Sia inspired mural to be changed after the musician’s management contacted the Adelaide City Council

Sia inspired mural to be changed after the musician’s management contacted the Adelaide City Council

sia inspired mural

Hindley street Sia mural to be changed to look less like her

Have you seen the changes to this mural in Adelaide? 

The vibrant mural, inspired by Adelaide musician Sia Furler is in the process of being changed, after the musicians management contacted the Adelaide City Council about the piece.

The commissioned mural was painted by Adelaide artist Jasmine Crisp as part of the Adelaide City Council’s plan to immortalise the city’s most significant musical exports.

Featured on the eastern-facing wall of the Rockford Hotel, at the corner of Hindley Street and Morphett Street in Adelaide’s CBD, the council has said the artist’s vision wasn’t to portray Sia, but to express the spirit of her music.

The city plans to name four laneways after musicians; Cold Chisel, The Angels, Paul Kelly, and Sia, with each laneway set to feature a mural or artwork inspired by the artist. Sia Furler Lane was the first street to be named, and its accompanying mural was finished in February this year.

The mural is currently in the process of being amended by the artist after Sia’s management contacted the council with concerns about the likeness, but are fully supportive of a mural that draws inspiration from her music.

The transformation

sia mural adelaide

sia mural change adelaide


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Windmill Theatre presents Honey I’m Home

Windmill Theatre presents Honey I’m Home

windmill theatre honey i'm home

Windmill teams up with independent artists to create ‘Honey I’m Home’

What were you doing during COVID19 isolation?

Many of us might answer that we were binge watching Tiger King on Netflix and languishing in a few new Corona kilos whilst haphazardly attempting to simultaneously homeschool our children and bake banana bread.

But while the vast majority of us were doing that, independent artists Chris Edser, Renate Henschke and Jonathon Oxlade turned isolation into inspiration and set to work with Windmill Theatre Co to create a new online series inspired by isolation, called ‘Honey I’m Home’.

The online series see’s the artists collaborate to use their skills in the visual arts to create unique animations, entirely out of objects found in the home.

Comprising of six to eight short webisodes, the series combines illustration, sculpture and stop-motion animation techniques to create funny and poignant portraits from life in lockdown.

Art responds to the times

Co-creator and animator Chris Edser says, “Art responds to the times. Renate, Jonathon and I found ourselves living in isolation and were each creating little funny characters or writing down ideas that sort of became a document of our experience.”

When the opportunity for the grant came up, the artists decided to make it into something bigger and approached Windmill Theatre Co to get involved, and help give a boost to some of the artists from Windmill’s 2020 cancelled roster of live shows.

Artists hit hard by COVID19

Artistic Director Rosemary Myers says, “Chris, Renate and Jonathon are brilliant artists and makers, all of whom have contributed immensely to the success of a variety of Windmill’s stage and screen productions over the last decade. To be able to work with them to create something beautiful in response to the difficult times we find ourselves in is a real privilege. Artists have been hit hard by COVID-19 and we’re thrilled to see our state government back so many artists during this period.”

work in progress

Jonathon Oxlade’s work in progress

Honey I’m Home will not only provide work for Edser, Henschke and Oxlade during a time where they’ve lost a significant amount of work throughout the year, but also give them an opportunity to upskill and broaden their creative practice.

“As designers working across theatre and film, we often work very closely with animators and other technical designers to help bring our vision to life,” say Henschke and Oxlade. “Making Honey I’m Home will see us also undertaking professional development training in animation and exploring different ways of making. We will also have the opportunity to branch into writing and other modes of creating. It’s really exciting to be afforded the opportunity to upskill and try something new, especially at a time like this.”

Honey I’m Home will be released fortnightly from mid-July and will be available via Windmill’s new digital platform Windmill at Home.

For more information:

Watch Episode 1


About Windmill Theatre Co

windmill theatre co

Based in Adelaide, Australia, Windmill Theatre Company has a global reputation as a leading producer of theatre for children, teenagers, and families. We bring artists together to uncover and ignite stories that are burning to be told. Each year we perform in our hometown, and tour across Australia and around the world.

