm colours like orange and yellow evoke happiness and comfort, red increases alertness while blues and greens have a calming effect. Colour through decorative pieces can easily set the mood and tone that you are after.

Surprisingly, wall decoration and décor are the most common enquiries we have at Asser & Co. Many people are challenged by this aspect of their interior and say that their living areas or bedrooms feel incomplete. It’s important to realise that budget should not restrict your ability to address this.

With the latest 2020 Additions Collection from HKliving, there are loads of artwork and decoration items to pique your children’s interest in shapes and forms which work perfectly in both kids’ and grown ups’ spaces. Don’t underestimate the power of a “grown up” choices. I spent many childhood years gazing at my mother’s accidental genius selection of Laura Ashley wallpaper for my bedroom. It helped ignite a lifelong passion for design!

With colour, it’s not a matter of blindly following trends – just stick to the number one rule: stay with your own personal taste so that your interior is a reflection of you. The best bet is to choose a neutral paint scheme and 2 accent colours for furnishings and artworks which make up 30% and 10% of the room. Then it’s easier to change as you and your family grows, or your tastes change.

As our lifestyle shots show, there is plenty of opportunity to push the boundaries with colour schemes. You can choose to go with a number of schemes: monochromatic (various shades of one colour); complimentary (different colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel that work well together); or analogous palette (similar colours that work harmoniously together) -there is a unique look for everyone. Finally, remember to bring visual relief into the palette through neutrals and materials such as timber, stone and different textured fabrics.

Colour is important not only for creating a beautiful space, but is also great for your child’s development, and an essential building block that they will use for learning in all areas of their life!

HKliving Art Frame Pauline Blanchard


HKliving Art Painting Colourful Strokes

HKliving Striped Cushion Velvet Grey/Gold

HKliving Diagonal Striped Cushion Velvet Blue/Purple

HKliving Dining Table Bench Grey

HKliving Jax Couch (elements available individually)

HKliving Retro Sofa 3 seats Striped Yellow

HKliving Mirror Table Block Pink L

HKliving Orange Circle Art Frame

HKliving Ceramic Flower Vase Ochre

147 Magill Road, Stepney, SA, 5069




Mini Mindfulness

It’s one thing keeping up with your own self-love/mindful/diet/fitness regime, but what about one for your little one too?

Whether it’s enrolling them in gymnastics, taking them to Nature Play or buying the latest fad sensory toy, we all try to encourage healthy mental and physical habits for our kiddos. Keeping fun in mind through all of this is also an art.

Lucky for us, local artist and illustrator Jana Rushforth has come up with an easy and ADORABLE way to encourage mini mindfulness…

Happiful Journal, a print-at-home daily gratitude journal for kiddos. This 98 page ebook is a place for your child to connect with their emotions, cultivate gratitude and nurture their curious mind. In addition, there are 20+ fun activity pages for your child to do during the school holidays, when you go out to dinner or even on a rainy day!

Kiddos can also customise the journals by choosing the hair colour, style and skin tone of their cover. The journal is available in colour and monochrome too, which kiddos can colour-in themselves!

We chatted to Jana about her new journal and inspirations:

What skills, both practical and mental, do you think Happiful Journal will assist kiddos with?

The Happiful Journal can assist kiddos with their bedtime routine and help them relax and unwind before sleep. It also shows kiddos it’s important to prioritise self-care, by taking 10 minutes to mindfully write or draw about their day.

I designed the journal with illustrations, written prompts and exercises for kids to use their creativity. These encourage them to use their creative skills like drawing, writing or colouring-in to quiet their thinking minds. The journal also helps kids process their emotions by introducing them to the idea of seeing and identifying emotions through cute emoji illustrations.

How did you learn mindfulness and gratitude yourself? Or what practices do you use yourself?

I experienced post-natal depression and to help me I started journaling what I was grateful for each day. I found each day I could find three things I was grateful for and this practice really helped my mental health. I use drawing as a mindfulness practice to process my feelings and thoughts, it brings me back to the present moment and stops my brain overthinking.

I also make sure that every day I go outside and just be present in nature. This could be looking at the clouds, picking a flower, watering the garden or watching a bee. I find doing all these things brings mindfulness and gratitude to my daily life.

*10% of the journal sale will be donated to Kids Helpline.

The Happiful Journal is available at www.wordfinders.club
The print-at-home ebook is $24 and the made to order hardcopy is $45.
There is also a free printable daily journal page at: www.wordfinders.club/printables



SUPPORT LOCAL @Adelaide Central Market

More than ever, It’s time to support local! When you buy from Adelaide Central Market you are purchasing directly from local small business owners. Every single purchase you make has a positive impact on local vendors, producers, makers and farmers.

For over 150 years, the Adelaide Central Market has provided SA with the best fresh produce and highest quality smallgoods our state has to offer and now it’s time we look after them as a preference over big supermarket chains.

The Adelaide Central Market has an abundance of stock. With over 70 retailers under one BIG roof (over 5700sqm) the Market has plentiful amounts of pantry essentials like pasta, cheese, milk, bread, mince and no stock restrictions in place. With wide aisles and fresh air from the street entrances there’s also lots of room to shop!

Bring the kiddos to sample the Barossa Fine Foods smiley fritz, get a gobstopper from The Old Lolly Shop and watch them scrunch up their noses as you browse through The Smelly Cheese Shop.

