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Blip Art School for Kids: Art kits and workshops in Adelaide

Blip Art School for Kids: Art kits and workshops in Adelaide

kids art kits

Blip Art School for Kids: Art kits and workshops in Adelaide

If you haven’t heard of Blip Art School for kids, then your crafty kiddos might be missing out on a wild ride of creative bliss!

Founded by besties Ella and Astrid in 2018, Adelaide’s Blip Art School started as a stint at Plant 4 Bowden and a succession of community programs, before the team settled into their own cosy studio in West Croydon and starting offering regular art and craft workshops for kids aged 6-11.

blip art school

Kids art workshops in Adelaide

Offering unique, exciting children’s art workshops designed to develop creativity and problem solving skills, Blip Art School is all about conceptual art making with children, giving kids a chance to get hands on with art, making, crafting, designing and creating.

Explore the magic of creating

The Blip Art School kids workshops run across term time throughout the year, and are designed so that students can fully explore their creativity, try something new and become immersed in the magic of creating.

Diverse range of kids art classes

In each block of workshops the term is planned to explore multiple mediums. The diverse range of classes allows students to experiment with all areas of the artistic world and discover with styles of creating that they resonate with.

Join Blip Art School for Term 1 2021

WHERE: West Croydon
WHEN: Wednesday afternoons, 4-5.30
DATES: 3rd Feb – 7th April

To register: 


kids art kits

Small Batch Blip Art kits for kids (and adults!)

2020 also saw Blip Art School announced the exciting launch of hand made, small batch art kits for children (and adults too if you’re creatively inclined).

Creating both stamp kits and weaving kits, perfectly sized for little hands, you can purchase these local, hand made (with love!) kits designed to get your kids immersed with endless creative possibilities!

blip art school art kits for kids

Groovy Stamps kits

These groovy shapes can be used with ink or acrylic paint to stamp your own fabric, wrapping paper, clothing or even to stamp on your walls for a trendy faux wallpaper look!

Each kit comes with:

12 x handmade wooden stamps
1x how to use groovy stamps guide + link to a guided video tutorial
1x screen printed drawstring storage bag

blip art school kits

blip art school stamps

Mood Weaving

The Blip Art School mood weaving kit is the perfect mix of creating and personal reflection.

Your kiddo can use the kit to process emotions at the end of each day by weaving a few strands into the loom.

Did you learn something? Did you celebrate a special occasion? The starter pack of mood yarn included in the kit is colour coded to help you create a colourful reflection of your week or month.

Each kit comes with:

1x handmade wooden loom
1x starter kit of mood yarn
1x how to weave your feelings guide + link to guided video tutorial
1x kid safe weaving needle
1x screen printed drawstring storage bag
kids weaving kits

kids weaving kit

To find out more about Blip Art School, book a workshop or buy a kids art kit: 


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Fants Wetsuits: Taking the suit out of kids wetsuits

Fants Wetsuits: Taking the suit out of kids wetsuits

fants wetsuits

If you’ve ever taken kids to the beach to dive into a colder-than-they-might-like-it-to-be ocean, then you’ve probably been on the market for a wetsuit.

There’s a reason the term suit is smack bang on the end of the word wetsuit – traditionally wetsuits are more straight jackets than wetties, and, frankly, *yawn* not much fun to look at.

Enter Fants Wetsuits

That’s where Fants Wetsuits come in, they’ve taken the ordinary and made it extraordinary! Because keeping kids warm in the water and protected from the sun doesn’t have to be as boring as a black wetsuit or as naff as most kids surfwear!

Fants have created beautiful full-length wetsuits that are as fun as the beach itself. So pack the car and prep the kids for a funner summer!

fants wetsuits

Fants Kids Full Length Wetsuit

Made to take the chill off the water while providing 100% hassle-free sun protection, Fants versatile 2mm wetsuits are ideal for uninterrupted fun in and out of the water.

fants wetsuit

Kids Wetsuits that are more comfortable and fun

FANTS unisex kids wetsuits encourage children to enjoy the beach by making it more comfortable and fun.

Being warm in the water means more time in the water, and full-length 100% UV protection means less time getting lathered in sunscreen (and *cough* the tedium of constant reapplication on kids who are wet and sandy!).

Set and forget solution

At 2mm thick, a summersuit can be comfortably worn for your entire beach session, in and out of the water. It’s a set and forget solution that makes a day at the beach more relaxing for both kids and parents.

Your child outgrows their Fants Wetsuit? Send it back!

The durability of a neoprene wetsuit means it’ll outlast a rash guard or lycra sunsuit by a nautical mile. And when your child has outgrown their FANTS wetsuit, you can send it back and get a new size at a 20% discount. Fants then put your old wettie in a secondhand market so another kid can enjoy it. The idea is to reduce the waste footprint by keeping the Fants kids wetsuits in circulation as long as possible.