In 2016, we released our first feature film, Girl Asleep, which won multiple awards and was acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. In 2017, we announced the launch of Windmill Pictures, a new arm of the company dedicated to developing screen projects from our live theatre repertoire.

During the last 17 years, we have presented 63 productions, including 36 brand new Australian works, performing to young audiences in 287 cities and towns across 30 countries.

In response to COVID-19, we have created Windmill at Home, a new platform showcasing bespoke digital content based on our beloved repertoire. Since launching, Windmill at Home has been visited by over 10,000 people from all over the world.


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La La…. Local with Kate Bailey: Songs to share with your kids

La La…. Local with Kate Bailey: Songs to share with your kids

Kate Bailey la la local

Kate Bailey is a producer for Sonya Feldhoff on ABC Radio Adelaide. Music has always been a part of her life whether playing it, singing it or banging on about it, and she keeps the dream alive by introducing new music to the world every week. And all of it local! Hear the review live at 1.45pm each Tuesday on ABC Radio Adelaide, 891 AM. And tune in 1.45pm each Friday for her local (streaming) gig guide. You can also listen live via the ABC Listen APP, online or via Channel 25 on your TV. Kate is also Mum to three beautiful boys Liam, Louis and Jay who have been showered in music since birth and reminded often that it’s a universal language that binds us, revives us and inspires us. A city without a music scene is a city without a soul. Which is why now, more than ever, we need to stay connected with our local musicians and keep the creativity alive!

Songs to share with your kids

I get it, in between scrubbing white footy guernseys (yep, someone really ticked off on that decision), finding matching socks and getting your heads around your kids social engagements as they start to reappear, staying on top of new music releases is no easy feat.

But I’m a firm believer in better late than never and with one more week of holidays left I’m hoping you might be able to share some of these discoveries with your kids. These are songs to make you both think and sing…

First Nations Musicians

As you may well know, NAIDOC Week – the nationwide event that celebrates the heritage, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – would have taken place from July 5 to July 12 if COVID-19 hadn’t posed community health and safety risks. Damn virus, be gone already!

So, with it postponed until November the Adelaide Festival Centre brought together some of South Australia’s most talented First Nations musicians to celebrate original music and mark the week that would have been.

The virtual event featured accomplished artists Jessica Wishart, Nancy Bates, Corey Theatre, Nathan May and J-MILLA who each wrote new music in response to this year’s theme: Always Was, Always Will Be.

And while the daily posts on their Facebook page may have been shuffled further down since then you can visit them easily online via:

In her soulful track “You Got A Habit” Jessica Wishart talks about the continuing lack of recognition for First Nations peoples, backed by Nancy Bates on vocals and guitar.

Get a second dose of sublime vocals from Nancy Bates in her own track “Sweet River Water” which details what has been lost due to mistreatment of the Murray/Darling Basin.

Corey Theatre uses his bluesy roots track “It Wasn’t Always This Way” to describe what has in fact changed over the last 200 years.

Nathan May – who ABC listeners will remember joined us on-stage for Flat Out Fringe earlier in the year – talks about connection and plays tribute to his Grandma’s birth place, Maree, in his heartfelt country style song “Belong”.

And finally, up and coming rap artist J-MILLA shares his message in the pop-infused song “60K+” – the title referring to the 60,000 plus years of Aboriginal heritage.

Check them out. They’re great listening and may start an important conversation.

Nathan May

Photo: Malcolm Sutton

Outstanding Female Vocalist Nuala Honan

And while you’re on-line head over to to see what this fine vocalist from Cleve is up to over in Bristol.

Nuala Honan was awarded the SA Music Industry Award for Most Outstanding Female Vocalist before moving to England – aged just 19 – to be closer to her family’s Irish music heritage and an adventurous music scene. She settled in Bristol and has become a fixture in the city’s music community as both a performer and a promoter, festival stage programmer and advocate for women in the music industry. I can’t see her coming home any time soon.

