WIN: A Cybersafe Families Package with a 90 Minute Consult

WIN a Cybersafe Families ‘Family Package’ – RRP Value $185

Feel confident your children will be safer online!

This package enables Cybersafe Families to help your family become safer quicker and provide a view to the future. It will present you with all the knowledge and technical skill you need to make a difference. You wont need to be tied up for hours researching and learning new skills to make your home safe. It will be done for you!

Cybersafe Families Consultants will spend 90 minutes with you in your home. They will be armed with the knowledge of your onsite equipment and how best to configure those devices. They will also provide a relevant and informative session about the cyber safety risks your family may face.

The visit will be broken down as follows:
Hardware and Software Assessment
Education and Best Practises
Desired Action Plan
Onsite Equipment Optimisation
Cybersafe Families Pack

Only the Parents/or Guardians know the family well enough to determine it’s best course of action. Cybersafe Families would like to make very clear it’s only goal is to assist families become safer. Cybersafe Families will help you in understanding the risks and empower you with the means available to mitigate them. Together we can implement your chosen pathway forward.


  • Keep the whole family safe
  • Up to 6 devices tailored according to cyber safety best practices
  • Introductory discussions prior to consult
  • 90 minute consult with a Cybersafe Families Consultant
  • Post visit report and implementation upon approval
  • Cybersafe Families Pack, including;
  • Fact sheets- Government standards and best practices
  • Parenting Tips information cards
  • Personalised IT audit recommendations

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1300 206 969