No external branding

Fants don’t think kids should be walking billboards. That’s why you’ll never find any external branding on Fants wetsuits. They’d prefer to let delightful design speak for itself.

And we think it sure does!

For more information:


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MY NOOK: The modular play sofa taking cubby forts to the next level

MY NOOK: The modular play sofa taking cubby forts to the next level

my nook play sofa

MY NOOK: The modular play sofa taking cubby forts to the next level!

The Original Australian Modular Play Sofa – with 10 individual pieces and unique Zip-Together Base Cushions – this is imagination unlimited!

my nook play sofa

Let’s build something!

If you’ve got kids, you’ve probably had your living room torn apart, ohhhh about 4 million times.

Couch cushions cast aside, pillows and sheets brought from bedrooms, sofas flipped over, cosy corners created. Kids just LOVE cubby fort building.

But parents rejoice, you can reclaim your couches… there’s now an actual cubby fort building set that is going to take the kids independent imaginative play to the next level!

my nook play sofa

my nook

my nook

Enter My NooK

My NooK launched its Ultimate Play Sofa, a unique piece of children’s furniture that is ultimately versatile, after coming up with the idea during COVID19 lockdown in September 2020.

“The first days of COVID 19 lockdown bought a certain chaos to our home – gone were the many activities, parties and sports – in their place was TIME and we didn’t know what to do with it!” says Olivia Rudomino, who cofounded My NooK with her husband Patrick and their three children


“Thankfully our children led the way in us all adapting. Their new play seemed to involve every piece of household furniture, cushion, every pillow and blanket. Our belongings were repurposed for forts, space stations, dark caves and quiet reading retreats. We loved the imagination, the collaboration and the freedom of it all. I just struggled with the mess!


This led to a revamp of our living and play area where we trawled the web for a proper solution – something that allowed our children creative freedom, encouraged independent play and was safe and cosy too. We wanted it to be more than simply a piece of furniture – that didn’t just take up space, but actually complimented it.


So we started some grown up imagination – could we create something that fulfilled so many different needs and looked appealing too? Something hard wearing, Australian Made and ecologically sound?”

This is where My NooK was born – somewhere to play, to ignite imagination, to relax, to connect and to sleep.

And we love it just as much as the Rudomino kids must have in those early days of design and testing.

my nook pieces

My NooK Ultimate Play Sofa

With 10 individual pieces, the My NooK play sofa creates a multipurpose building tool that allows children to create using their imagination, while still forming a comfortable sofa that looks beautiful in any home.

My NooK can be so many things, and fulfil a purpose for every kind of kid! It can be a cubby for quiet reading, a castle for imaginative play or a sleepover bed for the teenage years.

my nook play sofa  my nook play sofa

It’s supremely versatile, it doesn’t just take up space but actually complements it. My NooK is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can be anything your children want it to be, but still looks beautiful too!

Having focused on quality as a key value, My NooK is made in Sydney, using only Australian foam which meets GECA standards for strict environmental standards. My NooK is proudly certified Australian Made and each My NooK colour is named after iconic Australian destinations.

my nook play sofa

my nook play sofa


A sell out success

Every run out of My NooK sells out faster than your kids can scatter cushions, and the next restock is due Friday 15 January so get in quickly!

For more information or to buy:



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Pool Buoy inflatable pools: Your stylish new splashy spot!

Pool Buoy inflatable pools: Your stylish new splashy spot!

POOL BUOY: Your stylish new splashy spot

Let’s be honest, we’re all friends here. The public pool can be a heaving nightmare with a bandaid floating in it. The beach reeks of effort and seaweed. But it’s going to be okay.

Pool Buoy is here to be your stylish new splashy spot (just in time for mojitos).

Turn your backyard into a summer paradise this summer… just add water! It’s the perfect designer cool down, without the crowds!

Pool Buoy’s are the inflatable pools that went to design school – would you just. look. at. them?! All the love heart eyes.

pool buoy

Just add water

Designed in Melbourne, these inflatable, non toxic and extra durable pools are at your service to dispense splish, splash… just add water!

They also come with free standard shipping Australia wide. That’s what we call ticking all the boxes!

No Toxins Or Blow Outs

The team at Pool Buoy are big believers in Buy Once, Buy Well and it’s with this in mind that they designed their pools using only the highest quality materials, valves, plugs and stow away bag. They want you to enjoy your Pool Buoy summer after summer, after summer. You get the gist.

All of the Pool Buoy pools are made from a NON-TOXIC heavyweight vinyl that is phthalate, BPA and lead free to ensure all the nasties are removed and they are safe for the kiddies and the big kids alike.