So, I love that she has stayed in touch me regarding her releases. I have missed her ever since. She was great to see live.

Funnily enough, one my favourite moments of Nuala in action wasn’t even at her own gig. It was when she joined Tim Rogers on stage at The Gov. He was performing solo and forgot the words to one of his own songs. She jumped up with him and finished it brilliantly! The home crowd went understandably wild.

She unleashes her gorgeous vocals on a new track “Part of Something” in a way I’ve never quite heard before. And the arrangement is big too. A joining of forces. A big fat fuzzy telecaster sound and tumultuous drums adjacent to singing that is almost operatic at times. The description pop-drama makes sense. But this is drama with an edge. And a message too.

Nuala Honan

Exploring the strength in vulnerability and human connection is a theme Nuala has placed front and centre in her life in recent years. Which it turns out has universal poignancy with the isolation and unrest that COVID-19 continues to offer us all.

So, if like her you have felt, or are feeling, divided, isolated and afraid let “Part of Something” offer you a diversion. Nuala wrote it when she felt the same way.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy and support local music however you can.
Kate x

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Win: 1 of 2 Family Passes to play Mini Golf at The Beachouse

Win: 1 of 2 Family Passes to play Mini Golf at The Beachouse

mini golf course at the beachouse

Tee off with your family at The Beachouse Mini Golf Course

The new mini golf course at The Beachouse has had an upgrade, with a fresh look and a whole lot of new obstacles!

To celebrate we are giving away 2 family passes (RRP $42) to play a round of mini golf.

Try your hand at getting a hole in one on the new greens and see how you go negotiating the new obstacles on the course.

the beachouse mini golf


Enter to Win 1 of 2 Family Passes to Mini Golf at The Beachouse

Please read our Terms & Conditions and accept.


The Beachouse will be open every day of the school holidays!


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We teed off at the updated mini golf course at The Beachouse and it’s a gimme!

We teed off at the updated mini golf course at The Beachouse and it’s a gimme!

Mini Golf at The Beachouse Review: A Day on the Green

The new mini golf course at The Beachouse is ready to go after it’s recent refurb and we were lucky enough to head down to check it out with our mini KIDDO crew during the recent school holidays.

T’was a foggy old day, and each with a Beachouse putter in the crook of our arm and a golf ball in our pockets we took to the greens at Glenelg on the Western side of The Beachouse.

As we threw a few blades of grass in the air to determine the wind direction and the best course of our play, we couldn’t help but be reminded of the hazy twilight on the fifteenth fairway and smooth greens of the famous St Andrews Golf Course that has played host to so many pro golfers before us.

OK, I’m kidding.

But with a fresh look and a whole lot of new obstacles, the mini golf course at The Beachouse is absolutely on par (….geddit?) with, at the very least, the top putt putt golf courses in SA.

While the doors of The Beachouse were closed, the team were hard at work upgrading the course, and it shows.

With the surface stripped back, new greens installed (smooth enough to allow for several holes in one from my little people and even one from me – a minor miracle!), upgraded landscape gardens (the place is a succulent heaven now!) the course is looking beauTEEful, there are no ifs, ands or putts about it.

Being school holidays it was fairly busy, but we all know a good game is a fast game (particularly with kids) and despite the amount of people on the course, we had absolutely no waiting around for other people to finish their shots. The course flowed smoothly and easily as the amount of obstacles, and their difficulty level, suit the space and no one was standing around trying to get the ball in the hole on shot after shot or throwing their putter in the ocean through sheer frustration.

Given the competitive nature of my children, this was definitely a win.

With the oversized novelty dynamite casually placed around greens, the course had a distinct old school iconic Looney Tunes vibe about it which my kids and I loved; it felt like we were moments away from seeing the roadrunner whizz past with Wile E Coyote hot on his heels.

the beachouse mini golf

It’s a full 18 hole mini golf course which gave the kids enough time to get their eye in and feel like they were improving but it’s not so vast that they felt like by the end of it they were dragging their clubs behind them wishing to finish.