Stacking up your trolleys with fresh organic produce from the House Of Organics and goodies from Charlesworth Nuts isn’t the only reason to come to the Market. Grab a coffee or bite to eat to-go. In times of uncertainty we still need good coffee and delicious smallgoods to ease the pain.

Adelaide Central Market advertised trading hours:

Tues – 7:00am – 5:30pm
Wed – 9:00am – 5:30pm
Thurs – 9:00am – 5:30pm
Fri – 7:00am – 9:00pm
Sat – 7:00am – 3:00pm
Sun – 8:00am – 3:00pm (Voluntary trading)

*check ACM website for updated trading times


‘First Hour FREE Parking’ will also be extended to Sundays and there are over 1000 undercover car parks! We’re all about anything easy and accessible, especially when prams are involved!





I’ve been designing, styling and retailing for 30 years, with a career stretching from Urban & Regional Planning to Interior Design. Designing for communities and families, I’ve had a wealth of experience in creating family environments with personality, style and functionality. As a mum to 3, I know from experience what works! Returning to Adelaide after 20 years in Melbourne, I founded Asser & Co, an Interiors studio catering for both retail and trade. We work with personal shoppers and industry experts in sourcing the right pieces for growing families. I’ll be showing you some great pieces from our range which are stylish and sustainable.

By Rachel Marsh

Now’s the time to take advantage of all the new-found enthusiasm that a new school year brings. Work together with your kids to make sure they are set up to maximise their learning potential with both practical and comfortable working environments.

After her first week in school, my daughter announced that she wouldn’t be learning anything until Year 1. She was having way too much fun playing in Prep! Young children learn best through play – they need room to spread out and let their imaginations run wild. Keep living areas spacious so kids can roll around on the floor, then provide a more structured learning area with an age appropriate table and chairs, as a flexible activity centre. Locate some handy shelving or a tall cupboard adjacent to this space to store away materials when they’re not being used.

“Young kids don’t need a designated study space. A nook in the kitchen area, where you can supervise their homework while preparing the meals, is a great option. Use a spare kitchen cupboard to house school information folders (one per child!). Stick timetables inside the door. Pegs for school and sports bags can be located either in a hallway, or even better in a laundry.”

House of Orange Shelving Unit (custom design), Eve Bar Table, Peg Board & Myles Bench, HK Living Workshop Lamp and Bar Stool Photo Credit: House of Orange

Have a cosy and quiet reading chair or “nook” where young kids can crawl into with a handful of books. Position it near a window for good lighting. This could just be an upholstered bench to lie on with a few scatter cushions, or even a coveted hanging chair – kids LOVE them.

As kids grow and their homework time increases, they’ll need to spend more time at their desks. Here’s how you can help them stay there!

  • Provide an environment conducive to concentration – either in their own bedroom, or another quiet place such as a rarely used dining room.
  • Position desks next to windows (ideally at a 90-degree angle) to minimise reflection on computer screens. Natural light is important!
  • Choose an ergonomic desk chair option with adjustable height that can swivel. This supports the lower back and promotes good posture.
  • Use a pinboard hanging over the desk for kids to pin pictures, reminders, timetables and inspirational quotes!
  • Organisation and a mess free working area is key. Ensure you have adequate shelving, either freestanding or as part of the desk if space is tight. Encourage your kids to be organised with labelled baskets and boxes which can be placed alongside folders and books.
  • Use a directional desk light to prevent eye strain. HK Living have a floor light version!
  • Provide plenty of safe powerpoint access for laptops, printers, desk lamp etc.

Finally, let your kids personalise their space. Their taste may not always match your own, but Buzz Lightyear Purple and Green is just a phase…. promise!

I’d love to hear what you think of Room to Grow. Let me know what you would like to see and what advice you are looking for. Write to me at rachel@asserco.com.au and your question might even be included in the next issue of Kiddo.

House of Orange Maes Desk, HK Living Ladder, Ikea Desk Lamp Photo Credit: House of Orange

HK Living Double Sided Cushion Stitched Squares Credit: HK Living

HK Living Rattan Hanging Chair (available in Indoor & Outdoor) Credit: HK Living

HK Living Lobby Bench Ochre Credit: HK Living


147 Magill Road, Stepney, SA, 5069

P: 08 7320 1689






Eat, Sleep, Consign, Repeat

One moment your little ones are in diapers and the next they’re stealing your clothes! If there’s one thing that rings true to all parents, it’s that goshhhhh they do just grow up so fast :’). This is not at all helpful when it comes to buying clothes…

Local Adelaide business, Little Roundabout is an online consignment store showcasing a beautiful collection of new and pre-owned women’s and children’s designer clothing, toys and accessories.

Owner, Jasmine Pedicini-Karnas says ‘What we hope to achieve at The Little Roundabout is to encourage shoppers and fashionistas alike to think second hand first.’

‘It’s good for our soul, our purses and most of all Mother Earth.’

Little Roundabout was created for the purposes of alleviating that heartbreak of your once loved clothing items going to waste. They are recycling, re-purposing and bringing new life to beautiful products. This is encouraging people to declutter and think about where our ‘stuff’ goes when we’re done with it. It’s easy, it’s affordable, it’s fun and it’s moving away from a culture of hoarding things we don’t need to encourage a simple and satisfying life.

Does it fit? Has it been worn in the last year? No? Consign it and buy something new ♻