The thicker material makes the pools more durable, to ensure to minimise any blow outs. If you do spring a leak Pool Buoy also have complimentary repair kits included with your pool.


Another day poolside, don’t mind if we do!

Pool Buoy pools come in five super cool designs, taking your inflatable pool to next level cool… in every way!

pool buoy designs


For more information or to buy a Pool Buoy inflatable pool:


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illunah: Nicola Cross captures the rich tapestry of motherhood

illunah: Nicola Cross captures the rich tapestry of motherhood

illunah nicola cross

illunah: Nicola Cross captures the rich tapestry of motherhood

Adelaide mum, Nicola Cross, dreamt up the idea of her exquisite online store, illunah, in what she calls a “moment of everyday mum mayhem”.

Wanting to find a tangible way to capture the messy, wonderful season of motherhood in all its sticky, magical, crazy, wonder, she was inspired to create homely pieces that evoked emotion. Pieces that would help teach her children how much beauty could be found in the little things.

We chat with Nicola about launching illunah, what’s on the cards for 2021 and her personal sources of inspiration.

Congrats on launching illunah, tell us about it?

illunah is our latest passion project. We’re starting small, with just two tapestries (didn’t want to put all our life savings on the line and finish 2020 beautifully bankrupted hehe). Lots of things are coming slowly, and thoughtfully, we’ll be adding treasures to the virtual shelves. It’s an online store for mothers, for lovers and for all others; trying our best to create things that evoke emotion and act as a snapshot of this chaotic life with little ones.

illunah nicola cross

What are your future plans for Illunah?

We have some fun little things in the works for 2021. Bringing a few local, talented friends on board to help me out in the regions I am not so talented in (aka graphic design) to hopefully create some magic!

You have such a beautiful presence on Instagram and would be called an influencer, but what influences and inspires you?

Thank you! Cliche but my family inspires me; my Rosie Bear, photography, sunrises and sunsets, the ocean, the moon and the smell of cripsy hot chips.

nicola cross illunah


Favourite SA beach?
Butlers Beach, hands down! It’s the inspiration for one of the tapestries we have released at illunah. Pat and I have been camping at Butlers Beach since we were teenagers, it has seen us go from vodka filled New Year celebrations, to bringing our pup Atticus for a roll in the sand, to a pregnancy, the addition of a baby who is now a toddler and soon to be a place for our latest little one to play. We have many family memories there and it’s a place I hold very close to my heart.

nicola cross

First thing you do in the morning?

Open all the blinds and assess the weather, the weather app is never accurate. lol

Favourite pastime?

Maybe when the beach was a relaxing place to drift away listening to the waves.. it’s now very different. Not bad, just different.

Last book you read?

Haven’t read a book in many moons, but I do listen to them and my latest one was ‘The book you wish your parents had read’

nicola cross family

Last podcast you listened to?

‘Everyone has an ex’ by Georgia Love

What song can you play on repeat and never get sick of?

Fix you – Coldplay

Favourite time of the day?


For more information on Illunah: 



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HONEY. Label: For the adventurous souls and the wild at heart

HONEY. Label: For the adventurous souls and the wild at heart

honey the label

HONEY. Label: For the adventurous souls and the wild at heart

Adelaide mum, Renèe Barendregt, has always loved fashion, but when her boys, Harry (3) and Sonny (19 months) were born, her love of fashion grew just as they did! And while her gorgeous boys mean Renèe is kept a very, very busy bee, she’s certainly managed to make honey… HONEY. Label, that is.

Stylish pieces made with love

HONEY. offers stylish pieces for little ones to grow into, made with love, made to fade and most importantly, made with children in mind.

Think practical, eco friendly, soft, beautiful and fun designs, that feel good on and look great too!

honey label renee

Life is better with a bit of colour

“When designing my pieces I always keep the children in mind, for not only comfort, but also for fun designs they will love” says Renèe. “We aim to create simple and fun designs that are for everyday wear, made with durable cotton, perfect for kids daily wear and all their messy adventures! We also searched for the softest cotton that is kind to their skin and made with no harsh chemicals”.

And whatsmore, all the HONEY. pieces are unisex because the team behind the brand believe people should be able to wear any colour and style they like!

Hear, hear!

honey label

Quality is key at HONEY. and was top of mind for Renèe when sourcing the fabric.

“I wanted quality fabric, made to last, and to be handed down for years to come. And because I know our clothes are durable, I also designed our pieces to be oversized so kids can get that good couple of years or more of wear out of them”… which means the gorgeous HONEY. pieces can be passed on to their siblings too!

honey the label

Matching with your mini

2021 is set to be a big year, so keep an eye out on HONEY. over the next few months as Renèe is set to launch matching sweats and t-shirts so your little honeys can twin with their queen bees (and their daddy bees too!).


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