The upgraded mini golf course at The Beachouse definitely get’s the KIDDO big tick and 6 thumbs up of approval from our little golfers.

If you’re keen to try it out yourself, now is a great time to do it as The Beachouse is currently offering an awesome School Holidays mini golf special:


Includes 18 holes of Mini Golf for 4x people!
To take advantage of this special offer plus heaps more, head to The Beachouse website and download their School Holiday Vouchers at:
*Conditions apply – see voucher for details.

The Beachouse will be open every day of the school holidays!

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Dive back in at Blue Dolphin Swim Centre

Dive back in at Blue Dolphin Swim Centre

blue dolphin swim centre

Get back in the pool at Blue Dolphin Swim

After reopening in June, Blue Dolphin Swim Centre is excited to welcome back swimmers, big and small, for the splashtastic fun of diving and jumping, splishing and sploshing, mucking around in the pool, and of course learning to swim!

Blue Dolphin wants to encourage everyone to get back in the pool, with a complimentary session offered to brand new members so everyone can join in the underwater fun.

Aquafit and Learn to Swim classes available

Post COVID19 restrictions, guidelines specific to public swim centres have been implemented, and Blue Dolphin is thrilled to be able to offer Learn to Swim and Aquafit classes to customers.

Whilst unfortunately the Little Ones program and Sensory Splash are unavailable, there’s still so much fun to be had in the pool.


blue dolphin

At Blue Dolphin Swim Centre the safety and wellbeing of swimmers is top of mind, so the team is adhering to strict social distancing practises, monitoring appropriate head count limits and putting a focus on cleanliness and hygiene!

Operating under current guidelines Blue Dolphin Swim Centre can: 

  • Have a maximum of 20 swimmers in the main pool, and 4 babies/children in our small pool at any one time
  • Allow ONE parent/caregiver per swimmer
  • Offer Aquafit classes to a maximum of 20 customers per class




Combining a range of swimming techniques, strokes, water confidence and personal safety, the learn to swim program consists of seven competency based levels which your child is able to progress to and accomplish at their own pace.

With consistent weekly lessons and learning to swim all year round your child will develop efficient water skills that will set them up for life.

  • Learn water safety & survival skills.
  • Build confidence in the water.
  • Have fun while learning in a friendly & safety rich environment.
  • Develop efficient water skills that will set your child up for life.
  • Develop co-ordination, strength & stamina.
  • Learn to swim in small classes.
  • Improve social skills and confidence.





Blue Dolphin Swim Centre provides aquatic fitness activities through their popular Aquafit classes. Run in the early mornings and evenings, there are classes to suit all levels of fitness including high cardio to lower intensity and muscle strength.

Due to the buoyancy of water, Aquafit classes give you all the benefits of land exercise without the impact, so there is no shock to your muscles and joints. At the same time as experiencing 12 times more resistance than land based exercises, you will be increasing your fitness, body tone and endurance.

Classes are catered for ages 12 years right through to the senior age group and can be beneficial for some medical conditions.

For more information about session times visit the Mind Body App


The Facilities


With a focus on safety, fun, comfort and the environment, the modern facility at Blue Dolphin Swim Centre offers customers a unique swimming experience.

This difference happens from when you arrive, to the moment your child splashes into the sparkling clean water. The peace of mind to know your child is learning to swim in a safe and healthy environment is why the team are constantly working behind the scenes to ensure high standards are continually maintained.

Blue Dolphin Swim are also proudly committed to conserving energy and resources through the use of a state of the art UV filtration system. This means the pool does not have the undesirable traits of a chlorine only pool such as sore eyes, or itchy skin caused by chloramines.

  • Warm indoor solar heated pool with sanitary UV filtration
  • Professionally trained and experienced swimming teachers
  • Continual all year round swimming for children from 2 months – 16 years
  • In house refreshments available including barista quality coffee


Blue Dolphin Swimming Centre
5 Glory Court, Happy Valley

For more information:


About Blue Dolphin Swimming Centre


We know that as a parent you only want the best for your child. So, that’s why we go above and beyond to provide our children with a platform that allows them to build life skills, confidence and a feeling of accomplishment. By enrolling your child into our school you’re giving them this important opportunity. In return you will receive a sense of pride with each and every achievement they make. This is why our mission statement is building happy, healthy, confident kids.

What you will find beyond our modern facility and our outstanding team is a set of core values that goes further than teaching your child to swim. These values are what drive us to create and maintain a culture that is focused around family, respect, attitude, growth and kindness.

We are committed to helping your child reach their potential through developing positive relationships based on trust, respect and consistent communication. We also encourage active participation by you the parent, which creates an engaging and family-centric atmosphere.

We underpin our philosophy with teaching excellence to ensure our children achieve better learning outcomes. This is achieved through a continuous swim program to enhance student achievement, engagement and wellbeing. We are committed to investing in continuous learning and development of our team to ensure evidence based high impact teaching strategies are embedded in the framework of every class from baby swim through to squads. This investment ensures your child is in the best hands throughout their learn to swim journey and is having fun along the way.


Vitamin C loaded kids muffin

Vitamin C loaded kids muffin

Vitamin C loaded healthy kids muffin

There is nothing humble about this little muffin – it’s a SUPERFOOD SNACK! Loaded with Vitamin C, A, fibre and other fantastic nutrition, it’s well worth a try in your household!

For the super fussy eaters, try finely grating all the fruit and veg!

Recipe developed by Karina Savage from Smartbite Nutrition 


(makes 12 regular muffins)

2 eggs

1/3 cup raw sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

1.5 cups grated apple (2 medium apples)

1 1/3 cups finely grated carrot (1 large carrot)

2 Tablespoons finely grated orange rind

2 cups wholemeal Self Raising Flour


1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius

2. Beat eggs, then mix first 7 ingredients together (leaving apple, carrot, orange and flour).

3. Add apple, carrot and orange and mix again with spoon

4. Add flour and mix again with spoon

5. Spoon mixture evenly into 12 patty pans (in muffin tray)

6. Bake for approx 20 mins until slightly brown on top. Cool in tray.


About Smartbite

Smartbite Nutrition Consulting was established by Karina in 2007 to fill a niche need – supporting parents to manage tricky paediatric gut conditions such as food intolerances, food allergies, IBS (FODMAP), infant colic, constipation and Coeliac Disease.

Karina’s passion for the gut has led her to become an Australian leader in the field. She is renowned for her knowledge in paediatric gut disorders and nutrition and regularly presents on this topic, together with providing expert comment to media.


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Your Wild Child: A new book from Your Wild Imagination

Your Wild Child: A new book from Your Wild Imagination

‘Your Wild Child’ Nature Play book available for Pre Order Soon

Author of ‘Your Wild Imagination’, Brooke Davis, has announced a follow up book to the 2019 nature play activity book, entitled ‘Your Wild Child’.

To be released into the world on 9 September 2020, pre orders will be open in late July and you’ll be able to secure the book up to 20% off, as well as a few extra special bonuses for ordering early.

Say hello to ‘Your Wild Child’

your wild child

‘Your Wild Child’ will have all the things you love about ‘Your Wild Imagination’, easy to follow instructions, engaging nature play based activities for kids 2-12 years, and stunning photography thanks to local Adelaide photographer @sweet_little_light.

With plans for at least 6 more books, we’re all going to be set for wild adventure ideas with our kiddos for some time to come!

While you’re waiting for ‘Your Wild Child’, you can still get your hands on a copy of Your Wild Imagination.

Full of engaging activities for kids aged 2-10 years, ‘Your Wild Imagination: nature play activity book for kids’ is beautiful, practical and easy to use. Perfect for discovering new ideas for outdoor play, and also finding ways to bring nature indoors.

For more information:



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We went to Funtopia Prospect and it lives up to the hype!

We went to Funtopia Prospect and it lives up to the hype!

funtopia propsect

The Scoop on Funtopia Prospect

Part of the littlest KIDDO crew had the exciting pleasure of heading to Funtopia Prospect during the July school holidays to join in the fun at a friend’s birthday party. And let me tell you, there’s no better time to be turning 6 now that Funtopia Prospect is here and open for the most fun filled awesome time imaginable for little people!

Given their age and height, our mini party goers spent their two hours powering through Playground World, and it sure as heck didn’t disappoint.

Playground World

funtopia playground world

Funtopia’s Playground World offers five levels of fun to explore and is legitimately and officially a boredom free zone.

The colourful indoor adventure playground kept the kids completely joyous and engaged, not to mention sweaty.

Very. Very. Sweaty.

Just a tip for beginners; even if you’re going in winter, I’d suggest giving the kids a T-shirt option under jumpers because long sleeves were firmly pushed up and leggings fashioned into shorts very early in the piece, despite the 12 degree day outside. I’m no rookie parent, but I still managed to make this mistake! The kids weren’t walking, they were running from colour blast of adventure to colour blast of adventure, and if pink little cheeks and hair plastered to foreheads are markers of a good time, then they sure were having it.

The speed slides were a firm favourite, and with a mirror maze, a ball shooting gallery and beginning climbing walls, accompanying parents basically didn’t see our kids the entire time (Hooray! – did I say that?), save for the occasional sweaty blur whizzing past yelling “WATCH THIS MUMMY”.

Climbing world

funtopia prospect

funtopia beanstalk

funtopia climbing wall

Funtopia is also a haven for older kiddos, offering awesome kid themed indoor climbing at its absolute best!

Our little people were just that little bit TOO little to brave the climbing wall, but I can tell you this place is the BUSINESS.

Kiddos can climb the burning building and put out the fires as they go or use the grips on the labyrinth and climb the puzzle. My personal favourite was Jack’s beanstalk just for the sheer storybook of it all, and I know my competitive older kids would have loved racing each other on the speed wall.

funtopia propsect

For $2 a ride, kids could also jump on the mini dodgems and go for a burn around the track. This gave me a hilariously horrifying glimpse into my future with my lead footed daughter, who thankfully still has a decade before she’ll be able to get a real license. This was great practise and awesome fun, and the first time she’s been able to drive a dodgem without an adult in the passenger seat so she loved it.


And of course… Coffee!

Mr Spriggins

I’m going to call it, Mr Spriggin’s Cafe at Funtopia Prospect served me the best coffee I’ve EVER had at an indoor play centre. And that’s high praise coming from me. The cafe seating area also has large overhead heating installed so you won’t freeze to death while the kids are busy bouncing around in the play area.

If I can have a couple of hours break from entertaining my kids AND have a good coffee, then you’ll have my vote every time!

259-269 Main N Rd, Sefton Park

Win: 1 of 2 Word Finders Club Happiful Journals

Win: 1 of 2 Word Finders Club Happiful Journals

word finders club happiful journal

Get Full of Happy with the Happiful Journal

Local artist and illustrator, Jana Rushforth, the creative spirit behind the Word Finders Club has created the Happiful Journal for kids..

and we have 2 to giveaway!


The 98 page, spiral bound, gratitude and mindfulness journal for kiddos is a place for your child to connect with their emotions, cultivate gratitude and mindfulness and nurture their creative and curious mind.

In addition, there are 20+ fun activity pages for your child to do during the school holidays, when you go out to dinner or even on a rainy day!

Kiddos can also customise the journals by choosing the hair colour, style and skin tone of their cover. The journal is available in colour and monochrome too, which kiddos can colour-in themselves!



Enter to Win 1 of 2 Word Finders Happiful Journals


Please read our Terms & Conditions and accept.


For more information:

For free printable daily journal pages:



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